Courting Julia

Courting Julia When Julia s rich stepfather died his legacy drew suitors to Julia like bees to honey Yet for all the practical men who offered their hands none could make her heart soar like Frederick the reputed

  • Title: Courting Julia
  • Author: Mary Balogh
  • ISBN: 9780451177391
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • Courting Julia

    When Julia s rich stepfather died, his legacy drew suitors to Julia like bees to honey Yet for all the practical men who offered their hands, none could make her heart soar like Frederick, the reputed rake Julia knows it s safer to be sensible, but how can she resist the rapturous desire she feels for Frederick Original Regency Romance.

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      142 Mary Balogh
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    One thought on “Courting Julia

    1. Treece

      Rating: 2 1/2 to 3 starsThis novel had its moments. At first, I didn't really like Julia/Jule or Daniel/Dan, as individuals or as a coupling. They both annoyed me. There were supporting characters I preferred more- Camilla, Malcolm, and Lesley. Still, it was readable and I especially enjoyed the theme of childhood's end, loss, and family. There were some tender scenes and noble moments with touches of Austen interspersed here and there without being predictable. I'm very pleased that I have read [...]

    2. Christa

      Courting Julia was a traditional regency romance. While her "Slightly" series books are my favorites by Balogh, I also enjoy her regency romances. The heroine, Julia Maynard, was a sweet, carefree, likeable young woman who dreamed of a marriage filled with love. The hero, Daniel, Earl of Beaconswood, was a responsible man to whom duty and respectability were everything. His determination to always be honorable and upright was admirable, but his continued disapproval of the heroine quickly became [...]

    3. Mela

      It was a nice Regency romance, with a little humor, banter between main heroes and amusing characters.I am not sure why I haven't enjoyed it more. I think that Mary Balogh's style of writing doesn't satisfy me like e.g. Joan Smith's, Clare Darcy's or Marion Chesney's. I really don't know why. Perhaps it is because Balogh's pen is more modern (although, I don't mind sexual tension). Nonetheless, I have enjoyed it, somewhere between 2-3 stars. And I will read more her romances because her books ar [...]

    4. Sandra R

      Enjoyable historical romance set in England with excellent writing. Very entertaining and I had to keep going until I finished. I'm looking forward to reading more of these older books as the author releases them.(My only criticism was that in the Kindle ebook, the word "I" was often typed with a number 1 - especially the latter chapters - the publisher should check this)

    5. Ana T.

      I read another of Mary Balogh’s old traditional regencies this weekend. Courting Julia is the first in a trilogy but somehow I managed to read the other 2 first. I really enjoy these smaller books about the regency period where the emphasis is more on the social manners and behaviour of the character.In this book Julia’s grandfather dies and in his will he leaves his unentailed estate to Julia on the condition she marries one of her 5 cousins within a month of his death. Julia is both surpri [...]

    6. Crystal

      I loved the concept of this book. A woman has to be vied for by 5 men and has to choose one, so she isnt sent to her relatives. Its like the "Modern Bachelorette" only a million times better. Julia has a month to choose among her 5 cousins ( Daniel, Frederick, Lesley, Malcolm and Augustus.) Each different in their own way. However, sparks flew the most when she sparred with Daniel. Daniel annoyed me and intrigued me. To someone who has no idea what is on his mind, (like Julia), he comes across a [...]

    7. Erica Anderson

      While I really enjoyed this older trad, I suspect that the hero's behavior will really irritate some readers. The hero of Courting Julia is of the ilk that blames the woman for (gasp!) arousing him. For example, the hero comes upon the heroine swimming in a lake and berates her for doing so because it makes him all hot and bothered. Although I don't usually care for blame-the-heroine behavior, Balogh constructs the hero's childhood in a way that allows readers to see that in "blaming" the heroin [...]

    8. Maria

      Enjoyable read but not up to Ms. Balogh's usual standards as far as content is concerned. Excellent writing, nevertheless.

    9. Deborah Fruchey

      This is the first Mary Balogh that I did not like at all. In fact, I almost put it down without finishing. For a change, she has made very shallow characters here, and the "romance" is built on the theory that if you constantly quarrel with someone and feel that you hate them, but are sexually attracted, then this is "love." That is a horrible & damaging premise that has done harm to the minds of untold thousands of young woman over the decades. I am very sorry to see it promulgated in one o [...]

