Below Zero

Below Zero Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett s teenage daughter Sheridan receives a text message with a staggering implication that April the foster daughter thought to have died years ago in a massacre is s

  • Title: Below Zero
  • Author: C.J. Box
  • ISBN: 9780399155758
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Below Zero

    Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett s teenage daughter, Sheridan, receives a text message with a staggering implication that April, the foster daughter thought to have died 6 years ago in a massacre, is still alive If it really is April who s texting, she s in danger, and for Pickett, the only thing worse than losing her the first time would be losing her again Pickett mustWyoming game warden Joe Pickett s teenage daughter, Sheridan, receives a text message with a staggering implication that April, the foster daughter thought to have died 6 years ago in a massacre, is still alive If it really is April who s texting, she s in danger, and for Pickett, the only thing worse than losing her the first time would be losing her again Pickett must negotiate FBI politics, recruit his fugitive friend Nate Romanowski, and take a crash course in cell phone tracking technology to find her.

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    One thought on “Below Zero

    1. Brian O'Leary

      First of all, if you've never read a CJ Box novel I strongly suggest you read the Joe Pickett series. Every book is quality and the characters are all so strongly developed that each read is like visiting a family member that you have not talked to in awhile. This book had all of the elements of the typical Joe Pickett novel. Joe having to make moral decisions, which are always tough for him since he has such a high moral compass. There is always new and old antagonists, that Joe has to deal wit [...]

    2. Mahoghani 23

      It took for me to finish the book in order to understand what the title meant. The book left me with unanswered questions and mixed feelings. There were some good parts but the storyline was somewhat discouraging to read. The Pickett family adopted a little girl named April. Her birth mother had other plans and got April back and the last time Joe Pickett, the adoptive dad of April, saw her she appeared to be blown to pieces before his eyes. After six years, Sheridan, his oldest daughter, gets a [...]

    3. James Paddock

      I know Below Zero is not CJ Box’s latest novel, but it is the latest one I’ve read and I am just as riveted as I was with all the rest. Joe Pickett and his family, Marybeth, Sheridan and Lucy, continue to burrow into the hearts of CJ’s readers. Joe, a Wyoming game warden who often finds himself on the disgruntled side of either the director of the Wyoming Game and Fish, the Wyoming governor, one or more county sheriffs, or his wife, finds he must take a leave of absence to investigate text [...]

    4. Rex Fuller

      If any "enviro-freaks" have actually gone so far as to serially murder people because of the size of their carbon footprint, I'm unaware of it. Consequently, the animating motive of the villainous Stensons in this book was unreal to me. Not that serial killers need a higher order motive, or from a sane person's perspective, any motive at all. Nevertheless, this is still a highly enjoyable book, especially because of the excellent treatment of Joe's relationship with his daughter Sheridan - who b [...]

    5. wally

      13 jul 16 and on to another from boxey've all been good reads so far some a tad better some with a hump in the road but that's life and so it goes. onward, ever onward. 14 jul 16, finished. great story! good read.

    6. LJ

      First Sentence: Marshall and Sylvia Hotle, who like to list their places of residence as Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Quartzsite, Arizona, and “the open road,” were preparing dinner when they saw the dark SUV will Illinois plates drive by on the access road for the third time in less than an hour.Six years ago, the Pickett’s foster daughter, April, was killed in the massacre of a survivalist group. Or was she? April is been texting the Pickett’s oldest daughter, Sherry, and that “bad” things [...]

    7. Nancy

      April died six years ago. Joe was a witness in a mistake-lade stakeout. The family mourned April as if she really was there instead of a foster child. So - who called on Sheridan's phone saying she was April? This, combined with several important deaths in "Blood Trail"; leaves Joe and family upset to say the least. On top of this, a Chicago mobster is on the run in Wyoming, accompanied by a young girl and his pretty sure he's crazy son. Murders happen wherever this trio lights. A very good book [...]

