The Savage Garden

The Savage Garden From the author of the acclaimed national bestseller Amagansett comes an even remarkable novel set in the Tuscan hills the story of two murders four hundred years apart and the ties that bind them to

  • Title: The Savage Garden
  • Author: Mark Mills
  • ISBN: 9780399153532
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Savage Garden

    From the author of the acclaimed national bestseller Amagansett comes an even remarkable novel set in the Tuscan hills the story of two murders, four hundred years apart and the ties that bind them together Adam Banting, a somewhat aimless young scholar at Cambridge University, is called to his professor s office one afternoon and assigned a special summer project From the author of the acclaimed national bestseller Amagansett comes an even remarkable novel set in the Tuscan hills the story of two murders, four hundred years apart and the ties that bind them together Adam Banting, a somewhat aimless young scholar at Cambridge University, is called to his professor s office one afternoon and assigned a special summer project to write a scholarly monograph about a famous garden built in the 1500s Dedicated to the memory of Signor Docci s dead wife, the garden is a mysterious world of statues, grottoes, meandering rills, and classical inscriptions But during his three week sojourn at the villa, Adam comes to suspect that clues to a murder are buried in the strange iconography of the garden the long dead Signor Docci most likely killed his wife and filled her memorial garden with pointers as to both the method and the motive of his crime As the mystery of the garden unfolds, Adam finds himself drawn into a parallel intrigue Through his evolving relationship with the lady of the house the ailing, seventy something Signora Docci he finds clues to yet another possible murder, this one much recent The signora s eldest son was shot by Nazi officers on the third floor of the villa, and her husband, now dead, insisted that the area be sealed and preserved forever Like the garden, the third floor rooms are frozen in time Delving into his subject, Adam begins to suspect that his summer project might be a setup Is he really just the na ve student, stumbling upon clues, or is Signora Docci using him to discover for herself the true meaning of the villa s murderous past

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    One thought on “The Savage Garden

    1. Saleh MoonWalker

      Onvan : The Savage Garden - Nevisande : Mark Mills - ISBN : 000716193X - ISBN13 : 9780007161935 - Dar 388 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2006

    2. Blair

      A quick, easy and absorbing read with a mildly compelling plot and an interesting cast of characters. I wasn't too impressed with the quality of the writing, though; one of the reviews quoted on the jacket makes the rather outlandish claim that it's of Booker nominee standard, but there's noticeable repetition of several phrases, the sex scenes are frankly terrible, and the dialogue is littered with slang that I don't think would have even existed in 1950s Britain, let alone been understood by a [...]

    3. Hayes

      3.5 stars, more or less, but gets an extra half star for mentioning things I love (in no particular order): ancient villas in Tuscanygood winela fiorentina (T-Bone steak, Tuscan style)The Boboli GardensSienathe Dorothy L. Sayers translation of The Divine ComedyThe Bomarzo Gardensnatural hot springsI would have been just as happy without the sex, but that's just me. A decent mystery, nice story telling. Motivations and plot a little thin at the end, but not so as you'd notice overly much.A nice r [...]

    4. Heather

      Andrew Strickland is a somewhat unfocused art history student at Cambridge University. His work is rather lackadaisical, drawing heavily on his source material without coming to many original conclusions. He prefers to spend his days drinking with friends and has given little thought to his thesis. After all, it’s not due for a year. Everything changes when Andrew’s mentor, Professor Leonard, assigns him to a special summer project. The owner of a famous memorial garden in Tuscany has reque [...]

    5. Aredhel

      At a glance this book is an interesting blend of art, history and mystery. However as you begin reading it, it turns out to be a total disappointment.First of all, there are shabby dialoguesgosh! I just can't believe, that those phrases, that the main characters employed in their daily life, can be called dialogues at all. For ex,“It’s different.”“What?”“The sound.”“How?”“I don’t know.”This is, undoubtedly, a real "masterpiece"! And suchlike dialogues are everywhere!Then [...]

