The Continuous Atonement

The Continuous Atonement The sacrament prayers have to be given word perfect Everyone knows that But when the priest flubs it what happens Even though the expectation of perfection cannot be lowered the person giving the pr

  • Title: The Continuous Atonement
  • Author: Brad Wilcox
  • ISBN: 9781606410370
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Continuous Atonement

    The sacrament prayers have to be given word perfect Everyone knows that But when the priest flubs it, what happens Even though the expectation of perfection cannot be lowered, the person giving the prayer gets a second chance, and a third, and a fourth, if he needs them No matter how many mistakes he makes along the way, when he does finally get it right, the outcome iThe sacrament prayers have to be given word perfect Everyone knows that But when the priest flubs it, what happens Even though the expectation of perfection cannot be lowered, the person giving the prayer gets a second chance, and a third, and a fourth, if he needs them No matter how many mistakes he makes along the way, when he does finally get it right, the outcome is counted as perfect and acceptable God, like the bishop, cannot lower the standard that we ultimately become perfect, writes Brad Wilcox, but He can give us many opportunities to start again Perfection is our long term goal, but for now our goal is progress in that direction continues progress that is possible only through the continuous Atonement.

    The Continuous Atonement Brad Wilcox The Continuous Atonement and millions of other books are available for Kindle Learn Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you The Continuous Atonement Deseret Book Brad Wilcox He is the author of The Continuous Atonement, The Continuous Conversion, and The Day Christian, and the BYU devotional, His Grace is Sufficient. As a young man, Brad served his mission in Chile and later returned to that country to preside over The Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox The Continuous Atonement has , ratings and reviews Ashlee said This book has new ideas on an old topic Brother Wilcox applies the atonement to The Continuous Atonement in Religious LDSBookstore Product Description Most members of the Church acknowledge that perfection is a long term process, but overlook the continuous nature of Christ s Atonement that makes that process possible Peace is found not by giving up or erasing the need to change, but by turning to the One who makes change possible and realizing that we get lots The Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox, Hardcover The Continuous Atonement written by Brad Wilcox is a truly inspiring book about the Savior s atonement Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints all my life, I have learned many doctrines about what the atonement will do for me. The Continuous Atonement ebookfm The Continuous Atonement PDF eBook by Brad Wilcox Review ePub ISBN The sacrament prayers have to be given word perfect Everyone knows that But when the pr My Step LDS Sharing Journal The Continuous Atonement The Atonement is fundamentally a doctrine of human development, not a doctrine that simply erases black marks The Atonement was designed to do than restore us to the starting line than just wipe the slate clean.

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    One thought on “The Continuous Atonement

    1. Ashlee

      This book has new ideas on an old topic. Brother Wilcox applies the atonement to our daily lives in a way that has not been presented to me before. It is an easy read and motivates me to be better.One quote from the book:Little children don't learn to walk in a day. Between the time a child is carried in a parent's arms and the great day when he is running on his own, there is a lot of hand holding, baby stepping, and falling. For a child learning to walk, falling down may not be desirable, but [...]

    2. Eat5hams

      One of the best books I have ever read. I think I need to reread it regularly. It has so many powerful insights that I really don't even know what to right. There are so many analogies and examples that help explain how the Atonement works in our lives. It is not a one-time event, nor something that only happens when we are working our hardest. Christ is there to help us work our hardest. His Grace does everything for us. Here are a few favorite quotes:"Christ's requirements (commandments) are n [...]

    3. Brooke

      Some books can change your life. This one changed mine. It's the type of book I want to read again and again because I feel like I only scratched the surface.

    4. Eden

      I don't often read doctrinal books unless they come from the leadership of the Church. Yet this book came to me highly recommended from a few key friends who said that it dealt with truths regarding the atonement. I was intrigued by these recommendations even though I only knew Brad Wilcox as an EFY speaker. I was duly impressed by the doctrine regarding continual repentance and how we come to obey the commandment "be ye therefore perfect." This book is written towards people who are often weary [...]

    5. K.

      The Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox, a ReviewWonderful book. Had many moments of true “a-ha! I hadn’t thought of it that way before, makes perfect sense and offers a lot of comfort/direction/meaning.” It took me weeks to read this book, as I’d only read about a half a chapter at a time as part of my daily scripture study and then the next day would write about what I’d read the day before. It was worth it. The most important thing about this book, and the ideas in this book, is one [...]

