Ink Flamingos

Ink Flamingos Dee Carmichael lead singer of the pop sensation The Flamingoes has been one of Brett Kavanaugh s most dedicated customers at her tattoo shop When Dee is discovered dead surrounded by ink pots and ne

  • Title: Ink Flamingos
  • Author: Karen E. Olson
  • ISBN: 9780451233790
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ink Flamingos

    Dee Carmichael, lead singer of the pop sensation The Flamingoes, has been one of Brett Kavanaugh s most dedicated customers at her tattoo shop When Dee is discovered dead surrounded by ink pots and needles, Brett is branded a suspect It seems that someone is impersonating Brett And if she doesn t act fast, the killer is sure to put the dye in dying once again

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    One thought on “Ink Flamingos

    1. ᴥ Irena ᴥ

      I've found out that Tattoo Shop Mystery series ends with this book. On the one hand, I am truly sorry because I really like these characters and the whole feeling I get from the series. On the other, though, the author has ended it in the best way possible and at just the right moment for a a reader to feel like I do now.There are many different (and yet still the same) things in Ink Flamingos. The tone is way, way darker than in the previous three books. Brett is more vulnerable than ever and i [...]

    2. Kerste

      So this series's tough for me to really put my finger on why I read itd why I don't really like it.I mean, it's about a woman who owns a tattoo parlor (awesome). She's sassy. I like her. Mostly. Though she has her moments when I want to throttle her, too.But then there's all the rest. I think the thing that irks me the most about these books is that I want to like them. But honestly, I feel like so much fluff is carved out of these novels that it exceeds my ability to suspend disbelief (which if [...]

    3. thegirlinpink

      What’s it about? Classically trained in art turned tattoo artist and shop owner, Brett Kavanaugh, returns to solve her final mystery in the last installment of the Tattoo Shop series. In the fourth novel of the series Brett must once and for all clear her name when a rock star, who gets her tattoo exclusively from the Painted Lady shop, turns up dead from what looks like a bad tattoo and a pink ink allergy. Heartthrob and once rival, turned friend, turned lover (??) Jeff Coleman also returns t [...]


      One of Brett's customers at The Painted Lady, a high class tattoo shop, has been found dead in a Las Vegas hotel room. She is found surrounded by several tattoo supplies including needles and ink pots. A woman matching Brett's description was witnessed leaving the crime scene.As Brett is been profiled as the prime suspect a blog is found on the internet showcasing the dead clients tattoo. Then pictures of Brett start showing up on the blog and it even looks like the blogger is Brett herself.Bret [...]

    5. Diane Morasco

      My musings:Let me start off by saying I have an aversion to tattoos. When I received a copy of Karen E. Olson’s Ink Flamingos, I didn’t exactly jump up and down like I was escorted to part 2 of Harry Potter with Daniel and Prince Harry. I left it in the box it arrived in and grimaced. What to do, what to do. I made another face and hunkered down on the couch to read a chapter – NOT. I couldn’t put it down. AT All! Olson knows how to propel the mystery from the first clue to the reveal wi [...]

    6. Barbara ★

      I've said it before and I'll say it againI love this series! Brett Kavanaugh owns The Painted Lady, a high-class tattoo shop in Las Vegas. I love Brett but I also really like her cohorts Bitzy, Joel and Jeff. I also like her long-suffering brother (the cop) who puts up with Brett's interference in his cases. In this one, a famous client is found murdered and Brett is the prime suspect. Of course, she's vowed to stop investigating but she just can't help herself and once again finds herself in th [...]

    7. Stacy

      This book about tattooist Brett Kavenaugh and her assortment of co-workers was great. Brett owns The Painted Lady and is an easily identifiable Las Vegas resident with her long legs, red hair, and multitude of tattoos. She's good at what she does. When someone begins impersonating her and framing her for murders she is at a loss as to who would hate her that much. Good thing she has a brother who's a cop and friends who have her back.I've raved about this series before. I've loved them all. Bret [...]

    8. Nicole

      So this mystery series is one of my guilty pleasures. I like the characters, the setting (Las Vegas) and the cheesy plots. Sadly I read on the author's blog that this book was the last one in the series. Boo!

