I Ain't Got Time to Bleed: Reworking the Body Politic from the Bottom up

I Ain t Got Time to Bleed Reworking the Body Politic from the Bottom up In his own words the feisty governor of Minnesota takes on bloated government career politicians and apathetic voters and tells the wildly colorful story of his days as a navy SEAL his nights in

  • Title: I Ain't Got Time to Bleed: Reworking the Body Politic from the Bottom up
  • Author: Jesse Ventura
  • ISBN: 9780451200860
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • I Ain't Got Time to Bleed: Reworking the Body Politic from the Bottom up

    In his own words, the feisty governor of Minnesota takes on bloated government, career politicians, and apathetic voters, and tells the wildly colorful story of his days as a navy SEAL, his nights in the pro wrestling ring, and his experiences in films.

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    One thought on “I Ain't Got Time to Bleed: Reworking the Body Politic from the Bottom up

    1. Jamie Belanger

      My brother recommended this to me, and it sounded interesting. I ended up reading the whole book in two sittings. It was a real page turner.For a book that promises to talk about reworking politics from the bottom up, this book actually has little to say about politics in general. The majority of the book is about Jesse Ventura's life, only some of which I knew (I was never a wrestling fan; I knew of him from his film work). Yet the story of his life is never boring. He's led a very interesting [...]

    2. Matt Nielsen

      Jesse has a way with words that make him very easy to understand. His no-nonsense style breaks down the issues we hear about all day long on the news into terms that the average working american can understand, and I love reading his books.For example, his idea of gun control is "being able to put 5 rounds in the same spot from 50 meters". Whether you agree with his views or not you will find he makes sense and at least you won't get any BS politically correct crap from him. He tells you how he [...]

    3. Lois

      The title of Jesse Ventura's memoir is taken from his famous line he delivered in the movie Predator. It is a great mantra for a former Navy SEAL, pro-wrestler, and man-of-the-people elected official. Once you get through the first chapter that explains Ventura's views on the issues of the day, the rest is an absorbing, humorous, truthful, and motivating memoir of a true tough guy who can put his money where his mouth is. Jesse tells all in this memoir. When he was a young man, he worked hard, a [...]

    4. Lance Lumley

      This is the second time I have read this book. I liked Ventura when he was a wrestler/announcer and found his story interesting when he got into politics. Regardless of what some may think of his political views, this book is a good read about a man who went from wrestling and acting to politics. The book discusses his time as a Navy SEAL, why he dislikes Hulk Hogan, and how he ran for mayor basically after a dare when he told the local council at a meeting not to make him run for office.Some ma [...]

    5. Oliver Bateman

      It's not a bad book, and it covers the basics of Ventura's life to that point, but it's a rushjob clearly intended to help further the Body's nascent political ambitions (his political platform is somewhat schizophrenic, but his support for public schools and term limits is admirable). If so, the details included are surprising: Ventura's frankness about his own earthy existence likely torpedoed his chances at higher office, which makes me think the actual story is even more entertaining than wh [...]

    6. David

      I am proud to say I lived in MN when he ran to be the 38th Governor of Minnesota, and I voted for him! Just like in his wrestling career, if Jesse has something to say he has no filter. He is one of the only politician's that said he was for what was right for the people of his state, and he backed it up. In his first term, he knew that the "Good Ol Boys" was ripping Minnesotans off, so he gave thousands of dollars back If you like a hard hitting, no nonsense, straight to the point book. Then th [...]

    7. Anthony

      I saw one of his new books on the shelf at the store but instead of picking that one up I wanted to read them in somewhat order since all his biographies are chronological. This book covers birth up until election of governorship of Minnesota. Good basic biography I liked reading about the variety of careers he has had. I like his no holds barred (bad pun overused with him) political ideas. I would agree the government needs revising and some of his ideas are spot on what needs done. It's took b [...]

    8. Roy

      I liked what he had to say on Larry King the other night, and the current presidential campaign has made me more of a political junkie than I've ever been before in my life, so I just may have to check this book out. And to balance what Mr. Ventura has to say perhaps I'll also read something I'm likely to completely disagree with, like Amy Coulter's Godless for example, because I believe in thoroughly hearing out everyone's point of view before definitively declaring who is brilliant and who is [...]

    9. KJ

      I got this book at a poor people place years ago I was curious about the guy for whom I put a bumper sticker on my car that read, "My govenor can beat up your govenor." I'm not sure that I'm going to make it through it though. Just not my gig so far.Hmmmmm I gave it a try and now I'm giving up. Should I have put it in my 'read' list? Maybe it's not the right time, maybe I'm just sick and tired of political talk right now or maybe the book just sucked. Regardless, I'm giving up.

    10. Madonna Analla

      This was a great book. It gave me so much insight into who Jesse is and what his politics are. I agree with a lot of what he believes which suprised me. I also good an inside look into his political career and what was happening behind the scenes when he was in the WWF which i never followed before. It is definately a must read.

    11. Ed

      B Ventura - The story of Jesse "The Body" Ventura from Minneapolis boyhood, through time as a Navy Seal, professional wrestler, actor, and radio personality to his election as the Governor of Minnesota as a candidate for the Reform Party.

    12. Cassandra

      I couldn't resist reading it, how random does this get, he has some interesting points but he gets rather egocentric at times, but none-the-less a charming tale of boy who joins the navy becomes a seal, then a wrestler, to radio DJ, to politician

    13. T Dee

      I discovered a man I didn't know, SEAL, wrestler and in the last chapter, successful mayor and govenor without becoming a politician. Loved it. recommend it. wish colin powell would run for president too.

    14. Aaron Maki

      I enjoy hearing what he had to say when this book was written. I enjoy hearing his thoughts and his vision.

    15. Dustin

      Surprisingly good, and he pulls no punches in his discussion of the American political system, and some of its many, MANY flaws.

    16. Tim Dunn

      Ventura ia a solid author, you can actually hear his voice as he tells you the stories of his life and his views on politics. Take that McMahon!

    17. Andrew

      Yeah another book by a wrestler, and this ones about politics. But it is real good. I wish Jesse Ventura was President. He's no joke

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