The Legacy of Sovereign Joy: God's Triumphant Grace in the Lives of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin

The Legacy of Sovereign Joy God s Triumphant Grace in the Lives of Augustine Luther and Calvin Augustine Luther Calvin We read their books their commentaries their sermons and we admire them for their greatness We think of them as nearly perfect giants of the faith locked peacefully inside t

  • Title: The Legacy of Sovereign Joy: God's Triumphant Grace in the Lives of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin
  • Author: John Piper
  • ISBN: 9781581341737
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Legacy of Sovereign Joy: God's Triumphant Grace in the Lives of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin

    Augustine Luther Calvin We read their books, their commentaries, their sermons, and we admire them for their greatness We think of them as nearly perfect giants of the faith locked peacefully inside their studies, relentlessly writing, rarely disturbed who enjoyed a mystical union with God that they alone could know.But John Piper records the truth Their experienceAugustine Luther Calvin We read their books, their commentaries, their sermons, and we admire them for their greatness We think of them as nearly perfect giants of the faith locked peacefully inside their studies, relentlessly writing, rarely disturbed who enjoyed a mystical union with God that they alone could know.But John Piper records the truth Their experience of God s majesty and grace in their weaknesses and in the face of countless injustices and adversities made all the difference It led Augustine to abandon trifling, worldly joys, Luther to study the Word continuously, and Calvin not only to unwearied biblical preaching, but also to proclaim, I should rather die a hundred times than subject Christ to foul mockery And it can have the same effect in your life.If ever you are complacent about sin, if ever you lose the joy of Christ, if ever you are dulled by the world s influence, the lives of these men can help you recapture the wonder of God And so John Piper takes you to the time of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin, inviting you to look at their imperfections, read of their transformations, and behold the reflection of God in their lives so that a greater passion for God s glory may be inspired in your own.

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      486 John Piper
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    One thought on “The Legacy of Sovereign Joy: God's Triumphant Grace in the Lives of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin

    1. Andrei Ramos

      Encouraging.An accessible look into the lives of Augustine, Luther and Calvin. Looking forward to reading the rest in the series.

    2. Jesvin Jose

      What a joy it is to behold God's triumphant grace in the lives of these "flawed saints"! How God rescued Augustine from sexual promiscuity is such a powerful testimony of the God we serve - the God who persistently seeks His own! Augustine, Luther and Calvin were weak in themselves but they were strong in the might of our God. Glory be to Him! Piper doesn't hide their faults, and displays how the majesty of God revealed through the Word of God awakened in them "sovereign joy" and so helped them [...]

    3. Jacob Aitken

      As far as a narrative goes, this is decent. Piper cannot escape his enlightenment presuppositions. He attacks all three on points which aren't really their fault:Augustine: he attacks Augustine's sexual immorality and notes, "the saints aren't perfect." Well, they are not but this was PRE-CONVERSION.Calvin: he attacks Calvin on the Servetus episode and sort of ends with a passionate plea for justice for Servetus. Except he doesn't realize Calvin did not put Servetus to death. This is a historica [...]

    4. Kevin McCarthy

      As Piper reveals, Augustine, Luther and Calvin had one significant thing in common: a nearly insane single-mindedness to know, enjoy, study and preach God. That, by far, is the biggest encouragement this book offers. It's difficult to even imagine a person being that focused on one thing in today's world. But it is interesting to consider what that would look like.

    5. David Gregg

      All of Piper's biographical sketches are pearl. The conference version is available for streaming or download as MP3 for free at the Desiring God website.

    6. Ryan Hawkins

      I enjoyed this more than I expected. His intro chapter was very fitting and summative, and then he cleverly focused on one unique thing for each of these three men which then all weaved together. For Augustine, the focus was on the power of a sovereign joy to surpass all other joys. For Luther, the focus was on the importance of studying and sticking to the Word alone. For Calvin, the emphasis was on his consistent proclaiming of the Word. As a result, he summed it all up in the short conclusion [...]

    7. Anthony Cleveland

      Found the historical data regarding these three giants of the Christian religion to be informative. However, I found the author's style of writing cumbersome and, at times, quite difficult to follow. Pastor Piper finally and clearly summarizes his four key points in the last chapter. The book has "hidden diamonds" but you have to slog through quite a bit until you stumble upon them here and there.

    8. Jonathan Keisling

      Great introduction to the lives of Augustine, Calvin, and Luther. Ever the pastor and teacher, Piper draws out the lessons to be learned from these men and applies them to the Christian life today. I highly recommend this book.

    9. Daniel Paiva

      Terminei de ler: "The Legacy of Sovereign Joy: God's Triumphant Grace in the Lives of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin by John Piper".

    10. Hank Pharis

      In this book Piper examines the life of perhaps the three most important men in church history. B.B. Warfield famously said that Augustine was both the founder of Roman Catholic ideas of the church and Protestant ideas of salvation. He is certainly the most important theologian of the first 1500 years of church history and a huge influence on both Luther and Calvin. Agostina Trape thus says: "Augustine was . . . a philosopher, theologian, mystic, and poet in one. . . . His lofty powers complemen [...]

    11. Daniel

      “The Legacy of Sovereign Joy” is the first book by PastorJohn Piper in a series entitled “The Swans are notSilent”. This series gives a brief glimpse into the livesof people used by God in the history of the church.However, the purpose is not primarily biographical,but to highlight the character of God in the lives ofthese notable Christians. As the title suggests, thefocus of this book is finding joy in a sovereign God. Thecharacters Piper focuses on are St. Augustine, MartinLuther and [...]

