Lord Loss

Lord Loss From the international multi million selling author DARREN SHAN comes a new character a new scenario a new set of horrors now in paperback LORD LOSS will be devoured by avid Shansters and tingle the

  • Title: Lord Loss
  • Author: Darren Shan
  • ISBN: 9781435244665
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Library Binding
  • Lord Loss

    From the international multi million selling author DARREN SHAN comes a new character, a new scenario, a new set of horrors now in paperback LORD LOSS will be devoured by avid Shansters and tingle the spines of many new fans The door feels red hot, as though a fire is burning behind it I press an ear to the wood but there s no crackle No smoke Just deep, heavy breFrom the international multi million selling author DARREN SHAN comes a new character, a new scenario, a new set of horrors now in paperback LORD LOSS will be devoured by avid Shansters and tingle the spines of many new fans The door feels red hot, as though a fire is burning behind it I press an ear to the wood but there s no crackle No smoke Just deep, heavy breathing and a curious dripping sound My hand s on the door knob Inside the room, somebody giggles low, throaty, sadistic There s a ripping sound, followed by snaps and crunches My hand turns The door opens Hell is revealed When Grubbs Grady first encounters Lord Loss and his evil minions, he learns three things the world is vicious, magic is possible, demons are real He thinks that he will never again witness such a terrible night of death and darkness He is wrong.

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      364 Darren Shan
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    One thought on “Lord Loss

    1. Sara

      OH MY GOD. This book scared the crap out of me, but I couldn't put it down. It's so vivid, it's like reading a really good comic book. There's never any doubt as to what's going on or what it looks like, which is both good and bad, as the first event in the book is the grisly deaths of the main character's entire family. There's one point at which a demon is using the main character's sister's skin as a puppet ICK!ICK!ICK! But you definitely want the kid to win, and you want the bad guys to lose [...]

    2. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

      In writing this review, I shall have to be very careful not to spoil this book. In a word, this was fantastic. I truly enjoyed reading it. I had no idea what to expect and that's part of the fun, so I won't enlighten you about what this book is about.Go into reading this book as an adventure. The beginning is shocking, to say the least. But don't give up. Keep reading. Accompany Grubbs on his journey. Watch the mundane slide into the nightmare dimensions that we hope not to encounter in this lif [...]

    3. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

      I loved Darren Shan's Cirque Du Freak series (I mean, seriously, almost literally drooled over waiting for each edition of those books) so set myself the goal of reading his other series as well. This sounded the more interesting, so this is the one I've started with. Definitely dark, definitely morbid, it's a young adult for older teens, despite how it's marketed. Just as enjoyable for adults, at least this one. The main character encounters a tragic, violent loss as he finds his family destroy [...]

    4. Conor

      3.5 StarsOkay so I read this series about 5 years ago now and don’t remember a lot of it really well. I sat down to write up a few lines about it after seeing that a friend was reading it but as I did I kept remembering cool plot points/characters that I felt obligated to mention. Anyway I remember reading this series when I was about 13/14 and really liking it (all of the disembowelling helped :D). Note: This is marketed as Young Adult but… it isn’t. At least it’s not what you’d norma [...]

    5. Ninth

      See F-I-V-E Bloody stars!My dad would have kicked Darren Shan for writing this book.But I won't. XDTrust me. It's gory and gross. I would never recommend this book to my lil bro. And I've hidden the ebook deep inside the PC so that dad doesn't accidentally find it or worse read it.(view spoiler)[ Dad hates violence, I can't watch horror movies, play utterly gory games or read stuff on that when he is around (hide spoiler)]AND PLEASE DONT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVE EXTRAORDINARY IMAGINATION SKILL [...]

    6. Mohadese

      با کتاب ارتباط بر قرار نکردم! :دیتنها کتابی که از دارن شان خوندم

    7. M—

      I'm all for reading about DEATH MATCH CHESS, but even that cannot save this book for me. It seems poised to snag whatever parts of the YA demographic that have not been sucked into the Twilight vortex. ("Not interested in reading an epic romance about a sparkly vampire? Try this book about demons eating parents instead! now with copious amounts of blood!")I liked how the hero, Grubbs Grady, gets a hard wake-up call to the realities of his world when his immediate family is slaughtered by demons, [...]

    8. Don

      This is a young adult book. It is straight foward, and an easy read. The concept: curse of the werewolf. I know I know who cares about werewolves. Not that exciting unless you are talking about the card game rage. Then you get to tear people in half, awsome. This book has something better than werewolves. EXTREME CHESS! What? It is true. Hard core chess games. The person in the book that has the curse of the werewolf has two choices. They can except their fate and become a werewolf, or play a de [...]

