Secrets Reputation Reputation Reputation You re a student at the most prestigious university in the country and you ve been tapped for the most elite social club You ve made itNow Don t Blow ItCallie Andre

  • Title: Secrets
  • Author: Lauren Kunze Rina Onur
  • ISBN: 9780061960475
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Secrets

    Reputation, Reputation, Reputation.You re a student at the most prestigious university in the country, and you ve been tapped for the most elite social club You ve made itNow Don t Blow ItCallie Andrews triumphed during her first semester at Harvard she made incomparable friends, found the perfect boyfriend, and received invitations to the most exclusive secret societiesReputation, Reputation, Reputation.You re a student at the most prestigious university in the country, and you ve been tapped for the most elite social club You ve made itNow Don t Blow ItCallie Andrews triumphed during her first semester at Harvard she made incomparable friends, found the perfect boyfriend, and received invitations to the most exclusive secret societies But she may have ruined every thing with one ill fated night Now she s keeping secrets from everyone, including Clint the upperclassman who s too good to be trueVanessa the best friend turned backstabberGregory the guy who s a total ly hot mistakeand Lexi the social queen who wants to bring Callie down.But Callie didn t get into Harvard by giving up, and she isn t about to now Besides, she s not the only one with something to hide

    • ☆ Secrets || ✓ PDF Read by ↠ Lauren Kunze Rina Onur
      196 Lauren Kunze Rina Onur
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    One thought on “Secrets

    1. Rachel

      Ah! why don't you just leave me on this cliff to dangle for another year! I loved this book. I cant say i loved it more than the first, but only because i dont think that possible. I loved this one an equally monumental amount as The Ivy. But for different reasons. Where numero uno was all about the rush of starting college, this one began with a sort of reality check and (pardon if this sounds lame or sappy) a search for what was real.All of the different dynamics of the story were balanced and [...]

    2. Snuggleswith Rainbows

      I have read the The Ivy and didn’t think very highly of it. In fact, I didn’t even bother to review it…well that’s about to change now. Wait, wait, wait…just hold on a second…do not be under the impression that I loved this book…because well I didn’t (clearly---look at my rating).The Upside (which there is very few of):It’s fast, quick, and keeps you wanting more. The dishy story of Callie Andrews is best served on a dull Sunday afternoon, preferably when it is raining and you [...]

    3. The Bookologist

      Witty and scandalous, Secrets is a fun mix of drama, lies, romance, and secrets that will charm readers until the very end. Kunze and Onur has created a great prestigious college atmosphere along with the issues of friendship, relationships, drinking, and scandals.Kunze and Onur has yet again created a thrilling plot built with secrets. The secrets in the story had a lot to do with love, initiating more disputes. Even though the suspense did not build up, the suspense was there all throughout th [...]

    4. Mallory

      Oh, I cannot wait to read SECRETS!!! The Ivy was an excellent, fun read.Updated: What a cliffhanger! Need to read next book immediately.

    5. Alex Bennett

      Please check out Electrifying Reviews for more reviews like this, plus giveaways, interviews, and more!I could not help but to be sucked back into the world of The Ivy soon after finishing the first book in the series. Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur surely understand what it takes to make readers addicted, because even though I have recently read two books in this series I am vying for the rest!Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur are basically experts when it comes to the complexities of Harvard and its soci [...]

    6. Mitchii

      Do you have guilty pleasure books? Ones you hate to admit that you enjoy because it embody everything you hate. Well, this one is mine. I didn’t exactly hate the first book, I just don’t like it. Period. Yes, it was an immature and unfair to say you dislike it without a solid reason. I just don’t. And yet, shamefully I still devoured this book from the moment I open it and until I close the book. Yes, please throw me a bone here, I don’t know how to save my face right now, lmao.No, in al [...]

    7. Shannan

      ahhhh! I'm not gonna (not an Ivy approved word, I'm sure) lie! I eat these books up! Secrets is cleverly crafted and you relate to the experiences of all the characters. Even when you see the stage set for a misunderstanding, it all seems believable and well contrived when it is executed. You love Callie even when you are screaming that she should just man errr woman up. She may be brighter - come on, she is at Harvard! And she may play soccer better but you honestly think that you could be her [...]

    8. Eleanor (The Book Hammock)

      I'm thinking somewhere around 3.5.Let me start by saying, this series should have wrapped up with 2 books. NO reason whatsoever to drag it to 3, not to mention four books.I like the flow, I like the characters, even though 70% of the time they ALL piss me the hell off. And I like the story, in general.What pisses me off are a few things: 1) When there's a comedy of errors, it's cute and fun and funny. It helps induce angst and normally helps the story progress. But there's a limit to the number [...]

