In Harm's Way

In Harm s Way The New York Times bestselling author delivers another extraordinary Walt Fleming thriller Sun Valley sheriff Walt Fleming s budding relationship with photographer Fiona Kenshaw hits a rough patch aft

  • Title: In Harm's Way
  • Author: Ridley Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780399156540
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In Harm's Way

    The New York Times bestselling author delivers another extraordinary Walt Fleming thriller Sun Valley sheriff Walt Fleming s budding relationship with photographer Fiona Kenshaw hits a rough patch after Fiona is involved in a heroic river rescue and she attempts to duck the press Despite her job and her laudable actions, she begs Walt to keep her photo out of the paper,The New York Times bestselling author delivers another extraordinary Walt Fleming thriller Sun Valley sheriff Walt Fleming s budding relationship with photographer Fiona Kenshaw hits a rough patch after Fiona is involved in a heroic river rescue and she attempts to duck the press Despite her job and her laudable actions, she begs Walt to keep her photo out of the paper, avoiding him when he can t Then Walt gets a phone call that changes everything Lou Boldt, a police sergeant out of Seattle, calls to report that a recent murder may have a Sun Valley connection After a badly beaten body is discovered just off a local highway, Walt knows there is a link but can he pull the pieces together in time Watch a Video

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    One thought on “In Harm's Way

    1. Andy

      [This review is based on an Advanced Reader Copy won through the First Reads program.:]It is refreshing to read a crime novel that recognizes that thrills are not borne out of extremes. The most exciting parts of In Harm's Way are not action sequences but conversations. Pearson knows how to write dialog. There is never the sense that his characters are engaged in a conspiracy to advance the plot -- they say what real people would say under the same circumstances. Frequently a conversation will [...]

    2. Sheri

      Walt Fleming is the Sheriff in Sun Valley. He gets a call from Lou Boldt, police Sergeant in Seattle, regaring a murder that may have a Sun Valley connection. Next a badly beaten body is found at the side of the highway and Walt has this feeling the two may be linked.Fiona Krenshaw, a crime sceen photographer who is romantically involved with walt, was involved in a river rescue. She pleads with Walt to keep her face out of the papers, which has him perplexed as to her reasoning. The drama incre [...]

    3. Kat

      i just found out i won this! cant wait to start it!! thank you !this was a good mystery, kept me guessing to the very end! i liked the charaters, they seemed very real. i hope Ridley Pearson writes more books with the sheriff. i really liked that charater and would love to see more stories about him. i dont want to give the ending away to anyone who has not finished it but im glad he isnt killed! keep up the good work, this is the great begining of a new series of books!!!

    4. Ginny

      This was my first experience with this author and I enjoyed it. I like that the book was set in the Hailey, Idaho, area because it's where so many famous people have homes and I could learn something about it. I loved the characters of Walt Fleming and Lou Boldt and even though they are characters in earlier books, I was able to read this as a stand-alone and fully invest in the characters.

    5. Jim

      Another huge disappointment reading the fourth Walt Flemming series book from author Ridley Pearson. The first two books in the series were just okay, (Gave both 3 Stars each). The third book in series was a dud, (2 Stars). So I didn't have high hopes starting, "In Harm's Way". Another far too long and over reaching tale that keeps getting lost in the woods. At 490 pages paperback there were points I though I'd never get through it. Super detective Lou Boldt popped in from Seattle to puff up the [...]

    6. Monica

      This is the first book that I have ever read by Ridley Pearson and I have to say I find his work pleasantly enticing. I love reading mysteries and was thrilled to win this book from the Early Reviewers program. I started reading the book as soon as it arrived in my mailbox.In Harm's Way is the 4th book in the Walt Fleming Novels. I am honored to say that I was able to enjoy the book even though I was not familiar with the characters in the novel prior to reading this book. Walt Fleming is sherif [...]

    7. Carl Alves

      In Harm’s Way was a bit of a mixed bag. While the writing was professional and the story was compelling enough to keep me interested throughout, it had enough flaws to keep me from thoroughly enjoying it. Set in Sun Valley, Idaho, a hideout for the rich and famous, the start of the mystery portion of the novel and the subsequent events that unfold occur when Sheriff Walt Fleming finds the dead body of a former professional football player with a very violent past. The player has ties to severa [...]

