Wishing for Tomorrow: The Sequel to A Little Princess

Wishing for Tomorrow The Sequel to A Little Princess An enchanting sequel to Frances Hodgson Burnett s A Little Princess written by the award winning Hilary McKay

  • Title: Wishing for Tomorrow: The Sequel to A Little Princess
  • Author: Hilary McKay Nick Maland
  • ISBN: 9781442401693
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wishing for Tomorrow: The Sequel to A Little Princess

    An enchanting sequel to Frances Hodgson Burnett s A Little Princess, written by the award winning Hilary McKay.

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    One thought on “Wishing for Tomorrow: The Sequel to A Little Princess

    1. Emily

      When I heard the startling news that Hilary McKay, one of my very favorite contemporary authors had written a sequel to The Little Princess, such an iconic girls' book, and one which I read to pieces as a child, I was curious but distinctly uneasy -- what potential for disappointment! The story of Sara Crewe is more or less branded into my braincells, but since it had been at least two decades -- possibly even closer to three -- since I'd last followed her story from riches to rags and gloriousl [...]

    2. Hallie

      My first thought was 'WHY a sequel to The Little Princess?', but it's not following Sara Crewe and could be a lot of fun.My LJ review:This nearly broke my heart even before reading, as I've been waiting for it for what seems like ever. It was due to be published the 3rd of September, but I noticed it was shipping from (UK) before going away to Cornwall with Charlie, so checked the 3 bookshops nearby(ish) the day before (one by phone inquiry). After some time and searching, I found it and carrie [...]

    3. Beth

      This is exactly what you'd expect a McKay take on A Little Princess to be, and yet her humor is tempered by the time period, somehow, in turn either blunted or hilariously poignant. This isn't as fairy-tale-like as the original novel, but it isn't meant to be. Also, McKay is very good at suggesting a wider world, additional stories lingering around the edges of her books. It is charming, and Lavinia is everything Faith should have been in The Lie Tree.

    4. Nancy

      Want to hear a story? I was in a very large bookstore in London with my daughter when I found a single copy of this book. Hilary McKay! one of my very favorite children's writers! writing a sequel to what may possibly be my all-time favorite children's book! I scanned the book carefully to find the price (not that there was any question - I was totally buying the book), but no price was visible. So I took it to the cashier, who also checked it carefully until she saw it: PROOF COPY. NOT FOR SALE [...]

    5. Miki Garrison

      As other reviewers have said, this book takes a lot of liberties with the original. So it's not so much a sequel to "A Little Princess", no more so than "Wicked" is truly a sequel/prequel to "The Wizard of Oz". Instead, the author spends the first third of the book retelling the original *with significant plot changes*, perhaps the direction she wishes the book had originally taken -- and then the rest of the book follows a path that fits with the author's revised versions of the characters. So [...]

    6. Ilene Colletti

      Though i enjoyed learning what became of the girls sara left behind, reading Wishing For Tomorrow took away some of the magic of The Little Princess.

    7. Elizabeth

      Hilary McKay is my favorite contemporary children's author and A Little Princess is my all-time favorite children's book, so why did it take THREE YEARS for me to read 'The Sequel to A Little Princess'? Three years and THREE ATTEMPTS? The answer is, I don't know. I read it halfway through the first time and then just stopped reading and forgot about it. I picked it up a year later, got two-thirds of the way through, and then the same thing happened. This year I was determined to finish it, but i [...]

    8. JaniceDurante

      Writing a sequel to Burnett's classic A Little Princess is a job for a giant. Because I've read and admired McKay's wonderful Casson Family series, initiated with the wonderful title Saffy's Angel: Casson Family Series, Book 1, I was willing to give McKay a chance. I adored this novel. McKay's fine eye for detail, humor, and characterization illuminate a hopeful story sure to appeal to many girls. Once again, we readers arrive at Miss Minchin's Select Seminary for Young Ladies. McKay lavishes at [...]

