The Interpretation of Dreams

The Interpretation of Dreams One hundred years ago Sigmund Freud published The Interpretations of Dreams a book that like Darwin s The Origin of Species revolutionized our understanding of human nature Now this groundbreaking

  • Title: The Interpretation of Dreams
  • Author: Sigmund Freud Joyce Crick Ritchie Robertson
  • ISBN: 9780192823526
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Interpretation of Dreams

    One hundred years ago Sigmund Freud published The Interpretations of Dreams, a book that, like Darwin s The Origin of Species , revolutionized our understanding of human nature Now this groundbreaking new translation the first to be based on the original text published in November 1899 brings us a readable, accurate, and coherent picture of Freud s masterpOne hundred years ago Sigmund Freud published The Interpretations of Dreams, a book that, like Darwin s The Origin of Species, revolutionized our understanding of human nature Now this groundbreaking new translation the first to be based on the original text published in November 1899 brings us a readable, accurate, and coherent picture of Freud s masterpiece.The first edition of The Interpretation of Dreams is much shorter than its subsequent editions each time the text was reissued, from 1909 onwards, Freud added to it The most significant, and in many ways the most unfortunate addition, is a 50 page section devoted to the kind of mechanical reading of dream symbolism long objects equal male genitalia, etc that has gained popular currency and partially obscured Freud s profound insights into dreams In the original version presented here, Freud s emphasis falls clearly on the use of words in dreams and on the difficulty of deciphering them Without the strata of later additions, readers will find here a clearer development of Freud s central ideas of dream as wish fulfillment, of the dream s manifest and latent content, of the retelling of dreams as a continuation of the dreamwork, and much Joyce Crick s translation is lighter and faster moving than previous versions, enhancing the sense of dialogue with the reader, one of Freud s stylistic strengths, and allowing us to follow Freud s theory as it evolved through difficult cases, apparently intractable counter examples, and fascinating analyses of Freud s own dreams.The restoration of Freud s classic is a major event, giving us in a sense a new work by one of this century most startling, original, and influential thinkers.

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      392 Sigmund Freud Joyce Crick Ritchie Robertson
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    One thought on “The Interpretation of Dreams

    1. Alevtina

      Wait a second. Why did I even pick up this book? Wasn't Freud like insane? Wasn't he absolutely and helplessly fixated on sex? Does he or does he not, label developmental stages words such as 'anal'?Oh, that's right, I major in psychology. Typical lunatics, us psych majors.It saddens me, that unless you have taken psychology courses or have done a fair amount of research into the field, you hold a very narrow view of Dr. Sigmund Freud. A doctor, with a medical degree from the University of Vien [...]

    2. Agir(آگِر)

      جمله ای از موریس مترلینگ درباره خواب هست که دقیقا خاطرم نیست ولی :چنین مضمونی داشتیک سوم زندگی ما در خواب می گذرد و ما از کجا مطمئن باشیم آنچه در خواب می بینیم حقیقی تر از بیداری نباشد؟این کتاب را خواندم چون دنیای خواب برایم خیلی شگفت انگیز است و کنجکاو بودم بدانم این خواب ها از [...]

    3. Glenn Russell

      I enjoyed reading Freud’s book. When he speaks about dreams and their interpretation, I am reminded of a microfiction I had published years ago where the editor told me it was the weirdest story he has ever read and that a Freudian psychoanalyst would have a field day interpreting. Here it is below. If anyone would care to offer an interpretation according to Freud or any other school of psychoanalysis, I'm sure you could have some fun. The Roof DancerSidney and Sam, identical twins, crackerja [...]

    4. Trevor

      This was a much more interesting book than I thought it might be. The nature of dreams is something that is hard not to find fascinating. The thing is that we spend quite a bit of time dreaming – not the third of our lives we spend sleeping, but enough time to make us wonder why we dream at all. It seems incomprehensible that our dreams would be completely meaningless. But then, they can be so bizarre it is hard to know just what they might mean. Freud starts with a quick run through how dream [...]

    5. Ahmad Sharabiani

      Die Traumdeutung = The Interpretation of Dreams, Sigmund Freud عنوان: تفسیر خواب؛ نویسنده: زیگموند فروید؛ مترجم: محمد خاور؛ تهران، کانون شهریار، 1328؛ در 55 ص موضوع: روانکاوی خواب دیدن - قرن 19 معنوان: تعبیر خواب و بیماریهای روانی؛ نویسنده: زیگموند فروید؛ مترجم: ایرج پورباقر؛ تهران، نشر آسیا، 1342؛ در 462 ص ؛ چاپ [...]

