The best day of someone else's life

The best day of someone else s life The thrill the attention the big white dress it s the best day of your life Unless of course it s always the best day of someone else s life Vi finds herself a bridesmaid time and time again and

  • Title: The best day of someone else's life
  • Author: Kerry Reichs
  • ISBN: 9781409102670
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • The best day of someone else's life

    The thrill, the attention, the big white dress it s the best day of your life Unless, of course, it s always the best day of someone else s life Vi finds herself a bridesmaid time and time again, and is forced to take a close look at her life and where it s going.

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    One thought on “The best day of someone else's life

    1. Mishio555

      I thought this book would be just a fun read the way the movie 27 dresses was a fun, but mindless romance story. It certainly lead me to believe it would be since the narrative was going into weddings of three of her friends on back to back weekends with horrifying all navy dresses. But it was a bore to read, perhaps I opened the book with too much expectation but the narrative was plodding along in a 16 year old girl sort of way.She writes in vernacular words I imagine girls at the mall still s [...]

    2. Kendra

      By page 74, I was so annoyed that I just couldn't go any further with this book. The main character, Vi, is an irritating mid-20s slacker who has a pre-teen girl's obsession with weddings. This is chick lit at its absolute worst -- and the writing is painfully awkward, too. Because I like Kathy Reich's series (even if I have some issues with her writing as well), I had hopes that her daughter's book would be similarly enjoyable. Instead, it reads like exactly what it is: A fluffy, purposeless bo [...]

    3. Sheila

      I used to watch "Friends" on TV. That was back when we lived in England. The networks showed it late at night when my kids were safe in bed. Then we moved to the States and it was shown at 6pm. No way could we persuade the kids to do homework while Mum and Dad sat on the sofa in front of the box, so no more Friends. And we never saw a single Friends wedding.Anyway, if you liked "Friends," you’ll probably like Kerry Reich’s book, "The Best Day of Someone Else’s Life." It’s filled with cha [...]

    4. gille

      The Best Day of Someone Else's Life by Kerry Reichs is a book about weddings. I did not like it at all for the first 100 pages, but I am a trooper and I trudged on. In the end, I actually really enjoyed the book and read it in just a few days. As usually happens with me, I got roped into the plot mid-way through and then I couldn't put it down.I had a few problems with this book. The biggest was the unnecessary use of capitalization for emotions. This was a huge reason I did not like the book at [...]

    5. Marte Patel

      The Best Day of Someone Else’s Life is a funny, easy-going novel about marriage and weddings, narrated by twenty-something Vi Connelly. Vi attends about a dozen weddings throughout the novel, ranging from the sporty, the tacky, the traditional to the violent (!). Her adventures and mishaps are interspersed with passages debating the institution of marriage, the idea that your wedding is the best day of your life, and the alternatives to getting married.The characters are all likeable and less [...]

    6. Kelly Hand

      I have to say the rating categories are a little annoying. There are few contemporary novels that are in fact "amazing," and I was tempted to opt for four stars because indeed "I really liked it," but it deserves four and a half stars simply for being such an impressive example of how books that fall into the "chick lit" category can be more than just frivolous beach reads. So, I rounded up. I read this a while ago, but still remember how often it made me laugh out loud, yet what stays with me [...]

    7. Christianne

      The author's writing style is really awkward. (Perhaps I was paying close attention because she's a former lawyer.) Also, I found myself questioning the reality of being invited to and attending as many weddings as the main character did. She feels compelled to go to each and every wedding, and has the nerve to complain about buying gifts and the duties of being a bridesmaid (even though she craves the spotlight). She piles on top of that by passing judgment on each couple. In the copy I borrowe [...]

    8. julia

      I'm Glad I kept reading this book through the first 100 pages. I usually skip to the end and give up on a book that's this much work. Once Reichs got her groove the story improved and I started seeing the point.There were two things I found really Annoying. The first was her introduction of so many characters. I found it Confusing, Unnecessary, and a little bit Strange. The other thing was the continued use of capitalizing the protagonist's feelings. It was Humorous in the beginning but by the e [...]