    9. Katrice

      The blurb here at GoodReads calls it an “enchanting sequel to Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess”. I wouldn’t go as far as that. Enchanting is a bit much in my opinion. Charming, puwede pa. The “A Little Princess” is one of my favourite children’s books, because, yeah it is enchanting and magical and quite frankly an unforgettable read. I could go on, but this isn’t a review of the “A Little Princess”, though am not thinking of bringing my copy out and re-reading.“ [...]

    10. Judy

      Frances Hodgson Burnett's 'A Little Princess' was one of my favourite books when I was around the age of 10, and I read it endlessly. I was very surprised to discover this sequel by a modern children's author at the library, and couldn't resist picking it up. Rather than focusing on what Sara did next, this book goes back to Miss Minchin's school and turns the spotlight on some of the other girls. These include Ermengarde, Sara's shy best friend, who turns out not to be so 'stupid' after all, an [...]

    11. Linnae

      I should say up front that I'm always a bit wary when an author takes it upon themselves to craft a sequel for another author's work. The more I liked the original, the more wary I feel. However, having read McKay's other books and thoroughly enjoyed them, I felt that I could trust her with the sequel to one of my favorites. I knew Sara Crew and Co. would be in good hands.This charming story is told from Ermengarde's point of view, from about the time Sara finds the Indian gentleman and leaves M [...]

    12. Lindsay

      I read the Little Princess to my 7-year old and 11-year old daughters last summer. They loved it. I was excited to read the sequel to them, but I found it difficult to read aloud. The sentences felt awkward. They certainly didn't roll off the tongue like the Little Princess sentences.I feel like it's unfair to compare this book to a book of the Little Princess's caliber. And yet, it is the supposed sequel so maybe it's fine to compare. It doesn't have the LP's magic, mystery, and beauty. However [...]

    13. Jane

      It KILLS me to have to finish this. Sara Crewe was my all-time favorite book when I was little, and this charming (and funny) sequel takes me back to Miss Minchin's to see what happened after Sara left. Heaven.That McKay could come up with a way to make readers feel sorry for Miss Minchin is a miracle of imagination. And that the three strong-willed females all end up together - well. Perhaps Sara should have stayed and gone to Cambridge.

    14. Angela

      I was leery of reading this because I love The Little Princess by Sarah Hodgson Burnett so much. This book, written by a well-known writer and fan of the original has crafted a "sequel" about those left behind at the orphanage after Sarah is rescued. While she does a good job capturing Lottie and Ermingard's personalities, she strives too hard to redeam Lavinia and I didn't care for the all-tied-up-in-a-bow ending.

    15. Rachel Duncan

      I REALLY enjoyed this book. It was a fitting sequel to A Little Princess, but at the same time, the author didn't try to write like Francis Hodgson Burnett and was willing to go with her interpretation of the characters, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I found it hard to get into.

    16. Emmy

      I am a big fan of a little princess and I love Sara Crew. However I found this book boring and a bit mimsy and nicey nice. The only good thing was that Emregaude was still in it but the first book is still one of my favourite classics. The cover is cool though.

    17. Fi

      Not a retelling as such but more a continuation of the story of the rest of Miss Minchin's girls after Sara leaves. If I'm completely honest I think I preferred the story of Ermentrude to Sara and McKay's storytelling was well done.

    18. Adela Bezemer-Cleverley

      Ooh, wow, this book was a gem I was not expecting! I loved A Little Princess as a kid, it was one of my favourite books, one I read three or four times before I was even 10 I had no idea someone had written a sequel to it until I found this in the library book sale in the fall. I'm still not quite sure how that's allowed, maybe because the original book is old enough to be in the public domain? I suppose it's the same thing with the sequel to The Wind in the Willows which I read in December. I r [...]

    19. Annie Lee

      A bit rough to start because the writing style and tone is entirely unlike Burnett, but it developed well. Good for readers who found A Little Princess too whimsical and reliant on deus ex machina. Fleshes out all the background characters in a way that fans of the original book may or may not enjoy.

