Assurdo universo

Assurdo universo Il primo tentativo di mandare un razzo sulla Luna nel ebbe uno degli effetti pi dolorosi e sbalorditivi che si possano immaginare Perch forse per qualche difetto di costruzione il razzo dopo

  • Title: Assurdo universo
  • Author: Fredric Brown Adria Mandrini Giuseppe Lippi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • Assurdo universo

    Il primo tentativo di mandare un razzo sulla Luna, nel 1954, ebbe uno degli effetti pi dolorosi e sbalorditivi che si possano immaginare Perch , forse per qualche difetto di costruzione, il razzo dopo esser quasi uscito dal campo di gravitazione della Terra, ricadde sulla sua superficie Carico di materiale esplosivo, onde fosse possibile vedere dalla Terra il lampo dellIl primo tentativo di mandare un razzo sulla Luna, nel 1954, ebbe uno degli effetti pi dolorosi e sbalorditivi che si possano immaginare Perch , forse per qualche difetto di costruzione, il razzo dopo esser quasi uscito dal campo di gravitazione della Terra, ricadde sulla sua superficie Carico di materiale esplosivo, onde fosse possibile vedere dalla Terra il lampo dello scoppio quando avesse toccato la superficie lunare, il razzo precipit nella zona ai piedi dei Catskill, negli Stati Uniti, praticamente devastandola Ma l effetto pi straordinario fu patito dallo scrittore di fantascienza Keith Winton, che la terrifica esplosione mand addirittura a finire In un altra dimensione del continuo spazio tempo Con situazioni e avventure ora tragiche, ora grottesche, ora comiche, divertenti sempre Einstein Conan Doyle Clarke Russell Assurdo Universo davvero uno straordinario universo.Copertina di Franco Brambilla

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    One thought on “Assurdo universo

    1. Stephen

      Fredric Brown was a true ubermensch of the Golden Age of Science Fiction, and his short stories are still among the best ever written in the genre. I mean that. BestEverWritten. What Mad Universe is one of only a handful of SF novels that he wrote, a tear-inducing shame given how bursting with amazing it is. What's so unique about this tale is that it's both classic pulp SF in its own right, while at the same time acting as an examination/critique of pulp SF stereotypes.Double your pleasureuble [...]

    2. Bradley

      This old classic SF deserves to be called a classic. :) Even now, it feels fairly unique and very interesting, a solid riff off of the golden age SF and a nearly seamless conjunction with alternate reality with all kinds of BEMs. (Bug Eyed Monsters).SF in our universe, and Fact in the other. Aliens everywhere! War of the Worlds, Mars, Venus, Teleportation, Motherships, subjugation, it's all here.So what is this professional in the SF field going to do when faced with a reality that is everything [...]

    3. Jack Tripper

      While the "science" in this science-fiction novel makes Philip K. Dick seem like Arthur C. Clarke, this was pure, non-stop entertainment. It has a light, humorous tone throughout, though this isn't like a Douglas Adams novel, but more like early PKD, only slightly more ridiculous and free-wheeling.The basic gist is that there's a man, Kieth, living in the very near future (at the time), who works as an editor for various sf and weird magazines that were so prevalent back in the day. On the same [...]

    4. Algernon

      It all started with a BIG BANG ! Caught in the center of the explosion is Keith Winton, the editor of one of those fantastic pulp magazines that flourished in the 1930's and 1940'sAmerica. His own magazine is called"Surprising Stories"and specializes in planetary romance with lurid covers of scantily dressed young women chased by a BEM. (*)(*) Bug-Eyed Monsterimage copyright : Fastner & LarsonFrom his post-Depression New York life, Keith Winton is thrown into a parallel universe where said b [...]

    5. Rhys

      Although better known for his (extremely brief) short stories, Frederic Brown was also an extremely accomplished novelist. The solidity of his prose style is remarkable: he was just a very good writer, able to express sometimes quite complex ideas very clearly indeed.This novel was published in 1949 and it's a mark of how sophisticated the SF field was becoming in the hands of such writers as Brown (and Sprague de Camp and a few others) that they were able to twist their imaginations around to d [...]

    6. Loretańska

      ¿Dónde ha estado Fredric Brown todos estos años que hasta ahora no lo he encontrado? ¿En la Luna, en Marte, en Saturno? Sí, probablemente en Saturno. Nadie se queda tan cerca de la Tierra si no quiere que lo encuentren. 'Universo de locos' es necesario. Es necesario en mi estantería, en mi escritorio, en mi mesilla. Lo leería mañana otra vez, y pasado, y al otro. Me lo llevaría de vacaciones, a la playa, a la montaña, y hasta a un viaje espacial. Lo leería incluso conduciendo, pero es [...]

