Akıl Tutulması

Ak l Tutulmas Ak l Tutulmas Frankfurt Toplumsal Ara t rma Enstit s n n ve kurucusu Max Horkheimer in temel yap tlar ndand r Kitap yazar n lkesini terketmek zorunda kald kinci D nya Sava y llar nda ABD

  • Title: Akıl Tutulması
  • Author: Max Horkheimer Orhan Koçak
  • ISBN: 9789753421898
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • Akıl Tutulması

    Ak l Tutulmas , Frankfurt Toplumsal Ara t rma Enstit s n n ve kurucusu Max Horkheimer in 1895 1973 temel yap tlar ndand r Kitap, yazar n lkesini terketmek zorunda kald kinci D nya Sava y llar nda, ABD de, Avrupa felsefe gelene ine yabanc Amerikal okurlar n d zeyi g z n nde tutularak ve ngilizce olarak yaz lm t r Belki de bu y zden, zorlu uyla nl FrankfAk l Tutulmas , Frankfurt Toplumsal Ara t rma Enstit s n n ve kurucusu Max Horkheimer in 1895 1973 temel yap tlar ndand r Kitap, yazar n lkesini terketmek zorunda kald kinci D nya Sava y llar nda, ABD de, Avrupa felsefe gelene ine yabanc Amerikal okurlar n d zeyi g z n nde tutularak ve ngilizce olarak yaz lm t r Belki de bu y zden, zorlu uyla nl Frankfurt Okulu kuramc lar n n en a k, en kolay metinlerinden biridir.Horkheimer, Ak l Tutulmas nda ABD k lt r n n egemen felsefesi olan pragmatizmi ve onun temelinde yatan pozitivizmi ele tirirken, Frankfurt Okulu nun belli ba l temalar n da g ndeme getirmektedir Kitapta, Bat d ncesinde Ak l kavram n n tarihi, nce hurafeye d n mesi tart lmaktad r Ayd nlanman n mitos i indeki k kenleri ve giderek yeni bir mitoloji haline geli i, insan n do a zerindeki egemenli inin tahripkar boyutu, Fa izmin Bat Akl n n tarihi i indeki yeri, bireycili in sonucunda bireyin l m , i i hareketinin imkanlar ve direnme g c bunlar, Horkheimer in bir toptan y k m d neminin getirdi i perspektif a s ndan g zden ge irdi i temel sorunlard r.

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      154 Max Horkheimer Orhan Koçak
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    One thought on “Akıl Tutulması

    1. Yakup

      BunalımDisiplinlerin gerçek anlamda sürüklendikleri akıl tutulmalarından yaşadıkları bunalım. Karşı mevzilerde olmak, çatışmalı, tamamen farklı olgulardan bahsetmek, konvansiyonel olmayan tutumlar, disiplinleri aynı akıl tutulmalarından alıkoyamamıştır. Sular onları farklı ırmaklardan akıtarak aynı göle taşımıştır ve bir arada olduklarını görmek mümkünGenele baktığımda ortaya çıkarabildiğim hakim olan tematik durum budur. Sebebi doğallığındaMax H [...]

    2. Ali Reda

      ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I'VE EVER READ IN MY LIFE!In this important work, which explains the Frankfurt School doctrines, Horkheimer tries to answer the following question:The present potentialities of social achievement surpass the expectations of all the philosophers and statesmen who have ever outlined in Utopian programs the idea of a truly human society. Yet there is a universal feeling of fear and disillusionment. It seems that even as technical knowledge expands the horizon of man's thought [...]

    3. sologdin

      A quiet little text, but probably one of the more significant foundational documents of the Frankfurt School, here by the most frankfurty of the bunch. (Marcuse, Fromm, and Adorno are all more famous, but this guy captures the Frankfurt principle best, I think.) Five essays. First is an argument regarding subjective and objective reason. The former is “the force that ultimately makes reasonable actions possible,” “the faculty of classification, inference, and deduction, no matter what the [...]

    4. Pablo

      Este libro no es una simple reacción ante el holocausto, sino que una reflexión profunda sobre la razón que nos está llevando, sobre todo en los días de hoy, a la barbarie nuevamente. No niega la razón para rescatar viejas supersticiones, sino que busca rescatar la razón para los humanos y un mejor porvenir.

    5. Nick

      I decided to read Horkheimer because of his interest in Arthur Schopenhauer, a philosopher usually not dear to those in the Marxist tradition given his intense personal hatred of Hegel and the association with Nietzsche and the Nazis. His metaphysical pessimism seems to go against the gospel of the inevitable triumph of the workers and the possibility of an end to human misery in the communist society. But Horkheimer and other western Marxists, especially in the Frankfurt School which he was a f [...]

    6. Kate

      How do you rate a theoretical work? I certainly don't know. Here's some of what I got out of it.In this book Horkheimer examines how reason, once used to identify societal goals such as truth, justice, and freedom, has become instead divorced from its objective roots and is now a subjective tool used to justify any particular means and ends regardless of their nature. In particular, Horkheimer wrote this book to address the actions of Third Reich Germany and how Nazism was able to make its genoc [...]

