Rose's Garden

Rose s Garden A sweet fable dedicated to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy that celebrates the spirit of community the beauty of nature and the power of faith and imagination All ages A sweet fable dedicated to Rose Fitzge

  • Title: Rose's Garden
  • Author: Peter H. Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780763646417
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rose's Garden

    A sweet fable dedicated to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy that celebrates the spirit of community, the beauty of nature, and the power of faith and imagination All ages A sweet fable dedicated to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy that celebrates the spirit of community, the beauty of nature, and the power of faith and imagination After traveling the world in her fantastic teapot, RA sweet fable dedicated to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy that celebrates the spirit of community, the beauty of nature, and the power of faith and imagination All ages A sweet fable dedicated to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy that celebrates the spirit of community, the beauty of nature, and the power of faith and imagination After traveling the world in her fantastic teapot, Rose is ready to put down roots She sets about planting flower seeds in a neglected corner of a bustling city And then she waits through rain and cold and snow Rose waits, never doubting that the garden she envisions will one day come to be With a simple narration and lovely, fanciful illustrations, this luminous picture book resonates with readers of all ages Author illustrator Peter H Reynolds dedicates it to the matriarch of the Kennedy family herself the namesake of the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a series of gardens, plazas, and tree lined promenades.

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    One thought on “Rose's Garden

    1. The Styling Librarian

      I found out there was a book by Peter H. Reynolds I hadn’t enjoyed before! It was exciting to find it on my school library shelf. It promptly came home with me and I’ve enjoyed reading it thoroughly. Wonderful picture book about a girl named Rose who patiently waits for her garden to grown and doesn’t give up. Good for a discussion on persistence and determination. I additionally loved the community action which could lead to another quality discussion.

    2. Denise

      Rose is an adventurer who decides to settle and grow a garden. This is a story of tenacity, immigration, community and hope. The illustrations are sepia tone until Rose's garden begins to "bloom." Reynolds adds more color to each subsequent page. While not for storytime, a good book to share with preschool, kindergarten children.

    3. Nancy

      I picked this book, because I love gardening. Rose travel's the world in her large tea pot, and gathers seeds from the flowers she see's. The tea pot is filled to the top, and Rose stops at a city, and goes to see where she can plant her seeds. She finds a spot that has been neglected, and goes back to get her seeds. She finds the birds have eaten most of the seeds. She still believes in her idea of a garden, and has many obstacles to face. In the end there is a beautiful positive result for her [...]

    4. Dolly

      This is a sweet tribute to the matriarch of a political dynasty and a cultural icon. The tale is fantastic and imaginative and the sepia toned illustrations gently become more and more vibrantly colored. We loved that two of the characters on the last page remind us of the characters from the story "Tess's Tree", which was illustrated by the same author. Our oldest noticed it first!

    5. Megan

      With exquisite illustrations and a simple, but powerful message, "Rose's Garden" really made my day. I am definitely going to recommend this book to library patrons!

    6. Jannah

      Rose travels in a teapot full of seeds to a city where the streets are bare of life/color. In a moment of negligence, birds swoop in on Rose's seeds and eat most of them.Rose, disappointed but hopeful, plants the remaining seeds and waits season after season for them to sprout. In the meantime, children from the town bring her colorful paper flowers to decorate the area while she waits. Finally, once the area is covered in a garden of the children's paper flowers, Rose notices bees flying around [...]

    7. Lisa Quenon

      I kept wishing, as I read this little book, that the author would allow the reader more space. I kept feeling as though I was being led to an exact space/place, instead of being allowed to get there on my own.

    8. Nielson

      This is a beautiful book with exquisite illustrations. Rose travels in her teapot all around the world, gathering seeds from each place she visits. When her teapot is brimming with seeds, she decides it is time to find somewhere to plant them. She stops at a city and finds a plot of land that looks like it needs some color and life. She plants her seeds and waitsd waitsd waits. People from all around hear about this girl with so much faith in her little seeds to grow. They bring her paper flower [...]

    9. Paul

      Rose's seafaring adventure atop her teapot leads to gathering seeds, planting a garden, receiving a host of paper flowers while she awaits the real sprouts and blossoms, and a bursting meadow of flowers enjoyed by the whole community first the product of so many people's paper flowers while Rose waits for the seeds to sprout. Rose Asa scarecrow with a perched gull is a nice touch, while the gull's flying with a rose in its beak over a colorful field hints at Noah's dove and rainbow. Reynolds' ec [...]

