The Uncrowned King

The Uncrowned King Rolencia s ancestry enemy Merofynia has invaded and marches on King Rolen s castle Powerless to help thirteen yeard old Piro watches as her father King Rolen listens to poisoned whispers against

  • Title: The Uncrowned King
  • Author: Rowena Cory Daniells
  • ISBN: 9781907519055
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Uncrowned King

    Rolencia s ancestry enemy, Merofynia, has invaded and marches on King Rolen s castle Powerless to help, thirteen yeard old Piro watches as her father, King Rolen, listens to poisoned whispers against Bryen How could the King doubt his second son Determined to prove his loyalty, Bryen races across the path of the advancing army to ask the Abbot to send the warriors monksRolencia s ancestry enemy, Merofynia, has invaded and marches on King Rolen s castle Powerless to help, thirteen yeard old Piro watches as her father, King Rolen, listens to poisoned whispers against Bryen How could the King doubt his second son Determined to prove his loyalty, Bryen races across the path of the advancing army to ask the Abbot to send the warriors monks in defence of the castle.

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    • Unlimited [Religion Book] ✓ The Uncrowned King - by Rowena Cory Daniells ↠
      211 Rowena Cory Daniells
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    One thought on “The Uncrowned King

    1. Charlton

      I enjoyed this book,what with the now family of three spread out.Youngest brother Fyn lives in a abbey,older brother Byren is in the wild.And teenage sister Piro is living in the castle.Byren knows of an encroaching enemy so he is between the castle and the abbey because he knows the elder monks are skilled warriors.This would be good defense for the castle if he can get them back in time.What he doesn't know is the enemy is making an attack on the abbey as well.Now we have Fyn at the abbey,does [...]

    2. Bob Milne

      As I mentioned last time around, Rowena Cory Daniells is an author I've had my eye on for a while now, ever since Besieged (the first book in her Outcast Chronicles) made my Waiting on Wednesday list back in May. So, when she reached out to me last month to ask if I'd be interested in reviewing both trilogies, I jumped at the chance.The Uncrowned King is the second instalment of her King Rolen's Kin trilogy, traditionally the weakest part of any trilogy. With the story already established, and t [...]

    3. Mieneke

      Just to keep you on your toes, today I review another Rowena Cory Daniells book but it's not Sanctuary, the last book in her The Outcast Chronicles trilogy, rather it is the second book in her King Rolen's Kin trilogy. As I've been very enthusiastic about the previous Daniells books I've reviewed on A Fantastical Librarian, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I really enjoyed The Uncrowned King as well. The book reunites the reader with Byren, Fyn and Piro, King Rolen's youngest children and fo [...]

    4. Richard Radgoski

      I complained during the first book that the story seemed to jump this way and that episodes to help define characters instead of a series of events to define the story. I didn't like it (and book 1 got a 3 star) but now that the story is moving (events set in the final 3rd of book 1), the writing is more crisp and all of the events have a direct impact on the plot. I em enjoying the characters far more and look forward to reading book 3. Ultimately, the story focuses upon Byren, Fyn and Prio - t [...]

    5. Stephen Mullins

      This book is pretty good and I'll continue to read the series to see what happens. Personally I enjoy novels with more world building and description, more intricacies in the plot and characters. The author more writes on the faster pace of action and plot development. That's fine for some and I did like reading this story, don't get me wrong. I would recommend this to anyone who wants something more than fast young adult but not in the epic fantasy realm either.

    6. Alysia

      I enjoyed this book more so than the first. It still suffered a bit from its moments where the characters fall for stupid things that sets it up all too conveniently for the plot to continue. The character growth is there and has been well done so I am going into the third book hopeful that it continues to improve with the use of intrigue and foreshadowing.

    7. PhoenixFantasy

      If, like me, you enjoyed the first book you'll enjoy this one just as much. It's another healthy dose of the same fast-paced, character-driven, small-scale fantasy fun. All the same positives from the first book are present, and the negative of the constant repetition is there too, unfortunately. This repetition has something of a cumulative effect in terms of annoyance for me, it's still heavily outweighed by the good stuff, but it justrankles. Time and again we hear the characters expressing t [...]

    8. Nerine Dorman

      I was less than impressed by book #1, The King's Bastard, for various reasons, yet I found the setting and the characters compelling enough for me to sally forth and purchase book #2. I'm happy to report that the writing shows a marked improvement though, from time to time, Daniells does slip up with characters' motivations, and my horrid little editor's eye even picked up some typographical gremlins. I will, however, state that the characters have totally stolen my heart. Byren is my firm favou [...]

