The Real Mother Goose

The Real Mother Goose This is a board book edition of the classic nursery rhyme collection and it s a fine choice for a first nursery rhyme book The old fashioned rather Edwardian looking illustrations may appeal to nost

  • Title: The Real Mother Goose
  • Author: Blanche Fisher Wright
  • ISBN: 9780590003681
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Board Book
  • The Real Mother Goose

    This is a board book edition of the classic nursery rhyme collection, and it s a fine choice for a first nursery rhyme book The old fashioned, rather Edwardian looking illustrations may appeal to nostalgic parents than to babies and toddlers, but the bright colors and simple lines are easy on small eyes, too Each double page spread has a one verse rhyme on the leftThis is a board book edition of the classic nursery rhyme collection, and it s a fine choice for a first nursery rhyme book The old fashioned, rather Edwardian looking illustrations may appeal to nostalgic parents than to babies and toddlers, but the bright colors and simple lines are easy on small eyes, too Each double page spread has a one verse rhyme on the left with an illustration on the right, and the 15 selections include Humpty Dumpty Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater The Cat and the Fiddle Pease Porridge Hot and Wee Willie Winkie Baby to 3 Richard Farr

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    One thought on “The Real Mother Goose

    1. Sandy (CA)

      I have a very old copy of this book, given to me by my grandmother when I was 4 years old. I remember reading it.

    2. Ashley

      This was a book that was in my family's home from the older Sibs and and Because I could read I was Reading to Baby TonyEVERY CHANCE I GOT!!!!He simply loved these, Harry Houdini, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Ronald Dahl, Hans Christian Anderson, Charlies Dickens (David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, A Tale Of Two Cites, Great Expectations, and A.A. Milne (*Winnie The Pooh Bear) I remember siting down forHOURSreading and Re-reading these timeless classics over and over again. Our copy of [...]

    3. Debra

      Some of the first rhymes and songs a child hears are Mother Goose. We say them, we sing them to infantsand children, we play "Patty Cake.' Most children I have known know at least one Mother Goose story usually many. The pictures are lovely and small children often just sit and look at the pages. Mother Goose is an excellent way to introduce the language and reading to children.Learning extention: See how many of the poems the children are familiar with. Form into groups and act out their favori [...]

    4. Jadedpsyche

      I grew up with this book, and it has a beautiful nostalgia for me. I remember sitting and looking at the pictures before I could really read, and learning to love fairy tales and nursery rhymes from it. Definitely a personal favorite.

    5. Gina Saenz

      Category: Mother GooseSource: KimmellThis book is full of the Mother Goose rhymes that I am most familiar with. Some of the poems are written with really old world words that some children may struggle with not only pronouncing, but understanding the meaning of. However, there are plenty of other poems that are catchy and easily readable. I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book. They look like someone read one of the poems and interpreted it in a drawing. I'd have a little fun with this [...]

    6. Susan Mortimer

      This book was originally published in 1916, and there is good reason it is still in circulation today. Fisher Wright’s abundant illustrations of the close to 300 rhymes in this collection are both beautifully done and a great exploration for the little ones of times gone past. The gentle coloring helps to create a soothing look for the eyes, and children will have fun seeing how children of a different era dressed and played. Included are all of the Mother Goose rhymes that children still know [...]

    7. Robin Hobb

      I truly think the US would be a better place if every child received a copy of this by his/her first birthday. These nursery rhymes are the foundation of cultural literacy, and something we share with Great Britain as well. The rhythm of the little rhymes and the beauty of the language are something parents everywhere should share with their children. When I volunteer at schools, I'm always astonished at how many kids have no idea of this basic legacy of poetry. A must on my book shelf forever.

    8. Lorie

      This is one of my favorites from my childhood, so I had to buy it for my daughter's first Christmas in 1986. It is a treasure that will be shared in my home for a very long time. As a teacher I find more and more students are not familiar with nursery rhymes, which is troubling to me. I try to incorporate them throughout the year, either by just singing them to students or using them as teaching tools. A favorite activity of mine is to have students choose a rhyme and use a thesaurus to change a [...]

    9. Jada

      This is literally my favorite book. It has so many nursery rhymes, and they are the older versions, so there is bound to be some surprises. Just remember this when reading to kids. Personally, I don't mind sharing rhymes because they are a piece of history, but if they aren't used to nursery rhymes, or aren't familiar with fantasy movies, then maybe this is the wrong book. I personally love it. I haven't found a nursery rhyme book that has as many nursery rymes in it. I like to listen to them wi [...]

    10. Kienie

      They picked a pretty creepy way to represent Mother Goose. Apparently she's tiny, or steals enormous babies and rides a giant goose? I do like these illustrations, but they do begin to look very samey after a while. And Kaion has a point: they ALL have feverishly rosy cheeks.Little Bo-Peep: so her sheep wondered away and then were mutilated and had their tales removed?Little Boy Blue: slacking on the job.Rain: I'd say the opposite for CA. Rain, Rain, come our way.The Clock: I've got too many sma [...]

