Interstellar Pig

Interstellar Pig It looks like a dull summer at the beach for Barney until he learns the chilling history of the house his family s renting And the people next door are just as curious about it as he is At first Barn

  • Title: Interstellar Pig
  • Author: William Sleator
  • ISBN: 9780812449334
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Interstellar Pig

    It looks like a dull summer at the beach for Barney until he learns the chilling history of the house his family s renting And the people next door are just as curious about it as he is At first, Barney is flattered that Zena, Manny, and Joe want to spend so much time with him, and he s eager to join them in their favorite board game, Interstellar Pig, where rival alieIt looks like a dull summer at the beach for Barney until he learns the chilling history of the house his family s renting And the people next door are just as curious about it as he is At first, Barney is flattered that Zena, Manny, and Joe want to spend so much time with him, and he s eager to join them in their favorite board game, Interstellar Pig, where rival aliens stop at nothing to destroy every other creature in the universe Soon he s addicted but gradually he becomes suspicious There s something truly weird about Zena, Manny, and Joe They seemed virtually obsessed with Barney s house Are they thieves Con artists Or something even sinister

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    One thought on “Interstellar Pig

    1. Carol.

      It takes a special book to stick in one's memory for over thirty years. There are some I remember because I read them over and over, but then there are those that I remember because of the sheer ideaness and atmosphere imprinted on my young brain (there's also the category of Awful Things that Happened to Animals genre, which caused a less happy kind of imprinting). I must have read Interstellar Pig shortly after it release in 1984, and it remained one of those books that I remembered in section [...]

    2. Chris

      I’m almost ashamed to comment on Young Adult books; I’m afraid that anyone stumbling across this will suspect that I play with action figures, wank it to anime, and collect the free trinkets from cereal boxes, when in reality I only partake in one of these three unsavory acts. However, I also know that 99% of the posts in regards to young adult works published prior to 2001 will be along the lines of “I read this when I was a kid and it kicked my ass! I should dig through that mountain of [...]

    3. Steve

      This book was extremely interesting, but I'll admit I had serious reservations when my class started reading it has a read-aloud. I had not expected it to be written well, because when the back was read it had one of the oldest clichés "Summertime at a timeshare beach house, but uh oh the neighbors are aliens." But this book had a whole new spin on it and I was hanging on every word waiting for the thrilling climax as the story crescendoed to an ultimate ending.

    4. Ben

      Months after I read this book and went on to other William Sleator books, I did a report on it by creating the large game board described in the story. I think I still have it in the back of a closet in San Leandro. I do remember than while creating it, I wished the slots I cut, the swirls I painted, and the cards I wrote really would do what they were supposed to do.Interstellar Pig and Singularity are the two best William Sleator books because they fuck with the mind most successfully. At leas [...]

    5. Lauren

      This was um an interesting book, to say the least. It had kind of a weird plot, but you get used to it I guess. It was suspenseful at some points but others were kind of slow. Its not until you get to the end of the book that it actually starts getting interesting.

    6. Caden Hartley

      Overall I really enjoyes this book. In the beging it makes you think. Like who the tree mysterious neighbors are. And why they are always trying to come into the captains house. It keeps your attention and always leaves you with a cliff hanger from chapter to chapter. Overall its a good read and I would recommend it.

    7. Nathan

      First of all I want to say that this was a read aloud. That may have swayed my opinions on the book both positively and negatively at some points. When we first started the book it went kind of slow. Barney met some neighbors while vacationing on a beach. The neighbors charmed his parents quickly and were oddly angry at the fact that they could not get the beach house that Barney was staying in. In this house there was a tale that a captain of a ship that had put his brother in after he went mad [...]

    8. Mrs.Morgan

      I finished this for a second time (at least with students) today. It is always a relatively quick, engaging, and fun science fiction read. I have yet to have a student not like this book, which makes it a safe choice as a read aloud, and the final fight scenes are action-packed and compelling.Pick it up - you know you want to!

    9. Levi

      This is a really great book. The story and the plot makes you want to keep "reading" until the book is over. If you don't like science fiction or fantasy however, I wouldn't recommend this book to you.

    10. Samantha

      I thought it was pretty good book. I am usually not a big science fiction fan but this book I enjoyed a lot. The ending seemed a little weird to me because I didn't see it coming because I haven't read a lot of science fiction books so it seemed to me a little weird at the end of it. Overall I liked the book a lot!

    11. P. Aaron Potter

      Back in the day, there wasn't much to write about.At least, that's what it seems must have been true when I look at the Bloody Great Wall of YA fiction which dominates our Barnes and Noble these days. Did I say Wall? Walls. Multiple Walls. They are now separating the YA fiction into genres because they take up about half of the store.That's a good thing. Back when I was a wee nipper, the only "YA" fiction was horrible, horrible crap like Then Again Maybe I Won't and "Are You There God, It's Me M [...]

    12. Lark Benobi

      One of my children has asked me to read all of William Sleator's books. So far they are great. Interstellar Pig is innovative and entertaining story-telling, and it reminds me of what books for young people could be like, before "YA" became a category. I have a feeling that all my ratings of Sleator's books are going to be 5 stars, both because my kids love them, and because I'm rating them in relation to other middle-school popular reads being published recently, such as the execrable books of [...]

    13. Sarah

      This book was read to us when I was in elementary school. I thought it was so good that I checked it out again a year ago and re-read it.

