Sisters & Husbands

Sisters Husbands Ten years have passed since Sisters and Lovers and Beverly now is engaged to Julian a man her family and friends agree is the epitome of a great catch he s gorgeous loyal trustworthy success

  • Title: Sisters & Husbands
  • Author: Connie Briscoe
  • ISBN: 9780446534895
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sisters & Husbands

    Ten years have passed since Sisters and Lovers, and Beverly, now 39, is engaged to Julian, a man her family and friends agree is the epitome of a great catch he s gorgeous, loyal, trustworthy, successful, and very much in love with her Since this is Beverly s third engagement in the past five years, after breaking off the previous two at the last moment, everyone s happyTen years have passed since Sisters and Lovers, and Beverly, now 39, is engaged to Julian, a man her family and friends agree is the epitome of a great catch he s gorgeous, loyal, trustworthy, successful, and very much in love with her Since this is Beverly s third engagement in the past five years, after breaking off the previous two at the last moment, everyone s happy that she s finally settling down For Beverly and Julian, nothing could be better than being in love and planning their wedding That is until Beverly s oldest sister s marriage falls apart and dampens the mood of what should have been the happiest time in Beverly s life Now, second guessing her impending nuptials, Beverly is forced to wonder if marriage really works Will she stick it out Or will her fears cloud her judgment once again

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    One thought on “Sisters & Husbands

    1. Jackie

      This was a good read. Although I hadn't read "Sisters & Lovers," I was able to follow the story with no issues. The main characters were enjoyable, and sometimes delightfully irritating, i.e Beverly. She was so self-righteous for someone who knew nothing about real love or good relationships. Charmaine loved getting married. In her quest to find "the one," she was at times too tolerant, but in the end, she learned to balance tolerance & patience.Evelyn needed a real life and finally got [...]

    2. Tiffany Spencer

      Sisters and HusbandsPLOT: Ten years later from the first novel (Sisters and Lovers), Beverly has FINALLY found the love of her life, Julian. Now after three previous engagements, she's ready to walk down the aisle. Or is she? Even though she has the perfect man in her life how can she ignore all the signs going on around her that even the most stable marriage she holds to the highest standard is falling apart? Her oldest sister Evelyn and her husband have separated. Her other sister Charlene is [...]

    3. Hannah

      It's nice to follow up on the three sisters from "Sisters and Lovers," and I found the sequel even more engaging than the original. Still, the relationships in this book are problematic, and I'm not sure whether the author knows so, or whether the end is intended as happily ever after. Kevin and Evelyn growing apart gives Evelyn the needed room for developing independence. This independence is a theme in a number of Briscoe's books, and it's one of the reasons I read her over and over again. But [...]

    4. Katrina Burchett

      Beverly is engaged to be married to Julian. Will she go through with the ceremony or run away like she did twice before? After three divorces, Charmaine is married again and this time she’s determined to make it work. But there are problems that come along with blended families. Will she and her husband, Tyrone, ever be able to see eye to eye when it comes to the stepchildren? Evelyn has been with her husband, Kevin, nearly twenty-five years and even though the relationship hasn’t been at it [...]

    5. Ari

      IQ "'So she moved the line between what's acceptable and what isn't,' Evelyn said.'Or erased it altogether,' Beverly added." (87)The non-English major in me is resurfacing (and the one who barely attention to Language Arts classes in middle school) because I think there's a term to describe what I'm about to say but I have no idea what it is. This book reads as though the author wrote chapters at random and then forgot to delete the repetitive parts when she put it all together. And since I read [...]

    6. Elizabeth(Thoughts From an Evil Overlord)

      Sisters & Husbands is the long-awaited sequel to Connie Briscoe's first novel, Sister's & Lovers, which was published more than 10 years ago. This story about Evelyn, Charmaine, and Beverly three very close sisters, focuses on the month leading up to Beverly's wedding.In her late 30s, this is Beverly's third engagement, so everyone is watching for signs of cold feet. But Beverly is not concerned. Julian is the most wonderful man she has ever been with, considerate, caring, sexy and with [...]

