Overbite Meena Harper has a special gift but it s only now that anyone s ever appreciated it The Palatine Guard a powerful secret demon hunting unit of the Vatican has hired her to work at their new branch in

  • Title: Overbite
  • Author: Meg Cabot
  • ISBN: 9780061735103
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Overbite

    Meena Harper has a special gift, but it s only now that anyone s ever appreciated it The Palatine Guard a powerful secret demon hunting unit of the Vatican has hired her to work at their new branch in Lower Manhattan With Meena s ability to predict how everyone she meets will die, the Palatine finally has a chance against the undead.Sure, her ex boyfriend was LucienMeena Harper has a special gift, but it s only now that anyone s ever appreciated it The Palatine Guard a powerful secret demon hunting unit of the Vatican has hired her to work at their new branch in Lower Manhattan With Meena s ability to predict how everyone she meets will die, the Palatine finally has a chance against the undead.Sure, her ex boyfriend was Lucien Antonescu, son of Dracula, the prince of darkness But that was before he and their relationship went up in flames Now Meena s sworn off vampires for good at least until she can prove her theory that just because they ve lost their souls doesn t mean demons have lost the ability to love.Meena knows convincing her co workers including her partner, ber demon hunter Alaric Wulf that vampires can be redeemed won t be easy especially when a deadly new threat seems to be endangering not just the lives of the Palatine, but Meena s friends and family as well.But Meena isn t the Palatine s only hope Father Henrique aka Padre Caliente New York City s youngest, most charming priest, has also been assigned to the case.So why doesn t Meena or Alaric trust him As she begins unraveling the truth, Meena finds her loyalties tested, her true feelings laid bare and temptations she never even imagined existed, but finds impossible to resist.This time, Meena may finally have bitten off than she can chew.

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      218 Meg Cabot
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    One thought on “Overbite

    1. Ann

      SHAME ON YOU MEG CABOT!!!!I loved bk 1 Insatiable. It was hilariously funny, engaging, with witty dialog, fun characters with great snark and a totally different kind of comedic vamp story. The hero, Lucien, was supremely sexy, totally hawt and adorably loveable. Meena the heroine was cute, fun, sexy and charming. Every steamy love scene between Lucian and Meena was a DEFINITE page turning re-read. The supporting cast was fun - Meena's brother Jon, little Jack Bauer, the doofus Palatine guard Al [...]

    2. Pamela

      What happened?!I cannot believe how disappointing this book turned out to be; especially after loving the first novel "Insatiable" and having to wait a year for this one thinking it would be just as good as the first. Boy was I wrong. I've read other books and series by Cabot which have always been worthy. Did she have someone else write this on her behalf? Was she rushed?This book lacked everything that made the first book so great; the humour, the excitement, and most notably, the heat and che [...]

    3. Anne

      It's my fault. I didn't like Insatiable, but I thought that maybe that was because I didn't realize it was part of a series when I read it. I was sure that was why I thought the ending of Insatiable was retarded made no sense. Well, I was wrong. The ending to this one was just as stupid made no sense, either. (view spoiler)[ She actually ran off with the emotionally retarded guy from the first book. I swear to you, I really thought that he was possibly disabled! Like Cabot was trying to show tha [...]

    4. Melanie

      SPOILER ALERT!Reading other people's reviews, it seems Overbite isn't very well received. I actually loved it a lot, so it seems I am one of the few who do. I generally give anything by Meg Cabot five stars because she is an amazing author, and I would have for this one too- if it weren't for the last part. Not the part where all the vampires are killed because Lucien died (I thought that was an amazing idea, that he had to sacrifice his life for the goodness of others and all that), the part af [...]

    5. Anne Limanskaya

      Severely disappointed by the whole post-modern New-Ageic mess of casually throwing together mythologies, ancient symbols, and Zodiac, and sure signs of church corruption, and Blake's 'no good without evil, no evil without good', and what not You know, Meg, some people out there actually believe in God and the sacred. Plenty of them, in fact. And if you write about Catolic priests and nuns, be aware than none of them would speak of their sacred in terms 'no good without evil' or be content when c [...]

    6. JR

      I really was disappointed with the ending of this book. Will there be a third book to this series? I was really shocked how quickly it ended and with an even more shocked ending. The ending just came out of nowhere. I was completely in love with the first book, with Meena and Lucien. I was very disappointed with this novel, so much that I was so angered that I truly hated this book. What happened to you, Meg Cabot?It was a sad ending that even Meena didn't even grieve over someone's death that h [...]