    9. Torzilla

      Ah, THE UNCROWNED KING If you read my review of book 1 in the King Rolen's Kin series, you know that I was eagerly awaiting the second book. Imagine my dismay when the entire month of August passed with me being unable to read what happened next until the very end. Now imagine my delight when I finally could read it (I was doing a bit of a happy dance in my seat, if you couldn't imagine said delight).I will admit, I did enjoy the first book better. Setting the scene, learning about the world/cha [...]

    10. Cindy

      We start off immediately where The King's Bastard left us. Byren is leaving behind a blazing Dovecote estate and skating as fast as possible to warn the monks of Halcyon of the impeding danger. Meanwhile Piro is still trying to escape the cunning Cobalt who has wrapped her father around his finger and Fyn, left behind with the young and elderly while the monks went to battle, realizes there is something very wrong with the message the abbot received from his father to call the monks to arms. Eac [...]

    11. Victoria

      "The Uncrowned King" continues on the journey of Bryen, Piro, and Fyn as they seek to find retribution and purpose after the massacre of their family. Daniells takes us further into the world and shows us the world and people beyond Rolencia.This book is definitely a fast paced read. I finished it in a day and a half. I did enjoy reading it; however it seemed more like a set up to book 3 than a continuation of the same kind of explosive plot that happened in "The King's Bastard." The plot line d [...]

    12. Blodeuedd Finland

      Some spoilers from book 1 are coming upThis was a good follow-up to book 1, it is also much shorter than book 1. Not that I mind chunky books, oh no, I love those. But this one still was packed with action and drama.Lence is dead and Byren is no heir to Rolencia. He needs to get to the warrior monks to save his kingdom. Fyn has a feeling that they have been betrayed, and for someone who didn't have much affinity he sure feels more now. And then there is the last sibling, Piro, who is hiding in h [...]

    13. Paula Murray-barrett

      I read the first three of this series in under two weeks. I really really like this author. I get so bored with fantasy which is purely and simply battles and orcs. These have so much more. Very easy reading they delve into the politics and espionage of the medieval fantasy world. Very clever plot, easily written. Nice characters which you get behind easily.Some poignant issues! A good insight into race/culture hate and the dangers of overly fervent religion. The dangers of power and political m [...]

    14. Devi

      Slightly shorter than the first book, this continues to be readable but mildly frustrating. This book - actually both these books so far - could have benefited from more detail and depth. Some developments are glossed over or just plain skipped (Seela arriving at the rebel's mountain hideaway for instance. How did she know where to look if the enemy can't find it?), and I am still having major problems with the flipping the character Byren is doing over his gay best friend. One minute he's guilt [...]

    15. Matthew Baker

      WOWI just finished the third book in THE CHRONICLES OF KING ROLEN'S KIN trilogy and I have to say: I am blown away. Author Rowena Cory Daniells is an amazing storyteller and builds a world both vivid and believable. I don't think I've read epic fantasy this, well, `epic' since the last Forgotten Realms novel, which would have been around 1996. Whatever you do, pick up these three books as soon as possible.If you've never read high fantasy before, now is the time to start. This is a master of the [...]

    16. Leo (Rahien Sorei)

      This was entertaining, but I did not particularly love it. Daniells is still overly fond of making her characters emotional cripples who rehash the same issues again and again. I am much less willing to forgive this conceit since it's grown to be quite irritating since the first book - a prime example is Byren's unending angst over Orrade's homosexuality. It pops up continuously. Another theme I took issue with is how Daniells depicted her characters' grief. It seemed identical across plot lines [...]

    17. Melanie

      As far as sequels go, this book was really quite good. I found The King's Bastard to be dull and lifeless at times, and I found it a challenge to continue on with it when it really became a struggle to remain interested - the storyline didn't interest me, and I found it repetetive. But I'm glad I stayed with it, because The Uncrowned King made up for it.The Uncrowned King, however, picked up significantly. It's clear that it was originally part of The King's Bastard - it's a third of its size an [...]

    18. Ashley

      Once again, Rowena Cory Daniells has taken me on a fantastic, stressful journey through the fictional kingdom of Rolencia. I remember reading the first quarter of the first book, and thinking that nothing could possibly be worse for these characters than being disowned or betrayed. How wrong I was! In this book, everything literally dissolves into chaos, and I was so stressed throughout most of it that I had to take a few breaks from the book.I still hate Cobalt with a fiery, burning passion, an [...]