    10. Cass

      Overall, I enjoyed this book. But Daniel's insistence for the entire first half (if not more?) of the novel that Julia was being inappropriate and basically giving herself up to men in her behaviour just was not okay. In a book where basically no one else cared what she did, it was not only wrong (she flouted convention but she wasn't very inappropriate in her behaviour) but it seemed incongruous. Later explanations for his beliefs, while fair, did not justify his treatment of Julia in the first [...]

    11. Emily

      Okay honestly I'm still in the middle of it but the end is a foregone conclusion. I like the heroine. She calls the hero on his bull. But the hero is a constant red flag. His behavior is abusive, not charming. Virtually everything he says consists of slut shaming the heroine and blaming her for his feelings and actions. I'm having a hard time believing I'll be convinced they'll be happy together by the end of this.

    12. Tracy DeNeal

      Over the years, I've noted there were many novels by Mary Balogh that were unavailable. I'm exceedingly pleased that they are not coming available through e-books.I enjoyed the writing style as usual and have spent an enjoyable day immersed in Julia's world with her remarkable dilemma of having to choose a mate from amongst five "cousins" with whom she has grown up.I loved it.

    13. Meagan Watts

      At first I thought this might turn out to be one of the few Mary Balogh books I didn't enjoy, and I set it aside for a while after the first couple of chapters. When I came back to it, however, and kept reading, it picked up and became more interesting, more romantic. It's a fascinating premise, and there's a lovely twist at the end. All in all an enjoyable read.

    14. Mum

      I read this book out of order, so it was a little slow since I knew the ending. Another unusual heroine, which is a plus in my enjoyment of these tales.

    15. Laura L.

      Very hard to put downThe characters were well developed and quite a lot of drama, that made the book hard to put down. An entertaining read!

    16. Carrie

      Wonderful chemistry with a fair amount of heat (no sex but some heavy petting). And finally a hoyden I don't want to punch in the teeth.

    17. Ellen Church

      I had to find out why this little romance novel was selling for $75 on eBay and . It was better than expected, but I guess sometimes a little light fluff is what one wants to read.

    18. Madeline

      Trigger warning for rape threats, assault, and a whole lot of ignoring that when the love interest does it. I'm reading some of Balogh's earlier work, and sometimes, I'm impressed and I enjoy the story; other times, no. This would be a case of absolutely not n-o get away from me. I get that their attitudes about what women do was how it may have been back then, but since we're reading these stories in the present, we are affected by them in the present. This book is filled to the brim with victi [...]

    19. Patti Irwin

      I always appreciate Balogh's characters, real and humanly flawed but deserving of happiness if they can just stumble through. and of course being romance they always do. i kept thinking of Alcott's 8 Cousins while I read this.

    20. Marianne

      I think I read Courting Julia back in the 90s. It was a good reread, but I think I'm most looking forward to the third book of the trilogy which my library back then did not have. Anyway, Julia and Daniel had a good chemistry, and I liked the rest of the family. I also quite enjoyed reading about the secondary couple; they were quite sweet.

    21. Lucimar

      Julia era a neta por afinidade ou postiça do Conde de Beaconswood, que a amava com uma verdadeira neta e a criara desde que seus pais tinham morrido. No entanto, com o desejo de vê-la casada e segura, ao morrer deixou no testamento que para herdar a propriedade onde crescera teria que casar com um dos seus cinco primos. Então, quatro deles entraram numa disputa para casar com ela. Somente o sisudo, responsável e sempre crítico Daniel que não tinha intenção de desposá-la. Pois a consider [...]

    22. Tatiana Stefan

      4 1/2 stars I can imagine this as a movie!, September 28, 2008This review is from: Courting Julia (Signet Regency Romance) (Mass Market Paperback)I took a little break from reading Harlequin Presents to read a Regency Romance. I have read other books of this era but its been awhile. Needless to say it was very enjoyable. The heroine, Julia was feisty and headstrong and adventurous and just a lot of fun. She had no problems speaking her mind and defying convention. The hero, Daniel, was handsome, [...]

    23. Rin

      First thing first, is it just me or the synopsis in this page of Courting Julia really is wrong?Secondly, it thoroughly enjoy the story especially the romance between Julia and Daniel. However, i found that the ending is left hanging on a few aspects. It would be wonderful if theres more to the ending. However, it is still a good read if the reader cant be bothered with it. [edit: no wonder theres unresolved story by the end of it, thats because the author intend to continue further Frederick 's [...]

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