    6. Clinton Hutchings

      Tons of credit to the author. To substantively take on a confusing, central/primary, old religious topic by articulating new perspectives with humor, personal experiences and understandable explanations is quite an undertaking. One he succeeds at very well. He doesn't shy away from anything really - including the pretty flawed bicycle analogy and "after all we can do" troublesome verse.

    7. Michelle

      I heard the author talk about much of the material in this book and I preferred his speaking to his writing. That said, I still found this to be an inspiring and useful bookme favorite quotes:"Changes in belief always precede changes in behavior.""It is one thing to follow Christ and another thing entirely to be led by Him.""True faith in Christ is more than just knowing about Him or even believing He is divine. It is knowing that His Atonement is real, that its purpose is to transform us, and t [...]

    8. Michelle

      This book's title says it all. It is an examination of the Atonement, but not just how the Atonement can save us at the end of our lives, but how it is our very real source for strength, solace, forgiveness and power each and every day, as we struggle along, mired in sins we repeat all too often. I know many others who, like me, have become discouraged at our apparent and obvious lack of perfection, even after years of trying to live the Gospel. The truths in this book are like a balm. I'm afrai [...]

    9. Julie

      Loved it. I rarely read "church" lit, but made an exception for this one, and it is excellent. This book is based on a talk given by Brad Wilcox, which can be found (free) in PDF format, here:speechesu/?act=viewitem If you think it's an excellent explanation for a complicated doctrine, and find it as comforting as I did, you may want to do what I did -- buy this book.In the acknowledgments, Wilcox quotes Dallin H. Oaks: "A call for repentance that is clear enough and loud enough to encourage ref [...]

    10. Ryelor

      I was a little sad when I finished this book. It was so uplifting and edifying that I would read a little bit of it every morning and then think about what I'd read during the day. This book is perfect for someone who is trying to understand why everyone is worthy of the Atonement, why justice and mercy are important, why Christ saves and redeems us. Wilcox shows why the Atonement should fill us with hope, not make us feel hopeless. I learn best through examples, and this book is full of them. H [...]

    11. Heather Rindlisbacher

      Ironically, I picked this book up at the bookstore on a whim (rarely spend $20 for a book) & the next week my bishop recommended it. For those struggling to understand the concept of the atonement, or for those who understand it and are attempting to apply it to themselves, this book is amazing. I'm also always on the lookout for books written from an LDS perspective that deal empathetically with depression and mental illness, this book has a chapter specifically written on that topic. This [...]

    12. Jill

      Author, Brad Wilcox encourages greater understanding of Christ’s Atonement as he illustrates that this gift is meant to cleanse,change, and sanctify us. He talks a great deal about justice and how the atonement satisfies the demands of justice, so we can repent of our sins and become like God. We are ideally supposed to consecrate our lives to God and find joy in living as he asks, with no ulterior motives. For a condensed version of the book, read his speech entitled “His Grace Is Sufficien [...]

    13. Millie Jones

      Absolutely wonderful book. Provided me with so much insight and understanding as to the purpose of the atonement and what it means for me in my life. It also made me feel at peace with my day to day struggles and helped me grow closer to my Father in Heaven. This life is a process; God knew we'd slip up sometimes and loved us enough to send his Son to atone for our sins. I would highly recommend it.

    14. Annette

      Full review to come soon but for now all I can say is WOW! What a fabulously inspirational book! Ok here it is: I would like to give you a brief snapshot (a teaser) into each chapter.Chapter 1 However Long it Takes: The message of this chapter is: DONT GIVE UP. Even if you struggle with a serious addiction and you keep regressing. KEEP TRYING."Even when we may not have completely forsaken a sin, each time we repent we are one step closer to that goal - we are closer than we think. When we're tem [...]

    15. Ashley Peterson

      Loved this book. Brad Wilcox has an amazing way of explain how we can continually use the atonement in our lives.

    16. Rusty Henrichsen

      One of our missionaries came to get his “post” (mail, in the USA) and had a package from his grandmother. Turns out it was this book which he had received from someone else at an earlier date. He loaned it to us, otherwise, I wouldn’t have known of it and probably would not have sought it out. Everything has a purpose – I’m not sure what it is in this case, but I know that this book has caused me some deep thought. I will probably read it again when I get home and do some more thorough [...]

    17. Jason

      I did like this book. Would I recommend it? Yes, but not before I recommend Stephen Robinson's books: Believing Christ and Following Christ.Why the 3 stars? I agree with other readers that at times it was slow and often repetitive. There were a few topics I was disappointed that he skirted the issue or didn't pay it the attention that I would have desired, but that is the author's choice.The book did put the Atonement of Christ in a good perspective. Examples were generally experience based and [...]

