R.U.R. & War with the Newts

R U R War with the Newts Two dystopian satires from one of the most distinguished writers of th century European science fiction R U R is the work that first introduced the word robot into popular usage Written against the

  • Title: R.U.R. & War with the Newts
  • Author: Karel Čapek
  • ISBN: 9780575099456
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • R.U.R. & War with the Newts

    Two dystopian satires from one of the most distinguished writers of 20th century European science fiction R.U.R is the work that first introduced the word robot into popular usage.Written against the background of the rise of Nazism, War With the Newts concerns the discovery in the South Pacific of a sea dwelling race, which is enslaved and exploited by mankind In timTwo dystopian satires from one of the most distinguished writers of 20th century European science fiction R.U.R is the work that first introduced the word robot into popular usage.Written against the background of the rise of Nazism, War With the Newts concerns the discovery in the South Pacific of a sea dwelling race, which is enslaved and exploited by mankind In time they rebel, laying siege to the strongholds of their former masters in a global war for supremacy.R.U.R or Rossum s Universal Robots, seen by many as a modern interpretation of the golem myth, is regarded as the most important play in the history of SF It introduced the word robot and gave the genre one of its most enduring tropes.

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    One thought on “R.U.R. & War with the Newts

    1. Rhys

      I wish that *War with the Newts* had been printed on its own or that the play *RUR* had been positioned at the end of this book rather than the beginning. I think that casual browsers who pick up this book and turn the first few pages only to encounter a play from 1920 might be put off. After all, I am a voracious reader but I only rarely read plays. Plays are for performing and watching. This isn’t to say that *RUR* isn’t an important piece of work. It manifestly is.But the novel that follo [...]

    2. Mark

      Karel Capek’s name may not be known that well outside the Czech Republic, though he has the distinction of being the originator of one of SF’s most endearing tropes – the word ‘robot’.In this re-release we have two tales: the first is a script for Capek’s play which introduced us to that term, Rossum’s Universal Robots, or R.U.R first published in 1920.The second is a traditional novel. The War of the Newts was written in 1936, and though it may seem quite different to R.U.R does h [...]

    3. John

      Karel Čapek (1890-1938) was the Czech writer whose 1920 play R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) introduced the word ‘robot’ (originally meaning serf or forced labour) to the English language. Rossum’s Robots – they would be called androids today – were created from protoplasm in order to perform all sorts of menial and repetitive tasks, liberating human beings from toil and bringing in an earthly paradise. Inevitably the mass-production of Robots and the low cost of using them lead [...]

    4. Jason

      "The questions runs: Is and has man ever been capable of happiness?? A man, certainly, like every other living creature; but mankind not. All unhappiness of the man lies in the fact that he was compelled to become mankind, or that he became mankind too late, after he had already been irrevocably divided into nations, races, faiths, professions, and classes, into rich and poop, into educated and uneducated, into the rulers and the ruled"Pg299 War with Newts It's rare to find something as profound [...]

    5. Aurélien Thomas

      I really enjoyed 'R.U.R.'. It surely is a naïve play with a simplistic plot and one-dimensional characters but, it's playful, witty, fun and highly entertaining. I don't know if Capek wanted here to raise an alarm or if, on the contrary, he just wanted to dabble and amuse himself with the usual technophobic fears. In any case he managed to pack into a few pages and in a fun way some serious questions about technological progress, its means, and possible (I personally don't think so, but?) conse [...]

    6. Dane Cobain

      This book was on course for a 5/5 but then about a third of the way through it did the same thing that George Orwell did in 1984 where the action suddenly cuts out so there can be pages and pages of background information. In 1984, it was a detailed history of the different nations in the postapocalyptic future. In this book, the equivalent is a lengthy section that reads like an essay on how the newts reproduce and how they act during scientific experiments.Still, this is a great little read, a [...]

    7. Jake Pointer

      Firstly thank you to the very kind student of mine who bought me this book as a present, couldn't have asked for a better gift! I had wanted to read R.U.R. for quite a while and enjoyed it very much. It was a little strange to read as of course, it is a play but if the reader can bear this in mind there is still a large amount of pleasure to be gained from reading this. However, the second novel in here really is, as the series implies, a masterwork. Mankind has exploited everything it has found [...]

    8. Tobias Taylor

      4/5 R.U.R. // Rossum's Universal Robots (Reason's Universal Serfs) is almost an academic paper, formatted as a play, laying down the idea of robotics and theorising a likely outcome to the reality of the invention of humanoid robots and artificial intelligence (AI). Decades ahead of its time and somehow it still remains timeless."It was for myself that I worked, for my own satisfaction. I wanted man to become the master"3/5 War with the Newts // The newts become everything man needs to be to pro [...]

    9. Koen Crolla

      R.U.R. (or Rossum's Universal Robots) may be the play that gave the world the word ``robot'', but that doesn't make it hard science fiction. The best description that comes to mind is ``technophobic mysticism''; it's a Luddite slur against modern progress distinguishable from Crichton only in the quality of its dialogue. War with the Newts, on the other hand, has redeeming features. It's a novella rather than a play, and apparently mostly included because R.U.R. itself is only about seventy page [...]

