Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Play

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory A Play Roald Dahl s much loved story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory about how Charlie Bucket wins a ticket to visit Willy Wonka s amazing chocolate factory is turned into a play for children to act With

  • Title: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Play
  • Author: Richard R. George Roald Dahl
  • ISBN: 9780140311259
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Play

    Roald Dahl s much loved story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, about how Charlie Bucket wins a ticket to visit Willy Wonka s amazing chocolate factory is turned into a play for children to act With tips about scenery, props and lighting, the play is easy to stage and there are lots of parts for everyone.Roald Dahl, the best loved of children s writers, died in 1990 butRoald Dahl s much loved story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, about how Charlie Bucket wins a ticket to visit Willy Wonka s amazing chocolate factory is turned into a play for children to act With tips about scenery, props and lighting, the play is easy to stage and there are lots of parts for everyone.Roald Dahl, the best loved of children s writers, died in 1990 but his books continue to be bestsellers.Richard George was an elementary school teacher in New York when he wrote this stage adaptation of Roald Dahl s bestselling story and Roald Dahl himself recommended that it should be published.

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      193 Richard R. George Roald Dahl
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    One thought on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Play

    1. Zackery Oliver

      Although the movie has been released already, I took time to read the scripted version used for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, transmitted by Richard R. George, story by Roald Dahl. The story starts off with a poor bloke, which whom is named Charlie Bucket. Charlie has an obsession of being kind. He lives with his mother and father, along with his four grandparents. As you can tell it's a tight squeeze. Charlie wins a golden ticket to a mysterious chocolate factory. Does he go alone? No. In [...]

    2. Shehla Khan

      This is one of my favourite books since childhood. The story revolves around a boy named Charlie Bucket who was born in a poor family and lived with his grandparents and parents. The only breadwinner of the family is Charlie's father Mr.Bucket who lost his job in local toothpaste factory. The story then becomes magical as Mr Wonka who is the maker of the best Chocolate in the world gives out 5 tickets hidden in chocolate wrappers to 5 different children. The winner of the tickets would get a tou [...]

    3. Elisha Condie

      The latest installment in mine and the 7 year old's bedtime reading club. The book is just like the movie - you can't escape the movie images in your mind, even if you've only seen it once (like I have). My kid loved it (I bet she'd give it more stars). I liked the different children and the aspects of a kids personality they represent. You can identify a little bit with each of them.My favorite thing about read this was as I read it aloud, using my limited number of voices and a British accent [...]

    4. Yuliana Gallardo

      I liked the part when he finally ate a chocolate bar because he hasn't ate for a while.It was about this boy named Charlie that his family was really poor he also lived with his four grandparents.I liked it really much because Roald Dahl is my favorite writer. Even because there's a movie of it. I recommend it to people who love chocolate of course and that likes fiction because they use lots of imagination.

    5. Matthew

      The book Charlie and the Chocolate factory is an American classic that should bring joy to anyone that reads the story. My belief is that the author purpose of writing this book is to express his creative imagination. Also the author's purpose was to spark interest in the reader's mind. The book leaves an impression on the audience with great story telling skills. Also it reminds readers of their childhood that leaves a lasting value of the book. The book is a good read. The book is also really [...]

    6. Cheyenne Cortesi

      This book is about a poor boy named Charlie who dreams about Willy Wonka’s factory. One day, it is announced that Willy Wonka will make five golden tickets that will be found in candy bars. Whoever receives a golden ticket will get a tour of the factory. Charlie gets a ticket and enjoys adventure including oompa loompas, Mr.Wonka, and the factory! This book was very well when dealing with imagery and imagination, especially once Charlie and his grandpa make it inside the Willy Wonka factory. T [...]

    7. Percy Chan

      It is about a guy called Charlie. He won a ticket to visit this place called Willy Wonka's amazing chocolate factory.

    8. Petrucha

      Let's be honest here. I really did choose to read this book at this particular time because of the predicament I'm in (which is the reading challenge, really, when I set the number of books I would read in2013, a hundred seemed like a good, round number. What I failed to realize was that a year actually has 365 days and most of those days, I have to work not stepping into THAT proverbial river again next year, I've got my wits about me now. Or at least I'd like to hope so). But there is still a [...]

    9. Julia Winknler

      This is the Story about a boy called Charlie.He is very poor and he and his parents and Gatparents (they have been lieing in bed for 20 years!) live in a very small house with a whole in the roof and only two rooms.One day as he goes to school , he finds a one dollar Note ,enough to buy two bars of chocolate.As he opens the second bar , he finds the golden ticket ,the fitht one ,he is alloued to go to the chocolate Factory!He forgets School and runs -no he flies-home!!!!!!!!As he reaches his lit [...]

