Highland Protector

Highland Protector Someone would see Ilsabeth Murray Armstrong hang for murder When her dagger is found buried in the body of one of the king s men there is little room for doubt the perpetrator must pay with her life

  • Title: Highland Protector
  • Author: Hannah Howell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Highland Protector

    Someone would see Ilsabeth Murray Armstrong hang for murder.When her dagger is found buried in the body of one of the king s men, there is little room for doubt the perpetrator must pay with her life But Ilsabeth is no killer, and only one person can help clear her name Sir Simon Innes, a man so steely and cool that no danger can rattle himd no woman in distress caSomeone would see Ilsabeth Murray Armstrong hang for murder.When her dagger is found buried in the body of one of the king s men, there is little room for doubt the perpetrator must pay with her life But Ilsabeth is no killer, and only one person can help clear her name Sir Simon Innes, a man so steely and cool that no danger can rattle himd no woman in distress can sway his heart Until now Simon has spent his life searching for truth in a world fraught with deception But the hauntingly beautiful fugitive seeking his aid affects him so deeply, he wonders if he can trust the flawless judgment he has always relied on For all signs point to Ilsabeth s guilt, except one the unparalleled desire he feels at her slightest touch

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    One thought on “Highland Protector

    1. eyes.2c

      Enjoyed this immensely. After reading Highland Sinner I wanted to see more of Simon Innes, the king's hound. A lovely 'mon' who has plenty of room in his heart for lost children and animals. And all that 'mashing' of lips he does with Ilsabeth!A man with a haunted past and great doubts. But love heals!Intrigue, adventure and romance! What's not to like!

    2. Annie

      Okay, I know this is a formula book. A genre book that pretty much has to follow a set story line: after all, it is Hannah Howell. It's basically just superficial historical romance. It's not well written, it's predictable, and you don't have to think at all.But damn, sometimes a girl just needs some trashy romance to fill up her time. I guess it works well enough for that.

    3. Cruth

      "Why do your kin keep getting into such trouble?" p.21, loc.299Author: Hannah HowellFirst published: 2010Length: 348 pages, 4087 locationsSetting: Scotland, 1479.Sex: sometimes explicit, not frequent.Series: Book 17 of Howell's Murray series.A good, solid Howell medieval, back to the good old days. Heavy in story, lightly touched with paranormal, and pleasantly character driven. The sex is intimate and relevant; the backgrohnd characters are well formed. And there's a nice grovel to round it all [...]

    4. Highland-dreamer

      I liked this one, but I did think it was a little repetitive with the thought dialogue becoming spoken dialogue several times. I liked Simon's character, and was glad Ilsabeth was ignoring him for dumping her. I think she could've gotten him to grovel a bit more, though, at the end. Overall, I liked it, but one thing about these books that bothered me is how the dialect is written. I got used to it after the third book I read, but it was hard to read at first.

    5. Jennifer

      Another solid Highland book from Ms. Howell! I adore the Murrays so it is fun to see how their family has evolved and continues to get into trouble. I liked Ilsabeth though she had a few TSTL moments. Simon was wonderful and I look forward to reading more about his brothers *crosses fingers*. The villain was well-written and appropriately evil without being over-the-top. Recommended!

    6. Anne

      This was a good book. Ilsabeth is in danger when her dagger is found in a dead king's man and they only man who seems to be willing to help her, if not totally believe her is Simon Innes, a man known to be fair and honest. As he delves into the mystery, Ilsabeth becomes morethan a client to him, and he finds he has to risk his life to prove her innocence. recommended.

    7. Dawn ♥ romance

      I enjoyed this steamy historical romance that had a good plot. A couple times it was kind of slow and some of the decisions hero and heroine made were bad but they made up for it later. Overall it was a good book. Ilsabeth is framed for murder of a kings man and is urged to flee to Sir Simon who will find the truth.

    8. Rae

      I enjoyed this book except for one thingny times I was left wondering where I wasere were many times that there were big jumps in time/place/scene without any indication I.e. spacing . . Extra lines between to aid with the jumps

    9. Inka

      Илсабет Мъри Армстронг, дъщеря на Елспет Мъри и Кормак Армстронг, е загазила и то здраво. Годеника й участва в заговор и убийството на човек на краля и решава, че е най-удобно да натопи за това Илсабет, принуждавайки семейството й да напусне дома си в търсене на скривалище, до [...]

    10. Jessica James

      Love me a Murray bookl of them.I have read all the Murray books, and a few others by Hanna Howell. Never disappointed, never bored. Sir Simon Innes has been in a few other stories. Was glad to see him get his own story. Always a good read, and worthy of re-reading.

    11. Killian

      It gave away the way the book was going to go 30 pages in. And gave exactly what was going to happen with the main characters chapters ahead of time. I can't believe this many people gave it 5 stars. Sooooo hard to get through this book.

    12. Kristin

      While this book had most of everything I would want in a good historical highland novel, it just didn't grab me like usual. I enjoyed the story but it wasn't great for me. I think part of it was that I did not read the other books in this series. It was obvious that the families weren't just introduced and they had heavy backstories, I think if I had read this book in order I would appreciate it more. The story followed Ilsabeth's flee from her home after she is branded a traitor and betrayed by [...]

    13. Tara (box5angel)

      I'm a big fan of Hannah Howell's books, especially her Scottish Highland novels. And I really enjoyed this one. There are some similarities between this book and the others, like a lot of the heroines are tiny, blue-eyed and black haired. Or there seems to be madness in the villian. Despite that (the physical similarities can be attributed to the fact that the families - the Murrays, Armstrongs, etc. are related to each other in one way or another), this is still a good book.It moved quickly. I [...]

