The Conqueror

The Conqueror England Henry II is king The country is wracked by bloody civil war Griffyn Sauvage is a valiant knight with a strict moral code of honor But when his family s estate and vast treasures are seiz

  • Title: The Conqueror
  • Author: Kris Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781420106527
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Conqueror

    England, 1152 Henry II is king The country is wracked by bloody civil war Griffyn Sauvage is a valiant knight with a strict moral code of honor But when his family s estate and vast treasures are seized, he becomes hardened by the betrayal Now he will go to any lengths for vengeance even if it means forming a union with his most despised enemy by marrying his daughterEngland, 1152 Henry II is king The country is wracked by bloody civil war Griffyn Sauvage is a valiant knight with a strict moral code of honor But when his family s estate and vast treasures are seized, he becomes hardened by the betrayal Now he will go to any lengths for vengeance even if it means forming a union with his most despised enemy by marrying his daughter, Lady Guinevere de l Ami Then, Griffyn lays eyes on Gwyn and is completely disarmed As war strikes, Gwyn is left alone to fight her enemies who want control of her ancestral lands When Griffyn comes to her rescue, she is grateful that the mysterious, brave knight has risked his life to protect hers With each passing day, she finds herself drawn to him even as she senses he s hiding a dark secret from her And when another dangerous adversary closes in on both of them, Griffyn and Gwyn s trust in each other will be put to the ultimate test.

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      389 Kris Kennedy
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    One thought on “The Conqueror

    1. seton

      (Just remember this is from a non-lover of medieval romances.)This is an assured, nicely-written debut historical romance from Kris Kennedy. However, I got up to Chapter 12 and decided not to finish for several reasons:The heroine was coming across as one of those type that always ran into trouble. In the course of one night, she was already abducted TWICE and threatened by yet another and the night was STILL not over when I left off! The night never ended!The book was also starting to set up wi [...]

    2. Zoe

      Oh I loved Griffyn and Gwen. I cannot explain why. I just do. The story itself could use some improvement. When the Holy Grail made its appearance late in the book I literally rolled my eyes. I have to say the plots are not worthy of Griffyn and Gwen, who are wonderful characters and I loved them individually and together as a couple. I honestly cannot recommend this book. The plots are messy. The characterization as well, especially Gwen's character. She was introduced as a very interesting cha [...]

    3. Manda Collins

      What a wonderful debut from Golden Heart winner Kris Kennedy. The writing is lyrical and fresh. The characterization is nuanced and multi-layered. There is much to love about this book. And I've got a feeling many, many readers will agree with me when it comes out in May!Even if you aren't fond of medieval romance, you should give this one a try. This book is more than its time period (though it does stay true to its setting). It is ultimately a story of the power of love and how it can transfor [...]

    4. Kristiej

      This book really, really worked for me. Pagan is a hero to die for! He falls and he falls hard for Gwyn but he has other duties and they are on opposite sides in a civil war. He's brave beyond belief, he's loyal, he's honourable, in short he's everything we want in a hero. Even though circumstances are against them, still he saves her again and again. And well he should. Gwyn makes for a wonderful heroine. She's stubborn, smart, brave and funny as all get out. It's not a laugh out loud kind of f [...]

    5. Holly

      A beautifully written tale of betrayal and redemption. Though it started out a bit slow, I felt it really picked up and turned into a beautiful story. Very emotionally engaging. My stomach was in knots as I waited for the final confrontation to come about. Highly recommend.

    6. Misfit

      If you like your romances with an unoriginal plot, plentiful purple prose and very bad sex in great length and detail this might be for you. Otherwise, skip it. I wish I had.

    7. Laura the Highland Hussy

      I didn't expect much from this $3 find at Border's, but I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed this book. It takes place in the 12th century, and the main characters are Gwyn- a countess who is in high demand, but who wants nothing more than to remain the master of her castled destiny. But one Lord Marcus (her neighbor) decides he wants Gwyn and her lands so she runs from his grasping hands, literally runs, from London, and Marcus sends his men after her. She is saved by a highwayman named [...]