    18. Verona

      This book without a doubt is one of the best books I have ever read on Jesus Christ and his Atonement. It has given me so much understanding, and more importantly to me, comfort. I feel the Savior's love for me more than I ever have in my life. Every page of this book was comforting and enlightening. I didn't hurry through this book. I savored every thought and every page. I loved Brother Wilcox's examples and stories. They are real and ones I could identify with. I am so thankful to understand [...]

    19. Kimberly

      This book completely changed my view of the atonement. I thought I understood it. But honestly, this book helped me understand the atonement in a whole new light. No matter how many mistakes I make along the way, as I use the atonement the final result WILL be counted as perfect. The atonement is not here to just erase black marks- it is here to help us progress and learn and ultimately become like Christ. And the most hopeful news is He is not just waiting for us at the top of the mountain, or [...]

    20. Erin

      Have you ever listened to a talk or read a scripture that you felt was exactly what you needed to hear or that it was meant just for you? That's exactly how I felt about this entire book. Throughout my life I have struggled with making some of the same mistakes over and over again and then as a result have felt like I was unworthy of Heavenly Father's forgiveness. After reading this book I have realized that is exactly what the Atonement is for, not just for those one-time mistakes but for the o [...]

    21. Melissa

      This was an amazing book.The Atonement explained in an easy to read digestible way. Many of these things I never even before considered. It amazes me all that his Atonement covers and I think I have a better understanding and more peace now then I had before I read this. I would go so far as to say I wish every Christian especially LDS would read this book and understand a little better the part you are to play on this earth and what the sacrament and some of the other covenants we make mean in [...]

    22. Shelly

      This was not what I was expecting! I very much enjoyed many of the analogies and the plain and simple conveyence of the subject matter. Having said that, Brad Wilcox comes close but does not surpass S. Michael Wilcox in his writing and I still haven't found ANY writing that matches the simplistic and logical outline of doctrine written so succinctly in the second book of Nephi. I will be returning to this again in the future and definitely recommending it to anyone wanting to further their under [...]

    23. Berdean

      This book although deep, it was filled with lightbulb moments. Beautiful quotes and statements that really made me think. I borrowed it from my neighbor, although I kept it too long, it has reallychanged my life. He (Jesus Christ) was the only one great enough to become the least!Pres. James E. Faust "I am grateful that it is never too late to change, to make things right, to leave old activities and habits behind."Christ doesn't just make up the difference, he makes ALL the difference.

    24. Marie

      After hearing Brad Wilcox speak at TOFW, I really wanted to read his book on the atonement. His talk was insightful and the book was even more so because I took my time digesting what I read. He helped clarify the misconception that the atonement comes into effect "after all that we can do." The Savior is with us every step of the way, even the ones that take us backwards at times. As the subtitle reads, "Christ doesn't just make up the difference. He makes all the difference." I highly recommen [...]

    25. Julie

      Loved this book. Very readable. I think I liked Callister's "Infinite Atonement" even more, but there's a reason Wilcox is such a popular speaker. Lots of good analogies and things to think about. My favorite part was the idea that Satan (though he tried) didn't mess up the Fall, the Atonement, or the Restoration. The only way he can mess up Heavenly Father's plan now is to mess us up individually. And he does that many times by making us doubt in the reality and the love of God.

    26. Rachael

      If it were possible to give more than five stars, I would do it for this book. It is beautifully written and explains the Atonement of Jesus Christ in wonderful, beautiful ways. This book helped me to understand my relationship with my Savior in a deeper way. I view the Atonement differently and appreciate it so much more. This is a book that I will definitely re-read. There is so much to glean from its pages. I love this book!

    27. Lee

      What a beautiful concept - I love every word.This is a book that will live by my bed to be read and reread as I come to understand the Atonement better and better. So many layers to discover. Also, discovering the part the Holy Ghost plays in all this has given me a new appreciation and love of the Holy Ghost. Truly he is a misunderstood part of the Atonement.The Gospel is amazing.

    28. Becky

      This was a fast yet deep read. I started underlining and want to reread it so that I can use it for continuous reference. Truly an uplifting and inspiring book for daily reminders of God's plan and love for us. Wilcox uses real-life examples that illustrate so clearly Christ's Continuous Atonement in our lives. His writing is as if he is speaking--very easily understood.

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