    8. S.D.

      Walt Fleming is a sheriff in Sun Valley investigating the death of a star athlete which might be connected to another murder, Caroline Vetta, who was assumed to be a call girl. Maybe this is a series (I haven't read Pearson before) because I was dropped into a "budding" romance between Fleming and his crime scene photographer, Fiona Kenshaw. He is divorced from his wife who took up with one of his deputies. Neither Fleming nor Fiona his girlfriend were that interesting. Fleming is sensitive abou [...]

    9. Cynthisa

      A well-done crime / mystery / drama sort of a tale and a satisfying read. This the first book I've read by Ridley Pearson and I really enjoyed it. I'd burned out on Faye Kellerman's Peter Decker-Rina Lazarus mysteries and was looking for something in a similar crime/mystery vein. Pearson's book fit the bill VERY nicely. A lot like Kellerman in that the internal psyches and emotional states of the main characters (one man and one woman, again, just like Kellerman) really take the front row in the [...]

    10. Kevin Allmaras

      I like this author and his characters. Walt Fleming is the Sheriff of a small resort town out West that is inhabited by the rich and famous. In this book he finally breaks through with his paramour Fiona. After being divorced and conflicted for the past three years he finally lets himself off the hook. What happens with this story is a former steroided out football star gets released from jail for beating up his ex-girlfriend. He comes to Walt's town to track down the people he had hurt in his p [...]

    11. Kathleen Davis

      This book is, in my opinion, the best of the three books in this Walt Fleming series, although all of them are good.When I won this book from , I felt obliged to read the first two books in the series before reading and reviewing this one. That said, I think that someone could read this novel without the benefit of the other ones, and still enjoy it. This book stands well on its own.Without giving away the plot, suffice it to say that anyone who likes solid adventure/mystery novels will like thi [...]

    12. Linda B

      In Harm's Way is a good mystery/police drama with a likeable main character. Walt Fleming is a single dad trying to balance his difficult, time consuming job with the time he needs to spend with his children. There are interesting interactions with his coworkers, including his new romantic interest, Fiona Kenshaw. I thought Fiona's emotional issues were a little over-the-top without a complete explanation, and the character of Kira got a little lost in the story. Lou Boldt from another of Pearso [...]

    13. Bob

      Sheriff Walt Flemming's increasing friendship with his part time crime scene photographer Fiona Kenshaw hits a bump when Fiona is photographed herself following her rescue of a young girl from a storm swollen river. Fiona is adamant about not having her picture published in the papers and asks Walt to intercede with them to keep the pictures out, but she won't divulge the reason behind the request. When Fiona disappears after receiving a text msg during a banquet he becomes worried. Walt is aske [...]

    14. Teresa Kmetz

      I first became aware of Ridley Pearson's young adult series Kingdom Keepers. I have finished the first two books of this series and then had the opportunity to meet the author at the book signing for his fourth book. Shortly after meeting the author, I was in the library and In Harm's Way was on the return rack behind the counter. I decided to check out the book to see what kind of stories he wrote.I really liked the story and the characters. The story is solid and the characters are likeable. I [...]

    15. Bill

      I am a big fan of Ridley Pearson's Lou Boldt novels and his more recent Walt Fleming series. Sun Valley, Idaho, adds to the conflict between the beautiful natural setting of the stories contrasting with the ugly human nature encounters as sheriff of the county. Sun Valley's draw brings celebrities--Hollywood and sports--to the area that Fleming has to deal with. In Harm's Way also brings some romance to the sheriff's personal life and his attraction to a local photgrapher involved in a murder ma [...]

    16. Mary Ellen

      Sun Valley sheriff Walt Fleming finds his burgeoning relationship with crime scene photographer Fiona Kenshaw constrained after Fiona's photo winds up in the paper after her dramatic rescue of a child. Meanwhile, legendary Seattle lawman Lou Boldt arrives in Sun Valley to follow up on a connection to a recent murder on his home turf. When a former NFL star is killed in Sun Valley, Walt struggles to pursue his investigation -- and assist Boldt's -- without compromising Fiona. In Harm's Way is an [...]