    6. لونا

      لست من الأشخاص المهووسين بتفسير أحلامهم، لطالما كان الحلم بالنسبة لي مجرد ظاهرة نفسية صحيَّة وكفى، ولا تستدعي مني الوقوف عندها، ولهذا قرأت هذا كتاب بنيَّة "للعلم فقط بمحتواه" نظراً لشهرته، لكني بعد أن انتهيت منه اعترف أني استمتعت كثيراً بمحتواه التي ترك أثراً في نفسي على عك [...]

    7. Samar

      -ينظر فرويد للأحلام على أنها أمور قد جرت في طفولتناأو رغبات لم يعرها شعورنا اهتماماً في النهار السابق لتظهر لنا حلماً يجمع في داخله أمور عدة قد لا تتصل بعضها ببعضوقد تشير في تحليلها إلى أكثر من استنتاج ومن منطلق بسيط يصف لنا فكرة الحلم من أساطير القرون السابقةحتى الإستنتاج ا [...]

    8. Owlseyes

      A major book (of 1900) as one of the possible approaches to the world of dreams. Freud starts with Aristotle (and the demoniac view); then, the (biblical) approach viewing dreams as "Divine inspiration". Next, he proceeds with a very exhaustive sample of dreams of his own, of historical characters (Napoleon I, Xerxes.) or from his patients (or friends) to illustrate/prove his point: dreams are the fulfillment of (unconscious) desires; though "absurd" they may look, they are meaningful, they can [...]

    9. Rebecca McNutt

      Is it just me, or was ol' Mr. Freud the biggest perv in the world of psychology? Don't get me wrong, this is an interesting read from a historical perspective, but it's so difficult to take seriously! It's also very dated and seems to follow the average family of the time, without taking into account anyone who doesn't fit into what was "proper" back then.

    10. Ghada

      مبدئياً الكتاب نسخه ملخصه و مختصره سهل للقارئ غير المتخصص ربما أرجع للنسخه الكامله لاحقاًبالنسبه ليا الكتاب ما أضافش كتير معظم أفكاره معروفه و بعضها بديهيفيها يلي ملخص لبعض ما ورد في الكتابليه بننسى معظم الأحلام بعد ما نصحى؟؟لأن العقل الواعي مش عاوزنا نفتكرها, محتاجين فرو [...]

    11. Dimitri

      Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud is filled with Freud’s theories about the connections between dreams and real life that he has discovered through his research. Freud covers everything from the content within dreams to the strategies needed to interpret them, as well as diving in to the finer aspects such as memory in dreams and connections to everyday life. Freud often quotes the extensive research that has already been done in the field of the analysis of dreams but points out that [...]

    12. Alexia

      Written with scientific denseness, but lacks scientific rigor or clarity. Can be tedious, vague and confusing. Freud will say he's going to do something (like not use personal examples) only to forget he said that and do it anyway. Or he'll acknowledge the flaw with his approach and then do nothing to correct it (which is better than not admitting it, I guess). For example, he uses his patients, "neurotics", for analysis and comments on how how that makes his conclusions not drawn from a represe [...]

    13. Jana

      This was one of those books I tried to read on my own back as a young college student. It wasn't a part of any coursework, so I didn't have anyone to help tie it to larger ideas. If I remember, I think I ended up making my own wacky meaning out of it which was some sort of Jungian collective UNCS thing or another. But then I re-read it in grad school in the context of Freud's other work and it began to make a bit more sense. I liked his hypothetical "primal language" because it suggests the exis [...]

    14. Nicholas Spies

      Whatever you think of Sigmund Freud's theories, you have to admit that (at least in English translation) he is a very good and persuasive writer. That he was a very important influence on the history of the 20th century is an understatement, particularly since his nephew, Edward Bernays, is known as the Inventor of Advertising.Bernays essentially created the consumer culture that has dominated the US and much of the Western world for the last 80 years or so. He did so by changing the basis by wh [...]

    15. Ameera H.Al-mousa

      قبل الإطلاع على مـأدبة فرويد وحله للغز الذائع الصيت في تفسير الأحلام . لابد من الإشادة عن ما كان يتردد في تقويم وتقدير شعوب العصور الكلاسيكية للأحلام حيث ما هو مسلم به لديهم بأن للأحلام علاقة بعالم الكائنات فوق الإنسانية التي كانوا يؤمنون بوجودها , وأنها – أغني الأحلام – تحم [...]

    16. SmarterLilac

      This is one of the books that helped me understand Freud's genius, as well as the value of psychoanalysis. It hurts me so that fewer and fewer people want to understand or appreciate Freud. Yes, I realize that the Freudian perspective, especially on things like dream interpretation, has limited value in non-Western cultures, and that for some, dream interpretation itself may not be the most insightful way to understand the subconscious.Still--come on. This book changed Europe, and the course of [...]

