Om-Kas-Toe Blackfoot Twin Captures Elkdog

Om Kas Toe Blackfoot Twin Captures Elkdog life changes dramatically for the Blackfeet people in the early s when a twin brother and sister discover a stange animal and succeed in bringing it back to the tribe

  • Title: Om-Kas-Toe Blackfoot Twin Captures Elkdog
  • Author: Kenneth Thomasma
  • ISBN: 9780801088841
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • Om-Kas-Toe Blackfoot Twin Captures Elkdog

    life changes dramatically for the Blackfeet people in the early 1700 s when a twin brother and sister discover a stange animal and succeed in bringing it back to the tribe.

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    One thought on “Om-Kas-Toe Blackfoot Twin Captures Elkdog

    1. Veronica

      Ok, please, ignore the cover art on this book- the other illustrations are great, and I'm sure the cover illustrator was trying their best :)Om-Kas-Toe is the retelling of stories passed down for generations through the Blackfeet tribe about the lives of Blackfeet children in the early 1700's. The lovely thing about this book is that it is devoid of Western interpretation: it does not have the 'pitiful native' slant, nor the 'idealized native' slant. This is their culture, their lives, and there [...]

    2. Karen

      Reading a-loud for CC1 wk 18 and 19 (started at the end of wk 17 :)b 2/19/16Jacob rates 4 stars, Ellie and Mom 3 stars.b 3/3/16

    3. Adelle

      I liked this book for the perseverance of character. And it has a good story line. But the fact that twins were looked on as a bad omen so they left one baby behind, discarded & abandoned on the ground really hit me wrong. I know it's a part of history, & sadly still happens today. But that doesn't make it right.

    4. Angie

      Synopsis: "life changes dramatically for the Blackfeet people in the early 1700's when a twin brother and sister discover a stange animal and succeed in bringing it back to the tribe."My Review: This was a re-read from when I was a kid. It has been so many years since I read this book and it was great to read it again. I love the way Thomasma presents Native American history in stories and pulls young readers into the books. I found myself not being able to put this book down. The events that ta [...]

    5. Mel

      Ds gives this book a four star rating, because it sucked him into the story. I didn't like how repetitive it was. But I suppose for younger readers this is good. Tall Woman is the mother of Twin Boy and Twin Girl and she must plead to keep them both. She must prove that both babies will not be a burden to the tribe. Old Man allows her to do just this, because she has always been a good person in the tribe never complaining and always doing her work.This is a story of how the elkdogs (horses) com [...]

    6. Jersc

      My sons, ages 9 and 12, and I read this to learn more about Native American Indians. This tribe was especially interesting to us as they lived somewhat close to us. My boys loved it and gave it five stars. For me, the writing was monotonous and lagged many times. The story was a bit over the top too. It was hard to believe that all these miraculous things just kept happening to this one young boy. But overall, I'm glad we read it and learned about their culture and way of life.

    7. Laura

      The is a unique book about 2 blackfeet Indian children. This historical fiction book is based on actual legends still told around campfires today. It details the life of this tribe before they got horses, and how it changed after horses became a part of their life. In this story, the blackfeet twins were instrumental in capturing the first "Elk-dog" (their name for horses) This was a good beginning for our homeschool studying early American History.

    8. Laura

      This was a good read aloud. It was a bit slow at first, but my children found it very interesting. This story is about two young Blackfeet Indian Children who have amazing adventures together. They discover and help capture the tribe's first "Elk-dogs" (horses). This was a good start for our new year of American History in our homeschool.

    9. Lisa

      Gripping historical fiction that takes place in the early 1700s in Montana about a young Plains Indian Blackfeet boy, Om-Kas-Toe, and his sister, Twin Girl, who discover a horse ("elkdog") grazing on the plains near their home and introduce this strange new animal to their tribe.

    10. Stephanie

      My kids LOVED this book! We read it as part of our Sonlight Core D home-school curriculum. It is scheduled for 2 weeks, but they finished it in less than a week. They were begging me to keep reading. Highly recommend.

    11. Adam

      Excellent elementary-school-age adventure novel that opens up history in a very memorable way. Episodic, involving, and just a tad sensational (but that's a good thing, here). Perfect for horse lovers and/or adventure lovers.

    12. Rachel

      Rated 4 stars as a book for upper elementary grades. The writing wasn't my favorite, and I was initially very skeptical based on the cover, but it kept me interested enough while pre reading for my children. They are enjoying it so far. A good book to include in our study of American History.

    13. emma grace

      On an old reading listtimated to have been read in 2006.Ummm, yeah, lets just say this book was not my thing. To be honest I remember nothing about it, except that I was very resistant about reading it.

    14. Mckinley

      Provides some facts and theories about life for the tribe before and just as horses are getting introduced within the context of a story of two twins.

    15. Leslie Conner

      What a great writer. This is a great book for third and fourth grade.Very readable, adventure coming of age story

    16. Elizabeth

      A wonderful glimpse into Indian life! This is also a great survival story about a brother and sister finding food and shelter in the plains.Perfect for ages 7-11

    17. Ty Froman

      I like this book because it about an Indian boy and his crow. He comes across many scary situation and also discover horses!

    18. Mary

      This was required reading for school. We ended liking the book more than we thought we would. We liked the ending. It didn't leave us hanging.

    19. Brooke

      The first 'reader' Hannah will read this year. I really enjoyed it. The characters aren't terribly fleshed out, but it's a kid's book.

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