Let's Play Dead

Let s Play Dead The new exhibit at the Philadelphia children s museum Let s Play isn t meant to be shocking but when one of the installers is zapped with a fatal electrical charge it s up to Nell to put her detect

  • Title: Let's Play Dead
  • Author: Sheila Connolly
  • ISBN: 9780425242209
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • Let's Play Dead

    The new exhibit at the Philadelphia children s museum, Let s Play, isn t meant to be shocking but when one of the installers is zapped with a fatal electrical charge, it s up to Nell to put her detective skills on display.

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    One thought on “Let's Play Dead

    1. Ellen

      Let's Play Dead by Sheila ConnollyLet's Play Dead is the 2ND in Sheila Connolly's Museum Mystery series. Nell Pratt is settling in to her new position as president of the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society when she is called by Arabella Heffernan, president of the Let's Play children's museum. Arabella was putting together a new exhibit highlighting Harriet the Hedgehog for this exhibit. That would include pacifying the author of the Harriet Hedgehog children's books Hadley Eastman and that would [...]

    2. Doward Wilson

      Nell Pratt continues to entertain us with behind the scenes looks at how museums operate. In the wake of recent scandals and arrests at her beloved Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society, Nell has assumed the position of President. Struggling to pull the Society back together, find a replacement for her old position of fund raiser and event planner and find herself an assistant to take care of the day to day tasks is keeping her busy. When she is asked to preview a new exhibit at Philadelphia's belove [...]

    3. Daniele

      The entire time I was reading this little mystery, I kept asking myself why all I was reading was bits about being too busy, bits about electricity, and meals. It seemed odd that the whole plot carried forward along these interludes. I was also pretty disappointed with the resolution of the mystery (I will say nothing further so as not to give too much away). I seem to recall liking the first in this series, but this sophomore endeavour left me wanting more.

    4. Hilary S

      Nell is settling into her new role as the head of the museum/society after the shock of a couple of months ago - she (and HR) are still trying to fill the empty staff roles and it looks as though they are lucky with two, Nell's old position and Nell's assistant. Whilst all this is going on she nips across to the Children's Museum to see the new exhibit before it opens to the public - and whilst there someone has an electric shock then lands them in hospital - then another shock kills someone Ne [...]

    5. Brenda Kirton

      SPOILERS I didn't care for this book. I have read the first in the series and liked it, although I don't remember much about it. I found Nell to be stuffy and careless in her business dealings. She seemed very flat in the book. The romance part of it seemed to have no excitement. The solution to the mystery would have been fine if it had been at least guessed at 100 pages early. It was something that at the very least should have been consider and then ruled out. Spoiler section. First of all th [...]

    6. Anissa

      This time Nell's on the case of a death at the children's museum, Let's Play and sadly, this wasn't the cracking mystery the first in the series was. Funnily enough, the investigation into the death worried me a lot less than Nell's hiring practices. After the terrible experience the Society had in the first book, I'd have thought they've be vetting all new hires up one side and down the other but alas, just about anyone who showed up on their doorstep was hired just on the "good feeling" of Nel [...]

    7. Deborah Almada

      I am really enjoying this series, I like Sheila Connolly's books because it is obvious she does her homework and the background and basis for her mysteries add so much to the story. I really enjoy history and to visit different types of museums as backdrops for these mysteries are joy. In this volume it is a children's museum and Nell feels compelled to help a friend after the Society's own recent problems, and the solution to the mystery was unique. Definitely worth your time !!!!!!!!

    8. Sunsettowers

      This was a fun cozy mystery, with the protagonist a woman who works for a historical society, who gets drawn into a mysterious death at a local children's museum. The characters were all interesting, as was the setting, and I especially loved the inclusion of the children's museum and children's books. The solution to the mystery wasn't the best I've ever read, but it was satisfying, and the book as a whole was a fun and quick read.

    9. Aisling

      Surprisingly significantly better than book one. The characters were more fleshed out and a few were even likable. Decent red herrings, nice development of the romance with the FBI agent. A readable cozy.

    10. Amanda

      Another fun cozyNell has her hands full as new president of the Board at the museum but still manages to get sucked into a mystery at a nearby children’s museum. It was nice to see Nell develop as a character and navigate her new job. Looking forward to the next book!

    11. Amy

      A resounding "meh" mystery-wise, but since I have resigned myself to liking cozy mysteries, I will likely read the next book in the series.

    12. Mimi

      Twas ok, but the writing didn't push things. Having read this just before J. A. Jance's latest, it was a pale and puny thing. The plot was ok, but it just needed some juice.


      In the first book of this series Fundraising The Dead, we met Nell Pratt who was in charge of fundraising but the president of the museum was up to no good, and Nell helped to crack the case wide open. So as we enter this story Nell is just getting settled in to her new job as President.As part of her new duties she is invited to the nearby Children's Museum, Let's Play, to preview a new exhibit.The exhibit is based on the characters from the Harriett The Hedgehog children's book series. In the [...]

    14. Mirjam

      Let's Play Dead is Sheila Connolly's second book in the Museum Mystery series. Nell Pratt is the new president of the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society. She feels a bit overwhelmed by the demands of her new job in learning the ins and outs of it and finding new employees. She feels obligated to accept the kind invitation of Arabella, the president of the children's museum Let's Play, to come over for tea and cookies. During her visit she is invited to a sneak preview of the new exhibit of the Har [...]