    9. Annie McElfresh

      This book reminded me of Gossip Girl. I'm a huge fan of the show and the books because there's just something about scandalous people that hook me every time. The drama kept me turning the pages. I just had to know what was going on, plus book one left off with a huge cliff hanger, so I was immediately hooked into book two. I think if you liked book one, you'll love the second one in this series. I think I liked it even better than the first one. I'm seriously chomping at the bit for book three, [...]

    10. Zunaira Ghazal

      i am now convinced, that this series, like The Immortals by Alison Noel, is like a train-wreck just waiting to happen.Callie is an awful heroin. she's selfish, conceited and arrogant. she looks down on her best friend and lands herself in impossibly humiliating circumstances which makes me wish death upon her again and again throughout the book. she's an awful person and i just want her to go away. there are very few books in which i root for the villian to actually win and this is one of them. [...]

    11. Danette Cole

      3 1/2 stars. Girls can be so evil lol. Especially here at Harvard! This book was a little slow in the middle and I kept wanting to scream that Callie get a backbone! The ending was very good though and ended in kind of a small cliffhanger. Enough for me to want to read the next one.

    12. GinaClabo

      Loving the characters in theses booksAlthough it feels like a cheesy college drama it has great points in which to learn lessons onI love the FX magazine and the news letters that go out to all freshmen I would like to see that done at high schools toooverall I have enjoyed reading this series I don't know what you call them these days but there's 4 books Lauren and Rina thank you for making me laugh even if this one was not as funny as the first y'all must have had a fun time at HarvardRecommen [...]

    13. Jane Miller

      Resumen del libro:Parte uno: No por favooooooor!!!! *llora*Parte intermedia: meh, mas vueltas a lo mismo #dramaParte final: asdfghklñññññ QUÉ!!!!!???? asdfhhklñññññññññññññññ

    14. Isabelle

      First, I'd like to say, do not even try to read this book if you haven't read the first one, and not only that but don't do that with any series. That is just not right. So, it took me a while to really come up with a rating system that works for me because I tend to give every book five stars since I'm terrible at thinking about rating something, but I finally have. By three stars, I think this book is in the middle. With all the issues I could think about though, I couldn't actually negate the [...]

    15. Sarah

      Secrets by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur is the second installment in the Ivy Book Series, following their debut last year of The Ivy. This book definitely follows the same model: scandals, secrets, and trysts oh my! Life is apparently never easy in The Ivy.Synopsis: Gregory or Clint? Clint or Gregory? Matt, anyone? And what is Lexi up to . . .exactly? When we last saw Callie Andrews, she was caught on the horns of a dilemma. Lexi was threatening to expose all of her safely guarded, deeply buried s [...]

    16. Lauren

      Initial Thoughts after Reading: If you thought The Ivy was scandalous and full of secrets, just wait until you read Secrets, the latest addition to the series! It's even better than the first, and while the ending is evil in a cliffhanger sort of a way, it makes me love the series even more. Though, can I have the third one now, pretty please? I need to know what happens next! :)Official Review: Just when I thought the world of The Ivy could not get any more scandalous, dramatic, or suspenseful, [...]

    17. AtenRa

      This is an overall review of both The Ivy and Secrets.Could I be any more in love with the Ivy series? The answer is: hells no!!!!!After a series of OK books, I finally found something I was completely obsessed about and loved with all my heart. And that is the Ivy series.My friend M. and I have had endless conversations about books that we read and them being either too YA or too adult. We had yet to find the much coveted in-between book, the one that has good parts of each of the genres.In oth [...]

    18. Chrissy

      So, SECRETS definitely picked up exactly where the last one left off, with our friend Callie caught in the middle of an Ivy League style scandal that rocks her academic and social worlds. Now, if you haven't read the first book, of course, you'll probably want to go ahead and do that before going further into this review. It's inevitable, in reviewing book 2, that I'll spoil parts of book 1, hence the reason why I typically don't really love reviewing series. But, I digress.Callie's ex-boyfriend [...]

    19. Rachel

      There are so many reasons I cannot wait for the book The Ivy: Rivals by Lauren Kunze, coming out this year on March 6.The Ivy series tells the story of a Californian named Callie first year at college. The second book in this series, The Ivy: Secrets tells the story freshman Callie Andrews during the second half of her first semester in college. As she struggles with exams, her love life, black mail and a ruin friendship with her old best friend, Vanessa, she learns many life lessons. I read it [...]