    10. Raegan Young

      Willy Wonka, the owner of a chocolate factory opens it up for a lucky group of kids to visit if they found the golden ticket in his chocolate bars. Mr. Wonka sets the kids up with a number of tasks for them to go through, and along the way each one gets in to trouble, besides Charlie. They then find out that the tasks were to find out which child should be qualified to take over the factory. Since Charlie passed all of the tests correctly, he gets chosen to take over the chocolate factory with h [...]

    11. Jordyn Oakland

      Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a story adored by many. Along with five other winners, Young Charlie Bucket has found the golden ticket and has the opportunity to tour the amazing chocolate factory run by the outrageous Willy Wonka. Throughout their visit the four other children are punished due to their poor behavior and Charlie receives a fantastic surprise he will never forget. Roald Dahl uses humor and imagination to convey a message that the when you act terrible the outcome will never [...]

    12. Jessie

      I believe the majority of people on know this story but for anyone who doesn't, here is a basic breakdown.Willy Wonka owns a famous Chocolate Factory and for the first time ever he is going to allow five lucky people to tour it. He hides the five tickets inside the wrappers of his candy bars. The winners are Veruca Salt, a very selfish and spoiled brat. Augustus Gloop, a greedy boy. Mike Teevee, a boy who does nothing but watch TV. Violet Beauregarde, a girl who chews gum all the time and our p [...]

    13. Shannon

      -I decided to read this book because I have watched the movie and I enjoyed it.-The category on the bingo board that this book completes is a play.-What I liked about this book was the imaginative descriptions. I loved all of the vivid descriptions of the different rooms in Willy Wonka's factory and the characters. I liked the way that the author created unique personalities for the different characters. -What I didn't like about the play was the way that the author wrote song lyrics for the Oom [...]

    14. Jaylene Grinaker

      Charlie is a young boy with a dream to go to the place that sells his favorite chocolate, Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory. However, Charlie comes from a very poor family so he has no hope that he wouldn't be able to go. Then there is a phenomenon of 5 golden tickets given out in 5 of the chocolate bars. Charlie gets one of the golden tickets. He goes to the factory and many things happen to other children there because they are greedy and raised in high end homes where they basically get anythin [...]

    15. Frasar565

      I loved the book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and this adaption of the wonderful, magical book. I remember playing Veruca Salt, auditioning for her, and it was such a great expirience for me. The lines spoken of each character express the character very well, and as the play progresses, the main characters show development in attitude. Each stage direction, and line spoken by each character builds up the play very well, and it keeps the story at a slow enough pace for younger kids to keep [...]

    16. Avani

      As I started reading this book I knew I would love it.Within a day I reached the end of it and I wanted to read it againThe book is a delicious combination of visual imagery along with gustatory imagery.I enjoyed reading every bit of itBut make sure you have ample of chocolates around you as you start reading!

    17. Libby

      Charlie gets the last ticket to go to wonka's factory and he runs home to tell everyone. He took his grandpa with him. Charlie lives in a very poor house, but Charlie was the only one that got all the way round the factory. Willy wonka was getting old so he give the chocolate factory to Charlie and his family to run.

    18. Cathy

      I am reading this book to my children right now. The new versions of this book have illustrations which helps me include Owen in our reading. The kids beg me all the time to read more because they love it so much.

    19. Alysia

      I loved this book as a kid. The very idea of being locked into a factory full of my favorite food in the whole wide world was too much for me to handle. I'm getting giddy just thinking about all the wonderful stuff in the factory right now.

    20. Prudy

      i think CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY is a great children bookit is about the the yummiest book in the world i would recomentd this book to jess who has a a funny mindand outer childrenthanx prudy

    21. Marwa Gadallah

      I read it first, back when I was in primary 3. And I have re-read it more times than I can count.Not only has it taught me how live in my imagination, but as I child I got to know what it means to be poor, hungry and cold through Charlie.

    22. Rizka Febryani

      awesome book. read it when i'm on junior hi-school, i dont really like reading novel (manga only) but this book is so readable. well, i can't help myself to imagine the river of melt chocolate flowing over the park full of candy bar.

    23. Carla Young

      When I was in elementary school I checked this book out at every opportunity. If you were to go back to the old "card in the envelope" in the back if this book, no one ever checked it out and read it as many times as I did! Wish I had a Golden Ticket!

    24. Stephanie Snyder

      An enjoyable read and an interesting story. A great addition to anyone's home bookshelf.I would recoment this book.

    25. Melissa

      It's hard for me to rate a play :/ 4 stars for the content, audience, and delivery. And probably no more plays for me this year.

    26. Ronald

      The first time I read this book I was in love with this book and I stillhave the book and i'm going to read it today

    27. Jodi

      I read this to Lily and she loved it. The chapters are a good length and the imagery is suited to my 4-year-old. We will be doing more Roald Dahl.

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