    7. David

      This was a great read. Adorno and Horkheimer were working hard to make sense of a world where much had gone very wrong. This book was written, in English, as a book version of a series of talks Horkheimer delivered while he was living in the US. Perhaps because of this, it is quite lucid and to the point. The ideas are big but are not unnecessarily swathed in difficult verbiage.The critiques of culture and the march of industry are still incredibly applicable, too. I think I looked at the copyri [...]

    8. Matt

      Whether this situation is a necessary phase in the general ascent of society as a whole, or whether it will lead to a victorious re-emergence of the neo-barbarism recently defeated on the battlefields, depends at least in part on our ability to interpret accurately the profound changes now taking place in the public mind and in human nature.Horkheimer's treatise on the instrumentalization, the formalization, of reason is as prescient and disturbing a piece of critical theory as I think one is li [...]

    9. Hamdanil

      Okay read. Contrasts "subjective reason", reason used to further other goals, and objective reason (used to find the absolute truth). The author criticizes the rise of subjective reason, including saying that such thinking doesn't have any absolute ground to reject evil ideologies such as nazism. His critique of subjective reason, including his time's industrial powers and national propaganda, is interesting to follow. However, he doesn't expand too much on what objective reason looks like, so i [...]

    10. Mark

      Was going to give this four stars but the last essay is good. It sags a bit in the middle. The beginning and end are very good. I had to look up what was meant by objective and subjective reason. I thought I had an idea. I'm not totally sold on the soundness of the argument, but I think I get it.

    11. Leonardo

      Este libro de 1947, fue luego ampliado y publicado en 1967 comoCrítica de la Razón Instrumental.----A la vista de acontecimientos históricos como el triunfo del nacionalsocialismo, la victoria del estalinismo y el aumento general del control del Estado en Occidente, en la década de los treinta Max Horkheimer llegó a la conclusión de que lo que anteriormente había caracterizado al capitalismo –el mercado y la propiedad privada– ya no constituía sus principios organizativos esenciales [...]

    12. Pavel

      The central contention of Eclipse of Reason (as of Dialektik der Aufklärung) is that the form of “reason” born of “enlightenment”, while promising “emancipation”, produced and produces further forms of “domination”. With respect to this contention, what I take to be particularly resourceful within this book is Horkheimer’s admittance that: “An underlying assumption of the present discussion has been that philosophical awareness of these processes may help to reverse them.” [...]

    13. Grant Volle

      Horkheimer is less Marxist than Hegelian, maintaining that the dialectic between theory and practice is what drives history. This work sets out a distinction between objective and subjective, or instrumental, reason and then examines the consequences of the latter without the former. It is thus highly critical of positivism and the idea that practicality is the highest good. Neo-thomism and various other responses to positivism also come under attack, usually for the same reasons as does positiv [...]

    14. Ivan Labayne

      ang gusto lang naman yatang sabihin dito ni horkheimer: the universalist project of the enlightenment only served the interests of Capital, i.e. by making instruments out of and reifying people and making them subservient to the system's social pressures. while the post-structuralists were just about to announce and celebrate the death of the 'universals,' horkheimer here was semi-appealing for the recognition of the necessity of these universals. he won't call out names, pero putsa marxistang i [...]

    15. Julien V

      That was amazing. A bit depressing because of the contemporary relevance of its main argument (against instrumental reason and mass culture), but really edifying. It's the perfect introduction to the Frankfurt school and to the "negative dialectics" approach. Horkheimer's critique of American pragmatism is too dismissive perhaps, but besides that, this short book is pure genius.

    16. Jacques le fataliste et son maître

      Fondamentale per comprendere molti aspetti del nostro mondo – soprattutto, credo, il modo in cui la riflessione (condivisa, pubblica, razionale) sui valori che fondano la società è stata del tutto cancellata, sostituita da pulsioni viscerali, istinti, idee ricevute, senso comune ecc che ben si coniugano al dominio della tecnica (a questo punto cieca).

    17. Mahmoud Haggui

      هورك هايمر يقول كل عقل مأدلج اغتاله وحش الايدولوجيا و الروتين يقفد إستقلاله يفقد قدرته على العمل ولا يبقى منه إلا الوظائف الإجرائية التى تسمح بالسيطرة على الطبيعة و المجتمع، يبقى منه محض عمل إدراكى يمارس بيه العمل بكل اليه, ارسطو يقول الانسان حيوان مفكر. تماماً نفس فكر هايمر [...]

    18. Kevin Mckinney

      this was really cool. certainly can't claim to have understood all of it but it was one of those books where almost every paragraph could become another book. maybe when i'm a few years smarter i'll come back to it and totally change my mind

    19. Dilan Alma

      Pek çok tartışmaya muhteşem bir giriş kitabı. Frakfurt okulunun en özgün kitaplarından biri değil belki ama bence tam bir doğru zamanda doğru kitap ve okulun en kolay anlaşılır kitabı muhtemelen.Bir de Orhan Koçak'ın muhteşem önsözü

    20. Alex

      I'll be honest, I read this in late 2003 and my memory is a little fuzzy EXCEPT that I remember being blown away by Horkheimer's intellect.Not an easy read.

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