A Noble Radiance

A Noble Radiance Donna Leon has topped European bestseller lists for than a decade with a series of mysteries featuring clever Commissario Guido Brunetti Always ready to bend the rules to uncover the threads of a crim

  • Title: A Noble Radiance
  • Author: Donna Leon
  • ISBN: 9780142003190
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Noble Radiance

    Donna Leon has topped European bestseller lists for than a decade with a series of mysteries featuring clever Commissario Guido Brunetti Always ready to bend the rules to uncover the threads of a crime, Brunetti manages to maintain his integrity while maneuvering through a city rife with politics, corruption, and intrigue In A Noble Radiance a new landowner is summoDonna Leon has topped European bestseller lists for than a decade with a series of mysteries featuring clever Commissario Guido Brunetti Always ready to bend the rules to uncover the threads of a crime, Brunetti manages to maintain his integrity while maneuvering through a city rife with politics, corruption, and intrigue In A Noble Radiance a new landowner is summoned urgently to his house not far from Venice when workmen accidentally unearth a macabre grave The human corpse is badly decomposed, but a ring found nearby proves to be a first clue that reopens an infamous case of kidnapping involving one of Venice s most aristocratic families Only Commissario Brunetti can unravel the clues and find his way into both the heart of patrician Venice and that of a family grieving for their abducted son.

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      367 Donna Leon
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    One thought on “A Noble Radiance

    1. Alex is The Romance Fox

      A Noble Radiance, the 7th novel and an interesting addition to Donna Leon’s amazing and thought provoking Guido Brunetti Series. Guido Brunetti, the intelligent and intellectual Venetian Commissario is called in to investigate the findings of a decomposed male body found in a shallow grave by workmen in a home just outside Venice. The body is identified as Roberto Lorenzoni, the son of Count Lorenzoni, a member of the Venetian aristocratic society, who had been abducted two years earlier and h [...]

    2. Gerald Sinstadt

      As I close this book I reflect on mixed reviews from other readers. Among the disappointed are those who complain of slow pace and a plot which is often virtually static. True, but they bought the wrong book. Donna Leon doesn't aspire to write another Italian Job; she is interested in moral issues, in personal relationships, in truth and justice and corruption. For example, she can deal perceptively with the fur trade in a couple of paragraphs, leave the reader thoughtful before turning the page [...]

    3. Madeline

      Oh Donna Leon, I wish I knew how to quit you. Seriously guys, I can't fully explain what keeps me coming back to her books. The mysteries are never as good as the synopses make them sound, the stories are full of useless filler scenes to increase the page count, Guido Brunetti's investigative technique is less "actual investigating and action scenes" and more "doing lots of phone interviews", and none of it is terribly riveting. But then again: Venice. The setting is what makes these books. The [...]

    4. Jeanette

      There is no mention of any Brunetti or associate until page 18. And it was superb. 4.5 star in every category, not just the beginning. Plot (yes, there is real heinous crime), voice, continuity, conversational flow, characters melding within connection- all of it. Formerly I noted in my successive Brunetti reviews that I was reading them out of order (completely hodgepodge)and that the very best were all within the last 10. Most are, but this Noble Radiance is certainly the one exception to that [...]

    5. Monica

      This is #7 in Donna Leon's Commissario Brunetti series. For me, they just keep getting better and better all the time. In this book, Brunetti finds resolution to a kidnapping that happened two years previously. He digs into the past and present of a well known Venice family, making his usual intimate disturbances along the way so that he find justice for the long dead Roberto.Another member reviewed this book, saying that many people who read Donna Leon find her books slow paced and the plot of [...]

    6. Sharyn

      I can't believe I have come so late to Brunetti. I am going to Venice in Sept. and decided to read and listen to them. I also found a TV show (German with English subtitles, filmed mostly in Venice) so I am not reading in order but as I can get them. (Tomorrow I will watch this show) I love the philosophical discussions, the home life, the meetings with his boss, the humor and most of all Venice!! The mysteries are secondary, but learning how Italians look upon different parts of the country is [...]

    7. Cherie

      To begin with, I have to confess that I love Venice. So any story that takes place there is likely to please me. Also, I love a good whodunit. Nothing's better for curling up with and relaxing. Still, Donna Leon's stories have something special. Maybe it's her detective, Commissario Brunetti. He's an extremely wise and cool person. A murder mystery's effectiveness depends on the personality of the detective, and Brunetti is extremely simpatico. Maybe it's the way her ripped-from-the-E.U.-headlin [...]