    8. Janet

      Oh boy. Looks like I saved the second-to-worst for the last. We’re right back into two dimensional characters and a tangled unclear plot. The whole “guardian of a treasure” subplot didn’t seem to serve any purpose but to make the novel longer. Maybe there was a minimum page requirement Kennedy had to meet. Thank goodness I can get back to my regular reading now!

    9. Margaret

      Treasure from the CrusadesA spy in France, works his way through England to seek commitment for Henry's bid for the throne. In the battles that follow, the knight who was his spy now fights for the return of his home. Only one woman will be the treasure he wants. Intense sex and an emotional rollercoaster.

    10. Jill Dunlop

      Guinevere de l'Ami finds herself facing marriage to a man she has no desire to marry after her father passes away. As his heir, she comes with vast lands that many noble men want to acquire. There is much political unrest currently in England. King Stephan is slowly losing his loyal vassals to Henry. Guinevere tries to run away to an abbey the night one of her neighboring lords tries to forcibly wed her. On her way to the abbey she is rescued by an unknown knight. The knight turns out to be none [...]

    11. Elis Madison

      Guinevere de l'Ami, daughter of the Earl of Everoot, is desperate. Her father is dead, and their creepy neighbor, Marcus fitzMiles is sniffing around, trying to take control of Everoot—and her. She had hoped her family's stanch loyalty to King Stephen would gain her his support, but it's looking like he might back Marcus. So she makes a run for it, with nothing but the clothes on her back, a purse of coins, and a bag containing a chest of love letters that her father requested, on his last bre [...]

    12. Wendy Hines

      Love is nothing without trust. But, it is hard to trust anyone when your country is at war and your enemies desire your land.Guinevere de l'Ami, nicknamed Gwyn, has recently buried her father, the illustrious earl of Everoot. As the only living heir and the sole owner of a sizable estate, Gwyn is a magnet for gold diggers Namely, Marcus fitzMiles, Lord d'Enshire, an ally of her late fathers. Marcus will stop at nothing to achieve his goal of securing de l'Ami lands, even if it means forcing Gwyn [...]

    13. Splage

      3- 3.5 read. The Conqueror had a great start to a medieval romance and adventure. The first meeting between Gwyn and Griffin was funny, sweet, heroic, and had great potential for sexual chemistry. They meet by coincidence as Gwyn is running from a man who wants to force her to marry him to inherit her lands. He wasn't much of a villain and you never really found out what happened to him in the end. His henchmen are after her and Griffin comes upon her as she is defending herself from the brood o [...]

    14. Leah

      Griffyn "Pagan" Sauvage is a warrior that carries a secret so sacred that men's lives and hopes depend on him. His task is to prepare England for invasion for Henri fitzEmpress, Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy. His personal mission is to destroy the house of de l'Ami and reclaim that which is his by birthright. Guinevere de l'Ami is the daughter of the Earl of Everoot who has died and many men are trying to do everything within their power to take her by force and in doing so grasp control of E [...]

    15. Ashley Ludwig

      I chose "The Conqueror" by Kris Kennedy as my summertime "beach read" for 2009. Truth, I used to be able to read these sorts of books in 24-48 hours. Now, I'm chasing after a 5 yr old and a 3 1/2 yr old, and I can barely get through a page a night before bed on a good day! or a chapter while kids are splashing at the beach with their daddy.Let me just say, I toted this book with me everywhere for about a month, hoping that I'd have a chance to indulge myself with Kris Kennedy's beautiful story o [...]

    16. Sabrina

      Having not read many (hmmybe even ANY!) medieval romances before, I wasn't sure what to expect of this historical romance. I shouldn't have been worried since the story was very creative and it was a nice change not to have all the action taking place at a masquerade ball.First off let me say the $3.99 price tag alone makes this book a no-brainer to add to your to-buy list! You won't be disappointed in the story either. I liked the combination of war story, revenge plot, romanace and even a trea [...]

    17. Erica Anderson

      I think Kris Kennedy is one of the best authors of medieval romance around. This is, I believe, her first novel and it's pretty darn good. IMHO, not as good as The Irish Warrior, but still well above the usual. What I liked best about this is that the characters behaved like adults. None of this "your father killed my father, therefore I shall ruin you in revenge" nonsense. At one point, the hero even thinks to himself that there is no sense in punishing the daughter for the sins of the father. [...]

