Reese's Bride

Reese s Bride Wounded in battle Major Reese Dewar returns to England but his injuries are nothing compared to his shattered heart Years ago love struck Reese departed his home at Briarwood with a promise from rav

  • Title: Reese's Bride
  • Author: Kat Martin
  • ISBN: 9780778327448
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reese's Bride

    Wounded in battle, Major Reese Dewar returns to England but his injuries are nothing compared to his shattered heart Years ago, love struck Reese departed his home at Briarwood with a promise from raven haired Elizabeth Clemens that she would make a life with him upon his return But mere months later, she married the Earl of Aldridge, attaining wealth and status Reese couWounded in battle, Major Reese Dewar returns to England but his injuries are nothing compared to his shattered heart Years ago, love struck Reese departed his home at Briarwood with a promise from raven haired Elizabeth Clemens that she would make a life with him upon his return But mere months later, she married the Earl of Aldridge, attaining wealth and status Reese could never match Memories of that betrayal make his homecoming far bitter than sweet Seeing Elizabeth on his doorstep dressed in widow s garb twists the knife even deeper But fear for her young son s safety has overcome her pride she begs Reese for protection from those who would see the boy dead to possess his fortune He agrees to an uneasy alliance, sensing Elizabeth still harbors deep secrets and Reese knows that he s placing himself in danger of losing his heart all over again.

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    One thought on “Reese's Bride

    1. Bronwyn

      Reese's Bride is Martin's second installment in her new trilogy, and for the most part it is an okay written book. This review is my personal take on how she approached this story, and her main characters. My major concern with this book, and why I rated it 1 star, is because Martin uses domestic violence as a plot device and I really believed that in doing so she devalued the heroine, showed the hero to be a selfish jerk, and trivialized the issue of abuse. We have a heroine who is true to the [...]

    2. DarienMoya

      A good addition to the series. I love Kat's writing and I always enjoy her leading men.The thing that peeved me is the whole lovers reuniting storyline. I just am one of those people who enjoys characters meeting for the first time and falling in love.It does offer up a great romance, really solid characters and cleverest matron to walk the streets of London. All historical fans will like: the love can heal all wounds theme, a budding relationship between a man and his son, and the take down of [...]

    3. Bookaholics

      Reese’s Bride by Kat Martin Historical Romance – Dec. 29th, 20093 ½ Stars Reese’s Bride by Kat Martin is the second novel in the exciting bride trilogy which features the interesting and compelling Dewar family. Reese’s Bride tells the story of Major Reese Dewar who years ago was in love with Elizabeth Clemens and left with a promise from her to marry when he returned. Unfortunately a mere month later when he returned he found her already married to a more wealth suitor. Now years later [...]

    4. Kit

      This is definately a romance that is better appreciated if you have read Royal and Lily's story first. Reese (Royal's brother) comes into the story with Elizabeth having broken his heart. Just when you think "enough already" with the truth not coming to the forefront, the story picks up. There is a sweet secondary romance running through the plot with Annabelle and Travis and all is wrapped nicely to entice you want to read the youngest brother's,Rule Dewer's story

    5. Cynthia

      I really enjoyed this audio which takes place in a time where women had little or no control over their lives. Elizabeth did the best she could with a very controlling father. The plot is easy to work out but it does seem Reese isn’t very smart in that area. Once he does get a handle on it he moves pretty fast taking control and making a wrong a right.I love the narrator’s accent it really adds a lot to this audio. Her character voices are wonderful you really can feel the emotion through he [...]

    6. Uchatadara

      owkeh intinya cerita ini penuh kesedihan dan sangat sensual lol. menunggu seri terakhir terbit, dan buat seri awal tolong dong gramedia digital diterbitin huhu

    7. Evy Dc

      Msh bgus buku pertamaax harusx bgs knp harus Dlm otak resse cm pgn sleep w/ elizabeth. elisabethx antara pgn dan tidakg mau tp maukurang kuat critaxkl ditinggal 5thunk langsung diniKahifsu amat bang resseelisabeth.buru2 bgt nrimaxkurang gregetkl crita royalemosix trun naik jgkl reese cm nunggu kpn elizabeth mo dibawa ke tmpt tidurkurang puas

    8. Sandy M

      Ms. Martin has given us another solid read in her Bride trilogy, continuing with Reese, the middle Dewar brother. I actually like this book a little better than the first, though part of the story we’ve all read before but the author makes it work with her characters and the surrounding storyline.Reese is home after being injured during his latest military stint, and it looks as though he won’t be going back for any further duty. So he’s determined to keep his promise to his father to fina [...]