    7. Shelley Shockley

      "Sisters and Husbands" chronicles a month in the life of the Jordan sisters - Evelyn, Charmaine, and Beverly. A month that just happens to be the four weeks preceding Beverly's wedding. The eldest Jordan sisters are married, Evelyn for more than 20 years and Charmaine is a newlywed - but not new to marriage, this is her fourth husband.The story could be a very good one I believe, but all I came away with was total irritation, particularly with our main character Beverly. Although there is an ens [...]

    8. Tracy Darity

      Sisters & Husbands by Connie Briscoe is the sequel to Sisters & Lovers, which I read a very long time ago. Some things came back to me but unlike Midnight and The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah, I did not feel the need to go pull down the first book. Sisters & Husbands was strong enough to stand on it's own without the prior history.The book picks up with younger sister Beverly preparing for her marriage. Beverly, who has a history of getting cold feet, has already called off [...]

    9. K.L. Brady

      Evelyn, Beverly, and Charmaine from sisters from Sisters and Lovers are back with some new drama. The story centers around Beverly, the consumate runaway bride, who never seems to make it the altar. She's finally engaged to and about to marry what appears the man of her dreams (the man of all women's dreams), but will dysfunction and apparent collapse of her sisters' marriages scare her back into her running shoes? Or will she finally find the strength and confidence to live her happily ever aft [...]

    10. Lucy Bilik

      Beautiful love story of Beverly who in late 30th finds a perfect man for herself in successful gorgeous geek Julian. She herself is known as run-away "bride/fiancee" and her family is watching her close before the wedding even though she is deeply in love and knows she'd found a treasure in Julian, however she is scared out of her wits of marriage seeing that her oldest sisters marriages has been an example for all is now in shambles. This book is all about THE DRAMA, makes for an interesting re [...]

    11. Jen

      3 sisters (Charm, Evelyn & Beverly) who are very close, are all having man problems. Evelyn has been married for 20 years but something is not right with ther husband Kevin. Will their marriage last? There are a lot of shocking things that come out about Kevin.Beverly has been engaged 2 other times. and both times she backed out. Will her engagement to Julian be different?Charm has been married 3 times and she thinks her marriage to Tyrone is different. However, she is having a lot of proble [...]

    12. Teaguem2005

      Story was ok. Flowed steadily but had me annoyed in context. Story of 3 sisters, one of whom is a runaway bride almost married twice before, about to marry; 1 has been married 4 times; the eldest married for almost 25 years. Charmaine was my favorite sister and the one I respected the most for not allowing someone else decide her destiny. Evelyn annoyed me for her initial stance with Kenny. Far too often women let the husband decide the fate of the relationship and that's exactly what she was do [...]

    13. Shawn E.

      I love Sisters & Husbands. I read it without knowing about it's prequel, Sisters & Lovers. However, Connie Briscoe did a wonderful job showcasing the ups and downs of marriage. I read along and discussed this book with my husband because I was so engulfed in the story. Most times in marriage love is not enough. It takes a will from both parties to make the marriage work. I found a piece of myself in each sister, but mostly Evelyn. I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing. It is a [...]

    14. Su

      An okay story of three sisters and their marital woes. To hear their stories is to think the whole world is on the brink of divorce. The older sister has been married for over 20 years before she realizes her situation is far from ideal. The middle sister is on her 4th husband. Enough said. The youngest sister has ditched two former men at the altar and is contemplating doing the same thing for a third time. The sisters obviously cared deeply about one another and that was probably the redeeming [...]

    15. Jennifer Alexander Reynolds

      This was an "okay" book. The story seemed to drag on about a commitment-phobic woman and her quest to find the right man. Just when she thought she had found him her sisters start to have problems in their marriages (one married for 25 years, the other on her 4th marriage) so of course she starts to question her fiance. I read this book rather quickly. I thought it was going to be as good as Sisters and Lovers but it wasn't. I like Connie Briscoe but this book is not one of my favorites. I liked [...]

