Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work

Type Talk The Personality Types That Determine How We Live Love and Work Determine your personality using a scientifically validated method based on the work of C G Jung and gain insight into why others behave the way they do and why you are the person you are

  • Title: Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work
  • Author: Otto Kroeger Janet M. Thuesen
  • ISBN: 9780440507048
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work

    Determine your personality using a scientifically validated method based on the work of C.G Jung and gain insight into why others behave the way they do, and why you are the person you are.

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    • [PDF] ↠ Free Read ☆ Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work : by Otto Kroeger Janet M. Thuesen ↠
      308 Otto Kroeger Janet M. Thuesen
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    One thought on “Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work

    1. mlady_rebecca

      My favorite book on Myers-Briggs temperament sorting. I love the insight into what motivates and energizes different types of people. No specific type is considered "better" than another, although some combinations are more rare. Personally, I'm an INTJ - Introvert/ iNtuitive/ Thinking/ Judging.Introversion/ Extroversion - how you gain energy.iNtuitive/ Sensor - how you perceive the world.Thinking/ Feeling - how you make decisionsJudging/ Perceiving - how you organize your worldJ INFJ INFJ INTJI [...]

    2. Bucket

      Kroeger and Thuesen write in-depth about the practical applications of the Myers-Briggs type indicator, which is based on Jungian personality types. Basically, they take a complex, philosophical subject and break it down in ways that help people apply it to their own lives and relationships. They discuss the implications of personality type in all aspects of life: work, marriage, parenting, school, etc.For my graduate school leadership class I took the officially-facilitated test and came out wi [...]

    3. M

      The most readable, engaging introduction to Myers' theory of type I've come across. Type Talk is to Myers-Briggs what I'm O.K You're O.K. is to Transactional Analysis. When you finish reading it you'll have the satisfying illusion that you understand it thoroughly.

    4. Hailey Whitman

      Fascinating! I love how they discuss "type watching" and teach how to guess someone's personality in a matter of minutes (although some personalities may not be easy to guess and require many interactions). I also appreciated how they clarified that personalities are complex and they aren't suggesting that we are strictly one personality. Rather, we have "preferences." The way we reenergize, take in information, make decisions, and what we do with that information, can help to determine which le [...]

    5. Anne

      It's definitely an introductory book -- which is a shame since I picked it up after already exploring this subject for weeks and weeks on end. That's not the book's fault though. Honestly, if it wasn't stuff that I already had a grasp on, I would have given this a higher rating.I didn't like how the final type-descriptions in the back were extremely short. Fleshing out each type would have been a lot more interesting to read. It was pretty fragmented. Also being able to see the combination of al [...]

    6. February Four

      I liked this for the comprehensive overview of all 16 types as well as some things on what to look for, but Typewatching is not just about people on the extremes--people who are close to the center of the spectrum between their E and I, for example, don't act like the E or I types described in the book, and it is very difficult to get at other subtle differences like that. Overall, though, this was a positive read.

    7. Elizabeth Walls

      I mostly skimmed through this book to the parts that go into detail about my specific results, INFJ, from the MBTI. I also may have forced my significant other into taking the questionnaire and read more about how we interpret and handle situations as well as how we communicate.

    8. Adrienna

      In general, I took brief notes on my personality traits as a INTJ. I learned there are more males in this personality trait/characteristic and lines up with the fields I have done alreadyjust one more to go and hope I do well based on this book and others in relation.

    9. Kev Willoughby

      Type Talk is a very insightful book that helped me to understand myself and those that I work with more clearly. I was not surprised to learn that my "type" is INTJ. What was surprising and helpful was finding out what effect each of those characteristics within my profile has on my interaction with others at work. The Type Talk personality theory is built around four tendencies that are natural parts of an individual's personal traits. Each individual has a natural propensity to lean toward one [...]

    10. Miles Wen

      It’s good to know Myers Briggs Personality Types and how different people might fit into different personality categories. However, feels like that such “categorisation” serves more like an assurance to one’s prior judgement on an individual rather than providing practical insights on how to work with people in general.

    11. Jonathan Downing

      LOVED this book. It was very good and it told me a lot about the MBTI that I previously didn't know. I would say, though, that although it does introduce the topic from the beginning, having some background knowledge about the Type Indicator certainly came in useful.

    12. Jennie Kerns

      I didn't read this entire book - maybe read half and certain sections. Highly recommend it tho as it explains the Myer Brigg personalities SO well 👏🏻

    13. Sarah DiPascal

      I would recommend this book to anyone being introduced to the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) world. Or you knowy of you personality type/psychology dorks like me. ;)This book is very insightful, walking through what makes each individual type tick and how they can reach their full potential in their relationships, careers, and daily lives. Side note: These "types" aren't meant to put anyone in a box. The things written about your type shouldn't be the deciding factor for your life. While the [...]