    9. Yipyipyeti4783

      Lord Loss was another great book which took you into the macabre mind of Darren Shan. The characters in this book are memorable and very distinct. The plot was that of one that I've never read before, and it was excellent. Shan is a wonderful horror writer and I would recommend this book to anyone into gruesome, plot heavy books. Shan keeps the chapters short and leaves you hanging at the end of each one. I read this in a few days because it's so hard to put down. If you've read the Cirque Du Fr [...]

    10. Ahmad Sharabiani

      وقتی سر و کلهء والدین، بی خبر توی مدرسه پیدا می شود، دو تا مسئله ممکن است پیش آمده باشد. یا یکی از اقوام نزدیک به شدت آسیب دیده یا مرده است، یا این که توی دردسر افتاده ای. ص 3 کتاب

    11. Argona

      I started this series after reading "Darren Shan Saga" and while I expected something different and distinct, I wasn't expecting so much originality and uniqueness.Start reading this book prepared! This series contains a lot of death, violence and gore! I am not a fan of tragedy(or gore) and I avoid it like it's a plague but I did enjoy reading this series without having my spirit crushed out of me.(I haven't read the last book yet!)The Demonata series has a great plot with memorable characters [...]

    12. Erika

      When i started reading this book, it looked like one book i wouldn't enjoy. There was this spoiled kid Grubbs who was always bothering his sister Gret, and was trying to be a rebel smoking against his parents concerns. I was like "Hell, I'm not interested in reading the adventures of a teenager who believes he's cool because he's a rebel". So i started reading it really slowly without much interest. Then something happened I won't say what it is to avoid spoiling anything and i felt it was the m [...]

    13. Ash

      As a massive fan of the Darren Shan saga I had high expectations for this series, I was pleased to discover that the first book - Lord Loss well and truly lived up to all of these! A suprise in a way that it was so uniquely different from everything I have ever read that I found myself reading it entirely through in the one sitting. I was not able to put it down. I must say, I do still find that my favorite of Darren Shan's series is The Darren Shan Saga, but only one book in it would be a littl [...]

    14. Jason

      4 StarsLord Loss was an awesome surprise for me. Deep into my new found love for Urban Fantasy, I picked this one up with high expectations. I was not let down. Darren Shan combines together a wonderful combination of a fast paced, page turning, and tons of fun story. He is not afraid to paint in the details, even if it is with lots of blood. The action is gorey at times and that is just fine.The plot and the story are straight forward. Being a lover and player of Chess, this book grabbed my int [...]

    15. Rowie

      I remember picking up a Darren Shan book ten years ago at the library I worked at. Immediately I was hooked on his writing style. Raw, emotional and very real. I read the first three books in his Cirque du Freak series like there was no tomorrow. And yet I didn't continue, nor pick up any of his other books. I can't tell you why. I still feel a great love for Cirque du Freak. I guess sometimes too many other books just come along.The first book in the Demonata series is a real pageturner. It tru [...]

    16. Booker

      This book was fantastic, unless reading about dead people grosses you out. It was fast paced, and laugh-out-loud funny in some places. There was also many twist and turns in the plot. Another great series by a great author.Summary: Grubbs Grady lives with his chess-obsessed parents and sister, Gret. After pulling a prank on her, he's grounded. But after a while, his parents end his grounding early, and he gets treated special. When his parents and Gret go out, he's knows something's going on. He [...]

    17. Shanon

      I've had this book on my shelves for a while now and keep meaning to read them. I'm glad I finally did. This is a dark young-adult book that focuses on a young man named Grubbs. And while it is a young-adult book there are some VERY disturbing and gruesome scenes. I went into this book without really knowing what it was about and enjoyed the suspense so I will tell no more about it. :)I will say that this book is full of partial sentences. When I say full I mean really full. Stuff like: Bile ris [...]

    18. Will Collins

      This review contains mild spoilers.The first book in the Demonata Saga is a brilliant one. The writing from Shan was as quirky as ever. If you're a fan of any of his other novels, you'll doubtless enjoy this one too. I loved how the aftermath of the horror Grubbs had witnessed was dealt with. Usually, in books and movies, the character accepts that magic and monsters exists, whereas Grubbs is placed in an asylum and refuses to believe it himself. I won't spoil anymore and just say that the last [...]