    7. Rebecca ♥ Ash, Kishan, Magnus ♥

      I really enjoyed this, as much as, if not more than, Insatiable. I heard that this book was really bad compared to the first one, but I found the story just as interesting and quickly paced, and the quality to be pretty much identical to Insatiable. The only explanation I can think of for the bad reviews is that people were disappointed by the ending. Well, I loved it. I would have been ok with a different ending. I wasnt against the alternative, but I love how this series decided to be differen [...]

    8. Charlotte

      Meg Cabot is one of my comfort authors- when I want something light, funny, a decent plot, and great characters, I reach for her. And she's written some fantastic YA books. This is not one of them. A sequel to Insatiable, where Meena falls in love with the Prince of the Vampires and then leaves him to go work with his enemies- a secret Vatican cult, this book should have been great. It had the forbidden love angle, a sexy brooding vampire who strives to be good, a socially challenged warrior who [...]

    9. Lauren

      I'm so glad that other readers feel, like I do, that this was a really lackluster sequel. I honestly had to force myself through the first seven or so chapters, and continually found myself skipping whole paragraphs because they kept restating and going through the same things I'd read earlier from the same character and knew I'd have to read again from another character's perspective. I eventually gave up and skipped to the end to find out what happens and was incredibly displeased. Obviously, [...]

    10. Stef

      As a reader who formerly waited eagerly for new Meg books to come out (or to get my hands on old new-to-me books) and then hungerly devour them in one sitting, I am so disappointed to struggle through a new book and finish it completely unsatisfied. I waited not-so-patiently for ten years to finish the Princess Diaries series, despite some lackluster storylines towards the end.I wish Meg (and several of my other favorite authors, to be honest) would stick to writing what she's best at and stop j [...]

    11. Rebecca

      I like Meg Cabot books but "Overbite" is just another foray into a tired genre: cute and quirky girl with paranormal abilities becomes obsessive love interest of a vampire hottie.It's cute, but there's nothing origional here.

    12. Book Binge

      Once I got past the beginning hump of the first book, I quickly finished Insatiable and was eager to start Overbite. I'm pleased to say that I enjoyed this book so much more than I enjoyed the first book. It's so good to see Meena, Jon, Alaric and even Lucien back in action.In this book, Meena is now working for the Palatine Guards with Alaric and Alaric has the total hots for Meena but is annoyed that she only sees him as a friend. The relationship that bloomed between Meena and Alaric was stri [...]

    13. Muse-ic ♬

      2.75Ummm excuse me ending! You do not belong here in this book! In the end I was just waiting for Lucius to come back to life or for his angel half to stay alive. That didn't happen. I was pissed because as I mentioned in my review for the last book, I can't feel ANY real love between Meena and Alaric! It's like a Lucien-is-gone-but-the-main-character-cannot-remain-loveless-therefore-lets-throw-her-with-a-random-character-to-please-the-readers! I can definitely say that I am not pleased.I mean i [...]

    14. Kay (❦ ᴗ ❦ ✿) BooksandMe

      “Embrace what you are, and others will embrace you as well. Find what it is that you do well, then do it, and the rest will fall into place.”I started reading this book with so much expectation and excitement. I love love Insatiable, yes although there were parts that were a bore, I was willing to overlook. But this book just made me sad.[image error]I didn’t mind Meena Harper’s POV and her so much rambling, and I even enjoyed Jon’s POV while he was spending time with his friend Adam. [...]

    15. Cari

      Is it good clean fun? No. But, it is fun. :) I put most of my books into two categories - books I recommend to my mom and grandmother OR book I recommend to my friends. What is the difference, you ask? To put it bluntly, sex. Yes, I know my grandmother and mother knew about sex long before I was born. But, I don't necessarily need to recommend books to them that include sexual situations. It just feels weird to me. I sure as heck don't want to talk about sex with them, so why would I encourage t [...]

    16. gina

      Ohwell.Sometimes it's good things end early. But I have to tell you, half way through this book I caught myself thinking "Wow! This is so much more of a better book than the first one! It's more original (not constantly pulling from and referencing vamp lit & pop culture out there)"And then she f'd it all up by ending it in the worst way ever. Seriously? There was not that much attraction between her and Aleric (forgive spelling, I listened to *not* read the book). And by the end Lucien was [...]

    17. Kayla

      (Spolier Alert: Do not read if you have no read the first book, Insatiable)Overbite picks up a bit after Insatiable left off. Meena is now working for the Palatine Guard while staying under the radar with her brother John from her ex-boyfriend (and also the Prince Of Darkness) Lucien Antonescu. And just as she starts finding some normalcy in her life, well as much normal one can find when working for a supernatural division of the church, all changes.People are missing, vampires are running amuc [...]