    12. Bob Hayton

      John Piper’s biographies are written with a pastor’s eye and so are more than just the story of a famous individual. Rather, they focus on how the person ticked, and how they lived for Jesus. This book looks at 3 great men in the history of the Church, and even though each man had serious flaws, Piper points out the evidences of God’s grace and how these men were used so mightily for God.It would be hard to pick three more trans-formative individuals in church history than the three Piper [...]

    13. Heath Marion

      If church history is not your thing, don't worry this book is not a history book. In fact it reads more like a story and only one chapter is devoted to each of these three men. You have probably heard of the names of these three men whether you know much about their lives or ministries.In this book you will be introduced to each man by an overview of their life, ministry, struggles, and victories. This book will create a thirst in you for God being supreme in your life. Piper writes to open the [...]

    14. Julia

      This is the first John Piper book that I have read and I'm glad that I started with this one because it is very thin, compared to his other books. It's easy to read and to get through. I appreciate John Piper so much after reading this book. He ties the legacy of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin which include both their strengths and weaknesses. The text actually comes from a series of sermons that he preached during a pastor's conference. So, the intended audience is for ministry professionals. Bu [...]

    15. brad lucht

      This book is great for what it is designed for. If you are looking for a full biography of the lives of these men, this is not the book. If you are looking for a quick synopsis of their lives along with incredible insights and encouragements from their lives, this is a fantastic book. Also, it is slightly geared toward people in vocational ministry. With all that in mind, I would highly recommend reading this. It is a quick read and extremely motivating for ministry purposes. Piper has an incred [...]

    16. David Batten

      Perhaps it was because I read this book late at night, but it felt much less coherent and pointed than others I have read by Piper. It does have a fair retelling of this history of Augustine, Luther and Calvin, as well as take home points to learn from each one. It is also very accessible for anyone who wants to benefit from church history yet feels a bit out of their league on the topic. Yet, comparing this biographical trio to a later one in the series, I think this early work lacks the struct [...]

    17. Josue Manriquez

      This is an excellent book in which Piper briefly reviews the lives of three reformers—-Augustine, Luther, and Calvin. These were flawed men who struggled with sin, health, persecution, and more, yet their commitment to delighting in God, displaying His glory, and declaring His Word has left a lasting legacy that has affected all people (whether they know it or not). Still, there is much to learn by their example and writings. Perhaps you should read this book to whet your appetite for further [...]

    18. Brian

      This is a great series of small books from a great Pastor. This was the first of the series and one that just added much joy to my life and endeared me to these three great men that the book touches on. Luther, Calvin and Augustine. This simply can't be missed. All three of these giants of the faith encountered the grace of God in ways that enabled them to do tremendous things, I'm in awe of what they did and how much they have impacted the church. Check it out you won't be disapointed.

    19. Lee Gunter

      This is not John Piper's best book. But if it had come from any of several dozen authors I can think of and do gladly read, it would be among their best.The introductory section read a bit dry to me, but the main course of the book - being the discourses on Augustine, Luther and Calvin - ended that. To anyone interested in the history of the church, the foundations of the reform or the message of sovereign joy I heartily recommend this book.

    20. Kailey (BooksforMKs)

      Excellent writing and very encouraging. All the focus of this book is on God and God alone. It barely mentions man and his needs. Man is only a vessel, and our lives are a means by which to glorify God. God is the central focus.I loved the stories of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin. They were not portrayed as heroes, but as normal men with flaws whom God used mightily, so that the glory is always God's.Fantastic stuff.

    21. CJ

      The "sovereign joy" of the title refers to a work of saving grace in Augustine's life. Augustine was given a gift of joy that made all his former joys pale in comparison. Martin Luther's grace was for "sacred study" of scripture. John Calvin's grace was to the effect of preaching the "divine majesty of God's Word." All three men give hope to all of us who are flawed in our natural selves but have faith in the grace of God.

    22. Bill

      Encouraging, bite sized, theological biograpies (of Augustine, Luther and Calvin). The chapter on Augustine made me very keen to read his Confessions. The chapter on Luther was really inspiring, lots of stuff to spur me on in ministry. I also liked the honest examination of their faults. These are not neutral accounts of their lives, they are themed around Piper's own theological passions. I quite enjoy this, because Piper's aim is to encourage, not just to recount history.

    23. Aaron Pratt

      Absolutely beautiful, riveting, challenging, and encouraging. Three men who, perhaps better than any other in church history, exemplify a God-centeredness and dedication to the majesty, glory and grace of Christ that is and produces sovereign joy in our lives. One could summarize that the sanctifying power of sovereign joy does not arise in a blind soul. “Beholding the glory of the Lord, [we] are being changed into his likeness from one degree of glory to another”. 2 Corinthians 3:18

    24. Bethany

      Not exactly what I expected Very light on the biography and heavier on exposition around key theological beliefs or themes that were central to Augustine, Luther, and Calvin. Helpful as I knew very little about each, and some key points really stuck with me (like Luther reading the entirety of the Bible 2x a year every year) but was expecting something a little different.

    25. Joan

      This book was excellent. It encouraged me and inspired me. It always amazes me to read of Christians in the past; I see vivid examples of how God remains the same even though time passes and cultures vary. God works faithfully and constantly today, just as He did centuries ago. I will read this book again and again.

    26. Matthew Bandy

      This book is about three famous theologians Augustine, Luther, Calvin. You can sum the book up by three phrases – finding joy and pleasure in God over joy in sin, The importance of diligence and faithfulness in the study of the Bible, and the importance of illustrating the glory of God through expositional preaching.

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