    19. Alberto

      Pensé que no me iba a gustar como Cirque Du Freak, pero estaba equivocado!!! Aunque esta un poco gore me gustó mucho!. En serio lo recomiendo a todos aquellos que les gustan las historias de terror/gore y que les gusta el ajedrez! No me podía imaginar como Darren Shan podría mezclar el ajedrez con la historia, pero me sorprendió el como lo hizo. Lo único es que no volveré a ver al ajedrez de la misma manera jajaja.

    20. Monica

      Lord Loss is a demon, everyone fears him. All except one. For once, someone has been able to conquer their feelings when Lord Loss has tormented him several times. Grubbs has accepted the truth, destiny is inevitable.What would you do if suddenly one day, your family died a tragedy and found three demons lingering around in your parents’ room? Once again, Grubbs has suffered all this. After that, everyone around him looked devious, like there was a lifetime of secrets, waiting for him to disco [...]

    21. Amy

      Lord Loss (The Demonata, #1)By: Darren ShanDemons, underworld Lord Loss is the first book of the Demonata series. In this book, you learn the cruelty of demons. Imagery in this book gives chills down your spine, and you will be on the edge of your seat not wanting to put this book down. I remind you, don't read this before you go to bed. Grubbs, the protagonist of this book has a really cruel life. His parents get eaten by demons from the underworld. The demons don't have a face, their arms and [...]

    22. MarsianMan

      Grubitsch Grady is a pretty normal (if a little malicious as a prankster) who notices his family acting suspicious. After sneaking out on the baby sitter, he follows his parents back to their house. He arrives to find his family dead and monsters still playing with their corpses. He runs away and barely manages to escape the deadly pursuit. After describing the scene to the police and therapists they put him in a mental hospital. He stays there pleasantly until his nearly unknown Uncle Dervish c [...]

    23. chucklesthescot

      I didn't really take to The Demonata books the way I loved The Saga of Darren Shan,but I loved the fantastic cover art!The books featuring Grubbs as the main character were certainly the better ones though.In this story Grubbs witnesses his whole family being torn apart by demons and is locked up in a mental ward when nobody believes him.Then his dad's brother visits and tells him he knows who the demon was and Grubbs goes to stay with him.But even then they cannot escape the demon Lord Loss and [...]

    24. ØrionSof2014

      The main character of this book is named Grubbs Grady. He is a very bad kid and he plays pranks on his sister. One day his parents tell him to go his grandmas house. Grubbs is suspicious because his parents didn't tell him where they were going. I can make a text to self connection to Grubbs. Grubbs doesn't always follow the rules and only does things to people if they did do something to him. He has also been left behind when his family leave. Grubbs is somewhat bad but somewhat good to. He is [...]

    25. Sheyda Dehghan

      حدود سه چهار سال پیش این کتابو تا نصف خونده بودمش و خیال نداشتم هیچوقت تمومش کنم، بنظرم یه مشت مزخرف اومد که نویسنده از کابوسهای شبانه ش الهام گرفته بودشون. البته هنوز هم همینطور فکر میکنم، کتاب هم اتفاقی جلوم ظاهر شد و کنجکاو شدم بدونم آخرش چی میشه. البته از شیوه ای که گروبز جل [...]

    26. Erik

      WAW!!! Toto bolo skvele a neckane dobre! nakoniec davam 5* lebo: paci sa mi hlavna postava Grubitsch, paci sa mi Bill-Y, podla mna vymyslel DS perfektny svet v ktorom sa to odohrava, no a ten koniec!!!! To bolo uzasne. Samozrejme sa tesim na druhy diel. A neuverite ale obalka dokonale vystihuje knihu, este si pockajte na tu slovensku, ta je este strasidelnejsia! No proste WAW, necakal som, ze kniha v ktorej ma dolezitu ulohu sach moze byt taka perfektna! A cita sa uzasne lahko, jedna z najrychle [...]

    27. JessicaBonnie

      Persuaded to read the series by two of my male students; happy to see them enthusiastic about reading anything. An all-out gore-fest, Shan knows how to captivate a young reader (and give his English teacher nightmares).

    28. Míša*

      Tak to bylo něco! Vážně jsem nečekala, že by mě to tak chytlo. Dervische jsem si hrozně oblíbila a ten jeho smysl pro humor :D

    29. Dana Salman

      2013I think it must’ve been… I don’t know, maybe three or four years since I read The Demonata series? I probably wouldn’t have picked them up at all if it hadn’t been for my brother, because even though I ogled over The Saga of Darren Shan (a.k.a The Cirque du Freak series), the covers of these books alone was enough to throw me off, and I told myself I wouldn’t bet my money on The Demonata. Buying a book can sometimes be a gamble – how do you know it’s going to be one you’re [...]

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