    17. Amy

      Walt Fleming, sheriff of Sun Valley, returns to sort out a murder in this small community of locals mixed with vacationing celebrities. A Seattle homicide draws Detective Boldt to Sun Valley and the two men become friends as well as allies in solving the crimes.[return][return]An apparent bear intrusion, a steroid-driven ex-football player and a new love interest for Sheriff Walt Fleming make this a character driven mystery. The action is slow until the somewhat predictable ending. A good read, [...]

    18. Annika Paxman

      I won this pre-release book off Firstreads. Pearson does an excellent job weaving characters, plot, evidence, and suspense into a book hard to put down! While, the reader, unfortunately encounters some foul language, the story in itself is exceptionally done! Not fully understanding the past of the crime scene photographer, Fiona Kenshaw keeps you questioning her actions and motives from the first chapter to the end. If you're looking for a good mystery, you won't be disapointed!

    19. Tracy

      This turned out to be a really good mystery. Sheriff Walt has developed a relationship with crime scene photographer Fiona Kenshaw. Unfortunately he doesn't know about Fiona's background, which she chooses to keep private and try to handle herself. Then someone from Fiona's past ends up dead and the evidence is directing Walt to her as the prime suspect. Should he trust her or trust his evidence?

    20. Kay

      This was another disappointing book by Pearson. His character Walt Fleming does nothing for me. He had his great character Lou Bolt play a small part in this boring book but it was so small it didn't liven it up. I found myself rereading pages because my mind kept wandering.

    21. Sandi Willis

      Sheriff Walt Fleming has a high profile murder to solve; a ex football player is found on the side of the road dead. So many clues, and only a few suspects. Was it the players ex agent, an NFL team owner or perhaps someone else? Was it a man, or could a woman have bludgeoned a huge linebacker to death? Walt has his hands full trying to solve the murder of Martel Gale, find a person that is breaking into homes, and juggle it with his two daughters, and a blossoming romance with the mysterious Fio [...]

    22. Diane

      Ridley Pearson is a really good mystery writer, and this book is no exception. It's a very involved story, set in a small town in Idaho, and involves the divorced local Sheriff, his twin daughters, and his romantic interest in a woman who is the photographer for the local police department. The plot is very intricate, involving several different murders, and Lou Boldt, a main character in many of Pearson's novels, makes a small appearance. A very good read.

    23. Grace

      I have listened to all of the Walt Fleming books as audiobooks. #3 was a little jarring since the narrator was a different person, and one gets used to the voices when listening to a series. I have thoroughly enjoyed this - and all the Walt Fleming - book(s). I like the methodical way Walt thinks and his process in determining where the evidence flows.

    24. David

      The plot is tensed with suspense, and it is difficult to connect the pieces into the conclusion until the end of the book. I found the writing to be stimulating, the psychological anecdotes from the characters appealed to me and I found there to be some knowledge to take away, but the book is enjoyable as a thriller first and foremost. Worth reading, especially for those who enjoy crime novels.

    25. Craig Dickson

      An only-at-times-thrilling 'thriller' set in a wealthy valley in Colorado (or somewhere). The main cop was interesting enough and had a cool dog, and parts were well-written and gripping, but I just didn't really give a shit about the case. Kind of a slog, but not terrible.

    26. Ronald Howell

      Not the best Pearson novel that I have read. Took to long to develop story line and wrapped the mystery up in the last 40 pages.

    27. Albert Riehle

      First of all, this book is a solid 3.5 stars. There are two things about it that, both of which really aggravated me, that kept me from rounding up instead of rounding down on the star count though. The first is shameless self promotion. The book is going along just fine, it's interesting, it's compelling, it's well-paced and we're in the thick of the mystery when Pearson commits one of the most blatantly tacky and pathetic mistakes I've ever come across in a book. He goes out of his way to hav [...]

    28. Jenny

      This is the second Pearson book that I have read. I enjoy the twists and turns that he puts into his books. He leads the reader into thinking who the guilty party is but before you know it there is another twist and you were wrong. I love a book that keeps me guessing.I found that there were quite a few characters to keep track of so that may frustrate some readers. I loved it. I enjoyed the complexities of the cases. The further you read, the more complex the cases became and it really pushed m [...]

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