    6. TwoDrinks

      Note to self: you didn't like this book. It is tedious for several reasons. Firstly, I'm not in to Greek or Roman mythology and sadly this is central to the story. Secondly, it's set in 1958 but you keep forgetting because this isn't tied in to the tale enough. Thirdly, what are the three sex scenes about? They seem to be written in a different voice by a different author. Fourthly, the writer is really mean about giving the reader clues to help you piece together the crime (or maybe I missed th [...]

    7. Jodie

      While reading this book I was torn between digging up my old art history books, brushing up on my classics, and running off to a villa in Italy, hopefully one with an amazing sculpture garden. The plot unfolded beautifully and with bits and pieces of the classics and art intertwined with descriptions of this amazing garden. An art history lesson tucked into a mystery. Now if I could just find that villa in Italy.

    8. Rebecca

      Too dull to keep reading. It's kind of hard to get excited about a mystery featuring Art History majors obsessing over the arm positions of statues and what they might mean. Maybe there was more to the book but I couldn't find any of it in the first 80 pages.

    9. Rachel Burton

      Another book about a house with a dark past -- and another reference to Jane Eyre!Set in Tuscany in 1958, Adam - an art history undergrad - goes off to stay at a villa to study the sculpture in the gardens for his thesis. As he uncovers the message of the gardens, and subsequently a crime committed 400 years ago, he also begins to uncover a similar crime much closer to home. Whilst the plot is a little far fetched, this is beautifully written and the descriptions of the Tuscan landscapes, and th [...]

    10. Sophie

      I read this for a book group and hated it. There are so many plotholes and unfinished elements. You get the feeling that the writer read the Da Vince Code and thought he too could write a thriller based on his knowledge of art history. The result is far from thrilling though; the characters are not believable(particularly the female ones), the plot is highly contrived and even more unbelievable than the characters and the ending is rushed. On the plus side, the descriptions of the garden and of [...]

    11. Cecilia

      This book uses the magic and allure of Tuscany to its advantage by setting a taut mystery within one of the region’s gardens. Mills does a great job of setting the stage for his mystery…which is much more psychological than action. Mills’ main character, Adam Strickland, is a Cambridge grad student who is given what appears to be the assignment of a lifetime. While in the gardens of Tuscany which he is to write about, he uncovers a mystery several centuries past. This mystery of long ago l [...]

    12. John

      A literary mystery that had me completely absorbed.It's 1958 and Cambridge art-history postgrad Adam Strickland, recently dumped by his girlfriend, is persuaded by his tutor that the topic of his thesis should be a memorial garden in the grounds of an Italian villa. Once arrived, Adam discovers the garden is strangely haunting -- that it's by no means just a random repository of sculptures, that everything in it has a meaning and contributes to the telling of a story . . . to, in fact, the confe [...]

    13. Sarah Norman

      Well, this is one of those books that makes me feel like I better become an author. Seriously, can any old crap become a bestseller? If so, let me start writing. That's a bit mean, but DUDE. It was a bit rubbish.It tells the story of a young man who as a university project goes to study a Renaissance garden in Italy. It's written in the past, and opens with him in university, and the narrator says of his past self: "Try as he might, he couldn't penetrate the workings of that stranger's mind, let [...]

    14. Jthink

      I agree with many of the other reviews: slow paced, but the atmosphere and the story's setting in beautiful Tuscany, a place I have visited, created by Mark Mills more than makes up for the pacing. It is also extremely erudite: a cultured and well-written story. Well done Mr. Mills. I enjoyed itDENDUM: Coming across this book again in sorting out a few bookshelves (in real life), I re-read it. The reason being that it turned out the author had successfully evoked images in mind when reading it, [...]

    15. nikos

      Ο Ανταμ ειναι ενας Αγγλος φοιτητης αρχιτεκτονικης?του Κεμπριτζ,ειναι μελετηρος φοιτητης αλλα τελευταια εχει αρχισει να τεμπελιαζει και η πτυχιακη του θα μεινει πισω.Ο καθηγητης του υποψιαζεται τι παει να γινει οποτε του λεει να παει Ιταλια σε μια βιλα και να γραψει μια μον [...]