    9. rainyfeathers

      I'm going to try and finish this book but man does it have some problems. First of all the main character Vi acts and speaks like some teenager and not a 28/29 year old. The next problem is that book tries to be witty and fails so hard. Half the time when I was reading the first 60 pages I had to keep going back to see if I missed something because the character seem to speak in code or their own language. Also I hate HATE when authors try and write in regional accents. That is bad fanfiction ri [...]

    10. Jen

      Vi is 28 going on 29 and she is still looking for the perfect man.Meanwhile, all of her friends are getting married. This book is about all of the weddings that she attends and how her feelings about marriage changes as she goes all over creation to attend these weddings.Will Vi find the perfect man? Will she become the bride instead of the bridesmaid?The book was ok but i thought it was too long with way too many details.

    11. Kristin

      4.25 stars.The Best Day of Someone Else’s Life focuses on Kevin “Vi” Connolly and her group of friends and family, and is specifically about the marathon of weddings she’s going to be attending over the course of the year and how they and her relationships change her view of weddings and marriage.Reich’s knack for dialog is terrific. Vi’s sense of humor, especially when she deadpans it with a particularly clueless, or witless, person, is perfect. The snappy back and forth between Vi [...]

    12. Dana

      "The Best Day Of Someone Else's Life" is an excellent book for people who are already married or who are currently living in bridesmaid hell (sorry Marissa). The book easily captured the torture of having to shell out mass amounts of money for clothing and shoes picked by others, which are inevitably hideous. I liked Kevin, née Vi's, sense of humor, which was the best aspect of the book. I connected with her as she explained how when she is on a plane she is transfixed to her book and doesn't w [...]

    13. Barbarac

      Ugh, I don't usually have time to write reviews, so I've been reserving reviews for 1 and 5 star books. This one deserves a short review. I thought this would be a funny chick-lit weekend book. I thought I'd laugh a bit, and then enjoy some romance.Instead i was physically sick. How many times I wanted to throw the book across the room, and thankfully remembered it's a Kindle and I don't want to have to replace it.This book made me not want to attend another wedding in my life! It was so boring, [...]

    14. Margaret

      The first half of this book seemed to be nothing more than a march through every wedding the main character, Vi, goes through. It's tedious and fairly boring. Also, being in the D.C. area, it was a little annoying to see all the references to various establishments, as if simply throwing the name of a restaurant in would either impress or give someone a sense of place. The problem is, those names mean nothing to 99 percent of the world outside of the metro area and come across more as name-dropp [...]

    15. Megan

      I started this book probably 2 years ago. I picked it up cheap because I liked the cover, but I read about 20 pages and just couldn't get into it and quit. I recently picked it up again, and after getting through the boring beginning, it did get better in the middle. The main character becomes refreshingly bitter, and much more normal than your average chick lit woman. However, that is all erased when she becomes so bitter that she pushes happiness away, and then when it's all resolved into a pe [...]

    16. Kee

      When i first purchased the novel, i thought it may have been the story that 27 Dresses was based on. Loved that movie, and loved this book too/Light, easy, lazy-sunday kind of read.Enjoyable plot, loved the characters, and the ideas on marriage :)There was so much alcohol-drinking in the novel though!!! It was very relate-able, and a great chic-lit novel. Witty, charming and honestLoved the writing style, though some of the dialogue was a bit confusing, and towards the end, i noticed some weirdl [...]

    17. Dawn

      Cute book with a likeable "heroine." Vi, short for Kevin--yes, she's a girl--endures a monumental string of weddings in which she is either a bridesmaid or a guest. Along the way, she realizes that the reality of marriage is not what she had perceived it to be from a young age. This, in turn, leads to some soul searching and questioning of her own hard-won (and by that, I mean, it takes up a good bit of the book) relationship. Overall, I liked this book but was just a tiny bit disappointed with [...]

