Storm (Book Market Edition)

Storm Book Market Edition Storm is an orphaned street urchin living by her wits on the unforgiving plains of Africa as she struggles to harness her developing mutant powers Black Panther the warrior prince is embarking on h

  • Title: Storm (Book Market Edition)
  • Author: Eric Jerome Dickey David Yardin Lan Medina
  • ISBN: 9780785125402
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Hardcover
  •  Storm (Book Market Edition)

    Storm is an orphaned street urchin, living by her wits on the unforgiving plains of Africa as she struggles to harness her developing mutant powers Black Panther, the warrior prince, is embarking on his rite of passage as he ponders the responsibility of his future But what sparks will occur when their paths cross

    • Unlimited [Fiction Book] ☆ Storm (Book Market Edition) - by Eric Jerome Dickey David Yardin Lan Medina ↠
      359 Eric Jerome Dickey David Yardin Lan Medina
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    One thought on “ Storm (Book Market Edition)

    1. Didi

      This is my first real Marvel comic although I know and have heard a lot about the character for quite some time. Storm happens to be my favourite character. The story was written by Eric Jerome Dickey and I must admit that enticed me to get this one.The cover is striking and beautiful. I didn't know exactly the story of Storm and this comic let's us know a bit more about her past. I hoped to learn a bit more details about how she actually got her powers but that wasn't the focus of the story. Th [...]

    2. Tiamatty

      Back in the early '80s, in an Marvel Team-Up, Chris Claremont wrote a story that showed how Storm and Black Panther first met. In that story, a young Ororo, just discovering her powers, rescued a young T'Challa. Eric Jerome Dickey seems to have decided that the idea of a girl rescuing a boy was just silly, so he did away with that, and had T'Challa rescue Ororo. Repeatedly. Storm was always depicted as a strong, independent woman who was capable of taking care of herself. Dickey turned her into [...]

    3. Bailey

      The bravest of us own no powers. The bravest of us fight wars with the truth.-StormThis book was a beautiful story about the well known super hero, Storm. For six years of her life, all Storm knew was love. This changed with her parents' tragic death as a result of war. Resorting to a hard life on the streets, she became a thief. No longer could she look up to her parents for guidance. Now, she only had herself, Teacher, and fellow orphans. Currently, several years later she has met T'Challa, th [...]

    4. HeavyReader

      Tony turned me on to this comic which tells the story of how Storm and the Black Panther meet and fall in love.The art is fantastic, really, really lovely, and the story is good too.I thought it was neat that Storm (the narrator) talks about getting her period as if it is totally normal (which it really is).I thought it was a bit creapy that Storm is supposed to be twelve but looks like an 18 year old woman (and a comic book fantasy 18 year old woman at that) and has sex with the Black Panther. [...]

    5. Adriel

      When I found out after the fact that Storm and Black Panther had gotten married I was confused as to where it came from and after reading this I feel much the same. I am annoyed and frustrated that they felt they needed to put the two of them together and that they had to make up a non-existent back story to fix the oddness of it all. Dickey does a lovely job of showing African life in a touching and heart wrenching way. This story would be lovely if it wasn't for the existence of a love story b [...]

    6. sixthreezy

      Way better than I had imagined it would be. Really cool origin story for Storm and Black Panther. Though it's almost kind of a romantic/love story, I really did enjoy it. It was a perfect kind of tie-in with these two characters, I could not have been any more surprised with my enjoyment.

    7. Nadia

      Well.This book retells a story about Storm and Black Panther from Marvel Team-Up 100.**In that story, 12 year old Storm saves a young Black Panther from a bunch of white South Africans, in this version it's the other way around (the short lived 2000s Black Panther cartoon has it this way too.) Storm is a damsel in distress multiple times in this book and Storm as a damsel in distress is a bad thing. T'Challa is more well rounded and his interests are varied, they have him hearing stories of refu [...]

    8. Kamilah

      So am I the only one who had a problem with 12 year old Ororo Munroe, aka Storm completely have sex for the first time in the way that she did? First of all, she's too young--however, she's drawn to look much older than she actually is. So much so that I thought there was a time-jump into the future that I overlooked. I think it's cool how the author normalized her having a period but I did not approve of her sexual behavior, it was advanced and inappropriate for the age that she is. (She claims [...]

    9. Collin

      I absolutely love Storm in the X-Men movies and I was really excited for this to be sort of a part of an origin story, but it was disappointing. Mostly due to confusion. She's twelve years old, right? But she looks like that? And she's sleeping with some prince who is who knows how old? It's possible that there were missing pages, so maybe I shouldn't be too harsh. But if it wasn't missing pages, then it sort of weirds my sensibilities to be sexualizing a twelve-year-old girl. I feel like I shou [...]

    10. Gregory

      I never knew this series existed. This is the first and only Dickey I've ever read and finally, we get a little more back story on Storm. Being exposed to the X-Men over the years, she was one of the characters I wanted to know more about. I didn't care much about Cyclops's past, I accepted Wolverine's past as one of those mysterious things that was supposed to remain mysterious (but then of course, they served that one up in full). Storm wasn't my favorite, but her story intrigued me more. I wo [...]

    11. M

      In order to justify the Black Panther/Storm marriage ceremony, Marvel tapped Eric Dickey to showcase a tale of their original meetings. Defying continuity and logic, we readers are left to suffer through this volume. Set in the days of both their youths, we have burgeoning thief Ororo being rescued by a questing T'Challa. As both kids are looking to pass into adulthood, they discover mutual attraction and common enemies. A truly scornful retcon of two powerful Marvel heroes used to explain a for [...]