    8. Sandra

      This mystery from author Donna Leon offers yet another challenging murder for Commissario Brunetti to solve. Very interesting twists and turns in this one as he pulls together bits of information that look as if they're leading nowhere.

    9. Carolyn Mck

      This is an early Donna Leon and has all the hallmarks of her early work: the politics of the police workplace, references to the wider challenges of Italian politics and bureaucracy and descriptions of charmingly decrepit Venice. Then there are the familiar characters and the home life of Guido Brunetti to add a warm and human touch to the darker world of murder investigations. In this story, the body of a young man who was kidnapped some years earlier is found. The plot has all the requisite tw [...]

    10. Tony

      A NOBLE RADIANCE. (1998). D0nna Leon. ****.This is another episode from the career of Commissario Guido Brunetti based in Venice. As we enter the plot, we learn of the discovery of a man’s body that had been buried in farm land in an area about 100 miles north of the city. The body had essentially decomposed, but a ring was found in the same shallow grave. The ring bore the crest of the wealthy Lorenzoni family. Their son had been kidnapped a little over two years earlier, but had never been r [...]

    11. Marina Maidou

      First of all I must say I like this writer's books for one reason: they take place in Venice. The stories are interesting, unexpectable and logic. But to be honest, I most like when she describes the life of inspector Brunetti and the problems he has with his family, as the comic times he has with ridiculous Patta or with the fantastic secretary Miss Elettra Zorzi, than the crime itself. That stays in my mind after I read her novels, not who was the murderer and why he/she did it. In fact I find [...]

    12. Isabelle

      I read the novel in a couple of days easily enough but without great pleasure. It is neither good nor bad, neither captivating nor boring what else could I possibly say?

    13. annapi

      A body is discovered when a field is plowed, and it turns out to be that of a young man who was kidnapped two years before and never found. Now the case is re-opened and Brunetti investigates the prestigious and wealthy Lorenzoni family, tearing off the scars on old wounds.This has been so far the most disquieting book of the series for me. Though I never really attempt to solve the mystery on my own, my early suspicions turned out to be correct, although I couldn't figure out the motive. It was [...]

    14. LJ

      First Sentence: There was nothing much to notice about the field, a hundred-metre square of dry grass below a small village in the foothills of the Dolomites.On the recently purchased property of a doctor near the Italian Dolomites is found the much decomposed body of a young man. Near it is a ring bearing the crest of the Lorenzonis, one of Italy’s most aristocratic families, whose son had been abducted two years ago. Comm. Guido Brunetti reviews the file and decides to unofficially re-invest [...]

    15. Emily

      Ehhhhh this one was OKAY. The mystery was at least mildly interesting (view spoiler)[(nuclear arms! although only someone in the family could have done it, so that process of elimination is a bit boring after Maurizio dies and, you know, there's one person left) (hide spoiler)]. I was surprised to look down at one point and discover I was 70% of the way through the book, which is never a good sign. I don't even think I can make a long list of great things to happen in this installment, but I'll [...]

    16. Karen Brooks

      This is a beautifully measured, wonderfully nuanced story that once again takes readers into not only Venetian society and the darker aspects that loiter there, but into the heart of a man and his family. Commissario Guido Brunetti is educated, empathetic and committed to his job and his life. Like all the Brunetti books, this one reveals another layer in his loving relationship with his aristocratic wife and their two children, this time through a case Brunetti is obsessed with involving the ap [...]

    17. Shari

      Leon is always revealing Venice and its people in ways that also present its history and the world around it. In this story she visits the old nobility and how they have morphed in the modern world. Still pretty much untouchable because of their own histories, some not nearly as stellar as they used to be, many of them have become wheeler-dealers in financial opportunities opened up by the coming down of the wall and the breaking up of the old Soviet Union into its separate states. A frenzy of h [...]

    18. Carolyn

      I have been enjoying this series of books about Commissario Guido Brunetti, a policer officer and detective who lives and works in Venice. I particularly enjoyed this book for its several facets: the mystery surrounding the remains of the kidnapped son of a Venetian Count; Brunetti's musings on his own father-in-law's assertion that Paola (Brunetti's wife) is unhappy in her marriage; the process by which Brunetti puzzles out the answers to the murder; and as always, Brunetti's philosophical thou [...]