    18. Babette

      I read this book because I was curious to see what Kathy Reichs' daughter could write. It was a slow start - I was reading in a critical mood and thought the book was rather uninspired. However, I picked it up around six yesterday morning and had a marathon read. My opinion softened. I suppose the book I would compare this to is Bridget Jones' Diary, perhaps not quite as clever. I warmed to some of the characters and got caught in the romance of the story. So I am not sorry I read it. It is very [...]

    19. Sarah (Mood Reader)

      Overall, this was a good book. It had points that made me laugh out loud, which a book has failed to do in a long time. I really enjoyed this book and seemed to flip through the pages at a pretty good pace (for me). I would definitely read another book by her in the future (since this was her first for me). However at the end the pages seemed to drag on and I found myself wondering if the book would have been better if it had been cut in half. All in all though this book was a great book and pro [...]

    20. Anne

      In the chick lit genre, there's a balance between silly and cheesy that makes for nothing more than passing the time away, and relatable insight that makes a book heart warming. This author has found just the right balance far more often than not. There are several memorable funny moments in this book - one that even had me laughing out loud. When a book covers about 13 weddings, the characters moving in and out can be a little tough to keep track of. I did have to flip back a few times to doubl [...]

    21. Lizz

      This book was not as good as I was hoping. Cool that much of it took place in Charlotte and DC, and I recognized several locales, but overall it was bleh. The narrator was overindulgent and constantly trying too hard to make witty remarks and said things like "cha, right" way way too often really could have been cut down at least 100 pages i did find myself wanting to know what was going to happen in the end, which is the only reason i kept reading, but i wasn't too thrilled by the ending. some [...]

    22. Jacqueline

      I didn't like this book as much as the other one that I read by this author, but as it went along it got better. I read it to get my mind off the serious reading I had to do for school, but I felt the story was too long and too detailed overall. At 431 pages, it definitely had extraneous detail and even parts of the storyline that were not needed. I could not get into it at first and it took me a long time to finish the book, mostly due to lack of interest. Once I hit the midpoint of the text, t [...]

    23. Shannon

      This is somewhat like the movie 27 dresses - but different. Vi ends up either attending or participating in 15 weddings in 13 months. In the beginning she is a wedding fanatic who loves all things big wedding. However, near the end of the wedding extravaganzas, she becomes a wedding cynic who believes that so many women want so bbadly to marry and have a wedding that they don't really consider who they are marrying. And then Vi falls in love. With a man who believes in marriage. Who will win? Cu [...]

    24. J&B Reviews

      Loved it mostly.This book was going to be a five star until the last 30 pages. No spoilers here, I'm just sayin. The other 400 were terrific. Kerry Reichs really has a way with words. Vi is a fully fleshed character and I thoroughly loved being in her head except for those pesky last 30 pages.Do I recommend this book? Yes I do, I highly recommend it, in fact. Just because I didn't much care for the ending, I have a feeling that I'm probably in the minority on this one. So buy, read, and marvel a [...]

    25. Katie

      Another wedding based novel, but this one focused more on the wedding party rather than the bride, so it was a nice change. The story takes one woman who thinks that your wedding day is the best day of your life and you follow her through wedding after wedding, both as a bridesmaid and a guest. You slowly see her thoughts on this change and the book makes you start thinking about how wedding are perceived as well.

    26. Briana Alzola

      This is Reichs' first novel but the second one I read. I didn't like this one quite as much, just because I felt Maeve, in Reichs' second novel, was more my style than her sister Vi, the main character in this one. I do love, however, how this book is different than the other novel. They are both unique, which is one of the things that endears me to authors the fastest. As a movie enthusiast and pun fan, I loved the word play in this novel, as well. A very pleasant book.

    27. Keri

      I really enjoyed the first half of this book, when Vi, the narrator, gets invited to several friends' weddings in a row and is the maid of honor for each. It was fun getting to read about Vi connecting with old friends and flames, throwing bridal showers, picking gifts, and writing maid of honor speeches. However, then the story just kept dragging on. There were suddenly too many characters and weddings to keep track of and Vi's sudden realization at the story's end came out of nowhere.

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