    20. Brianna (The Book Vixen)

      Review copy provided by publisherWhy I Read this Book: The previous book, The Ivy, left off with quite the scandal. I’ve been waiting to read Secrets for almost a year now!What I Liked: Confession: I was in a bit of a panic when I was about to start reading Secrets because while I could remember some of what happened in The Ivy, there were certain details that I couldn’t remember – like the how things went down. Lucky for me, the authors did a great job of recapping most of the I had quest [...]

    21. Jennifer

      I absolutely loved The Ivy. Oh, the scandals, the frenemies, the boys, the binge drinking, and the occasional classes. How utterly wonderful. Secrets starts up right where The Ivy left off and continued the drama-filled prestigious college experience I loved. The story progressed nicely in The Ivy, but it was clearly a middle of the series sequel. The plot continued as expected, but nothing shockingly huge occurred.Misunderstandings, both accidental and those caused with malicious intent, were d [...]

    22. Taschima

      Are you a good girl? Do you always do everything right? Never fall out of line? You always want to make mommy and daddy proud. Has that thing called drama ever touched your life? Boys? Just normal dates, you know who you want and thats that. Well, this book is none of that. The thing about books is that they let us explore another life. They let us become another person completely for whatever number of pages the read is. With this book your life will be full of scandal, doubt, and above all exc [...]

    23. Ashley

      I felt that if I wrote up a review immediately after finishing the book there would have been a rant that would not or for that mater I couldn't stop. Sadly, I still feel this way. Don't get me wrong I had planned for this book to be completed by Friday of next week, but as this is going up on Thursday of this week I clearly couldn't stop my self from finishing it. I have to honest with you, the page flipping was mainly driven by my anger towards Callie for her action throughout the book. Thus t [...]

    24. Melanie

      This review is a collective review of books 1-3 of The Ivy Series.Have you ever read so much paranormal fiction that it drives you insane and you CRAVE something new? Well, that's how I found the Ivy Series by Lauren Kunze. I just needed something different - something real almost!The series is centred around Callie a bright bubbly girls from LA. We follow her through her life and freshman year at the prestigious Harvard University.We have love triangles, naughty escapades, friendship, love, hat [...]

    25. Lindsay Heller

      Callie Andrews is back in this second installment of the Ivy series. It continues the tradition of the first novel, starting right after the first ends in the first semester of her Freshman year at Harvard University. This series is from that rare line these days; fiction for the younger set that's not a supernatural romance. This is about hazarding the trials and tribulations of everyday life? Most take place in high school but here author Lauren Kunze stitched together her experiences in the I [...]

    26. Jenny

      After spending Thanksgiving break back home in California Callie is not looking forward to returning to Harvard. Now that Lexi has found out about Callie’s big secret, Callie will do anything to keep her quiet. Vanessa, Callie’s BFF and roommate is no longer talking to her because of Callie’s betrayal. And Callie’s relationship with Gregory is as complicated as ever with the both parties trying to avoid the other. With all this going on she still has to compete for the FM COMP and someho [...]

    27. Tarra (Twilight Book Junkie)

      DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS***Secrets (Book 2 in "The Ivy" series) pretty much picks up exactly where it left off, in this book Callie and Vanessa's friendship is still strained even after a couple times of almost making head-way back to a friendship, in the end, or in the end so far, it didn't happen. That was something i was hoping would fix itself because i liked their friendship, im hoping in the next book or somewhere down the line in the series they become friends again. The bes [...]

    28. Eleni ( La Femme Readers )

      The first installment in The Ivy series was packed with unforgettable drama and flawlessly in depth characters. In the end, I was left amazed and thirsty for more! So, when I picked up the sequel, the same feeling surfaced again. Lauren and Rina did a great job refreshing my mind and making me feel like I never stopped reading the story. In my opinion, it shows great craftsmanship when a reader isn't confused by jumping into the next book months later. During Secrets, Callie not only dealt with [...]

    29. ILoveBooks

      livetoread-krystalIn this second novel of the series, Callie is still smack dab in the middle of trouble. She is still being black-mailed by the upperclassman she is trying to impress. She doesn't know what to do about Gregory and their "night of love." She still feels drawn to Lexi's ex-boyfriend, and she still hasn't made up with one of her roommates who overly dramatizes Callie's so-called betrayal. Will Callie get herself out of this mess?Callie's character is impulsive, brave, smart, and sl [...]

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