The Halls Of Stormweather

The Halls Of Stormweather Seven authors Ed Greenwood Clayton Emery Lisa Smedman Dave Gross Voronica Whitney Robinson Richard Lee Byers and Paul Kemp contribute sections to this seven part novel that offers close up portr

  • Title: The Halls Of Stormweather
  • Author: Philip Athans Dave Gross Paul S. Kemp Lisa Smedman Ed Greenwood Richard Lee Byers Clayton Emery Voronica Whitney-Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780786915606
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Halls Of Stormweather

    Seven authors Ed Greenwood, Clayton Emery, Lisa Smedman, Dave Gross, Voronica Whitney Robinson, Richard Lee Byers, and Paul Kemp contribute sections to this seven part novel that offers close up portraits on the inhabitants of a remarkable city in which everything has a price and the members of th

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    • ☆ The Halls Of Stormweather || ↠ PDF Download by è Philip Athans Dave Gross Paul S. Kemp Lisa Smedman Ed Greenwood Richard Lee Byers Clayton Emery Voronica Whitney-Robinson
      423 Philip Athans Dave Gross Paul S. Kemp Lisa Smedman Ed Greenwood Richard Lee Byers Clayton Emery Voronica Whitney-Robinson
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ The Halls Of Stormweather || ↠ PDF Download by è Philip Athans Dave Gross Paul S. Kemp Lisa Smedman Ed Greenwood Richard Lee Byers Clayton Emery Voronica Whitney-Robinson
      Posted by:Philip Athans Dave Gross Paul S. Kemp Lisa Smedman Ed Greenwood Richard Lee Byers Clayton Emery Voronica Whitney-Robinson
      Published :2018-05-12T11:59:47+00:00

    One thought on “The Halls Of Stormweather

    1. Derek

      A collection of seven stories (each around 50 pages), THE HALLS of STORMWEATHER is a great way to introduce a new multi-author series taking place in a new corner of the Forgotten Realms (well, obviously not *new* since the book is 16 years old). Of course the highlight is the debut of Paul S. Kemp's Erevis Cale.

    2. Travis

      This is the first book of the Sembia: Gateway to the Realms series. There are 8 short stories written by Ed Greenwood, Richard Lee Byers, Clayton Emery, Dave Gross, Paul S. Kemp, Lisa Smedman, and Voronica Whitney-Robinson. Each story involves a particular member of the Uskevren family and servants. I’ll give a few “plus’ and minus’” for each story and a basic and simple rundown of the plot.The Patriarch- The Burning Chalice by Ed Greenwood: The story revolves around Thamalon Uskevren [...]

    3. Pierre van Rooden

      Some nice stories, some a bit disappointing. Having various authors write different chapters means there was little continuity, except when it related to Talbot.I expect that these are preludes to upcoming novels, but unfortunately due to the way it is presented that does not really work as well as it should.Some tales simply ended too abruptly. I liked the tales on Thamalon (especially as the final tale on Larajin cast a particular light on the tale) from Ed Greenwood, the one on Erevis Cale fr [...]

    4. Darren

      This book is full of strong authors in the Realms. At the time I was keen on following the Erevis Cale story arc so I immediacy read Paul Kemp's story depicting Erevis' life in Selgaunt following his flight from Westgate (Dragon 277). I will say that Paul's grasp of character is addictive. He is certainly a writer that can draw you in and make you feel what they feel. Shadow's Witness is next!I also scanned Lisa Smedman's contribution to this work and will also be returning to read more of her w [...]

    5. Nicola

      Forgotten Realms novel. I read it in my youth while RPG'ing D&D (one of the earlier versions of the game) and loved picking up immersive novels for the setting (okay yes, Forgotten Realms and D&D were slightly different campaign settings but the concepts were basically the same). It's a different experience picking up the novels again as an adult when many years have passed since I last read the books. Still a fun read.

    6. Olivia

      This anthology of short stories centred on the Uskevren family of Sembia is a great introduction to some of the most prominent characters in the area. It was a quick and enjoyable read, with some stories being better than others. I'll give a quick review of each story below:The Patriarch: The Burning Chalice by Ed Greenwood. I found this story incredibly difficult to follow. For a piece meant to serve as an introduction to a new place and character, it felt like you were thrown into a story that [...]

    7. Steven Cole

      Well, isn't this an interesting book The first in a set of seven books set in the Forgotten Realms region of Sembia, it's clearly an introduction to the books that follow. It's a set of seven stories, one by each of the authors, each about one member of the Uskevren family of Selgaunt. I get the impression that each book following will take off from one of the seven stories here. (Obviously there are only six more books, so one story won't get extended, but still)So: the stories. The book starts [...]

    8. Jesse

      I read this quite awhile ago, but I remember kinda liking it. I mean, I gave it 4 stars. Written about a merchant family in the merchant kingdom of Sembia, each chapter has a new author and introduces an new character/family member, with one story about the butler and one about the maid.If I recall correctly, the first story is by Ed Greenwood, and that was was typically confusing and less entertaining, but several others were very good. They deffinitely do enough make you want to read each char [...]

    9. Christopher Preiman

      I really enjoy short fiction even if i read very little of it and i love the realms so a collection of 7 short intertwined stories all set in them was a no brainer for me. there was no way i was not going to read and enjoy this. and i was in no way disappointed all of the stories were well done, particularly Ed Greenwood, but this should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with his work. the real shining light for me was Paul S. Kemp and Lisa Smedman neither of whom i was acquainted with befo [...]

    10. Ken Bryant

      This book grew on me a bit. I hated the early chapters, and decided to power through it in a weekend. After realizing that each of the stories was written by a different author, I had hopes that the later characters/chapters would be more interesting. This was also my first run in with Erevis Cale, which was easily my favorite portion of the book. I will be adding that trilogy to my "to-read" list.

    11. Cheri Edwards

      Very outstandind book. least favorite stories are the Burning Chalice and The Price, but they are still very good stories. The rest of them are very good. My favorites are the last 2 stories.Resurrection (Paul Kemp) and Skin Deep (Lisa Smedman).

    12. Melumebelle

      I liked the story with Cale the best, and the story with mother and daughter comes in at a close second. Because this was written by so many different authors, there is a different style to each chapter which in turns gives a different spin on each character. Overall, I liked it quite a bit.

    13. Todd Lucht

      Hopefully this is a good introduction to the rest of the series. I am looking forward to finding out, especially with contributions from such great authors.

    14. Stephanie

      I really loved some of these stories. others were a bit confusing but overall I'm happy to start all the novels that follow this introductory book.

    15. Juhani

      Someone please stop Greenwood from writing anything ever again. These other people can continue writing. A few of them show promise.

    16. Emiel

      The different stories by different writers are sometimes hard to follow*** Burning Chalice** The Matriarch** The Heir** The Daughter*** The Second Son**** The Butler*** The Maid

    17. Kevin

      I enjoyed this collection of connected yet separate short stories. I am excited to learn more about Sembia and its interesting characters!

    18. Paul

      A different writing style than the other books I have been reading, but I was hooked am now on book six of the series, a definite read.

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