    9. Paula

      I really enjoyed this book!! I loved the setting (Las Vegas) and the characters. It was a good page turner of a mystery!!

    10. Tara B

      Pretty predictable. I liked the characters well enough that I might read another in the series. One main annoyance I have though is when writers talk over explain technology and take the time to write how so and so opened their computer, logged into the system, opened a web browser page, etc instead of just saying so and so read a website.The main character's voice also seems very unauthentic as a tattooist. I'm not sure if the author has tattoos- but I kind of doubt it. I can't put my finger on [...]

    11. Morgan

      I like the way that the series ended (overall), and that this mystery was more personal to Brett. I couldn't help cringing SO HARD at one of the things that happens near the end, but was glad she was able to make something beautiful out of something so ugly that happened to her.My incomprehensible moment came when the author equated Metallica, Alice In Chains, and Tool withCreed. Yes. Creed. Oh, he likes heavy metal. For example *this list of things* and Creed is listed as heavy metal. That's a [...]

    12. Lynda

      Ever so fun fourth entry in the series (and final?). I enjoyed it thoroughly. Great characters, great mystery, great fun.

    13. Nora-adrienne

      Ink FlamingosBy Karen E. OlsonCopyright June 2011Publisher Obsidian Mystery Dee Carmichael, lead singer of the pop sensation The Flamingoes, has been one of Brett Kavanaugh's most dedicated customers… or was. Dee has been discovered dead in her hotel room, surrounded by ink pots and needles. And a tall redhead matching Brett’s description was seen leaving the crime scene. Now Brett has been branded the prime suspect. This can’t be good for business…Meanwhile a blog has been showcasing De [...]

    14. Rachel

      Ink Flamingos is the fourth and last book in the Tattoo Shop Mystery series, a cozy mystery series set in a Las Vegas tattoo shop. I didn’t know when I read it that it was the final book in the series – I didn’t even know it was part of a series! To be honest, the reason I chose this book is because the word “flamingos” is in the title and I love flamingos. I even have a flamingo tattoo myself! A flamingo tattoo is integral to the plot of this book. Anyway, even though Ink Flamingos is [...]

    15. Suspense Magazine

      Brett Kavanaugh is a woman of thirty-two who owns her own shop, The Painted Lady, and one of her most famous clients, Dee Carmichael, lead singer of The Flamingos is murdered in a local hotel room. Brett can’t figure out who would have been there, because Dee is allergic to the colored ink used in tattooing, and she is found with a colored tattoo of a flamingo. How can this be? Brett has been entrusted with all her other line-drawn tattoos, and Dee has only had black lines, no color. Does this [...]

    16. Sandra

      I always look forward to this series. The characters are all great entertainment and the story line keeps me turning the pages. A few things bothered me. The story that Brett goes to a bar with this guy and gets drunk/high on Absinth and doesn't know what she's doing after like the first drink, was a little far fetched for me to take. I kept waiting to hear that he had slipped something in her drink. Because Absinth does not do any more that other drinks. The other thing is that Brett is usually [...]

    17. Ami

      Warning: This review contains spoiler:Brett has been branded prime suspect of a murder of a lead singer of pop sensation group -- there is also a blog that seems to keep describing her as the murderer. Her relationship is havoc, because the hot doctor, Colin Bixby, is breaking up with her due to a photo of Brett kissing another guy (she's drunk!!), someone sabotaging her client, one of her employee quits, and then, there's those kisses from Jeff Coleman.The last book of Tattoo Shop Mystery is DE [...]

    18. TheGeekyBlogger

      Read for Fun!Overall Rating 4.25Story Rating 4.00Character Rating 4.50Fall Funk Reviews (Quick and Dirty because I am in a Review Writing Funk)First Thought When Finished: Ink Flamingos is a twisty, turny page turner that kept me on my toes!What I Thought of the Case: Ink Flamingos was a great stalker case which is a little different for a cozy mystery because the leading character, Brett, was the one being stalked. I enjoyed the cat and mouse game the stalker had with Brett and Karen took some [...]