    7. TrumanCoyote

      An interesting subtlety which I didn't glom onto the first time I read this: it's not actually what's in the scifi geek's brain, but what the editor guy imagines would be in there. lol The whole thing with the blackouts was very well thought out and extrapolated.

    8. Lorelei

      Really enjoyable to find some real science fiction in the old style. I enjoyed it very much, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good, quick read. Not so easy to find anymore, but worth it.

    9. Manuel Antão

      If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Vintage Wave-function Collapse: "What Mad Universe" by Fredric BrownAnd then you say "putting ideas under the noses of the people who most hate them. That's what science fiction exists for." You sure about that? I suspect most readers who expressed a preference would say that they are generally rather keen on ideas. In fact, the literary-fiction crowd often use 'the idea is the protagonist' as a stick with which to beat SF. The problem [...]

    10. LindaJ^

      This book is SF pulp mocking SF pulp! It was first published as a book in 1949. The writer of the introduction to the 1978 edition says it was first published in a magazine in 1948. It is the first time I had seen the acronym BEM (big-eyed monster) and did not learn what it meant until after I finished the book. As a spoof of SF pulp it will never go out of style. Keith Winton, editor of the sci-fi magazine Surprising Stories, has fallen head-over-heels in love with Betty Hadley, editor of the r [...]

    11. the gift

      i have not read pulp sf in its first time so the parody is of a type of lit i know only through critical work. this is ranked as best, incorporating the fans, the writers, the editors, the magazines, in a fantasy about itself. as for work of the sort it is a work about, i prefer the more serious sf work of 'galaxies' by malzburg, but this is fun, repeat: fun. it is written for fans of pulp who have read enough to recognize itself. i have read he influenced philip k dick, this is not dick at his [...]

    12. John Loyd

      A rocket has been sent to the moon. It is equipped with a device to make a great flash so that people on Earth can see evidence of the landing. Unfortunately the rocket malfunctions, falls back to Earth, kills eleven people and Keith Winton who is at ground zero is sent to an alternate reality. A universe that has duplicates of many people, right down to the letters to the editor being exactly the same. It also has a habitable Moon, Venus and Mars, actual bug-eyed monsters that are attacking Ear [...]

    13. Christian, Kelanth, Scala

      Assurdo universo è un romanzo di fantascienza scritto da Fredric Brown, pubblicato per la prima volta negli Stati Uniti nel 1949 con il titolo originale What Mad Universe. Il romanzo piacque anche a Federico Fellini che firmò un contratto con Dino De Laurentiis per trarne un film mai realizzato. Alcuni elementi della storia (in particolare la 'Totalnebbia' e un universo parallelo in cui il Colosseo si trova a Londra e l'Inghilterra è retta da un regime autoritario guidato da Margaret Thatcher [...]

    14. Steve Stuart

      This is a well respected, classic sci fi novel that routinely makes it onto lists of the top books in the genre. It predates the Hugos or Nebulas, or it surely would have won some awards. So I was fairly surprised that I didn't actually enjoy it that much. It's the best novel-length work by a sci-fi author who is better known for his short stories… perhaps that should have told me something.I suppose the problem is that I can't get enthusiastic about pulp-era science fiction. This is a satire [...]

    15. Cristina Caladia

      Brown combina a la perfección el humor, lo absurdo, con una base teórica científica, todo cuadra y aunque suene raro es coherente. Con la explicación del final deja todo cerrado coherentemente. Lo que más me gusta del autor es el manejo que tiene del lenguaje, la ironía, y cómo maneja la información. Al principio parece el sueño de un loco, de hecho la frase "este es un universo de locos" aparece varias veces en la novela. Pero luego todo tiene sentido, hay un porqué que satisface en u [...]

    16. Olethros

      -La sátira puede esconderse en cualquier rincón del humor -. Género. Ciencia-Ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. Un accidente durante la prueba de un cohete experimental transporta a nuestro protagonista, editor de ciencia-ficción, hacia una realidad paralela que presenta desarrollos técnicos mucho más avanzados (otros no tanto) y en la que estamos bajo la amenaza de los arturianos, alienígenas con malas intenciones.¿Quiere saber más del libro, sin spoilers? Visite:librosdeolethros/

    17. Marie

      "Protagonist Keith Winton, beleaguered editor of Surprising Stories suddenly finds himself in an alternate universe. Like all good alt-unis, this one is exactly like ours save for one small detail: in 1903, a Harvard professor attempting to repair his wife's sewing machine inadvertently invented an interstellar drive."io9/5918638/the-best-scien

    18. Dkolacinski

      An SF classic, somewhat dated, but still pleasurable. What if you were suddenly transported into a parallel world, where someone else were you, and you were in danger because of an intergalactic war? Not PKD, but what is? This still is a fun read.

