Tortuga in Trouble

Tortuga in Trouble Yum Tortuga is bringing a delicious supper to his abuela of ensalada tamales and flan No wonder his amigos Iguana Conejo and Culebra are following him But they aren t the only ones after the torto

  • Title: Tortuga in Trouble
  • Author: Ann Whitford Paul Ethan Long
  • ISBN: 9780823421800
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tortuga in Trouble

    Yum Tortuga is bringing a delicious supper to his abuela of ensalada, tamales, and flan No wonder his amigos Iguana, Conejo, and Culebra are following him But they aren t the only ones after the tortoise Coyote has his own dinner plans for Tortuga and his grandmother Can the three amigos warn them in time, in this variation of Little Red Riding Hood A companion toYum Tortuga is bringing a delicious supper to his abuela of ensalada, tamales, and flan No wonder his amigos Iguana, Conejo, and Culebra are following him But they aren t the only ones after the tortoise Coyote has his own dinner plans for Tortuga and his grandmother Can the three amigos warn them in time, in this variation of Little Red Riding Hood A companion to Manana, Iguana Fiesta Fiasco and Count on Culebra.

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      295 Ann Whitford Paul Ethan Long
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    One thought on “Tortuga in Trouble

    1. Jennifer

      This is the fourth book by Paul about the four friends Iguana, Conejo, Culebra and Tortuga. Tortuga is bringing a lunch of ensalada, tamales and flan to his grandmother in this combination of "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Bremen Town Musicians." Along his way, Tortuga encounters his friends, who have designs on his basket of food, but even worse he encounters Coyote who has plans to eat both the basket of food as well as Tortuga and his grandmother. Luckily, Tortuga's friends have followed t [...]

    2. Anna Nesterovich

      Not a very talented retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood. I didn't see anything new or interesting in this book that would justify raping the story. A mix of Spanish and English words is another awful touch. Contrary to the prevailing opinion, it doesn't help a child to learn another language in a "fun and easy way". Have you ever met a kid speaking several languages as one, mixing grammar and words from two or three languages in one sentence? I have. Believe me, that's not what you would lik [...]

    3. Samantha Graffeo

      Title :Tortuga in TroubleAuthor: Ann Whitford Paul Genre: Folktale, MexicanTheme(s): Fairy Tale, Turtles, GrandmotherOpening Line: "One day when the sun rose, Tortuga said, 'Iguana, please lift this canasta onto my back'".Brief Book Summary : This Mexican take on a classic fairy tale, was surprisingly great. Instead of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, we have Tortuga and Coyote. The Three Amigos come to save the day just in time before Tortuga and Grandmother get eaten. The illustrat [...]

    4. Elizabeth

      Another book by this author and illustrator that introduces Spanish vocabulary. It echoes Little Red Riding Hood in that turtle is going to visit abuela and coyote takes the place of the big bad wolf. Luckily, iguana, rabbit, and snake are following along behind because they would love a taste of the picnic turtle is bringing to his grandmother. Their wish comes true after they save turtle and his grandmother from the coyote. They do it by scaring coyote and that reminded me of Bremen Town Music [...]

    5. Chelsie Dang

      Tortuga in Trouble is a new take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale. Tortuga takes a canasta filled with ensalada, tamales, and flan to his abuela when a coyote looks the two of them in a closet to eat. Luckily, Tortuga's amigos Iguana, Conejo, and Culebra save the day. Before I read the book, I was concerned that there was no Spanish-English dictionary in the back of the Spanish words used in the book. How would cultural outsiders with no knowledge of Spanish (like a young child) unders [...]

    6. Karla

      Tortuga in Trouble is an engaging SouthWestern adaptation of the Red Riding Hood story. Tortuga the tortise has made a tasty and nourishing meal for his grandmother, a meal that is coveted by both his friends and the crafty Coyote. Enticed by their hope that they can somehow share in this delicious meal, Iguana, Conejo and Culebra follow Tortuga through the desert and are rewarded for averting trouble at Abuela's house.I had to be really careful not to sound like the "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" Chihuh [...]

