Counter Measures In the stunning conclusion to Gear s remarkable trilogy the rift between father and son both trained killing machines will reach an explosive climax Lines must be drawn Traitors must be divided from

  • Title: Counter-Measures
  • Author: W. Michael Gear
  • ISBN: 9780886775643
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • Counter-Measures

    In the stunning conclusion to Gear s remarkable trilogy, the rift between father and son both trained killing machines will reach an explosive climax Lines must be drawn Traitors must be divided from friends And the final battle begins.

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      240 W. Michael Gear
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    One thought on “Counter-Measures

    1. Marc

      Now I'll admit, I skipped the second book, but it just felt like the author kept dragging out the final showdown longer than necessary. Then the conclusion of the goal seemed like an anti-climax. A whole lot of talking about what happened in the first two books, but not much happened here. I finished it, so it couldn't have been that bad.

    2. John

      I had a little trouble finishing the series, which I don't recall happening before when I've enjoyed the first two books of a trilogy so much. The 3rd book seemed to have alot less plot than the other books and I found the dialogue to be repetitive in places.

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