    15. Andrea

      I liked the first book in the series much betterrhaps because the novelty of having a book take place locally AND in a museum (as a museum person myself this was just great) wore off. The details that enthralled me in the first book (yes - the author certainly knows how museums work) wore thin in this one. The mystery in this book wasckluster and the descriptions of the museum scene just didn't carry the book for me this time. At times I felt like she was trying to incorporate the local scene in [...]

    16. Debbie

      "Let's Play Dead" is a cozy mystery. It's the second book in a series, but you don't need to read the first novel to understand this one. Also, I don't think this novel "spoiled" anything in the first novel if you read them out of order.There was a nice level of setting detail and woven in information about running museums. The characters were interesting, varied, and complex. Yet there was a "warm-fuzzy" feel to the whole thing that made the situations seem not entirely realistic. The low level [...]

    17. Fred

      Let's Play Dead is the second book in Museum Mystery series by Sheila Connolly.Things are beginning to settle down at the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society and Nell Pratt is adjusting to her new position as president of the society. At the top of her "to do" list to find someone to take over her old job as fundraiser and to find a personal assistant. Those are filled in short order. Nell receives a phone call from the head of a children's hands on museum Let's Play, to come and have a preview of [...]

    18. Lisa

      Not as good as the first in the series, and certainly not as good as the Orchard series, but it was ok.This book picks up where the first one left off: Nell Pratt is settling in to her newly acquired position in charge of the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society. Her previous position is still vacant, as are the roles of her assistant and the registrarl tough positions to fill on the budget she has. She hires Shelby for the fundraising, who recommends Eric for the assistant position. Marty creates a [...]

    19. Meg Fee

      A good book. I think I liked it more than the first book. It's not perfect of course. There are a lot of coincidences, Nell, the main character, even mentions it. James, the FBI agent, continues to make appearances as a potential love interest, and just like Nell I can't help but wonder why his love life is apparently so lack luster that his distant relation, Marty, is having to give him a push. We learn a bit about Nell's work as she deal with her promotion and trying to find replacements for t [...]

    20. Bonnie Randall

      I loved the first book in Nell's series and had been excited about this installment. Sadly, it just didn't hit the right notes for me, and I found myself more interested in the subplots (Barney discovering old baseball history with Felicity, Shelby and Eric being refreshing new hires for the Society) than I was in the mystery - which seemed really convoluted, introduced a whole lot of characters who I wondered why Nell cared about (because I sure as heck couldn't see reasons to care about them), [...]

    21. Joyce M. Tice

      Of the several Connolly books I have read, this one has the best plot I've seen so far. It also has good characters. I love the whole museum setting, museum environment

    22. Jeannie and Louis Rigod

      This was a true mystery novel. Nell Pratt, is the President of Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society and also has a very good sense of sleuthing. Having just emerged, although slightly scathed, from a scandal/murder at the society, Nell finds herself witness to a possible crime at the local Children's Museum.Was it an accident or more? Trying to aid the Director of "Let's Play", Nell finds that she can not take a back seat approach to her new friend's troubles.We are introduced to two new members of [...]

    23. Debbie Heaton

      In Connolly's mystery novel, Nell is invited to the Philadelphia children's museum, Let's Play, for a look at the newly installed exhibit based on the Harriet the Hedgehog children's books. In the middle of her visit, one of the workers gets a jolt from working on an electronically animated weasel. He recovers, but when a second man gets fatally zapped, it sparks a homicide investigation, with Nell right in the middle of things. Determined to discover who set out to sabotage the exhibition, Nell [...]

    24. Amelia-Irene

      This is the second book in the Museum Mystery series.A friend of Nell's is getting ready to open a new exhibit at the Let's Play Museum and she wants to show Nell the new set, which is based on a children's book series. Nell and Arabella are overlooking the exhibit, when Arabella asks her future son-in-law, Jason, to show Nell how it is interactive with the kids. In the process Jason is shocked and knocked unconcious. An ambulance is called and he's taking to the hospital. Arabella has two diffe [...]

    25. Argum

      The second entry in the Museum series carries off the museum administrator solving murders by her visiting a friend's new exhibit during an accidental electric shock. The next day the accident is repeated with deadly results. Nell feels involved after witnessing it and takes it on herself to poke around. Some old characters like Marty and FBI Agent Morrison return along with the surviving coworkers. New characters are a pair of Southerners to fill Nell's old job and her new assistant. They got m [...]

    26. Brittany

      This is the second museum mystery, and I have to say that I was not impressed with it. I loved Nell in the first one, and I still love her character, but in this one the mystery is surrounding by two electrical "accidents" at a nearby children's museum. There was too much about electricity, and that got annoying. Part of the reason I loved the first one was because the book was set in a museum. This one still has the Society in it, but its pretty minimal. James is hardly in this one and neither [...]

    27. Megan

      I'm a sucker for museums, apparently. I really enjoyed all those details about working on the administrative side of a museum/library/historical archive. I liked the mystery in this better than the first book, and I liked that (view spoiler)[it ends somewhat ambiguously (hide spoiler)] (I am a terrible reader of cozy mysteries, honestly, but I'm trying--I want to learn how to appreciate them!). I like that Nell is pretty boring and blandly efficient. In both books so far, characters bring their [...]

    28. Susan

      Newly promoted historical museum president Nell Pratt has plenty to do--she's barely able to hire a new development director and an assistant for herself--but she can't resist Arabella Heffernan, the motherly director of Let's Play, a nearby children's museum, who's having strange problems with a display based on a local author's book series. Nell doesn't want to involve FBI agent (and really attractive) James Morrison in Let's Play's problems, but the local police don't seem to be acting very e [...]

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