    7. Traci Bold

      Ann Whitford Paul retells the classic 'Little Red Riding Hood' story in a southwestern flavor.Her take on the classic combines Spanish and English, giving the reader easy clues to the Spanish words to learn them in a fun, entertaining way. What I really enjoyed though was the twist in the story to update it. The characters are unique, the plot a little different and the prose, lively.A great way to teach children Spanish and create the 'want' to learn it.Illustrated by Ethan Long, published by H [...]

    8. Briere Lohnes

      Tortuga in Trouble: a piece of Traditional Literature published in 2009, essentially this book reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood, with a twist. The Tortuga wants to deliver food to his grandmother, but the coyote wishes to eat both the food, and the Tortuga. Through the unique take on a classic story, the Spanish language has been added, and various Latin American foods are incorporated. Overall, it was an entertaining read, and would potentially be very enjoyable for young readers.

    9. D

      Good way to introduce children to Spanish and this is a fun take on the Red Riding Hood story. The only glitch in the matrix is when the animals are thumping on the house, to sound like monsters, to get coyote out. This could have been foreshadowed a bit better or built upon, as this resolution seemed to come out of nowhere. Furthermore, the notion that the coyote would even be afraid of monsters doesn't fit in the genre of this story either. (?)

    10. David

      This is one of my absolute favorite books to read to my daughter. It is a telling of the well-known story Little Red Riding Hood, featuring the turtle Tortuga. He is taking a delicious dinner of tamales, ensalada and flan to his abuela, but the coyote wants to eat his dinnerd eat Tortuga! Can his friends Iguana, Culebra and Conejo save him in time?

    11. Anna

      I have to admit that when I read this book to my son, some sort of Mexican accent creeps out. Not that I speak Spanish, because I don't and it's probably a terrible accent when I actually use the Spanish words in the book. Anyway, it's entertaining and has great illustrations. It's a version of the old red riding hood story.

    12. Christine Turner

      When Tortuga arrives at Abuela's house to bring her supper, Abuela looks suspiciously like Coyote. Includes a glossary of Spanish words used.hcplI greatly appreciate the glossary of Spanish words! I do not speak Spanish and this tool is very helpful.

    13. Danie P.

      A hispanic twist on little red riding hood. Tortuga the turtle is taking lunch to his grandmother. The big bad coyote tries to steal it from him. Incorporates spanish into sentences instead of one spanish then one english sentence.

    14. Jen

      This book was ok. The illustrations are not my favorite, but the book consistently uses certain words in Spanish. The repetitiveness could help even a non-Spanish speaking parent figure out which words mean what. Good idea for supplemental curriculum.

    15. Ann

      I think kids would most enjoy the bright colors in this Southwest-themed retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. They'll learn a few Spanish words, as well, in this "friends look after each other" story.

    16. Christina

      Cute Spanish take on Little Red Riding Hood. This book allows for inferencing of Spanish words, as they are quickly followed by English or easy to see in the picture. It would be a good book to compare versions of stories.

    17. Joe

      I love the illustrations and the blend of English and Spanish, but what did not fulfill my expectations was the way the amigos solved the problem. I wanted a little more depth, but until that point, I enjoyed this altered Red Riding Hood-esque story.

    18. Kelli

      Great illustrations. This version of Little Red Riding Hood has a Southwestern twist. It is a great read aloud book and a great way to introduce Spanish words.

    19. Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)

      Think little red riding hood, with a turtle and a coyote. The bright cartoon-like illustrations are fun. Need to practice your Spanish prior to reading it out loud.

    20. Sheri

      Cute book with lots of Spanish words for my students who speak Spanish in the home. Tortuga is a turtle. Loved the colorful illustrations, too.

    21. Mary

      Hilarious! I love the intermingling of the Spanish words. My four year old granddaughter was not at all confused. Also, the desert setting is a wonderful twist on the usual Red Riding Hood setting.

    22. Julia

      This desert-setting retelling of Little Red Riding Hood smoothly blends Spanish vocabulary into the English text. I really enjoyed the fun, colorful illustrations.

    23. Winta

      This book has words in Spanish. It is similar to "The Little Red Riding Hood." I love the illustrations! I read it to my Kindergarten and first grade students and both classes enjoyed it.

    24. Karelle Royal

      This is a version of the famous fairytale "The Little Red Riding Hood" with a Hispanic twist.Great book to read with Hispanic/bilingual students & Ells.Bright & bold illustrations.

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