A Mortal Glamour

A Mortal Glamour Amidst the many calamities of the late th century something sinister is at work among the sisters of la Tres Saunte Annunciacion a force the women and the men around them seem powerless to fight Wh

  • Title: A Mortal Glamour
  • Author: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
  • ISBN: 9780553245875
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Mortal Glamour

    Amidst the many calamities of the late 14th century something sinister is at work among the sisters of la Tres Saunte Annunciacion, a force the women and the men around them seem powerless to fight What is overwhelming both the holy and the damned The true horrors of a dark age combine with ingenious imagination for a tumultuous tale of tragic love and disastrous desire.

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    One thought on “A Mortal Glamour

    1. Elizabeth Reuter

      In France, just after the Black Death wiped out some 30 to 60% of Europe’s population, a small convent of nuns receives a young sister named Aungelique. She took holy orders against her will and naturally goes about making as much of a nuisance of herself as possible, putting the convent’s new Mother Superior, Leonie, to the test.Then a strange, seductive man shows up in the convent, and Aungelique is all too happy to welcome him inside. Suddenly the convent crops begin to die, the farm anim [...]

    2. Rich

      A friend of mine said this was one of the scariest books she'd ever read, focusing on nuns in a convent, slowly being overtaken by their inner lusts, as they are tempted by a demon. It took me a couple weeks after I had finished reading it to realize just how much it had gotten under my skin, always a sign of something good.

    3. Kris43

      I'm giving this 2 stars, because its a decent historical fiction. You can see from it, that stuff is well researched. It all happens in 14 st France in the time of the plague, wars and civil riots. Angelique is a daughter of a nobleman who only sees her as a means to further his family power. He want's to marry her to some old, diseased nobleman who has a lot of mistresses and bastards She refuses and he sends her to a convent, to make her more compliant. And there our story begins. She has no v [...]

    4. Paul

      A Mortal Glamour, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Juno Books, 2007Set in 14th Century France, times are hard at the convent La Tres Saunte Annunciacion. The plague has come, killing many of the area’s residents. The Catholic Church has two popes; one is in Rome, while the other rules from the French city of Avignon. The convent is doing the best it can, offering a meal and a bed for any passing travelers.Aungelique, one of the sisters at the convent, is a headstrong young woman, and the daughter of a Ba [...]

    5. Dana

      The convent La Tres Saunte Annunciacion in France is experiencing some tough times. It is the 14th century and the country has just gone through the devastation of the Black Plague which killed thousands. The Catholic Church has two popes; one is in Rome, while the other is in the French city of Avignon. They are both seeking power and are at odds with each other.Seur Aungelique has been sent to the convent by her father for refusing to marry a groom of his choice. She is young and headstrong an [...]

    6. John R. Goyer

      I've loved all the Chelsea Q Yarbro books I've read up to this one - it's just ok. Her amazing creations are the best part of her stories - Saint-Germain, Roger, Olivia - in this book the characters just aren't that interesting, and by a third of the way into it, I no longer cared. The good news is I've only read half a dozen or so of the Saint-Germain series, and apparently she's up to volume 27 :-)

    7. Jo

      The blurb on the back of this book is a bit of a misnomer as nothing seems to happen for the first 180 pages. It starts out as a historical novel about medieval nuns in a French convent. Very good but none of the carnality and debauchery promised in the description. Finally, the nuns are taken over by a demon and the fun begins as the sisters are slowly driven out of their minds by their evil lusts. It is an enjoyable read but doesn't quite fulfil.

    8. Michel

      Gekocht omdat ik de rest van mevrouw Yarbro's werk heb, en dat dit me helemaal onbekend voorkwam. I shouldn't have bothered. Een flutverhaaltje, bordkartonnen personages, het Frans en Italiaans dat er in voorkomt is akelig, het verwordt vaak tot slecht geschreven softporno, enfin: niet aangeraden.

    9. Tina Lussier

      I don't normally quit reading a book before I finish - but I got sooo bored with this one I just quit. Nothing really happens. Boring.

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