    19. CJ - It's only a Paper Moon

      "I guess we've got a thing."Hell yeah! I'm thoroughly addicted to Brett and her rag tag band of reluctant sleuths. Jeff is back and we learn more about him and just what he thinks of Brett. Brett, is at times, whiny, skittish and annoying but she quickly redeems herself with her sleuthing. She really is like a magnet and it works. I think if she were more aggressive all the time, the series would fall flat. In this installment, someone is impersonating Brett, stalking her and just generally maki [...]

    20. Erika

      Well.while this series is very cute and entertaining, this fourth book was a bit of a flop for me. I did love how a certain couple came together and that it seemed that Olson's vision for Brett and the Painted Lady was finally coming into fruition, the actual mystery was no real mystery.I'd figured out the culprit less than half way through the book. That was disappointing. I mean, I generally had ideas throughout the other books and once had it figured out quite early, but never like this. I ju [...]

    21. Lou

      Once again, Karen E. Olson has come up with another fascinating book in the Brett Kavanaugh series. The tattoo artist and amateur detective finds herself caught up in a strange murder mystery where someone has accused her via blog of killing a good friend of hers. The twists and turns of the book as Brett and her coworkers try to chase down the actual culprit and quite funny but at the same time keep your attention. Her "knights in shining armor", the LVPD police officer (and Brett's brother) Ti [...]

    22. Gail

      Brett Kavanaugh, owner of the upscale tattoo shop in Las Vegas, is being framed for murder. Dee Carmichael, an celebrity pop star is found dead, surrounded by the ink pots of a tattoo artists. All the signs point to Brett. Plus a blog supposedly written by Brett 'confesses' to the murder.Brett, ever-curious and always in the pursuit of justice, is following up leads while her own life seems to be leading to jail. Brett's relationship with Jeff, another tattoo shop owerner takes a strange turn as [...]

    23. Vickie

      love this series! I know I say that quite often in my reviews, but this one has the coolest premise with the main character as a tattoo artist and living in Las Vegas. It's grittier than most cozies, so maybe it's amateur sleuth since it's not as warm and fuzzy. This time Brett has a problem with someone impersonating her and setting her up to be a murder suspect. Plenty of weaving of intricate plots, very nicely done. I had a hard time putting the book down for any reason. It turned into a semi [...]

    24. Emily

      I LOVED THE LAST BOOK OF THIS SERIES! I think its brilliant to end it with someone impersonating Brett, the protagonist! And finally they are together! (view spoiler)[I had a hunch that tells me that Jeff likes Brett in the second book and I was right! They finally got together in the end, even though its more of an open ending than one of those 'happily ever afters' which was better to me. They make a cute couple! (hide spoiler)] I'm kinda sad that this is the last book because I loved Brett an [...]

    25. Myhotstylist

      WOW this series gets better and better with each book! Brett finds herself in a heap of trouble when she learns shes being framed for the murder of a pop-star. To make matters worse, someone is impersonating her. There are plenty of twists and turns enough to make ones' head spin. I just love all the characters and am excited about Brett's new love intrest. I especially love how the author gives us super short chapters and includes a mini cliff-hanger at the end of each chapter.5 star rating

    26. Shanna

      This is the fourth book in this series and I have to say I've enjoyed it immensely. Brett is the owner of a tattoo shop and in the beginning of this book, one of her regular clients, a rockstar, is killed by the ink in a tattoo. She becomes suspect number one, and with the help of her quirky assistant, fellow tattoo artist and employee Joel and competitor Jeff Coleman, who is also a love interest, she seeks to find who set her up. Fun characters; this story is set in Vegas, this story keeps you [...]

    27. Jenn C

      One of Brett's high-profile clients has been killed - and it looks like someone is intent on having Brett take the blame. Full of twists and turns, the action is non-stop, propelling the reader (and Brett) along at break-neck speed. Ink Flamingos was a satisfying conclusion to the "Tattoo Shop Mystery" series (view spoiler)[, especially (finally!) bringing together Jeff and Brett. (hide spoiler)]Reading this series makes me want to go to Vegas - and get more ink! ;)

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