    19. Jackie

      The Uncrowned Kingby Rowena Cory Daniells5 out of 5 StarsBravo, Daniells, bravo! You took a very intriguing first book in The King's Bastard and made an absolutely splendid second in this very promising series! I have so few qualms about The Uncrowned King that I find them too menial to worry over. Rarely do I bestow the coveted Five Star rating and I'm so glad that I can now crown this book as one of the select few! My minor issues: #1 the over-repeated use of "sea-hounds" in nearly every other [...]

    20. Emerch

      2nd book of King Rolen's Kin takes a leap ahead from annoyance of 1st book. Rolencia is conquered by Merofynians and Lence is dead leaving Byren as the hunted heir of Rolencia's throne and his two siblings are not safe either.Eeach on their turn they are destined to flee their conquers, not knowing about each others whereabout nor if the others are dead or alive.Piro's hiding withing the castle, trying desperately to find a way to help her mother, the queen who is captured by their treacherous c [...]

    21. LockeJaw

      This was disappointing. Generally speaking, I try to be marginally more lenient on middle books in trilogies, for the simple fact that they're stuck in the middle of the plot. Here, I cannot find it in me to recommend this book, even with that caveat. A few things stand out. The characters don't evolve so much as they fester. Instead of displaying growth, they merely double down on the character traits displayed in the previous book. A standout example is the whole Warrior of Palos 'conflict' (u [...]

    22. Gavin Gates

      The middle book of a series in normally a big, thick filler trying to meet up built up characters from the first and put them into the beginning adventure for the next, in 'The Uncrowned King' though, this generalisation could not be further from the mark. A little shorter than it's predecessor and set out at breakneck speed from the first word through to the last. The already extremely memorable cast of characters and a wealth of new and previously background players developed even further than [...]

    23. ShariMulluane

      Consider this volume a weak bridge between book one and book three. Also a short bridge, as the page count is almost half that of The King's Bastard. My growing dislike for Byren aside, his sister Piro impressed me with her growing maturity and is becoming my favorite character. Fyn also developed some backbone even though he remains seriously naive about how things really stand. I gleaned more insights into how Affinity works, sorta. I still have more questions then answers but it did become mo [...]

    24. Jill Smith

      This book continues the mesmerising magical journey that enthralls the reader in the wonderfully crafted world of Rolencia.The plight of a slave and her rescue could be the salvation of the Kings kin. We are drawn into the world of a family who struggle individually to battle evil around them. I loved how Piro and Fyn the youngest of the Kings children battled their way through a journey to recognition of who they were. Not easy being the siblings of Byren Kingson and his twin Lence. They did no [...]

    25. Ralph

      This is the second book of the King Rolen's Kin series by Daniells, and continues from where THE KING'S BASTARD ended. The saga continues as betrayal, war and suffering thrive in Rolencia. Byren, now the heir to the throne, continues trying to warn his father of the invasion of Merofynia. Fyn tries to do the same, and Piro watches as her 'cousin' betrays her father.I read through this one pretty fast. Same as the first one, that I felt it was written as if intended for a younger audience, but st [...]

    26. Kevin Syers

      This book is more of a 3.5 bit I'm feeling generous so I'll give it a 4. The biggest thing I didn't like about this book is that the characters don't seem to develop. They keep behaving like they did from the beginning. One of the biggest drawbacks to the plot is that the protagonists seem to get out of their situations with convenient luck instead of actually having to deal with their problems. This is a sign of lazy writing and really hurt the believability. But I'm still interested in the cha [...]

    27. Gardavson

      I'm truly enjoying this series. I think it helps that I've been able to fully devote my time to it. Again, it reminds me a bit of Game of Thrones but on a less sexual level. I won't argue literary merits between the two, but just to say there are similarities with perhaps less frustration in this one, which I like. It's not the elements of the book per se that make it so enjoyable, but the book as a whole, the pacing, the writing. I find myself immersed in the characters and their story and am r [...]

    28. Katharine (Ventureadlaxre)

      Katharine is a judge for the Sara Douglass 'Book Series' Award. This entry is the personal opinion of Katharine herself, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of any judging panel, the judging coordinator or the Aurealis Awards management team. I won't be recording my thoughts (if I choose to) here until after the AA are over.

    29. Yagiz Erkan

      This second installment of the King Rolen's Kin trilogy is as enjoyable as the first one. The book itself is shorter than the first one and it feels like it is faster than the first book probably because it doesn't contain the introductory chapters. I'm going to start reading the last book as soon as I finish what I'm currently reading.

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