    8. James Biser

      I always love Joe Pickett stories. This one is exceptional because the antagonists are evil, one is even a psychopath, believing he is trying to "erase the carbon foot prints" of his victims.As always, Joe protects his family. In this case he is joined by his daughter, Sheridan; and it looks as if his step-daughter April was not killed and is texting messages to Sheridan.My favorite of Joe's associates is Nate Romanowski. He is also available to rescue Joe through this story. This novel is impos [...]

    9. Jill Manske

      Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett is temporarily assigned across the state. While away, he receives a panicked call from his wife that someone calling herself "April" has been texting their daughter, Sheridan. April, the Pickett's foster daughter, was killed in an FBI raid on the commune of a religious survivalist group. But did April somehow get away? The texts get more and more worrisome, as the girl calling herself April talks about "bad things" that the two men she's traveling with have done. [...]

    10. Ed

      C.J. Box is one of those authors who know how to keep a story moving without losing track of the characters or straining believe-ability. He does it by keeping the plot simple and not introducing a lot of sub-plots or extraneous description, leaving something for the reader's imagination but cleaning up any loose ends so the reader isn't left wondering what happened. In this, volume 9 of the Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett series, Joe has been banished to the Baggs District as punishment for goi [...]

    11. J

      MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.I loved the Joe Pickett novels -- until this one.The plot mechanics are flawless. But the book had no soul.I felt like all the characters were on auto pilot, just executing actions to advance the plot, and not interacting fully, as they have in past stories.I suspect the author himself may be on auto-pilotIt was a nice end twist, to have the the runaway that Joe, Beth & girls thought was April (un-deceased!) turn out not to be April, but a friend w who has assumed that p [...]

    12. Frank

      Another good entry in the Joe Pickett series. In this one, the Picketts received a message that their foster daughter April called to talk to their daughter Sheridan. Could it really be her given that April was supposedly killed several years earlier in the events of Winterkill? Joe, who is on assignment as ranger in the town of Baggs, gets a leave of absence from the governor to try to track down the person claiming to be April. It turns out the girl has been taken by a Chicago mobster and his [...]

    13. Ed

      #9 in the Joe Pickett series. Pickett is a Wyoming game warden who has a penchant for attracting trouble. 6 years earlier (Winterkill (2003)), his adopted daughter, April, was in a mobile home blown up during an FBI raid on a survivalist camp. Now his daughter Sheridan is getting text messages from someone claiming to be April. This novel starts with segments from the point-of-view of a Chicago gangster and his enviro-terrorist son - and I found it far-fetched and tough going. Things greatly imp [...]

    14. Kathy

      This is the 9th book in the Joe Pickett series, and the fact that I am reading the 9th book says it all. I am really enjoying this series. In this book, Joe's oldest daughter Sheridan gets a phone call from their foster daughter April, thought to be dead over the last 6 years. Joe and Sheridan both undertake a journey to find her, which includes some Chicago gangsters. One of whom is dying of cancer and the other his son, who wants to reduce carbon footprints in the world. There is a secret abou [...]

    15. Su

      Boring. Oh so boring. I kept reading thinking it might improve, but no luck. The author is a long time mystery writer, but this is my first (and last) attempt at reading his works. The characters seemed so stilted and some of the story suspended belief. In a mystery, I feel everything should be both believable and doable.

    16. Eddie

      Mr. Box's Joe Pickett is moving up "need to read more" list very quickly. Any writer who can make this plot device work gets my respect.

    17. Gina Hayes

      I was looking forward to reading thisI have been tearing through Box's series of Game Warden Joe Pickett, and wondered about how April Pickett- Joe and Marybeth's adopted daughter- came back into the family after believed dead in the third novel "Winterkill". The eldest daughter, Sheridan, starts to receive texts messages from someone who claims to be April- she seems to know only information that only the Pickett family would know. Instead of twists and turns that the family takes to find the t [...]

