Casting About

Casting About In this beautifully crafted and uplifting novel the author of the acclaimed Spinning Forward welcomes readers back to the lush Florida island of Cedar Key where the vibrant shades of hibiscus and az

  • Title: Casting About
  • Author: Terri DuLong
  • ISBN: 9780758232052
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • Casting About

    In this beautifully crafted and uplifting novel, the author of the acclaimed Spinning Forward welcomes readers back to the lush Florida island of Cedar Key, where the vibrant shades of hibiscus and azaleas are the perfect backdrop to a colorful, quirky community.In the four years since Monica Brooks moved to Cedar Key, she s found a home, a husband, and now a businessIn this beautifully crafted and uplifting novel, the author of the acclaimed Spinning Forward welcomes readers back to the lush Florida island of Cedar Key, where the vibrant shades of hibiscus and azaleas are the perfect backdrop to a colorful, quirky community.In the four years since Monica Brooks moved to Cedar Key, she s found a home, a husband, and now a business to love Taking over her mother s bustling knitting shop is a welcome challenge, but Monica s exciting plans are waylaid by unexpected news Her husband s ex wife has been deemed an unfit mother, and custody of their eight year old daughter, Clarissa, is to be transferred to Adam.Going straight from honeymoon to motherhood especially when she s unsure she wants children leaves the normally even keeled Monica doubting herself at every turn Yet in a place like Cedar Key, nobody goes it alone With help from friends and relatives, Monica, Clarissa, and Adam begin to forge a close knit family of their own one that will need to be strong enough to withstand all the surprises set to unravel.Praise for Spinning Forward Poignant, absorbing, humorous.a debut that tugs at the heart Sophia Nash, author of A Dangerous Beauty Captures the essence of what often lies in each of our hearts Don t miss it J.L Miles, author of Cold Rock River Like a lazy island summer.a story of secrets and loss, friendship and recovery, and rediscovered love Laura Castoro, author of Love on the Line

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    One thought on “Casting About

    1. Obsidian

      The second novel in the "Cedar Key" series by Terri Dulong was very much improved in my opinion.Monica Brooks, the daughter of Sydney Webster from Spinning Forward (Cedar Key) is the main protagonist in this novel that takes place four years later on Cedar Key.At first in "Spinning Forward" I didn't really care for Monica. I thought she was a spoiled brat but after more interactions with her and her mother in that novel I did come around to her point of view and why she was so frustrated with he [...]

    2. Julie Barrett

      Casting About by Terri DulongThis book is about Adam who is recently married to Monica. Her mother has left with her new man to Paris and France and left the yarn shop to her to run.Adam teaches at a nearby college and one phone call from the social worker changed their life. He now will have full custody of his daughter, Clarissa. Ever since she's moved in with them she experiences a ghost type person who guides her with what she should try.Love being able to catch up with the others in the tow [...]

    3. Crystal

      Well Ms. DuLong has done it again. She has managed to suck me into life on Cedar Key so thoroughly that I didn't want to leave, in fact I want to go visit the real Cedar Key. Casting About picks up with Monica, who is Sydney's daughter from Spinning Forward. She is now running her mom's knitting shop and enjoying her 5-month-old marriage. Of course something has to happen or there wouldn't be a book. That something is her new husband Adam's 8-year-old daughter, Clarissa. She is dropped into thei [...]

    4. Carol

      This is the kind of book that you would like to cuddle up with on a cold day, in other words, a "comfort read". I found out after I read it that there was an earlier book in the series. But that doesn't matter too much because this is a great standalone book. Now that I have read it, I would like to read the first book, Spinning Forward”.Monica Brooks, the main character, narrates the story in first person, has only been married for six months. She was going to take over her mother's yarn shop [...]

    5. Wendy Hines

      I've tried knitting; had several folks try to teach me. I am uncoordinated and will stick to crochet. But there is just something comforting about the click of the needles. To start out with just some thread, or yarn so to speak, and with deft movements and creativity, blend it all together into something beautiful.That's how I felt after reading Casting About. It's the second in the Cedar Key series, but I did not read book one. However, Ms. Dulong does a terrific job of catching the reader up [...]