    14. Thom

      Some YA fiction is aimed at the younger set - this is one. Bonus, it is science fiction, though far from the hard-SF that I enjoyed as a youth. Most of the high ratings are for nostalgia, where this is my first time. Not sure I can recommend this book.The scooby doo mystery takes a few chapters to get rolling. After that, most chapters kept my interest, though there were slow patches. At other times, important action happened in just half a page. The pace was ragged.The plot worked, and wasn't p [...]

    15. Travis

      This was a very strange book, I thought it would be confusing and it was at times but it was mostly clear. There really isn't much to say except "The Lichen were confused"

    16. Heather R

      Interstellar Pig is about this boy who moved with his parents. He meets his next door neighbor and plays a board game with them. The board game turns out to be real life later on. I loved this book it was my favorite all year. Mostly because it was science fiction and thats my favorite genre. Also it talks about all these creatures that weren't just in a fiction book but it all being real. The theory I have on this book is The Piggy is the one taking information from the creatures who have The P [...]

    17. Logan

      I enjoyed the book but overall despite the fact it didn't catch my attention until about 3/4 through the book. Personally didn't really enjoy the childish and obscure things that constantly seemed to happen that left me shaking my head. This along with the fact it didn't grab my attention until late in the book is why it earned my star rating of 2.

    18. Brigette

      This was a fun and absorbing YA read involving some shady visitors, an old sea captain, a possibly haunted vacation house on an island, and a strange board game. As a fan of board games, YA fiction, old sea tales, and all things haunted, I quite enjoyed it. I've read this author before, and highly recommend him.

    19. Aiden B.

      When we first started reading this book I didn't think much of it but when Barney started playing Intersteller Pig it got much better, and when Barney found the piggy that's when it really started to get good. I would definitely recommend this book to any science fiction fan.

    20. Kiri

      Yes, I'm one of those people who really liked this book as a kid. But I just reread it and was pleased to see that it holds up well even when read by an adult. Check it out!The thesis is that Barney, a 16-year-old human, while on vacation at the beach gets sucked into an interesting board game called Interstellar Pig played by his three rather unusual neighboring beachgoers. The game's objective is to be the one holding The Piggy when the timer goes off, lest you and your home planet be destroye [...]

    21. Preeti

      [Reviewed in '04:]I've never really been one for Sci-Fi books. And then I started reading Douglas Adams. Hilarious, I must say. Of course, you have to be slightly off your rocker in order to maybe slightly understand what the hell goes on in his books.Regardless, this book is Science Fiction. The only reason I picked it up from the library the other day was that I'd started reading it years ago (sixth grade, to be exact) and had never finished. And I heard the author wrote a sequel recently, so [...]

    22. Erika Lawrence

      Erika LawrenceSleator, W. (1984). Interstellar Pig. New York, NY: Penguin Group.Science FictionPrintSelection Process: Something About the Author. Detroit: Gale ResearchReviewInterstellar Pig is part of a series written by William Sleator. Sleator writes about an inquisitive and adventurous teen named Barney. Sixteen year old Barney has spent an uneventful week on vacation with his parents in a New England beach house; until three new neighbors Zena, Manny and Joe rent the smaller beach cottage [...]

    23. James

      Overall it wasn't that amazing. Had a lot of "clichéd" conversation moments. And the first 3/4 was really predictable. The rest had so much potential, but I didn't quite live up to what I thought it was. The humor was nicely put though. I finished it in 2 days so it is a quick read. If you are reading a lot of heavy books this is definitely a nice break.

    24. Heath

      I read this book when I was in 2nd grade and I really didn't remember much about it other than some pictures I had drawn about it at the time. I found it on half for 75 cents so I picked it up. It was a really fast read (go figure) and I was surprised at how much I remembered once I got into it. Must have been where I got my love of Sci-Fi as it does it good justice. Fun, I would recommend it to my nieces and nephewsey can borrow it if they want.

    25. Krystal

      Interstellar Pig was a great, detailed book about the life of the game. The Piggy was not what everyone expected it to be, like it actually being bad having the Piggy. The entire book, everyone said they wanted the Piggy, but ended up not wanting it in the end, for some unexpected reasons that happen at the end. Interstellar Pg is a must-read for anyone that would like a great, can't-put-down book!

    26. Nate D

      Very weird, read very rapidly on a family vacation. For some reason Sleator keeps coming up lately, and I started wondering about his other very strange-sounding versions of YA lit. I think most were probably written after I outgrew the stuff. Even this seemed "young" though fascinating by whenever I read it (age 10? 11? not sure exactly.)

    27. Michael

      Reread this during the night before the big cross country move, when it managed to escape being boxed until the last moment by falling behind the bookcase. A short sci-fi adventure story, I remember the fictional board game capturing my imagination as an early reader, in second or third grade, and found it quite surprising on adult reading to discover the protagonist was a teenager.

    28. sj

      Four stars for reasons of nostalgia, although I seem to recall re-reading it a few years ago and thinking that I still quite liked it. I see that there was a second book I had no clue about. Shall have to track it down. NO SERIES LEFT UNFINISHED!

    29. David

      I first heard of this book as a child in 1986 or 1987. I liked the title and wanted to read it. I forgot about Interstellar Pig for 25+ years until it was recommended by . I enjoyed it but wish I had read it at a younger age.

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