    18. Caitlin

      This is a bad sequel. The first book, Insatiable, was decently entertaining. I picked up this book, it's sequel, which has to tell you something about my interest in the first. However, this was a thorough disappointment and an utter disaster of a novel. Most irritating for me was the way characters from the first book were essentially abandoned and replaced here with bland replicas of themselves who behaved and conversed as if they had little relation to the kind of characters they had been and [...]

    19. Sukanya

      Overbite or What Bella Should Have Done. (Spoilers included)Let me say at the beginning that I gave this book an extra star because Meena picked Alaric. Lucien was obsessive, callous about Meena's life and turning eviler by the minute. While I can see how that's sexy, it's certainly not the kind of man you want to be with forever. He ignored Meena's insistence that she'd rather stay alive than become his mate for eternity and actually plotted to kill her because she refused to be turned! How is [...]

    20. Ariel

      So. I guess I liked this when I shouldn't have? I'm looking at all the reviews and everyone seems to be pretty disappointed in how this second book turned out. Maybe I have bad taste. But that's okay, cause I still really liked this. The ending was a bit of a shock but I eagerly look forward to boom 3 to either explain more or hopefully wrap things up in a nice tidy bundle! This one is a bit more actiony by far and Meena is still super snarky and sarcastic and we see her try to take a much large [...]

    21. Mikaela

      There is no way in heck that I am reading this book. (HE TURNED INTO A DRAGON! WTF? I STILL CAN'T GET OVER THAT!)

    22. Karen

      Ah. Overbite Meg Cabot, why was the ending of the novel so damn rushed and crammed in?? Okay, the book wasn't all that bad which is the reason why I'm giving it a two out of five stars. The first third of the book was teasingly good - I loved the relationship between Lucien and Meena! But the rest of the novel went absolutely downhill. Meena was suddenly depicted as a lost and helpless girl torn between her decision over whether her loyalties and love should lie with her handsome dark prince Luc [...]

    23. Michelle

      While my thoughts on Insatiable were not exactly gushing, that did not stop me from squealing with delight when I opened the envelope containing its sequel and from putting it towards the very top of my review pile so that I could get to it sooner rather than later. Thankfully, some of the problems I had with the first novel were resolved so that I could enjoy Overbite that much more. A worthy conclusion to a fun story, Meg Cabot does not disappoint in the furthering saga of Meena Harper.The big [...]

    24. Laura Martinelli

      As much as I loved Insatiable, this ended up being a lot more of a disappointment. There’s a lot of things that I wished had gotten expanded on, or given more explanation. It’s not a bad book, but there’s so much more room for improvement that it could have been better.I liked seeing more about the Palatine Guard and how they work, particularly in regards with the Vatican. There’s more of bureaucracy feel to it, especially when it comes to the field agents and how they’re treated. Howe [...]

    25. Carie

      I won this book in a First Reads giveaway. And, wow, I’m sorry to say that I really did NOT care for this book AT ALL!! It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book that I’ve had to force myself to finish. I did like the first few chapters of the book and thought they showed some promise, but then it all went downhill. And, I guess the last 2 pages of the book were decent, but they still seemed off to me--kind of “out of the blue” and without solid foundation, but they at least prom [...]

    26. 서은기

      at first i didn't know how to rate this book. it was my first time of cabot hence i didn't know how she usually write her character or is it her style that a hero HAVE to die and the heroine easily falls in love with someone handsome but completely stone unlike her former boyfriend??? i mean, what is the use being a hero if at last u're just going to be ashes??? i supposed only Lucien Antonescu didn't have that advantages. i was completely in love with Insatiable since i LOVE Lucien Antonescu so [...]

    27. Kathleen (Kat) Smith

      The legend of Dracula has been stated the Vlad The Impaler was so grief stricken by the death of his wife's suicide that he lashed out at the people he felt were responsible and randomly killing people as a way of seeking revenge. Now his son has been struggling with the internal conflict within himself between good and evil and has become the most wanted man by the Palatine, a secret police of the Vatican responsible for ridding the world of evil wherever it is found.Meena Harper on the other h [...]

    28. Deyse

      I finally finished this duology, having read the first one back in 2008 or 2009 I was a bit scared of how this was going to go but it wasn't all bad, just wasn't all that good either. What I remembered of the first one was of being first surprised because I didn't knew what to expect of it and second to find it a good parody of the general YA vampire books that were being published at the time.Overbite lacks the laugh out loud element the first installment had, this time around I didn't laugh an [...]

    29. Chantay

      I am slowly winding down to the end of this novel. Meg Cabot first books are always great fun, it's when she starts making them into series is where she gets murky and her novels start losing their appeal. She doesn't know how to carry the characters to a more agreeable and believable plight. This book is point-blank boring. It has it's moments of interest's, but gets bogged down with too much internal observation and not enough external action. I also tire of the whole two-man-one-woman-chest-t [...]

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