    6. Dale Harcombe

      Well, I’ve done it again. Brought home a book about knitting when I don’t knit. But in my defence I had read and enjoyed the first book, Spinning Forward by Terri Dulong. Monica is now running her mother’s yarn shop at Cedar Key and enjoying life with her new husband Adam.Monica and Adam have only been married a few months when suddenly they get a call that changes their lives. Monica is not sure she even wants children at all, certainly not at this stage of her life. But then Adam’s fir [...]

    7. Diane Wachter

      Terri Dulong writes in a style very reminiscent of Debbie Macomber. This novel is the second book in theCedar Key Series. Newly married daughter Monica, who has taken over her mother's knitting shop, suddenly becomes a stepmother to her new husband's 8 year old daughter when the mother is declared unfit. Many adjustments must be made by all three to make them into a family. Good story, 3 stars.

    8. Lee

      I found myself totally immersed in this easy read. I identified with so much of what happened in this story, not because I had experienced the same (although there was some I had) but because it was about a woman discovering who she really was and coming to terms with that.

    9. Sherrie Tindle

      Sweet story. Enjoyed the characters. Missed reading about many of the people in the first book though. Maybe in the 3rd book.

    10. Whitney 'Thompson' Jenkins

      I really liked this story, a lot better than the first. It seemed to be more involved and interesting. A great page turner!

    11. Pam

      3.5 starsI was super happy to be at a local booksale and find a SIGNED copy of this book for .50! What a find!A very easy, sweet, feel-good, predictable read. The author created lovely characters that melded well together, and crafted a story that combined some of my very favorite things- coastal towns, knitting, dogs, and family. What more could I ask for? Can't wait to read the next book in the series which I ALSO found at the same book sale. Yay for me!Note: the first book in the seriesDoes n [...]

    12. Rose Faour

      Pretty good. Somewhat disjointed at times. The part about the ghost wasn't that necessary and didn't seem to quite fit in.

    13. Lynda

      Casting About is the second book in a series by Terri DuLong. Spinng Forward introduced the protagonist Sydney Webster and her daughter Monica Webster. In Spinning Forward Sydney ‘s husband is killed in a car accident. He has taken liens out on their home their home unbeknownst to her to finance his gambling habit. The bank repossesses her home, and Sydney finds herself moving to Cedar Key, Florida, to start her life over. Her best friend in college helps Sydney to relocate and eventually fin [...]

    14. Kaye

      1. Title of book: Casting About by Terri Dulong 2. Words to describe book: family relationships3. Characters you met or setting:Cedar Key: a small island off coast of north west Florida Monica Brooks: recently married to Adam, a single father who unexpectedly gets custody of his 8 year old daughter, Clarissa Jo. Monica is happily running the yarn shop business after her mother re-married and went to France but now becoming a step-mom full time is a little worrying. Unfortunately, Monica feels in [...]

    15. Maggie61

      I always love to read stories that feature small town life and especially one that includes knitting in the story. Monica lives part of my dream life, owning a yarn store, endless knitting and living in a small town on an island.Monica and Adams lives are immediately changed when Larissa Jo, Adams daughter, comes to live with them on what may be a permanent basis after Larissa is taken away from her mother. Monica isn't sure she even wants children much less a partially grown child of 8 that isn [...]

    16. Cupcakencorset

      This second book in DuLong's Cedar Key series is even better than the first. DuLong seems more comfortable as an author here, as the text and dialogue flow more naturally than in Spinning Forward. Monica, the focus character of this novel, is the daughter of Sydney, the earlier book's main character. There's little to nothing in the book concerning Sydney, but you don't really miss her once you let yourself get caught up in the drama of Casting About. I related more closely to Monica's story tha [...]

    17. Linda

      Monica and Brad have been married only a few months when Brad learns his ex-wife has been in an accident and he will have full custody of his 11 year old daughter, Clarissa. Monica has never been sure she wanted children and now must learn to care for an 11 year old child. Clarissa's life with her mother has been unstable since her mother is an alcoholic and it takes time for her to learn to trust Brad and Monica. Now Monica has her hands full being a newlywed, raising a pre-teen and running her [...]

    18. Judy Iliff

      Casting About is the second in the Cedar Key series and centers, loosely, around a knit shop. This book, however, could stand alone.Monica is now the owner of Spinning Forward, the yarn shop started by her mother in Cedar Key. This particular book basically deals with unconditional love and what one does for love. Do not misconstrue this to mean only romantic love. Monica has been married for less than a year when Adam, her husband, suddenly has full custody of his daughter from a previous marri [...]