    19. Rubén Vilaplana

      Un impulso eléctrico de grandes dimensiones traslada a nuestro protagonista a un mundo paralelo, en el cual tendrá que enfrentarse a diversas situaciones. Excelente libro de aventuras con situaciones un tanto previsibles pero con ese toque pulp que lo hace tremendamente adictivo.

    20. Romeo Vernazza

      Un universo parallelo strambo e divertente. L'ironia un po' cinica di Fredric Brown qui è al suo meglio.

    21. Aiko

      Pour redonner un peu le contexte de l'écriture, L'univers en folie date de 1949, en pleine Guerre Froide, le lancement (réussi) d'une fusée pour la Lune n'a eu lieu que vingt ans plus tardDonc, déjà, au niveau de la science-fiction Fredric Brown a eu un coup de génie. Son récit est logique, tout en ayant un univers original et complètement décalé. Keith Winton, son personnage principal, se retrouve dans un univers qui ressemble au sien (au nôtre aussi) à quelques détails près : la [...]

    22. Holger Haase

      Fredric Brown these days is more known for his Science Fiction than his mystery books, however, so far I always favoured his mystery/Noir novels. For starters most of his Sci Fi are short stories and I usually prefer longer form. Plus there is an element of humour in those that hasn't always aged that well so though I always liked his Sci Fi up to now I never really loved it.But that has now changedWHAT MAD UNIVERSE is an absolutely fantastic bit of writing. Very meta when hardly anyone was doin [...]

    23. Martin

      This book is weak. It does give some insight into the golden days of the pulps, but the story is one-dimensional. There's no theme. There are a couple of laughs.The narration is not very good.I listened to this on Audible, but has no audio version of the book listed. I do own this Easton edition.

    24. David

      3 .5 stars. A classic 1950s science fiction story about a guy who gets transported to a parallel universe that's pretty similar to his original universe except for a number of differences that could get him killed. Can he save the human race, get back to his own universe, and win the heart of the woman he's besotted with? Well, you'll just have to read it to find out.

    25. Tonet

      Que bien me lo he pasada leyendo este libro. Si, se le notan los años (1949) pero es tan jodidamente divertido y ameno. Una lectura ligera que se lee sin darte cuenta. Un libro muy recomendable, para leer entre lecturas más pesadas. Un libro de los que denomino "Libro bisagra". No había leído nada de Frederic Brown, pero una cosa si es segura, no será lo último que lea.

    26. Amina

      Quand on sait que les romans et nouvelles de Fredric Brown ont été rédigés avant 1972 (année de sa mort), on est étonnés par la fraîcheur et la nouveauté qui s'en dégagent.Né en 1906, Fredric Brown, auteur américain qui selon sa femme n'aimait pas du tout écrire, débuta avec des romans policiers, fait de suspense et d'humour! Je n'en ai jamais essayé, car je n'en ai pas eu l'occasion.Mais le suspense et l'humour il les a gardé pour ses nouvelles en SF.J'ai découvert cet auteur a [...]

    27. Tom Britz

      This book was a pleasure to read. Imagine the 1940' -50's science fiction field, with all of its bug-eyed monsters and super science with the near naked women gracing all the covers along with the all American buffed hero, then imagine that due to a near by rocket crash with an experimental device on board, that you are thrust into a world where that is your reality. That is what happened to our hero, Keith Winton. Keith awakens in this new reality wondering where his boss's estate went, where t [...]

    28. Aries

      Fredric Brown è un autore che ho nel cuore da quando, alle medie (mi sembra) lessi il suo meraviglioso racconto "Sentinella".Meno di frequente mi è capitato di leggere romanzi scritti da lui, forse perché comunque meno facilmente reperibili o chissà per quale altro motivo; è anche per questo che, quando mi capita di trovarne uno in libreria, tendo a comprarlo senza quasi pensarci, proprio per levarmi la curiosità e lo sfizio di approfondire questo autore.L'edizione di "Assurdo Universo" ch [...]

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