    12. Jenny

      The readers of "Storm" will enjoy the well-written story by Eric Jerome Dickey that incorporated the beautiful illustrations by David Yardin and Lan Medina. "Storm" is about a young girl who lives on the street and starting to understand her mutant powers and after she has stolen a camera her roll coaster advantages started. I did enjoy reading "Storm" and looking at the beautiful illustrations. I recommend this book

    13. Iona Sawyer

      Whether you are a comic book reader or not this is a must read for all. As they say a book tells a story so much more. Marvel comics couldn't have picked a better author to tell the story of the Storm from X-Men and The Panther.

    14. Londa

      Loved this! Now I want to get the other graphic novels to follow Storm and Black Panther's story. Great job Eric Jerome Dickey!

    15. Xavier Guillaume

      I was on an X-Men from the library kick, so I decided to pick up this one. I've always been a huge fan of Storm, perhaps liking her even more than Cyclops. There was always something about Cyclops that I didn't like. Perhaps it was his cocky know-everything attitude about things. Storm always seemed to take a greater picture into perspective and not let personal emotions stand in her way as much.If you don't know Storm's story, it's an amazing one. It tells you everything from how she lost her p [...]

    16. Eric

      I'm still in shock about the idea of Eric Jerome Dickey doing not just an origin story but STORM'S origin story. Honestly I wasn't expecting to much but I was surprised at the overall book. EJD did good job marrying his storytelling with the X-Men universe. I am glad it wasn't one of those experiences where I was thinking the entire time "oh my god what is he doing". I would pick up another book by him well more specifically another graphic novel. Side note, I'm not sure how much of the writing [...]

    17. James Fant

      Of course I loved this book. It was written by EJD. Whether in a steamy romance or a comic novel, Eric Jerome Dickey does his thing. His narration is unmistakable. He adds a higher level to the story of Storm, one of an orphan trying to become a young woman. Dying to become a warrior.Storm loses her parents and is rescued by Teacher, named for his teaching children to be pickpockets and safe crackers. But there's something different about Ororo. Her white hair. Her blue eyes. Her mastery of the [...]

    18. Angel

      I picked this up mostly out of curiosity. For one, I like the X-Men series, so this seemed like a good item to read. Also, I saw that it was written by Jerome Dickey, and he has a pretty good reputation. So that was another reason. When I see a comic book company let a "regular" author write one of their stories, it catches my eye. Gaiman's work on Marvel 1602 was a very good example (then again, maybe not the best example of what I am trying to say here. Gaiman did write the Sandman series). An [...]

    19. Stephanie

      I wanted to love this book, I mean one of my favorite authors wrote about one of my favorite comic book characters Sadly that was not the case. This was another take on Storm's origins and I wasn't that impressed.l This is also her first encounter with T'Challa (Black Panther) whom she would later marry. This backstory is retconned with Marvel's approval but I don't like it.I'm old school when it come to Storm's back story with Professor X and the Shadow King and I will just leave it at that. I [...]

    20. Elizabeth

      I was disappointed in this. I had never heard of Eric Jerome Dickey, though the book cover cites him as a New York Times bestselling author. Sadly, I found the story far too overwritten - words, words, words, and many of them stilted and stiff. This made the characters and their characterisation seem forced and not quite real - even though I liked her relationship with young T'Challa, it never seemed natural to me. Too many of the characters were stereotypes, though I did rather enjoy the rivall [...]

    21. Jonathan

      i read this whole book today at border's.:) never peeped any of e. dickey's novels but i must say his venture into graphic novels is successful thus far. given halle berry's unconvincing performances in the x-men films, it's nice to see that dickey has single-handedly restored the agency that storm clearly deserves. this book features storm, who's real name is oroyo (kenyan), as a teenage orphan who's studying to be a pick-pocket. like all great super-hero storylines she's struggling to find mea [...]

    22. Christian Smith

      Plot holes/problems:1.When ororo was given the task of breaking into a series of locks from her teacher she broke into all of them before he could take a step away. This isn't even physically possible I get she could be fast at it but not that fast unreal. 2. When storm was with t'challa she poured a concentrated stream of rain onto his head. As funny as this is it's inaccurate. She was learning to control her powers and could barely do anything with them how was she able to concentrate a water [...]

    23. Chetara

      When I first heard about this book I was surprised, but awed at the same time. I've always been a Storm fan and I recently became a Black Panther fan. Seeing them told in this light is different and it gives a even more softer touch to their personalities and how well they are fitted together. The story is beautifully told for both renowed characters.4/19/16: This is my second run through for this book and I remember why I fall in love with it and my view haven't changed.

    24. Reggie Cox

      Decent Book, personally I was expecting more though. Being a big marvel fan, I would of thought that Marvel would want EJD to do a whole book, like more lengthy I kind of wanted the story of when they broke off to their respected teams(X-Men & Avengers)and linking back together again as grown people pretty good but could of been better

    25. Adrienna

      I will have to buy this book. I am a comic book fan of X-Men series as well as Spiderman and action hereos. The art work was phenomenal by David Yardin and Lan Medina, which made the book better to read! Eric does well with the storyline as wellAfrica enriched with American lifestyle, poor Storm! Thanks to Panther (warrior) to her rescue! Love that cartoon too from the action hereos pack.

    26. Jennice

      I loved it from start to finish. There is a reason Eric Jerome Dickey is one of my favorite authors. There id a sensuality about his words that I can only compare to my absolutr favorite author, Anne Rice. I want ti find the other parts to this comic although Im sure Dickey didnt havr anything to do with those . Storm is one of my favorite superheroes and I look forward to reading more about her.

    27. Bonnie G.

      This reads as fan fiction more than an origins story-- some cool elements but really? Did you have a woman read this book? Her talk about cycles and urges and "her scent" (what newly sexed up girl even an knowledges her "scent")?? It's bizarre. But still a cool concept and idea.ybe a better editor next time!

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