    19. Ann Blewett

      I really enjoyed this book. The characters were finely drawn and I enjoyed their interaction. Terri paints an attractive picture of Adam and Monica and their fledgeling marriage and Monica's doubts and issues surrounding motherhood - and then, wham, Clarissa comes into their lives. The other characters were very interesting too - especially Adam's mother, Opal, Miss Key Lime Pie of 1960 - she was a real hoot. I really hope that Terri will re-visit the Brooks family in a future book and have Adam [...]

    20. Kristi

      3.5 stars. Newlywed and new yarn shop owner, Monica Brooks, soon finds her role as step-mother kicked up from a month every summer role to full time. It turns her Cedar Key, FL world upside down at the same time developers have their eye on the quaint island town. Despite Monica's doubts about her mothering instincts and many other snags during her first year as a mother, Adam and her other family and friends help her to grow and succeed.It had been a long while since I had read the first book i [...]

    21. Vivian

      A delightful story about newlyweds Monica and Adam and building a life with an instant family with the addition of Adam's daughter, Clarissa, after only 6 months of marriage. Their family unit seems to be the norm for today with the inclusion of extended family (grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-aunts), as well as friends. The characters are quite believable and sometimes quite hilarious in their reactions and interactions. I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable story, perhaps due t [...]

    22. Victoria

      This is the second book in the Cedar Key series from Terri.The book opens six months after Monica, the daughter of Sydney and Sybile from the first book, is married and living on Cedar Key with her husband Adam. Monica is about to take over her mother's knitting shop when Adam gets a call that his ex-wife was in an accident and his 9 year old daughter Clarissa will be coming to live with him. Monica, not sure if she's ready to be a mother or even WANTS to be a mother, is all of a sudden trying t [...]

    23. Sue

      "Casting About" by Terri DuLong is a gripping novel full of love.Monica is now the owner of Spinning Forward, the yarn shop started by her mother in Cedar Key. This particular book basically deals with unconditional love and what one does for love. Monica has been married for less than a year when Adam, her husband, suddenly has full custody of his daughter from a previous marriage. Monica is not even sure if she wants to have children let alone take on the responsibility of helping to raise a 9 [...]

    24. Dorrice

      A very enjoyable story. well written and developed. Terri Dulong without question is a talented writer. My only negative comments are the same as those I posted about Spinning Forward, her first novel of the series. Too much use of undesirable language and an obvious indifference to the morality of sex outside of marriage. On the other hand, I commend her for not taking her readers through every aspect of those relations, but she only lets the reader know that it happened. And btw I don't always [...]

    25. Michelle

      I really enjoy how the author keeps the Cedar Key stories going by focusing the story on a previously minor character in the next book. It's nice to see the characters you read about before still pop up. I love how light and quick these stories are, but they are not realistic at times and always have a happy ending. Cedar Key sounds too good to be true, but because of these books I'm now intrigued to go there. I read this one out of order, but so far I think it's the best one, maybe cause the lo [...]

    26. Claire

      Sydney's story continues- sort of- she is in Paris with Noah. Monica has married a Cedar Key man and is living on the island in newlywedded bliss when Adam's 9 year old daughter comes to live with them. Monica struggles with the idea of parenthood but welcomes Clarissa. This is the story of Sydney's close-knit extended family and friends and how wonderfully supportive friendship can be. There is a lot about the effect on Clarissa from her mother's indifferent parenting and the courts continuing [...]

    27. Crissey

      I thought that is was a great story about a woman, against her own insecurities, coming together for her husband and their new addition to the family and really tying to make an effort to make the situation work. I loved the details of the scenes, and being from FL myself I can relate to the bountifulness that captivates the residents that live there and can also understand the close knit relationships that can be built on small islands. I love how everyone supports each other and how Monica is [...]

    28. Kathryn

      This was the second book in a the series, the first beingSpinning Forward. I liked the first one better. I think the quote on the front of the book sums it up "A southern Debbie Macomber, but with a flair all her own", Karin Gillespie. The story was easy to plot out, no surprises, just a warm fun read.

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