Highlander's Challenge

Highlander s Challenge Amelia Tucker or Tuck as she prefers to be called latest personal bodyguard assignment turns into one she ll never forget thanks to a crazed kidnapper one enchanted fountain and a sixteenth centu

  • Title: Highlander's Challenge
  • Author: Jo Barrett
  • ISBN: 9781601540966
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Highlander's Challenge

    Amelia Tucker, or Tuck as she prefers to be called, latest personal bodyguard assignment turns into one she ll never forget, thanks to a crazed kidnapper, one enchanted fountain, and a sixteenth century Highland Warrior determined to keep her under lock and key Who will win this battle of wills

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    One thought on “Highlander's Challenge

    1. Kris43

      There once was a time when I took a holy wow never to read a book that has this kind of cover.LOL But then, I got tired and burned out with 'real' books, so I took a chance with something different. And loved it very much:) So there you have it, never say never!Best thing about this book is a good believable story with lots of action and good characterization. I really loved the way the characters are done. Their temperament, actions and motivations are well described and explained. Not each and [...]

    2. Lynsey (A Bookish Life)

      An enjoyable time travel highlander romp. If you've read one of these you've kind of read them all. Whether they get sent through time via a circle of druid stones, a stone henge, or, as in this case, a magical fountain, as long as the modern day girl gets thrown back in time a few centuries, often landing in the lap of a hot knight or highlander, you can usually be sure that an amusing and entertaining tale is about to unfold.Quite frankly I'm not really bothered about how the heroine ends up b [...]

    3. Holjo

      Rated 3.5/5Summary: Amelia "Tuck" Tucker is a bodyguard for hire in the 21st century. Her background is in the military, and she prides herself on her soldier/warrior skills. She is very tall, full of muscle, and has been generally treated more like a man than a woman throughout her life. Her current job is guarding a brilliant scientist, named Jenny, who believes she is more in need of a friend than a bodyguard.While touring Scottish castles with Jenny, Tuck and Jenny are attacked. Tuck tries t [...]

    4. Rebecca

      I abandoned ship about 7/8 through the book when it was apparent a sex scene was on it's way. The rest of the book was not overly amazing, so I was ok with being done a little early. The rest was also a little sexy because of a few weird innuendos and references. Maybe it's a highlander thing. Just for the record, the version of the book I was reading did not have this cover- or I probably would have guessed at it's steamy-ness. :)

    5. Brenda

      2.5 stars. Tuck was so BA but too much inner dialogue and not enough action. The narrator also ruined it with her monotone voice, although the best part was when she burped in the middle of a sentence! I had to pause it I was laughing so hard!

    6. Jennifer

      Former military member Amelia Tucker isn't girly. She hasn't felt like a girl in quite a while, she's tall, small chested, and is well a bodyguard. She doesn't necessarily feel she needs to be girly in her line of work. Her current assignment is to guard an heiress cum medical genius who has a knack for history. They are touring Scotland and while at a castle, Tuck (as she likes to be called) finds a pull with it. She gets a suspicious feeling when a man is lurking about eyeing her charge. When [...]

    7. Barbara ★

      I absolutely loved the details of Scotland and descriptions of the castles and surrounding areas. Scotland is one of the few places I'd really like to go but probably never will. So I have to live vicariously through Scots romances. I'm terrible trying to decipher accented speech but i do love to listen to them speak with that brogue. Ooh la la!I loved when Amelia called Colin Sassquatch and ogre. Too funny! Especially since he had no idea what she meant. The fact that she was a big (tall not fa [...]

    8. Casey

      I love highlander stories, but I can't lie, I really didn't enjoy this one. I think a part of it though was that I listened to it on audio book which normally I don't. The monotone story telling just didn't give me a great visual for it and ended up me just waiting for it to get over.But I also really wasn't a fan of "Tuck". Amelia, aka Tuck is this big ol'security guard type female solider. I just have a visual of Brienne from Game of Thrones as Amelia and that really isn't the most romantic ty [...]

    9. Krysta Drechsler

      The story is ok but I listened to it on audio book which was the must unprofessional recording I have ever listened to! The editing was god-awful and at one point, the narrator burped between sentences. Hilarious, ridiculous, and highly unprofessional. I'm glad I didn't pay any money to listen to this story.

    10. Anne

      Rather dull characters, some nice fighting action, some awful editing errors.I skipped about 200 pages and read the end. Couldn't really force myself to read more than that.

    11. Nessa

      THIS STORY HELD A PRETTY INTERESTING THEME OF A MODERN DAY BODYGUARD TRAVELLING BACK IN TIME TO 1500 SCOTLAND. NORMALLY I AM NOT A FAN OF TIME-TRAVEL STORIES BUT THIS ONE DID CATCH MY ATTENTION.OUR HERO is a stand in laird for his ailing father, and he is doing everything he can to prevent a war between his clan and the enemy clan. To do so, he has to marry the enemy's daughter (sorry I forgotten the clan name). During one of his patrols with his mate Ian, they encounter an odd looking boy who f [...]