    9. Cherie

      The first time I read this series I read this one first. I believe it was recommended on an author's website. Can't remember. But I do remember liking it so much I purchased the other two books.I haven't read this series since early on in my historical romance lifetime and I'm happy I picked it up again. The idea came from fellow friend Tracy who is currently reading Royal's Bride. What I liked: Good characters. Kat Martin's heroes and heroines do not have it easy. In this case the heroine gave [...]

    10. Cherise

      This is the second book in the Brides trilogy starring the Dewar brothers.Once upon a time and Elizabeth were in love. While they waited for her father’s approval of their relationship they made plans for the future with every intention of being married. Then Reese went off to war and when he came back 3 short months later on leave it was to discover Elizabeth married to another man. He has never recovered, nor has he forgiven her. 8 years later Elizabeth is a widow and she shows up on his doo [...]

    11. Kelly

      I did not care for this book. The storyline had potential as I usually love a story about old loves reconnecting but these two were very immature. Also the lead, while he hated her with all his heart, was in a constant state of arousal. I know this because the author mentioned it every other paragraph. If I had played a drinking game every time I read about his burning loins I would have been hammered by the end of the book. It was unnecessary and after awhile completely embarrassing. He was goi [...]

    12. Debbie

      Being forced in to giving up his life in the military and become a gentleman farmer may have been his fathers dying wish, but for Reese Dewar just being in the same area as the woman who had broken her word and his heart was going to be his worst nightmare. Widowed and now in danger, Elizabeth Holloway had nowhere else to turn and no one else she knew she could trust, so she went to the only man she had ever loved and played on his sense of honor to protect her and her son from the in-laws that [...]

    13. Romancereviewer

      In 1855 England, Elizabeth Holloway, the widow of the abusive Edmund Holloway - the Earl of Aldridge, must seek refuge with a former beau for protection from her evil brother-in-law.Major Reese Dewar, despite his anger that Elizabeth married another man, decides to take in Elizabeth and her young son Jared. She must face the wrath of Reese's aunt, a stern woman who is protective of her nephew.After an attempt on her life, Reese determines that the best course of action is to marry Elizabeth. It [...]

    14. Judith

      A very engaging historical romance by an author who certainly has an impressive portfolio of published work. As is so often the case, the reality of war intrudes on relationships and the wounded soldier returns to find his true love not only married to someone else, but now widowed and with a child. The lady in question has never told him that she was expecting his child when he went off to war, her dad ordered her to not have anything more to do with her soldier boy, she must marry someone of w [...]

    15. Maria

      Well written and about a period of history that I do not know well (1850's), there are several references to the Crimean War. Most of the story concerns a mother and her son reuniting with the father of that son, but there is a major subplot where Reese's best friend is first accused of treason and when exonerated decides to get married after a life-time of avoiding it. It is more complex than this, of course, and I enjoyed both plots, although I would have preferred the subplot to be a bit less [...]

    16. Haley Osborn

      Kat Martin didn't let me down in the second installment of the Bride Trilogy. I was really excited to read Reese's story after what I learned of him and his previous relationship with Elizabeth from Royal's story. I wasn't disappointed! I loved Reese and Elizabeeth and their story! I was very touching becuase the love was still there no matter how much either would deny it (mainly Reese). The turht was it only grew and matured as they did. Reese is definately a hero as he proves in this book. I [...]

    17. Carrie Olguin

      DNF.Got past chapter two before I gave up. I've read too many stories with so many similar elements as to almost be cliche.The wounded hero returns from war (yeah he's got a bad leg and he uses a cane), sees the woman he loved and lost and *after eight years* still intensely hates her for marrying another man.Get a life man. It's been eight years! She's a widow with a son now. She's obviously moved on. So should you.The heroine was forced to marry a man not of her choosing (nothing specific ment [...]