    20. Eva

      THIS WAS SUCH A SWEET BOOK.Admittedly, it started out quite slowly and I didn't think I'd enjoy it all that much (especially compared to the original) but by the time I finished it, I loved it. It pays such great tribute to A Little Princess, while still creating its own story. And sometimes it's nice to read a book with a pure, unadulterated happy ending.

    21. Eva

      This one's for all the kids who secretly wanted to punch Sara in the face for being such a goody two shoes. Points out the twee-ness of A Little Princess but does it gently and with respect for the original story. That said, this one is infinitely more enjoyable.

    22. Jade

      A Little Princess was one of my favourite books as a child, and when I learnt about Wishing for Tomorrow, I knew I had to read it. And it lacks the magic and the timelessness, granted, but I was glad all the same to be back at Miss Minchin's and follow the adventures of Ermengarde, Lottie and all the others.I had never read anything by Hilary McKay before, but when I looked around the Interwebs to get readers' opinions on this book, I found that many said that they would have been horrified if a [...]

    23. Jamie

      When I found Wishing for Tomorrow on I was thrilled. A Little Princess is one of my favorite books, and Wishing is written as a sequel. However, it missed the mark and lacks what made A Little Princess so captivating.The story opens on the end of A Little Princess as seen through the eyes of Ermengarde (which is unfortunate since Ermengarde has no idea what’s going on and is not involved with any of the final events of that book, which sadly sets the tone for this one). Sara abruptly leaves t [...]

    24. Bethany

      So, I have very fond memories of A Little Princess from childhood, and the story is lovely and magical and candlelit in my mind. And obviously, when a book that's been adored for a century suddenly begets a sequel, there's a concern that it'll go the way of Scarlett, and you'll have to divorce it entirely in your mind from the original, to pretend that it's a stand-alone, mediocre romance. Or a children's wish-fulfillment novel, whatever. Anyway, it's a concern.Here's the deal: Hilary McKay did [...]

    25. QNPoohBear

      Life at Miss Minchin's school is dull and dreary until Sara Crewe arrives. The little girls, led by Lottie, are fascinated by Sara's stories and Ermengarde finds a friend for the first time. Then Sarah loses all her material possessions and is banished to the attic, but never stops acting like a princess. Ermengarde treasures Sara's friendship while being secretly jealous of Sara's growing friendship with Becky. When the magic comes, Ermengarde hopes Sara will share, but then Sara goes away with [...]

    26. Tasha

      I have been a huge fan of A Little Princess since I was a little girl. It was my favorite book for years and have read it so many times that I can’t count. My favorite version was the one with the illustrations by Tasha Tudor. The pictures matched the ones in my head so beautifully. I am also an enormous fan of Hilary McKay and her Casson family series. So how would one of my favorite authors do with a sequel to one of my favorite books?Now that Sara has left Miss Minchin’s school, things ar [...]

    27. Bridget R. Wilson

      [Loved it! I liked the focus on the other girls as opposed to Sara although it was not what I expected. Ermentrude's letters to Sara were great. Liked them even better when I found out she didn't mail them. Reminded me of Ivy in Fair and Tender Ladies by Lee Smith.]After Sara Crewe is rescued from her dismal life of servitude, what happens to her and the other girls at Miss Minchin's Seminary? These are questions countless generations of readers have asked since Frances Hodgson Burnett's A Littl [...]

    28. ilsa ➹

      What a letdown. I just think it was a bit of a disappointment as Sarah is not the main character. You don't to get know about what happens to Sarah and Becky and also the events that happen in the school with just the girls are pretty boring as they are just everyday things and constant letter writing was a bit annoying because you just wanted the story carry on and it just stretching the book out a little bit. The only letters that I looked forward to were Sarah's, but hers were so short and Em [...]

    29. Debrarian

      As a devoted fan of A Little Princess (a formative book in my personal canon) I was fairly scandalized at the hubris of anyone writing a sequel; but as a devoted fan of the works of Hilary McKay (fantastic characters; charming, hilarious and unsentimental stories), I was tentatively hopeful of the result.And you know what? It was good. Not fantastic, and not utterly convincing as a seamless sequel, but solid and interesting and true to the spirit of the original while having its own voice. And e [...]

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