    11. Jason

      Warning. This review will likely contain some pretty tasteless material because I'm just like that. Also, it's quote long.So, how can I give five stars to a book about a bunch of silly rhymes? Because it's awesome! I remember enjoying these as a child, but I see most of them in a different light as an adult, especially an adult in the 21st century where some of the subject matter in some of these rhymes is seen in a negative light. Also, some words have different meanings after the passage of se [...]

    12. Lynda Breithaupt-Muenzer

      Wright, Blanche Fisher. The Real Mother Goose. (1916, 1944). I appreciate that the table of contents is an alphabetical list of first lines and their page numbers, which makes it easy to remember the poem that you want to find. The illustrations take you back in time, the time when most of these rhymes were written (1916), perhaps when your great-grandmother was a child. The infamous Pat-a-Cake rhyme made me realize I grew up saying it wrong to all the children I babysat! These writings are time [...]

    13. Meghann Sniffen

      Awards the book has received (if any): noneAppropriate grade level(s): prek to kindergarten Original 3-line summary: This book is full off classic mother goose rhymes that all children would love to learn. It ranges from old to new poems with repetition and fun. These poems get the children engaged in many ways with hand gestures and even standing up and dancing. Original 3-line review: This book is a good class book because it has loads of different poems for kids of any age. It gets children i [...]

    14. Hope McCabe

      1. Awards: None2. Preschool3. This version of Mother Goose rhymes stays very close to the traditional ones. With bright pictures, this retelling has the same magic passed from generation to generation. This collection introduces rhyming to very young learners. 4. Mother Goose rhymes are essential for any young child. This collection has the same magic as any other. It is a fun and rhythmic fit for the classroom. 5. In the classroom:Using the theme of rhyming, the teacher can lead a discussion. T [...]

    15. Mackenzie Ford

      Title: The Real Mother Goose Author: Illustrator: Blanche Fisher WrightGenre: Nursery Rhymes, Concept Book Theme(s): Cooperation, Rhymes, Family, Poetry, Animals, Family Opening Line/ Sentence:Little Bo- PeepLittle Bo-Peep lost her sheep, And cant tell where to find them;Leave them alone, and they’ll come home,And bring their tails behind them. Brief Book Summary: This book is a 128 page book filled with various nursery rhymes for young children. Some of these rhymes are very well known throu [...]

    16. Ten_zillions

      This book offers classic nursery rhymes to young children. Mother Goose is a timeless story that can be enjoyed for generations. This book introduces a variety of rhyming words and phrases. It is colorful and engaging. Even young children who cannot quite read as yet can enjoy the beautiful illustrations and can be used as a blueprint for early reading skills.

    17. Marisa Severin

      This book took me down memory lane. It contains a treasury of classic nursery rhymes. I was taught most of the rhymes (found in this book) by my mother and at school too. I think children of all ages can appreciate this book. It was fantastic.

    18. Kelly

      This is a classic collection of nursery rhymes. Some were familiar to me and others I'd never heard before. I also love the artwork by Blanche Fisher Wright. This would be a great book to start a baby's first library!

    19. Carmen Revilla

      This book is excellent for beginner readers.The colorful pictures make an enchanting introduction for very young children. Very nice book with rhymes for children. I loved this book because it's very interesting and fun to read aloud to children.

    20. Emily

      I really enjoyed this book because it is such an old version of mother goose and I loved comparing it to the newer versions and seeing what changed. My mother had this book so it was interesting to talk to her about when she would read it as a kid.

    21. *Jinglemarco - Маркуша - Мишутка (Nursery rhymes enthusiast)*

      I love nursery rhymes and the illustrations in this classic volume are gorgeous, but I expected to find the ones of Little Miss Muffet and The old woman who lived in a shoe and Little Bo Peep, but there aren't.

    22. Anna

      It may have been the copy I read it is older but the pictures were a bit datedover all though i really love the ryhmes of course its all the clasics and it is good little rhymes for all little ones to know and learn first before they get into bigger poems and ryhmes.

    23. Jordan Stewart

      This book is a great book for kindergarten to 2nd grade. No awardsThis book is full of nursery rhymes, some pages having up to 1-6rhymes a page. The words are small more together. There is minimal Illustrations in the book. I feel like this book is less of a read aloud book and more for just having to pull nursery rhymes out of. There is little to no illustrations which makes it less ideal for younger Children. It is also less ideal for a read aloud book with having so many Rhymes on one page. I [...]

    24. Rachel Buonforte

      Grade level: Pre k- 3rd gradeSummary: This book is full of classic nursery rhymes and tales that any child of various ages would love. This book is vibrant and engaging, each rhyme accompanied by a photo that sends home the main point of the rhyme. Most of the rhymes are repetitive and easy to remember which is great for the early readers.Review: This book brought back many memories as I flipped through and read. I remember being read many of these tales and enjoying them just as much then as I [...]

    25. Emma

      This book is appropriate for ages 2 and up, perhaps starting in preschool and ending in kindergarten. This book had some old-fashioned rhymes that I had never encountered or heard of, which I could also tell from the language and style used. There were also many modern-day rhymes, so many that they reminded me of some that I had learned as a child which I'd forgotten. The rhymes included Rain, Winter, Christmas, Jack, Thirty Days Hath September, Three Blind Mice, Jack and Jill, and Baa Baa Black [...]

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