The Postcard

The Postcard So how smart are you said a man s voice abruptly And loudly Because now it s starting A creepy phone call An old yellowed postcard A bizarre magazine story And a strange group of funeral goers who se

  • Title: The Postcard
  • Author: Tony Abbott
  • ISBN: 9780316011730
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Postcard

    So how smart are you said a man s voice abruptly And loudly Because now it s starting A creepy phone call An old, yellowed postcard A bizarre magazine story And a strange group of funeral goers who seem to follow their every move all contain clues that will send Jason and Dia on an adventure to uncover extraordinary family secrets Award winning author Tony Ab So how smart are you said a man s voice abruptly And loudly Because now it s starting A creepy phone call An old, yellowed postcard A bizarre magazine story And a strange group of funeral goers who seem to follow their every move all contain clues that will send Jason and Dia on an adventure to uncover extraordinary family secrets Award winning author Tony Abbott weaves an intriguing and entertaining mystery of adventure, friendship and family.

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    One thought on “The Postcard

    1. Becky B

      I picked this book up at a 70% off pile at a bookstore. Hadn't heard of it before and wasn't sure what to expect.The story revolves around a teenager from Boston named Jason. His Grandmother in Florida has just died and his Mom packs Jason up to go help his Dad with the funeral and cleaning up Grandma's house for sale. Jason isn't very happy about this at all. Florida is hot in the summer. Strike number one. He never really knew his Grandma, in fact, she was a little crazy. Strike number two. An [...]

    2. Nick P

      The book The Post card has 358 pages.I can relate to the character because Jason is a kid who went somewhere he did not want to go with someone.This book reminds me of saving Zasha because it's a suspensful book.I gave it five stars because It had a good ending and a lot of twists in the middle.The ending was one of the best ending of a book I have ever read because It is a peaceful and happy ending

    3. Michelle

      I opened this book with good expectations. The guy who wrote Firegirl had to do a good job, and it was guaranteed to not be *shudder* chick lit. I was so right. We begin with a young boy named Jason, who is going to Florida--in July!--with his father to help close up his now-dead Grandmother's house. There's some parental strain running a backbeat through his thinking. Then he finds the titular postcard, and an old pulp magazine, and a mystery ensues. I don't know how to go on without spoilers, [...]

    4. Don Woodman

      This book is the story of Jason, a young boy of about 13 who travels to Florida to help his father close up his grandmother's house after she passes away. The father is teetering on alcoholism and Jason's parents are on the verge of divorce. Pretty grim stuff, I know. But don't let this setting and back story dissuade you because the story is just getting going and ends up being a really satisfying and enjoyable tale. [return]Jason's father gets injured which conveniently leaves Jason alone. No [...]

    5. Jan

      I ended up liking this book much more than I thought I would. In fact, I loved it. What a great mystery within a mystery this was. I loved all the hidden clues on postcards that the two smart, highly adventurous, and resourceful kids figured out how to decipher and follow. The clues lead to them to landmarks all over the Tampa-St Petersburg, FL area. What started with a postcard found in a desk in the house of Jason's grandmother who had just passed away became a very real story as clues were un [...]

    6. Susan

      Thirteen-year-old Jason is in Florida helping his father clean out his grandmother's house following her death. Jason never knew his grandmother and is only recently learning about her from his dad. When he finds a story in a 1940s-era magazine, some of the details are eerily similar to things he has just heard about his grandmother. The story tells of love at first sight for Marnie and Nick, but Marnie's powerful father keeps them apart. Could the rich, beautiful Marnie in the story really be J [...]

    7. Akshaya Bharath

      Man, does this take me back. In fifth-grade we had to choose a book, make a "puzzle" poster about it, and (optional) make a cake based off the book (I did the construction site of the hotel! It was my first time baking). Alright, now the review.I'm not much for spoilers so I'll just go over my overall thoughts of the book. It's a nice read for the older aged kids (late elementary school), it was easy to understand as a 10-year-old, I'm sure if I were to read it now I would've questioned it and l [...]

    8. Shonna Froebel

      This book is for 8-12 year-olds and I found it to have a unique story. Jason Huff is sent off to Florida after his grandmother's death to assist his father in packing up her belongings. His grandmother, Agnes Monroe Huff was the daughter of a wealthy man, who owned a hotel among other holdings. Jason receives a strange phone call that leads him to the discovery of a postcard among his grandmother's things. The postcard shows the Hotel DeSoto, the hotel owned by Jason's great-grandfather. He also [...]

    9. Elizabeth K.

      This was fun and something that I like a lot anyway -- kids investigate a mystery in Florida that involves crazy circus people, and also real estate scams and pulp fiction. It's a set-up that I always like, kids in the present day find the remnants of old clues that have been hidden for years so it's sort of like a double mystery, happening in the past and also now. This is one of those books, though, that has a mystery that is really disturbing if you look at it through adult eyes. For kids, I [...]

    10. Karen

      13 year old Jason goes to Florida to help his dad settle his grandmother's estate. Bored out of his mind,Jason finds an old magazine with a pulp-noir story that seem to be about his grandmother. A mysterious phone call and a series of old postcards lead Jason and his new friend, Dia, to various Florida landmarks to find subsequent chapters of the manuscript. The mystery is convoluted, and the ending is confusing and not very satisfying.

    11. Cindy Hudson

      When Jason’s grandmother dies, he’s not sad, just upset about having to join his dad in Florida to help get her house ready to sell. How could he be sad about losing someone he never met? But once he’s there, a mysterious phone call and an old postcard unveil a mystery about his grandma that Jason becomes determined to solve. With the help of a girl from the neighborhood he tracks down clues that will reveal long-ago events with consequences that still resonate.The Postcard by Tony Abbott [...]