    10. Vlad Luca

      I must say that reading R.U.R. was very weird and a bit dissatisfying. Science Fiction under the form of a play, written almost 100 years ago is not that easy to swallow. However, I was intrigued by it from a historical point of view as this particular play introduced the word "robot" in English language. However, it probably would've been better if War with the Newts were published separately or put first. Both of them describe a similar idea of dystopia but War with the Newts was so well writt [...]

    11. Simon Ford

      Two stories in this book and both dealing with the subject of slavery.R.U.R deals with the creation of Robots (Capek was the first to use this word) but were they Robots? Not as we now think of Robots, these weren't mechanical machines but made of flesh and bone, living beings.Not clones or replicants, possibly a type of golem.The factory on the island that created these creatures eventually became overrun, which leads to a revolution against the creators.The language is dated and of it's time b [...]

    12. Cameron

      RUR was very good and punchy - I would have given 4 stars, though epilogue is a bit weak. Given how much of Blade Runner borrowed from this play, the first theatrical ending isn't surprising.I have mixed feeling about The War with Newts. The satire is brilliant in places and very very prophetic about the end of colonialism, the current financial crunch and the rise of China and India. But it is too long - Capek satirises everything The second book with its fake newspaper articles was too contriv [...]

    13. Peter Dunn

      The title story/play RUR or Rossum's Universal Robots has few surprises in it but as it is the ur –robot tale one should probably expect that. Everything else from “I Robot” to “Battlestar Galactica” has its origin in this tale and it was surely a much more startling tale when it was first published. However its sister story “War With The Newts” also by Karel Čapek holds all its original power, poignancy and humour. Somehow it manages, in a relatively compact space, to tell a five [...]

    14. Erik

      Very modern satire and wise."The earth will probably sink and drown; but at least it will be the result of generally acknowledged political and economic ideas, at least it will be accomplished with the help of the science, industry, and public opinion, with the application of human ingenuity! No cosmic catastrophe, nothing but state, official, economic, and other causes. Nothing can be done to prevent it."

    15. Edward Davies

      It may just be that the concept of these stories have been lost in translation, but I found these not only difficult to read, but at times padded out with a lot of unneccessary detail. The play's abrupt ending makes me think that Capek was actually becoming bored of the story (not surprisingly), and though War With The Newts was a better thought through concept with some nice focus on the background of the hatred that would lead to the war, it was still at times a little hard to follow.

    16. Matthew Lloyd

      RUR is really good, 4.5 stars. I liked it. War with the Newts is also good, 3.5 stars maybe, but the lack of a central protagonist means that the novel lacks momentum. Or at least, that lack is what I have assumed led to the lack of momentum. I got a bit of the satire, knowing a little about 1930s European politics, but still got angry when he cruelly assailed the honour of glorious Britannia. I do recommend reaing this, especially RUR, but War with the Newts is a bit slow.

    17. Kerry Evans

      This is a book that's worth reading, rather than one I found enjoyable to read. Both RUR and War with the Newts deal with humanity's ability to create problems for themselves through greed and lack of forethought. I did struggle a bit with War with Newts being over long and very discursive - don't come to it expecting much actual war or drama. Both are worth reading and sit alongside Olaf Stapledon's "Last and First Men" and "Star Maker" as thought-provoking works from a gloomy era.

    18. Andy Ritchie

      Whilst RUR is interesting, it is War with the Newts that prompted me to give this book 5 stars. It is fascinating and, in places, very disturbing. Though it has echoes of the time that it was written (1936), much of what it has to say, most pointedly about mankind itself, still has real relevance today.

    19. Sasha

      C'est la première fois que je lis une pièce de théâtre de science fiction et j'ai été plutôt agréablement surpris. Plusieurs thèmes intéressants y sont présent: une utopie qui tourne rapidement à la dystopie, une invention qui se retourne contre ses inventeurs lorsqu'elle est utilisée à des fins militaires par quelques hommes puissants ou encore l'extinction de la race humaine.

    20. Austin Wright

      Wanna go on an adventure? Read this book.Straight up all over the place: Happy comedy, experimental chapters within chapters, geopolitics, Nazi-brutality, economics, bureaucracy gridlock, mutiple protagonists, hopeless loss, 4th wall comedy.Sci-Fi Classic for sure! Also, read "R.U.R."!

    21. Kobe Bryant

      I think this guy is just a luddite, theres nothing wrong with a robot or newt doing all the work so I can sit around doing nothing all day

    22. Adrian

      Similar themes in both stories - and the themes are surprisingly relevant. Justifies the classic status, and worryingly plausible.

    23. Sonic

      R.U.R. was amazing! I'd give it 4 stars all by itself. War with the Newts was entertaining but not as good and muuuuch longer, which is why the compilation gets 3 stars total.

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