    16. Brittany

      Good book I really enjoyed it, although I was sick of the sisters because I thought they hadn't changed any. By the end of the book, you could see the growth ad change in each one of them. Even the relationship between Charmaine and Evelyn was better. Sisters & Husbands can be read as a standalone book, but to understand each of the sisters growth with their relationships with other men and themselves the first book she be read. Would recommend to others.

    17. ohradiogirl

      Not my fav book. There was some annoying repetition in the writing style in the book. Some of the characters were a bit thin in depth. Actually, most of them. The main character's reason for not wanting to get married to a really good guy were non-existent. The main characters relationship w/her best friend was built on distrust. Finally, the older sister sleeping w/her former college classmate was unnecessary; seemed vengeful and unlike the character up until that point.

    18. Nic

      This story was just okay to me. The plot seemed a tad bit thin. Three sisters, one afraid of committment, one dealing with a failing marriage and one having stepparenting issues. It is just okay for a quick beach read, but it's not something that you are running to tell your girlfriends about the next day. I enjoy reading books where the characters jump off the pages and I didn't get that in this book. It's only been a couple of months and I've already forgotten the characters names.

    19. Cheryl

      I didn't like this book as much as the first one. I know the point of the sequel is to follow up with the characters from the first novel and I was excited when I started it because the first chapter was great, but I was disappointed as the story continued. It just seemed to drag out and the "issues" seemed to be too easily solved.

    20. Brittney Green

      Maybe I am wrong for adding my review because I didn't finish it, but this was not exciting. I loved the first book chronicling the lives of the three sisters, but what was the point of this book? I am really shocked at Connie's follow up. I was tired of the bickering between the ladies, tired of Beverly having commitment issues like a manWHEW! not what I expected whatsoever!

    21. Coleen Bucknall-Brown

      This book was no 'wow-great read' but it could be something to pass the time. A decent story line about 3 sisters and their relationships with their partnersme of us may be able to relate others may not. At the end of it all it does leave you with some food for thought.

    22. Denise

      I cannot remember the first book but I know I read it. This was a light, interesting summer read. I liked the storylines and characters. Charmaine with her step daughter conflicts was true to life. I would read this author again.

    23. Quetina Jones

      So far the plot it typical. The writing is good and the characters are just interesting enough to keep you engaged. it's definitely not a page turner. Just finished reading it. it got better as time went on. I would like a follow-up book that explores more of the ladies growing as women.

    24. toya

      Shows different levels and perspectives on Marriage. There's a hint of "sibling rivalry", but nothing to really make or break the book. The sisters were all way too involved in each other's marital affairs. I'm not sure if that's the 'norm' or not, but it would certainly annoy the hell out of ME.

    25. Greta Harkness

      A good read but somewhat redundantThe book started off pretty good, then got stuck in long monologues and sounded preachy. If you can hang in there, the story improves and ends up being a pretty good read.

    26. Rachel Jaffe

      I have a fondness for Connie Briscoe, since she's a local girl. This book was fine, but not amazing. I liked hearing about the characters, but just feel like there could have been more "there" there.

    27. Malika

      Apparently this book got a few poor reviews. It was okay. Predictable, a little melodramatic, and wraps neatly. Reads like a BET Movie storyline, but if you are traveling, it is a quick and uncomplicated read.

    28. Mel Beason

      Wonderful sequel and development. Surprising in terms of kevin and evelyn but true lifes lessons in 294 pagesWonderful sequel and development. Surprising in terms of kevin and evelyn but true lifes lessons in 294 pages. Well done

    29. JOI E BOYD

      Sisters and husbands reviewI really liked this book. It shows all marriages take work. What you put in is what you get out. I would recommend this book to others. Way to go Connie Briscoe

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