    10. T Crockett

      I loved that Rose travels the world barefoot in her teapot. And when she saw the stretch of earth tucked among the city buildings I was excited to recognize Rose Kennedy's Greenway in Boston. I just wished that Rose had some more personality. When things go quite the opposite of her plans, she doesn't even have a moment of disappointment; she's too perfect to root for. When she realizes she's created her home, it has no sense of achievement, because the reader never knew she was looking for one. [...]

    11. Kathryn

      A tribute to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, this is the fanciful story of Rose, who traveled the world in her teapot and collected seeds from flowers everywhere she went. Finally, she came to a city with a little bare patch of brown earth and decided that it needed some color. So, she planted her seeds and waited patiently for them to grow. While she waited (a long, long time), she received a surprise from the children of the city.I'm not sure this captivated me as much as I hoped it would, but how co [...]

    12. Katie Plumley

      ~Inspirational book to build classroom community. When everyone in the community comes together with the flowers, the book becomes colorful. Prior to this, the book is black and white. This could be great for a read-aloud during the first days of school. Students could then make paper flowers for a community bulletin board. They could make their flowers into a word wall with any number of categories. ~The illustrations very creatively show very vividly how our community and friendships make our [...]

    13. Brittney Peay

      This is an adorable story of a girl who finds some seeds and wants to plant them. She floats the ocean in a teapot and comes to a city and finds a nice abandoned area to plant them but birds have eaten almost all of the seeds. She has four left and she plants them and waits and waits and waits. They don't grow but people have heard of her story and kids start bringing her paper flowers. The flowers magically turn into real ones. It is an amazing story of hope and friendship. The main character h [...]

    14. Stephanie

      A young girl goes on many adventures around the world collecting seeds along the way. She finds a patch of unused earth in the middle of the gray city that she lives in and wonderswhat if? This story makes you think about how we contribute to our community to make it better. It also teaches that when we do good it encourages and inspires those around us to do the same. Beautiful picture book!

    15. Jo

      This book was inspired by and dedicated to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, "a woman who planted her own perennial garden." :) I really loved this incredibly sweet story! Rose was a dreamer who traveled the world in her fantastic floating teapot and she collected seeds from everywhere she went in order to remember it by. When her teapot was full, it was time to find a city to plant her seeds. A truly heartwarming story. <3

    16. Melanie

      Rose travels all over the world collecting seeds so she can plant them and remember where she got them. However, when she leaves her teapot-ship to go explore a plot of land in a city, she returns to find almost all of the seeds eaten by birds. She takes the few left and plants them. But nothing happens. Nothing happens until children from the neighborhood begin to bring her hand-crafted flowers that finally encourage her own seeds to sprout.

    17. Marie

      Rose gathers seeds from all her travels. Though the birds eat most of them, she still plants her little garden with what's left. Children, moved by her faith that her garden will grow, bring her homemade flowers and tell her their stories. Eventually, like her flowers, Rose takes root in her little patch of land.This is a beautiful story, but it's most likely to be appreciated by adults, rather than children. Children will take the story literally and enjoy it well enough.

    18. Jen

      There are several reasons to read this book. As a fable, it beautifully captures how Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy promoted community and nature. As a read aloud, it is delightful to ask fourth graders how they would travel since Rose travels the sea by teapot. Such creative answers were given (example: flying fortune cookie)!

    19. Emily

      When my dad read this book to me I thought it was pretty good it talks about a girl named rose who trvels the world and she collects seeds from every place she visits and then when she comes to boston she plants her garden but then all of the birds eat the seeds so i'ts a paper and real flower garden

    20. Heather

      40 months - Peter Reynolds always has beautifully simple story telling and illustrations with an amazing complexity to the story underneath. I think it lost just a little something with it's dedication, it really didn't need to have a famous connection to be a wonderful and meaningful story.

    21. Vivian

      What happens when all the seeds which Rose has collected in circumnavigation of the globe are eaten by birds, leaving here just a few to plant and those refuse to grow through drought and scorching sun? Rose's unflagging faith attracts surprising results.

    22. Diana Thomsen

      While maybe not the best book to read in front of a big group of kids due to its small size and monochromatic illustrations, I really liked this book! Such a sweet story with a great lesson for us all.

    23. Karen

      Last week was "white cover book day" at our house, so my five-year-old son picked up this book from the library. My son liked this book with its sweet story and lovely illustrations, but I LOVED this book. This title is going straight to my "Must Own It Immediately!" list.

    24. Rochelle Sondae

      My favorite Reynold's book is, without a doubt, "The Dot". I purchased this one based on that and another title by him, "Ish". I liked this one but it just doesn't quite hold that same magic.

    25. Jillian

      Amazing book that touches on the subject of public stewardship and altruism area of children's literature that is shamefully neglected. Beautiful Book.

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