    12. Brycen

      I liked this book a lot. I highly suggest it. This book is a mystery in side a mystery and a story in a story.It has a lot of action and near the end something very unexpected happen that I did not see coming.It turns out that his grandpa is Mr. Fracker.

    13. GinnyP

      I believe this would be very confusing for the age group this is aimed at, with names being changed, identities hidden, and mysterious clues and stories hidden in old buildings. Jason is in Florida for the funeral of a grandmother he didn’t know. He discovers a lot. A LOT. Too much to get into in this review and too much for this reader to keep track of. Too may coincidences that make the mystery too easy for Jason and Dia to solve in a matter of days. And too many goofy circus characters (did [...]

    14. Jo

      More of a 3.5; I rounded up because I consider mysteries without a murder component rare. I think my biggest complaint would be Dia's exclamations. "Holy crikey and a half!" Or something along those lines. And "Cripes!" I'm not convinced. I also appreciated that the two main characters, Jason and Dia, never got flirty or anything with each other. So many YA books are about romance or have a "secondary" romance that takes over the plot that it's refreshing to find a book where two people never ev [...]

    15. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*

      Abbott, Tony The Postcard, pgs.354 Little Brown and Company Language- PG-13; Sexual Content-G; Violence- PG; Jason is surprised when his grandma dies. He goes to help his dad and finds an old postcard. There’s nothing written on it, although there is a hole in the postcard right through a window. He goes to the hotel that’s on the postcard and finds the second part of a manuscript that his grandma hadn’t found. He gets a new friend and finds the rest of the manuscript. He’s in a living m [...]

    16. Olivia Yager

      The postcard is an interesting book about a teen boy who discovers secrets about his grandmother's life after she passes away. I loved how more secrets unraveled on every page. This was an entertaining book that I couldn't put down at certain parts of the climax. The main character, Jason, can be very relatable to me and others in middle school based on the way he acts about certain things. This book was pretty easy to read and didn't have very many big words. I enjoyed reading this book.

    17. Catherine Hudson

      I wanted to like this book more, but it was a little hard for me to fully enjoy. It starts a little slow, but once the mystery picks up I had a lot more fun with it. Though the ending disappointed me again. The different characters/ways of naming them is not well though out. I had a hard time keeping track of who was who. So although the story is fun and a small ride, I only give this book three stars.

    18. Isaac Arellano

      i give this book a 5 star rating. this book was about mystery it involves death and he recieves a post card which is weird because every time you look at it, it shows you so he freaks out and throws it away but it appears again and again so he leaves it alone but a couple of days later it a man come to his house breaks in and he hides in the shower he could hear the foot steps until they stopped. i like this book because of all the mysteries. i recommend this book to people who like mysteries.

    19. Julius Degen

      You're going through the library searching for a new book? Well if you like mysteries, The Postcard by Tony Abbott. The story is interesting, attention grabbing and has a bunch of action. The main character Jason finds postcards while cleaning up his Grandma’s room. He doesn’t know what they lead to but it turns out he finds out family secrets. The book takes place in Florida at a pretty modern time. When I first picked this book up I thought that this wasn’t going to be the right choice f [...]

    20. Hunter Cobb

      This book Has an amazing story,With the grandma dying and finding the postcard this book will always be one of the best books I have ever read in my life.

    21. Jessika

      So, I'm randomly roaming my library's children section and this caught my eye. And I have to say, now that I've finished this, Tony Abbott is definitely an author I'm going to check out. Sure, this wasn't the best thing I've ever read. It is a middle grade mystery with a 13-year-old narrator. I won't lie, had I been younger, I probably would have enjoyed this more. That being said, this book had a lot going for it. First of all, hallelujah for a 13-year-old narrator who sounded and acted like a [...]

    22. Tyler

      With his grandmother gone, who just recently passed away, thirteen year old Jason has to travel from Boston to Florida to help his Father pack her things. Jason has never seen his grandmother and his parents never talked about her before, and she wasn't married. When Jason gets to Florida, he hates the heat and the people there are strange. But, it gets stranger when he finds a chapter of a story in a magazine, a postcard with an address, and he receives a phone call from a man asking how smart [...]

    23. Tonelli Language Arts

      The Postcard by Tony Abbott This is a story for anyone who likes a good mystery. It is about a boy, Jason, who Is trying to figure out his grandmas past by reading stories written by an adventurous man named Emerson Beale. The author of this story develops believable characters when he tells about their surroundings. Parts of this story make you feel like you are standing right beside one of the characters, the way the author describes it. The plot and writing style of this story is very unique [...]

    24. Mrslabraden

      The Postcard is not exactly what I expected. The story is well written, but really seems like it should have been written with a more adult protagonist. Much of the story contained references to literature and history that someone of this age wouldn't know, much less use. The story, however, is very good containing a larger message about life.When Jason's grandmother dies, he discovers almost accidentally, that his parents are on the verge of splitting up. He goes to Florida to be with his fathe [...]

    25. Emman

      To be honest, I ended up liking the book more than I thought I would. I did just read the synopsis of this book at our local bookstore and I was mystified. And I am really glad to have bought it for only 90% off. It is indeed a mystery within a mystery. It's a bittersweet ending for me. Well, a must-read for book lovers who have a thing for mystery books. It was poignant. As much as possible, I don't want to spoil any part in the book. The reason why it didn't get a total of 5 stars is that it s [...]

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