    18. Stevie

      I really liked this one. Very first read from this author and I will definitely be trying her again. There was great style, characters and story line to this one. Griffyn was a to-die-for hero, you find yourself liking him the moment he's introduced. The witty bantering between he and Gwyn is reminiscent of old-time romance where the seduction is not just sexual. KK builds a rich and complex world and plot, adding a wonderful weightiness a boy meets a girl and every circumstance is an obstacle t [...]

    19. GingerOrange

      Romance:4Steaminess:3Action/suspense:4Overall:4I really enjoyed this one. From the history to the interesting plot lines, it really held my interest. I just wanted to read to the end.The romance between Griffyn and Gwynn was great and really realistic in my opinion. I loved their banter and their chemistry. This book really was the idyllic medieval romance with the Knights and the wars. The sex was good for a medieval novel but not as good as contemporary. But in this genre, it's great. The trea [...]

    20. Aly is so frigging bored

      Quotes:"What do you think you’re doing?”She lifted the slipper into the air. “My shoes are wet.”The grimness in his face shaded with something else. “What are you doing?” he asked again, his words a deep rumble of masculinity.“I’m going north.” Hot tears pushed against her nose.He nodded, then paused. “That’s a very general area.”You must be pleased with your accomplishments,” she observed sourly.“I would be if my pretty betrothed did but smile at me.” Down went the [...]

    21. Dana S

      Rating: 3 1/2 stars.Fantastic use of medieval time period, great writing and characters, but really disliked the paranormal/religious storyline. It seemed extraneous to the plot. I really liked the romance, except that I thought the secret that Gwen was keeping went on too long (it's the well used the-heroine-keeps-getting-interrupted-when-she-tries-to-tell-the-hero trope). But the resolution was believable, and I thought not too rushed. Considering the dearth of medievals in the romance market, [...]

    22. Jeri

      Loved it, loved it, loved it! Excellent historical romance. Set in Medieval time period, Kings Stephen and Henri in competition for England. Handsome Lord Pagan rescues beautiful Raven (Guinevere) who lives in the castle that was once his home. Their fathers were best friends until greed separated them. He is a Guardian of the Treasure of Charlegmane. She is keeping a secret. Will true love prevail? You bet!

    23. Lynn Spencer

      It's funny. Recently I found myself wondering where all the good Medievals had gone. I find the occasional winner at Harlequin, but it's been ages since I've read a good, meaty Medieval historical. And then , as soon as I wished it, one landed in my review pile. If you've been looking for a strong Medieval romance, The Conqueror is an impressive debut, indeed.And the remainder of this review can be found at All About Romance: likesbooks/cgi-bin/bookRev

    24. Karin

      This story is about two people with pasts that haunt them. Griffyn is haunted by his father's past actions and reputation, as well as the loss of his home. Guinevere regrets the loss of her brother and mother and is trying to make up for it.The Conqueror is a historical with a hint of mystery. If you're looking for a strong warrior and the woman who can tame him, this is the book for you!

    25. Lisa

      2,5/5. Tout juste la moyenne pour ce livre. Pas très passionnant, l'intrigue semblait pourtant prometteuse mais elle est mal développée. Les personnages sont creux, leur histoire ne m'a absolument pas fait vibrer. Bref, une lecture dont on peut tout à fait se passer.

    26. Nicole Laverdure

      I really love Ms. Kennedy's first novel The Conqueror. I love her style of writing. Sexy and strong Griffyn and beautiful Guinevere find love. I expect of read more of her books full of love and intrique.

    27. Renee

      I don't usually read medieval romance, but was intrigued by other reviews of this book. This was a good book. There was an interesting story told along with the romance. I could imagine myself there with the characters watching all unfold.

    28. Heidi

      Good story, jumped around a bit. Love the two main characters, but they seemed at odds with each other most of the book, which I did not like. I think the story could have been tweaked some, it had a lot of potential to be great.

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