    14. Carolyn F.

      Usually I love every Hannah Howell book. This one I liked. Ilsabeth is accused of murder and set up by her fiancée (although in his mind they were never really going to marry). She goes to Simon to find out the truth and obtains a couple of homeless orphans on the way. Simon works for the king and when she's accused of killing the king's messenger, he has to try to keep her from the king in order to find out the truth without the real murderer getting to her. The biggest gripe I have is that Si [...]

    15. Colleen

      I was expecting so much more from this book the plot is convuluted and frankly didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. The motivations of the villains don't really make sense, and I thought that Simon was supposed to be a Sherlock Holmes-type character, but that didn't really fit him. His methods make no sense, and I wondered more than once if the author has ever read a mystery of any kind? There were a lot of characters who seemed to have backstories - I was clearly missing a lot. Characters se [...]

    16. Diana

      Framed for murder and treason by her betrothed, Ilsabeth Armstrong runs to Simon Innes, who has a reputation for ferreting out the truth.I must have missed a book in this series, since I don't remember the second case Simon worked on. Simon has always been a bit cold, so it was nice to hear his backstory and to get a glimpse into what made him the way he is (and to watch Ilsabeth completely destroy him). This was a typical Highland story, complete with murder accusations, evil villains, and ador [...]

    17. Robin

      Another winner from Hannah Howell for me. Simon was a great character. He was honest, and trustworthy. He believed in justice and doing the right thing. Ilsabeth is framed for murder,and her family sends her to simon to seek the truth and help her clear her name. I enjoyed Simons character, he was refreshing. He took Ilsabeth in to hide till he finds out the truth. He also took in the two young kids Ilsabeth found in the woods, on her way to simon's. Simon is afraid to get close because of his p [...]

    18. Elle

      Fun story with a sleuth solving a mystery in the Medieval Highlands. Ilsabeth Murray Armstrong is wanted for the murder of a king's man. Fortunately, she happened to overhear her betrothed discussing the set-up, and she manages to flee before she's caught. ON her family's advice, she runs to Simon Innes, a king's man who is also quite the detective. He agrees to help her, even though it puts him in some jeopardy with the king, who would be furious if he knew his man was sheltering the fugitive. [...]

    19. Joni Stevens

      This book needs to be read in the group with highland wolf, highland sinner then this book highland protector. I know the copyright dates say otherwise but it is connected to the other two books wolf and sinner. I don't agree with the author telling you not to read the books in order. I have read all the books in this series and they all go together in chronological order by the year the book starts in. Just FYI for the best reading enjoyment. They are a continuation of the families that have be [...]

    20. Rebekah

      This was so terrible I quit reading it, but I can't remember what exactly was so terrible about it because it was a couple months ago. Probably it was that gross thing they're always doing where they hate each other so much, ugh, she hates him, but then he grabs her and forces a searing kiss on her and she is just ~overcome. Probably that. Oh also it was written in relentless highlands dialect. Blerg.

    21. Rebecca (everyday reader)

      Ilsabeth has been falsely accused of killing the king's man by a stupid and mean man. Simon is a seeker of the truth set up to find the true traitor of the crown and to find Ilsabeth innocent. He finds more than innocence in his new houseguest. They find passion and love with each other and the traitors are found and punished. Howell pens another scottish gem about the large Murray clan. Great read!!

    22. Kristen

      Another great Highlander love story. Ilsabeth is on the run because someone has framed her for murdering the king's cousin. Her family sends her to her only hope of clearing her name, Simon Innes. Simon works for the king and is known for his innocent until proven guilty reputation. Once Simon meets Ilsabeth he knows in his heart that she is innocent and he will do anything to help prove her innocense. Great romance with a little mystery added to it.I own this book on my nook.

    23. Brandy *Ahviel*

      I have to say as a person that has not read this series in order I had no problem following the book. I fell in love with Simon like Ilspeth when we first meet him. The way he was written makes you love him and see the pain that he carries. I hope his brothers get a book because those three guys in such a brief meeting had me laughing

    24. Darcie Duranceau

      BookBub was kind enough to recommend this read and I didn't have anything lined up to read at the moment, so I gave it a shot. I really enjoyed it. In fact,I am now reading the next book in Howell's Highlander series. If you like Historical Romances, then you will love this. However, you may want to ensure your cold water is working well before you start reading you may just need a shower.

    25. Angel

      Sir Simon Innes is a kingsmen, but he is notoriously known as a truth seeker so when Ilsabeth Murray Armstrong is wrongly accused of murdering a fellow kingsmen her family sends her to himwhat Simon never expected was all the twists and turns that would lead him to his king's plotters and the beautiful woman he never saw comingoh I really enjoyed this oneonto the next

    26. K

      Finally, Simon Innes's turn! I really liked his character in the previous book, and was looking forward to seeing how his story would play out. As with the other books in this series, I found this book an easy, enjoyable read w/ a suprising amount of action. I would recommend this book to other readers.

    27. Petula

      Highland romance at it's best. Hannah Howell certainly knows how to pull you right in to a story. After reading the previous books in this series I was looking forward to Sir Simon's story, because I was already half in love with him. I loved every page. Straight on to the next book now.

    28. Sarah Davenport

      I own several of Hannah Howell's books. I have always loved her stories about highlanders, but I was disappointed with this one. It did not draw me in the way the others had, and it was less exciting. However, if you love highlander novels then definitely give some of her other ones a try!

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