    16. Cphe

      This had the potential to deliver a riveting mystery but fell short for me. The synopsis on is comprehensive so no point in rehashing the plot although the main character is Adam Strickland not Adam Banting as shown in the synopsis. There are two mystery components on offer which I normally enjoy but the mystery involving Flora and her husband were not well developed. Loved the setting of Tuscany but this paled in comparison to The Whaleboat House in terms of mystery and characterisation.

    17. Izabella (pagesfullofstars)

      I was a little wary about this book, since it has a lot of mediocre reviews but it actually surprised me! It wasn't the best book I read this year, but it was really engaging and enjoyable. It has a lot of elements that I recently grew to like - a family mystery, an old building, a mysterious garden. The mystery plot was my absolute favourite thing about it and I loved all the connections to the Greek mythology. It made me glued to the book, because I wanted to find out the truth really badly an [...]

    18. Tracey

      A very enjoyable mystery set in Italy. Two mysteries entwined in one house that a young student discovers with some peril to himself along the way.

    19. Bev

      The Savage Garden, the second novel by British author Mark Mills, is a literary mystery in the tradition of juxtaposing historical and contemporary events. Set in the post-World War II era, it focuses on Cambridge student Adam Strickland who is in search of a subject for his art history thesis. His mentor suggests that he research an Italian garden found on the estate of Signora Francesca Docci. The garden was built by the villa's first owner, Federico Docci, and has been recognized as a tribute [...]

    20. Greg

      If you've forgotten how entertaining a gothic romance can be, this is the book for you. "The Savage Garden" is a direct descendent of Wilke Collins' "The Woman in White" and that's a darn good pedigree. And I would also call this an adult version of a childhood favorite, "The Secret Garden." In this gothic romance, Mills oddly manages to have his hero running through the woods in underwear and boots as opposed to the traditional barefoot young lady heroine in a flowing nightgown. (And how, exact [...]

    21. Linda

      Cambridge student Adam Strickland is handed the opportunity of a lifetime, a two week trip to Tuscany to study the 17th century garden at the Villa Docci. Never before studied, it's the perfect thesis topic. When he arrives, Adam finds both villa and garden enchanting, and somehow mysterious. The elderly Signora Docci and her granddaughter Antonella are equally charming. But as Adams delves into the garden's many enigmatic features, he begins to question the reasons behind its design. The garden [...]

    22. LindyLouMac

      Despite the very slow pace of this novel I found it hugely atmospheric. Maybe especially so because I know some of the places mentioned personally, A particular favourite being Bomarzo, The Sacred Wood. Will definitely appeal to lovers of Italy, Gardens their histories and thrillers. It was only my interest in these first two that kept me turning the pages at first because I found I was almost halfway through before the mystery pulled me in properly. I was pulled in very slowly by the mystery of [...]

    23. Belinda

      Wat een hele mooie detective roman is dit. Een literaire "who-done-it". Niet schuwend klassieke meesterwerken te verwerken in dit boek. Adam krijgt van zijn professor de vraag of hij een scriptie wil schrijven over een tuin in Toscane. Het jaar is 1958 en Italië heeft nog de wonden van de tweede wereld oorlog. Hij is een naïeve Engelsman van 22 jaar die in een totale andere wereld terecht komt. Maar hij heeft een heldere blik, en blik die zijn gastvrouw wel kan waarderen. Er ontspint zich het [...]

    24. Kirsty

      I read this floating in a pool on my summer holiday, so I can't promise that my 4-star rating was more to do with the sunshine and my good mood than the book itself. It was a fun read, and I didn't miss anything if I dozed off and skipped a few pages.

    25. Barbara Rosenthal

      A darkly provocative mystery set in the Tuscan hills; clue by clue the mystery of the ancient garden is revealed; and a more recent murder. Fun! Fun! Fun!

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