    17. Schaza Askar

      The Interpretation of Dreams stands as a unique and classic work in the history of psychology. Originally published in German under the title ''Die Traumdeutung'' in November of 1899,the book outlines Freud’s belief that dreams are highly symbolic, containing both overt meanings (manifest content) as well as underlying, unconscious thoughts (latent content). Dreams, he suggested, are our unconscious wishes, especially sexual ones, in disguise.Freud's analysis of patients led him to the belief [...]

    18. Shaghayegh.l3

      اگه خواب زياد ميبينيد و راجبشون كنجكاويد اين كتاب جامع و كامل خيلى آگاهتون ميكنه ؛ از مهم بودن جزئيات يه روياى قاطى پاتى تا علت خوابايى كه معمولن بين همه مشتركه مثل برهنه بودن يا مردن يكى از عزيزانتون . وقتى تفسيرهاى فرويد و توضيحات دانشمنداى ديگه رو ميخونيد ديگه اين مزخرفات ِ [...]

    19. Sheyda Heydari Shovir

      شیش فصل این کتاب رو خوندم و با اینکه یک فصل مونده بود نتونستم خودمو راضی کنم یه فصل دیگه ازین متن وحشتناک رو بخونم. خوندنش طاقت‌فرساست فکر میکنم ترجمه‌ش خیلی وحشتناک باشه. بعضی جاهای جمله‌بندیهاش بامزه‌ست اما در این مقیاس تحملش سخته.فکر میکنم با این چیزی که خوندم زیاد نمیتو [...]

    20. Nikolaus Geromont

      The Interpretation of Dream (in this case the eighth and last edition published in 1930), a theory on the possible meaning and construction of dreams written by Sigmund Freud early in 1899, is the first psychological/philosophical book I've read, and it is most definitely the most difficult book I've ever come across in my life so difficult, in fact, that the author even states that he doesn't expect his readers to understand his theories, and admits to their utter complex nature (Chapter 7E). T [...]

    21. Phillip

      while freud certainly broke open the egg of the unconscious for all to marvel, it's probably a cliche these days to say that these early interpretations of various dream states are rather clumsy. nonetheless, that's how i see them. what freud failed to realize is that the author of the dream alone is the one that holds the key to meaning, and that outside sources, while being able to guide the subject to discover their own readings, can never offer a meaning that is free from their own bias and [...]

    22. Miss Ravi

      من این کتاب رو با عنوان روش تعبیر رویا و با ترجمه محمد حجازی خوندم.حالا نسخه تازه ای از این کتاب با ترجمه شیوا رویگریان ازش منتشر شده که حجم قابل توجهی هم داره و شامل نمونه‌ی زیادی از خواب‌های فروید، بیمارانش و پرونده‌هاییه که بررسی‌شون کرده

    23. Aya

      الكتاب رائع بمعنى الكلمة تفسير الاحلام على اساس نفسي وعن ما تعبر عنه الاحلام عن افكرنا ورغباتناكتاب لكل من مل تراهات النصابين عن تفسير الاحلام

    24. Mohamed El-Shawaf

      عذرا لهذا (الهرى) القادم، هو ضرورى لإثبات مذكرة دفاعى، لمحة عن شخصيتى القارئة (يمكنك تخطيه حيث الريفيو يبدأ من الصورة):ــــــــــــــــــــلماذا كانت كل تلك المعاناة؟!على مدار شهرين وأنا أقرأ فرويد، فى البداية يمهد لأفكاره بتبسيط لفكرة الأحلام عبر التاريخ مستعرضا خصائصها و [...]

    25. Tarannom

      در مورد کتاب باید بگم.که. خوب بود و توصیه می کنم به دانشجویان وعلاقمندان رشته روانشناسی ،. فارغ از مطااب کتاب سبک روانی هم داره از خوندنش خسته نمی شبد ،بخونیدش خوبه .

    26. Don

      Even if many of his theories have been surpassed or discredited by modern psychology, no one can diminish Freud's massive influence on Western culture and literature. Whether are not any of his theories are true or not is besides the point. With this in mind, I decided to read The Interpretation of Dreams in order to experience Freud's work directly. While there were many interesting elements in his work, overall I found it nearly impossible to read. I repeatedly lost the thread of Freud's argum [...]

    27. Yara abdelkarim

      بغض النظر عن الاتفاق او عدم الاتفاق مع فرويد، فى كل الأحوال القراءة لفرويد ممتعة،خصوصا ان فرويد مخلص تماما لأفكاره،مضمون الكتاب بيدور حوالين نقطة اساسية بيفترضها فرويد ان الأحلام هى تحقيق مقنع لرغبة مقموعة( حتى الأحلام الى مضمونها مؤلم او عن موت أم او أبن )و مش بالضرورة تكون [...]

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