Roverandom In while on vacation with his family on the Yorkshire coast four year old Michael Tolkien lost his favorite toy a little lead dog he was reluctant to put down even to dig in the sand To consol

  • Title: Roverandom
  • Author: J.R.R. Tolkien Wayne G. Hammond Christina Scull
  • ISBN: 9780395898710
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Roverandom

    In 1925, while on vacation with his family on the Yorkshire coast, four year old Michael Tolkien lost his favorite toy, a little lead dog he was reluctant to put down even to dig in the sand To console and distract him, his father, J R R Tolkien, improvised a story the story of Rover, a real dog magically transformed into a toy, who, after many fantastic adventures iIn 1925, while on vacation with his family on the Yorkshire coast, four year old Michael Tolkien lost his favorite toy, a little lead dog he was reluctant to put down even to dig in the sand To console and distract him, his father, J R R Tolkien, improvised a story the story of Rover, a real dog magically transformed into a toy, who, after many fantastic adventures in search of the wizard who wronged him, at last wins back his life This charming tale, peopled by a wise old whale and a terrible dragon, by the king of the sea and the Man in the Moon, was a Tolkien family favorite, going through several typewritten drafts over many years In 1936, Tolkien submitted it to his British publishers as a possible follow up to The Hobbit What his publishers really wanted, however, was another story about Middle earth, and so he set aside this little book to begin his masterwork, The Lord of the Rings.

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    One thought on “Roverandom

    1. Bookdragon Sean

      This is a fantastically childish book that is thoroughly charming; it really captures the essence of Tolkien’s softer themes and humour. Not everything has to be constantly dark and foreboding for his writing to be successful. This is simple, imaginative and a good little bit of fun. The tale is quaint and fairly short in which a dog, initially named Rover, is turned into a toy as an act of revenge because he bit a mean old sand sorcerer. Some people really are that petty. This leads to a seri [...]

    2. leynes

      Roverandom is a novella by J.R.R. Tolkien, originally told in 1925, about the adventures of a young dog, Rover. In the story, an irritable wizard turns Rover into a toy, and Rover goes to the moon and under the sea in order to find the wizard again to turn him back into a normal-sized dog.The blind was down; but outside the moon rose up out of the sea, and laid the silver path across the waters that is the way to places at the edge of the world and beyond, for those that can walk on it.Tolkien w [...]

    3. Paul

      A fun little tale. A little bit manic in parts but full of imagination and a bit of fun.Definitely one from the days when a kids book was supposed to challenge rather than mimic a childs vocabulary.

    4. Buğra Aydoğan

      Roverrandom, Yüzüklerin Efendisi ve Silmarillion gibi J.R.R. Tolkien'in devleri arasında kaybolan, kıyıda köşede kalmış eserlerden biri. Oğlu Michael’ın oyuncak köpeğini kaybetmesi üzerine yazmaya başladığı, Rover adında bir köpeğin, bir büyücünün pelerinini ısırıp, büyücü tarafından oyuncağa dönüştürülmesini anlatan eğlenceli bir hikaye. Orta Dünya’da geçmemesi de Roverrandom’u diğer Tolkien eserlerinden ayırıyor. Roverrandom'u benim için değe [...]

    5. Jason

      My father remarried a few months ago, and my stepmother still owns her own house. She's been cleaning it out for a while, and getting rid of odds and ends (mostly belonging to her ex-husband). She came across this and my father grabbed it to give to me since he knows I like Tolkien. I'm very glad he did. I had never heard of this book before, and was interested in checking it out.Evidently Tolkien wrote it for, or maybe just told it to, his second son after said son had lost a toy dog on a beach [...]

    6. X

      Tolkien *can* write a story with a happy ending! It's a very charming tale, closer in style to "The Hobbit" than LOTR, but lighter and full of colloquialisms and word plays (many of which were lost on me!) that are rare in his other books. As he never prepared it to be published, there are a few loose ends and anomolies, but they are easily overlooked.