    19. Jonathan Stephenson

      I enjoyed this, as I always do with the Donna Leon Brunetti series, because of the Venice setting and wonderfully conjured environment of the city and its surroundings, which is reason enough to read these books. The detective hero and his family are plausible and likeable too.However, the 'who done it' mystery element after reading a few of these novels, overplays the interest in the 'what the person was like' approach to the investigation, which is the characteristic style of Brunetti, which m [...]

    20. Nancy

      I have enjoyed many of Donna Leon's mysteries and this was , perhaps, one of the most interesting. it has all of the elements that make Leon's books readable and thought-provoking: a topical theme; interesting political and workplace dynamics; and a hint of the high life in glorious Venice. What set it apart from her other books (for me) was the hint of Brunetti's introspection about his marriage and his developing friendship with his father-in-law.Murder may be the focus of any mystery novel bu [...]

    21. Sally

      Another intelligent entry in the Commissario Brunetti series. Most of the mystery revolves around a kidnapping of two years before. A body is discovered some distance from Venice, but there are strong indications that the remains are the unfortunate young man, only son of a very old Venetian family. Brunetti eventually solves the mystery, but discovers that it is mixed up with industrial corruption that has been going on for some time and which has serious health and military implications. Altho [...]

    22. Lesley

      The book was ok. Some awkward phrasing that would be forgiven if the book was translated from Italian but as it was written in English it is not forgiven. Very little action very pedestrian plodding through a case where the outcome was obvious from the beginning. I definitely won't be trying any more from this author.

    23. Michele

      It's interesting to read earlier Guido Brunetti mysteries, having read most of the more recent ones. This was a good solid one. This series is fine to read out of order, unlike other mystery series.

    24. Zarah Jones

      Enjoyable read. I did enjoy her descriptions and the atmosphere of Venice though. Main character interesting. Read a few others in series and found them formulaic.

    25. Suzy

      I thoroughly enjoy this series. Detailed descriptions of life in Venice and philosophy from the Commissario. After reading the first 3 books, I ordered all the used copies I could find of the rest of the books in the series and always look forward to the next case.'A Nobel Radiance' by Donna Leon, one book in a series which features Commissario Guido Brunetti.To contemplate in these unsettled/unsettling times (from Chapter 24):"He pulled down his copy of Cicero's 'On the Good Life' and turned to [...]

    26. Michael Johnston

      "A Noble Radiance" is a dark and tragic mystery filled with flawed characters, shocking deaths and one man's pursuit of justice. The Commissario Brunetti mysteries are always entertaining glimpses into the life and culture of Venice, but this one in particular was a dark and tragic tale. A social commentary that pits Brunetti's simple beliefs about society's need to pursue true justice against the deeply flawed nature of the wealthy Italian nobility for whom the rules of regular civilized societ [...]

    27. Deb

      In this outing, a two-year-old kidnapping case is reopened when a farmer in a remote village plows up a body--and a ring bearing the family crest of a wealthy Venetian family. Commissario Brunetti is handed the case, and quickly senses something more going on than the tragic death of a young man. The boy was complaining of being ill not two weeks prior to his abduction. And his travel and credit card records leading up to the kidnapping took him to Eastern Europe, where smuggling and illicit tra [...]

    28. Gay

      Terrific book, as usual. Donna Leon follows Commissario Guido Brunetti through the streets of Venice on a search for the killer of kidnapping victim (Roberto) that occurred two years before. Roberto is a member of a wealthy and influential family with a past history of family being in bed with the Nazis. After two years, the body is discovered in a shallow grave and the family is told the bad news. But all is not as it seems. With the disappearance of the son Roberto, the nephew Maurizio became [...]

    29. Melissa

      A young man, son of a rich Count, was kidnapped 2 years earlier. Now his body is found. Interesting plot twists with a few insights it Brunetti's family also. He consults his father-in-law because he is also a Count and knows more about the upper class in Venice. Luckily this time this is less about food so I didn't get hungry except when Brunetti met his father-in-law at a restaurant. Sigh, the Count had coda di rospo which we ate in Venice- the best I've ever had. Actually our then 8 year old [...]

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