    14. Tessa

      This book had a lot of information to offer-- some of it interesting, some of it very drawn out. There were a few chapters I skimmed because they just didn't seem relevant for me, but there were some chapters I read in one sitting because I was so curious about the topic. I think it might be a good little resource for people who are just starting to get into MBTI. I've been studying MBTI for a while so a lot of it was like a review for me, but I still grasped a few new, interesting things. It wa [...]

    15. Sara

      A good introduction to the concepts of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. This is where I started, and I usually recommend this book as a starting point to people when they want to know more MBTI and personality typology in general. As I said, it introduces the concepts in a way that's written in an engaging and easy language. However, I think the book's main flaw is that it encorporates too much from Keirsey's work, e.g. Please Understand Me II. I am highly critical of Keirsey's work, and I belie [...]

    16. Rosa Frei

      Type watching is a a characterisation of the ways we perceive and relate to our world. It is a judgement-free psychological system, a way of explaining "normal" psychology (and not abnormal psychology). There are no good or bad "types", only differences. Typewatching celebrates those differences, using them creatively and constructively. The book contains many practical situation studies, demonstrating the different reactions of people of different types, in the same life situation (at home, rel [...]

    17. Shelby

      BEWARE. If you read this book, you will find yourself sucked into a Typewatching spiral. IT NEVER ENDS. Still. You should read it. Especially if you are a writer, because it will help tremendously with characterization. Also provides hours of entertainment when it comes to Typing your favorite TV characters. A word of caution, though -- don't try to read it all in one go. Grab a copy from your local library, read a few sections at a time, and renew it if you have to (I did). The Is and Es and Fs [...]

    18. Deborah Berberi

      A good book if you are into personality typesI don't think I believe in this kind of thing any moreFor exampleI came out from the test as INTPIntroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. It all has to do with different letters.wrongI'm not thinking! I'm feeling. You are either thinking or feeling. ButI do think that everyone has bits and pieces of all the personality types. Not just one main thing. I am introverted sometimes and extroverted other times. It goes on and onI can't remember all the [...]

    19. Shennety

      Довольно интересная книга, которая может помочь лучше разобраться в себе и причинах того или иного поведения других людей. Конечно, брать ее за некий шаблон, чтобы "подгонять" в его рамки знакомых людей, всё же не стоит, о чем неоднократно настаивают сами авторы. Тем не менее [...]

    20. Gina

      I read this book for a leadership course I attended for my job. I enjoyed learning about all the different personality types associated with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The information was a little dated for some personality types. For instance, introverts were described as a very small portion of the overall population; however, today's MBTI literature describes introverts as nearly half of the population. But the book is nearly three decades old now, so new studies have led to new [...]

    21. Nadia Alblooshi

      Very useful and informative book. It can be your introductory material to the world of MBTI. Lots of advices, whispers and guidance on how to celebrate our differences in personalities. Many consultation stories with families and corporates. This is a rich book which will change your mind set, and forces you to excuse people and accept them for what they are, and become aware of your own self and accept it for what you are. Highly recommended (y)

    22. Bence

      A classic for psychology. Has a lot of fine points about how to understand and efficiently communicate with different people, with plenty of examples from family and corporate life. For me, the most important fundamental lesson was that people are different by nature, and it is okay: innate personality does not make anyone superior or inferior, they just operate on different terms.

    23. Sam Kristen

      To me whose personality this book's description of the type that I am fits much of, I find the book really entertaining and applicable. I now have another common language with my peers and get to know how to interact with people more as a P person whose acts are largely influenced by others. It serves as a resource for me as I verbalize my and others' characteristics, which is helpful.

    24. Shereen Elaidi

      It was okay. It didn't discuss cognitive functions, which is the backbone to the MBTI theory. That was my biggest problem with this book. It's a good introductory book to people new to MBTI, but if you've already been studying MBTI and understand the basics, I suggest you find a more in-depth book.

    25. Jason Pere

      If you are into MBTI this is one of the most easily accessible and absorbable books I have come across. I would stay away from this title if you are note a subscriber to the MBTI theorem but if you feel that the 16 types are something you want to know more about then this is well worth the time. On a personal note I am an INFP.

    26. Cathy

      InterestingI have read other books about this typing process, but this one, instead of testing to see where you are, used the description of each type and each combination to help you pick out who you are and who others are. It helped me understand my spouse much better than I had.

    27. Joanie

      Still on my psychology kick. I am semi-obsessed with the MBTI and so devoured this book and then mentally typed everyone I came into contact with for weeks. Wonderfully informative, easy to understand and extremely enjoyable if you are on a MBTI kick.

    28. Brent Ranalli

      One has to take with a grain of salt the idea that all personalities belong to 16 distinct "types," but Myers-Briggs is a useful and thought-provoking heuristic, another way to approach human nature, and I feel I'd be impoverished if I hadn't been introduced to it by this eminently readable book.

    29. Keli Wright

      I was really excited to read this but then I found out my personality "changed" and they had split up things by different letters I could not keepupd all those boring for instances was like a text book after awhile.d I don't want to read a text book!!

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