    7. S.M. Carrière

      Oh my goodness this was an adorable read!It is a book for very young children, so don't expect anything heavy and involved - I finished the book in two hours (an hour a sitting).That said, one of the things I really, really, really love about Tolkien is that he doesn't pander to his audience. There are words and puns, usages and phrases that one would think that you would have to be older to understand and appreciate. Tolkien, however, does not ever so insult his audience. His complicated words [...]

    8. Bekah

      How could I NOT give this five stars? It was just too funny and adorable. Is it the best thing ever written? Certainly not. It's not even the best thing Tolkien ever wrote. But it is a really quirky story about magic and mischief and a lost dog. It doesn't hurt that the story was written as a way to cheer up Tolkien's son Michael when he lost a toy dog on a trip to the seaside. Just a short children's fantasy book, that would no doubt be a classic if it were not so overlooked and forgotten.

    9. Tempo de Ler

      Embora mais curto e simples que os trabalhos que já tive oportunidade de ler de J. R. R. Tolkien, Roverandom é de uma criatividade igualmente genial. Do infeliz encontro de um cão chamado Rover com um feiticeiro não muito simpático resulta que, por não usar as simples palavras "por favor", Rover acaba transformado num pequeníssimo cão de brincar. Assim, acabamos por partir com Rover numa maravilhosa aventura desde a superfície da Lua até às profundezas do mar!Embora o fantástico não [...]

    10. Amy | shoutame

      My overall thoughts:1. This book follows the tale of a dog named Rover who incurs the wrath of a wizard and gets shrunk down to a tiny size. We follow him on his mission to find the wizard so he can be returned to his original size. Whilst on this quest he ventures to the moon and down to the depths of the ocean, all the while making friends and discovering things he didn't know about himself.2. I love J.R.R. Tolkien and think this is one of the quaintest little reads I have read in a long time! [...]

    11. Eda

      Çok hoş bir masal kitabı bitirdim az önce. Tolkien en sevdiğim yazarlardan biridir ve onun kaleminden böyle tatlı bir hikaye okumak çok güzeldi. Aslında bahsedilecek çok bir şey yok kitap hakkında ama kısaca konusuna değineyim. Rover adlı bir köpek var. Bir gün bir büyücünün paçasını ısırınca büyücü onu oyuncağa çeviriyor ve Rover kendini bir maceranın içerisinde buluyor. Tabiri caizse başına gelmeyen kalmıyor. Ve biz bu serüveni okuyoruz. İleride çocukla [...]

    12. Brandon Miller

      Don't you ever let anyone tell you that all lost dog stories are he same.Ever.As a fledgling reader, I enjoyed Lassie Come Home (though it took me about a year and a half to finish.) Somehow, somewhere, the lost dog story just appealed to me. I read more Lassie books when I was young than I would care to admit, and a number of other animal stories.None of them were like this.None of them involved wizards or trips to the dark side of the moon or the PAM.None of them were as good as this.Roverando [...]

    13. Evi *

      C’è già tutto Tolkien in questa adorabile favola che in veste di padre scrisse per consolare un suo figlioletto che aveva smarrito un giocattolo.Un Tolkien sereno, che affabula senza porsi il dilemma delle forze del bene e del male in lotta come farà in seguito nel suo meraviglioso capolavoro, seguiamo deliziati le avventure di un cane reale che per incantesimo viene miniaturizzato e dotato di piccole alucce, lo osserviamo con lo sguardo in su mentre vola sulla Luna nascosto tra le penne di [...]

    14. Myles

      As wonderful and rich and moving as he may be sometimes, Tolkien can be terribly boring. There is something of the lightness that makes The Hobbit so much fun, but since Tolkien never fully prepped this book for publication, the final effort was never made to make this appealing to children. I'm sure Roverandom was much better when it was a homey story exclusively for his children. When reading this my first mistake was to read the introduction, which didn't leave off at telling the provenance o [...]

    15. Jenny

      This is a cute book but not my favorite of Tolkien's. I couldn't help but compare to it other books that a famous author father wrote for his children about mystical lands and containing elegant wordplay: Haroun and the Sea of Stories and Luka and the Fire of Life by Salman Rushdie, which are much more entertaining and skillful. However, I'm a Tolkien fan, and I enjoyed this book. It's not up to the level of The Hobbit for me, which I've read about seven times--I would never reread Roverandom--b [...]