    18. Joy Petrilli

      I don't typically read historical romance books, but the first book of this trilogy came in from my book club and hooked me. Reese’s Bride by Kat Martin is the second novel in the exciting bride trilogy. I enjoyed this book and found it a solid read. If you are a fan of historical romance you should give Kat Martin’s Bride Trilogy a try. Although this is a trilogy you do not have to read the first book to follow along. Kat Martin does an excellent job of developing the characters of Reese an [...]

    19. Kate Vale

      This is the second in the trilogy that focuses on the Dewar brothers and their brides. Major Reese Dewar is still dealing with his wounded leg when he comes home to take up where his father left off running Briarwood and the farmland surrounding it. The woman he proposed to before going off to war didn't wait for him. But Elizabeth had her reasons, or at least one, that she doesn't dare share with him. Unfortunately, the feelings each had for the other have returned and now she needs Reese's pro [...]

    20. Erin W

      I really enjoyed reading this book, nice fun light romance. Loved the characters history, I felt that it brought a lot to their present day relationship. I felt like I could connect with all of the characters. I think my favourite character would be their son, I loved seeing him open up and begun to trust people. I liked how there were side plots with other characters and their romantic problems, but at times when I felt like there was too much other stuff going on, this didn’t bother me when [...]

    21. Deborah Necessary

      When Elizabeth Clemens is 18 years old she promises to marry Reese Dewar, but Reese is not ready to be married, he wants to join the calvary and go to war. When he returns, after bring wounded in battle, he finds that Elizabeth has married, has a young son and is now a widow. Reese is shattered. He feels so betrayed and thinks that Elizabeth married the Earl of Aldridge partly for the wealth and status he could provide her. When Elizabeth's life and that of her son, is threatened she shows up on [...]

    22. Kirsti

      An engrossing read. Elizabeth has made all the wrong choices up until now, and obeyed her father's wishes. But when her life and the life of her beloved son is threatened, then she must turn to the one man who still sets her pulse racing. Unfortunately, the love that once blossomed between them has crumbled into hate and confusion, and it will take time for them to come together and trust each other completely.I enjoyed the actual story behind this one, as well as the romance. Jared, the son, wa [...]

    23. Linda

      I enjoyed Reese and Elizabeth's story , found it more intresting than the first book in the series. Reese. Returns from war after being injured and settles in to take care of his estate and farm to have Elizabeth who jilted him years before come back into his life with her son. He finds himself trying t fight falling in love with her again and at the same time trying to protect Elizabeth and her son Jared . Thrown in to stor is a second plot line with a friend from the military some continuing i [...]

    24. penelopewanders

      Second in this series, the first of which I read a while ago. Good read, interesting characters ever so slightly predictable - at one point I went, "ah, here comes the kidnapping" but no, the little boy did NOT get kidnapped (sorry if that's a spoiler) anyway, fun holiday read. I realized this had a bookcrossing label I missed when I mooched it, so I'll have to set that straight when I have the original BCID with me.

    25. Alixendra

      This book was sooo sad!! I was angry that the heroine did what she did, if I was Reese I would've gone straight to her as soon as I found out she had listened to her father, shot her husband/ fiance and punched her dad in the face!! Seriously, Reese was just as much of a coward as his former fiance was*sniff* WHAT. A. BITCH!!! That's all I have to say.h bitch bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. Paula

      I liked the storyline in this book, it kept the pages turning but whoever edited this book needs some lessons! Reese, the second of the DeWar brothers sees an old flame with her 7 year old son. They were to get married after he returned from the war, but after he left, she married someone else. She is widowed now and although he still has feelings for her, he can't get over how she broke his heart.

    27. Courtney

      I love Kat Martin's books. I started reading her contemporary romance novels a few years ago and just recently started in with her historical romances. This series is so great. I adore the Dewar brothers and their wives. The story moves quickly, has great characters, and had a slight twist to the end. I can't wait for Rule's story to come out and finish the trilogy. I would like to see some of "The Oarsmen" get their own books too. Especially Jonathan Savage! :)

    28. ReadingWench

      You need to read the first in this series, ROYAL'S BRIDE, to enjoy this one. This book doen'st have the strong storylines as the first in the series, and a bit long, but still a good read.Once again Kat Martin has written a steamy book. Although, as one reviwer has said "The only thing that (really) annoyed me was the constant reference to Reese's state of arousal (like another reviewer mentionned). It was very painful for ME to read about it again and again". I couldn't agree more.

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