    18. Ken Heard

      This one is # 9 in the series and it seems to keep getting better. C.J. Box is an exceptional writer with a lot of patience. A lot of series hit the wall by the ninth book and the author reverts back to repetitive actions, but Box keeps things fresh each time.Sure, there are some repeating nuances. Notice how people are "rolling their eyes" at comments and actions. I first saw that in Free Fall a lot. And there's the ecoterrorist theme that has run through a few of these books.But those are mino [...]

    19. Hans

      The Joe Pickett series continues to be strong for characters and geography and hyper-ridiculous when it comes to bad guys. It is a page-turning, winning combination. This outing crosses gang-related environmental-extremist terrorists with a surprise reveal about what really happened to Joe's foster daughter during the government shootout at the survivalist compound 6 years before. There aren't any exploding cows in this bookbut you can't have everything. Here is a bit from a witness in the book: [...]

    20. James

      No spoilers, just random comments:1) Main question asked and eventually answered in this one is "Is April still alive?"2) Another ecoactivist theme - no exploding cows this time - and this one is the aggressor, taking his mania for reducing the human carbon footprint to a level that really strains credulity.3) Don't let anyone talk you into a drinking game wherein you take a shot every time Joe Pickett says "I don't know". You'll die of alcohol poisoning.4) Once again, Joe and Nate seem to get a [...]

    21. Coleen

      C.J. Box is such a good writer that one knows when starting the book that it will be a good one. This one is no exception. Joe Pickett is not a perfect person and has his faults, but that seems to make his adventure series all the more interesting. It is not necessary to read the series in order because Box makes sure that the characters and 'history' are explained in a way that is not boring. In this case, the story involves a young girl named April who was introduced in his first book, which I [...]

    22. Catrinka

      I'm gradually working my way through C.J. Box's Joe Pickett series, not necessarily in order. I'm a big fan of his Cassie Dewell series, but the Pickett series is starting to grow on me.One of my biggest issues with this series is the lackluster-personality of Joe Pickett. But, in this particular book, I found him much more interesting. Much of the improvement I attribute to the fact that his friend, Nate Romanowski, factors more significantly in Below Zero. As usual, Nate is on the run from the [...]

    23. Vicki

      This series is one of my favorites and it is so enjoyable you don't want to put it down.In this one Joe is still working for the Governor and still working in Baggs the area they call the Game Warden's Graveyard. Marybeth and the girls lived in town. In this one Sheridan, Joe's 17 year old daughter starts getting messages from April Keeley a girl who died 6 year ago in a botched FBI raid Joe was a part of. April is in trouble and the men she is with are dangerous. It is an exciting mystery to so [...]

    24. Pengo

      The antagonist's repetitive dialog consists almost entirely of finding different ways to say "It's everyone else's fault", which quickly becomes as hackneyed as a mustache twirling villain's maniacal laughter. While the rest of the writing is solid, this one character—whose personality never momentarily veers away from a business magazine's cartoon parody of a Millennial—completely Jar Jar Binksed this book.

    25. George

      Antagonists are evil, one is even a psychopath, believing he is trying to "erase the carbon foot prints" of his victims. If you are a Joe Pickett fan you will enjoy the story and the timely theme. The wimpy-ass governor is a particularly heinous character. April, Joe Pickett's deceased step-daughter. re-appears in this book, or at least it seems she does. This book brought much enjoyment.

    26. Jan

      Six years ago, Joe Pickett's foster daughter, April, was murdered. Now, someone is leaving phone messages claiming to be the dead girl. As his family struggles with the disturbing event, he discovers that the calls have been placed from locations where serious environmental crimes have occurred. And as the phone calls grow closer, so does the danger.

    27. Msgadget

      A text from the grave? Only Box and Joe could save this from an eye-rolling possibility. Six years after her (witnessed) death in a botched FBI raid a text is received from Joe's foster daughter. And, because nobody in authority really wants to have anything to do with him, what's a dad to do? Really good, as per usual. And, not at all formulaic or predictable.

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