About Insects: A Guide for Children

About Insects A Guide for Children The Sills tackle the amazing and varied world of insects in this easy to read natural science book created for young children Readers will find accurate detailed information on the form habitat and

  • Title: About Insects: A Guide for Children
  • Author: Cathryn Sill
  • ISBN: 9781561452323
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • About Insects: A Guide for Children

    The Sills tackle the amazing and varied world of insects in this easy to read natural science book created for young children Readers will find accurate, detailed information on the form, habitat, and behavior of insects as well as full color, realistic illustrations that depict these creatures in their respective natural surroundings.

    • Ø About Insects: A Guide for Children || ✓ PDF Read by å Cathryn Sill
      106 Cathryn Sill
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    One thought on “About Insects: A Guide for Children

    1. Mary Ann

      Clear information. Short sentences. No text feature -- would benefit from labels and diagrams on the illustrations, to point out the different body parts the text is describing.

    2. Kristine Hansen

      I love these "About" books for children. The style, to me, makes them so completely usable with children of different ages. The surface story, holds very little text and just pictures. The text is easy to read, making this book accessible to be read to small children, for beginning readers to read on their own, or to just be enjoyed quickly, time and time again.But then in the back are three pages with a lot more detail for every single one of the pages in the book. This detail takes you deeper, [...]

    3. Anna Frame

      PERSONAL REACTIONI really like this books because it informs the reader of many basic facts about insects. There are few words per page which I really enjoyed because I was able to take in all of the information that the author was telling me as I was readying. The pages are not visually overwhelming which I think it really important when it comes to informational books.PURPOSE/USE IN CLASSROOM-this would be a good read aloud during a science unit, specifically when discussing insects because it [...]

    4. American Mensa

      Have you ever wondered how insects live? What they eat? How they move? Then this is the book for you. About Insects is a non fiction book with lots of facts about insects. I learned most of this in school, but I didn’t know that insects have waterproof skeletons on the outside of their bodies. Cool! Insects also can live almost anywhere. They use antennae to help them smell, taste and feel. I’ve read many of this author’s books and I always enjoy them. I like learning new facts and there [...]

    5. ACS Book-finder

      “About Insects: A Guide for Children” by Cathryn Sill is one of a series of books that Cathryn Sill has done. I love them because of the simple informative text and the captivating illustrations. These books are loved by primary children for the life like depiction in the illustrations. The illustrator clearly pictures the insects in life like situations that are captivating for all to look at.I also believe these books can be helpful to middle grade students for the information contained. I [...]

    6. Jayetta Carter-mcfarlin

      This book is a great read-aloud for students from Pre-K though 5th grade. This book addresses science standards across all elementary grade levels. I would use this book in a fourth grade science lesson as we explore producers and consumers in a community. I would also use this book in a fifth grade lesson as we explore the animal kingdom and the arthropods, namely insects, within that class. The students will enjoy exploring the characteristics of insects in this colorful book. Additionally, th [...]

    7. Eva

      This book helps us learn a great deal about insects with only a few words but with clear illustrations. Good for teaching kids to write All About books. There are more in the same series.

    8. Jordan Stewart

      - Grades k-2 -N/A- This book talks about the different things that makes insects, insects. This book also shows all kinds of different insects and what they can do. There are pictures and facts about the insects throughout the book and in the back of the book. - I love this book. It can be used as a simple text or taken more in depth. The picture are wonderful and simple. Students could pick this book up as their own read along or it can be used as a great read along. - I would use this book whe [...]

    9. April Jones

      This book is easily accessible for many age groups and would be a great addition to any science class on insects, or even a gardening or spring time unit. The information is simple, direct, and accompanied by beautiful watercolors that extremely realistic looking.

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