    16. Chris

      So what to say about this? First, honestly, if you are going to have notes in the back of the book, could you please (with a cherry on top) let the reader know when there is a note? Just saying.This is not as good as LOTR or the Hobbit,yet a reader can see the beginnings of both in this story. It is hard not to see figure of Gandalf and even Biblo in this short story about a dog. It isn't, I think, as child friendly to outloud reading as the Hobbit. It lacks that later book's charm.

    17. Shadowdenizen

      3.5 stars, rounded down. Cute and readable, but a mere trifle in Tolkien's pantheon. I know it was intended as a child's fairy tale, but it nonetheless just feels lacking to me, given that it was written by an master of fantasy fiction.

    18. Laura

      Es increíble la imaginación que tenía Tolkien. Escribir un cuento así partiendo de un hecho tan "normal" es de admirar.Las descripciones que hace de los lugares que visita Rover te hacen viajar directamente a la Tierra Media, con sus magos, sus dragonesSimplemente genial.

    19. Lizzy // The Bookish Unicorn

      This was a cute little story about a dog's run in with wizards! I loved all the fun silly adventures Roverandom had on the moon and under the sea, just showing how amazing of an imagination Tolkien had!I do love these two quotes from The Man in the Moon and the mermaid Mrs Artaxerxes:"Now fly off and amuse yourselg. Don't worry the moonbeams, and don't kill my white rabbits, and come home when you are hungry!""Now swim away and amuse yourselves! Don't worry the fire-fish, don't chew the sea-anem [...]

    20. Hannah

      This is a really sweet little book that Tolkien wrote for his son about a puppy who bit the wrong wizard's trousers and became a toy by way of enchantment. He makes friends and travels to fascinating places before finding the wizard again and asking to be changed back to how he was before. This is a great book for children and adults alike!

    21. Elsie Stoltzfus

      This is such a fun story! I can't believe that I hadn't read it before now. It is truly a delight to read!

    22. Jan

      Nederlands onderaan.I liked the story as it was intended, a tale for children. However, I'm terribly disappointed I read this in the Dutch translation. Not to say that the translation was bad per se, but I think it lost a lot of the magic of Tolkiens use of language. In the introduction there's a lot of mentions of all his language games and when I read those little English snippets, I felt a pang of regret of not getting the English edition. Alas, my library doesn't carry that.I was also misled [...]

    23. Caitlin

      J. R. R. Tolkien has often been put into the "lengthy authors" category due to The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit. Noted for his complex histories, languages, and peoples, what really isn't known about Tolkien is that he could write the occasional bit of comedic fairytale. Roverandom is a delightful story about a little dog named Rover who bites a wizard's trousers out of annoyance and is turned into a toy dog. He then has many wonderful adventures, some of which involve going to the M [...]

    24. Daren

      So I read this because it is Tolkien, and I haven't come into contact with anything other than the regulation Hobbit and Lord of the Rings (and the Silmarillion, but lets not go there), so I was interested to see how his kids books worked.I thought it was pretty good. There are the Tolkienesque elements such as touching on his mythology (which are fairly boringly summarised in the introduction and the notes section at the end), and or course wizards and dragons. Written around 1925, (the Hobbit [...]

    25. Majo

      "—¿Es cierto que los sueños se hacen realidad?—Algunos, pero no todos. Y rara vez enseguida, o exactamente como eran cuando se soñaron."Tolkien escribió este libro para una de sus hijos, cuando perdió un perrito de juguete en la playa. Así, nos relata las aventuras de un perro, Rover, quién se cruza en el camino de magos, dragones y ballenas en su viaje de regreso a casa.Es muy bonito y tierno, con enseñanzas como el respeto y la amistad. Aunque me pareció un poco pesado en algunos [...]

    26. Mayra Sigwalt

      This was so funny and sweet. But I think the story is a little bit too long for children. Dunno Historia muito engraçada e fofa!! Mas eu acho que ela se estende demais para uma historia infantil. Não sei.

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