    12. The Book Worm

      I really enjoyed reading Highlander's Challenge. I realize that some parts may not be entirely realistic - but then, we are talking about time travel anyway. Amelia is a very likeable character and her interactions with Colin are just unforgettable. The whole 21st-century-woman (and an ex-soldier to boot) sent back to medieval Scotland makes for some really funny scenes. I just wished she had not been trying to run off so many times. I do get the point, but after the first couple of times of Ame [...]

    13. Vickie

      A wonderful story! Can't wait to move onto the next in the series. I listened to the audiobook and would have given this a 5-star rating if it hadn't been for the narrator. She did well with accents and I liked the way she did the male parts (not so gruff as some other narrators). But the recording sounded like it was done in an empty room and there was an echo. Sounded for the most part like she was just reading a book when it could have had more emotion or "acting". Exceptional narrators make [...]

    14. Anne Blyth

      Time travel, warrior woman, wealthy heiress, handsome Scottish Laird, cheeky handsome sassanach and a jealous woman. Ok, what more do you need to make a fun easy to read story. Of course a few gummy bears help the story along.

    15. Tonya

      SurprisingThe uniqueness of the book was very surprising. It wasn't as detailed and graphic in the romance scenes as some other books, but the story more than made up for that.

    16. Monika P.

      An enjoyable time travel book about a warrior and a soldier/body guard. The 21st century female body guard ends up in the 16th century Highlands. I laughed out loud a few times when she used terms from her own world and time. It's an easy read and the highlander is definitely HOT. Just my kind of guy!

    17. Laura

      Great story!I really enjoyed the story and the characters. It was nicely descriptive without being overly done. I really liked the story line and plot.

    18. Keri

      Amelia Tucker, or Tuck as she prefers to be called, has always been different. Considered to tall, too freckled, too independent, not feminine enough, and too scarred, Tuck gave up on finding love long ago. What she is good at is fighting. Tuck hires on as a bodygaurd for Jenny, a wealthy genius. Upon being attacked while visiting Great Britian, Tuck falls into a fountain and is transported back in time.Colin MacLean is a Highlander warrior and clan leader used to barking orders and having them [...]

    19. Loz

      Definitely not the usual cover, or plot for that matter that draws me in, but despite my skepticism, this was fun!Bodyguard Amelia 'Tuck' Tucker tosses a penny into a medieval castle's fountain, to appease her latest client and much to her own chargrin. Waking up in a field, at first she assumes due to a blow to her head, she quickly comes across a couple of re-enacting guys upon horses.But Colin McLean is no actor. He's from the McLean clan, living some four hundred years before Tuck. Although [...]

    20. Katie ®

      I loved this book. There were a few things that I didn't like but they never out weighed all the things I loved. Tuck ,aka Amelia Tucker, is a bad ass. She can beat anyone in a fair fight. She has a military back ground, she has been in combat and she can handle her own. Not only has she fought her way through war zones, but she has also fought her way through child hood. She had an abusive father, who did nothing but drink and hurt her. In her mind she was worthless,to tall, to ugly and not wan [...]

    21. C. Erani Kole

      For the first time in my Highlander-reading years, the heroine knows how to fight like the big boys.I loved this! Amelia "Tuck" Tucker was in the army but now works as a bodyguard, and it's during an attack with her latest client in Scotland that she gets sent back in time to our main man, Colin. When they're not verbally fighting, they're secretly admiring the other in more ways than one.However, Colin feels duty-bound to care for his people and marry another, and Tuck is bent on getting back t [...]

    22. Bunga

      Buku pertama dari Jo Barrett yang saya baca. Lumayan sih. Tapi kurang bikin ketagihan. Padahal menurut saya karakternya menarik, terutama karakter ceweknya. Kalau di buku bertema time travel, biasanya karakter cewek (yang terdampar di masa lalu) akan terpaksa beradaptasi dengan culture pada masa itu. Tapi di sini engga begitu. Tuck atau Amelia Tucker engga mau mengubah dirinya. Dia tetep pake celana jeans (yang menurut pandangan orang di masa itu improper) dan cara bicaranya juga masih ala orang [...]

    23. Kelly

      Not your typical leading lady. Generally in any Time Travel Romance like this the leading lady is so distraught and fragile and the big strong highlander saves the day. That is SO not the case with Tuck! You will fall in love with her sharp tongue and hard ass personality. She is not about to play the roll of your typical 16th century lady.Then their is Connor who is about as romantically challenged as Tuck. Both of them are too hard for many people to feel close to them but as a reader you will [...]

    24. Chumchum_88

      I loved this one it has some interesting aspects that's intrigued me and u don't usually find it in most books.- I liked that the heroine wasn't the usual type either geeky or fragile but she was actually a hell of a badass bodyguard XD - I liked how it all played out a female bodyguard from the 21 century who gets transported back in time WAY back in time XD - I liked how the hero didn't realize she was a girl from the start just because she was freakn' tall for a female - I liked how the peopl [...]

    25. Josie

      Easy read; got kind of sick of the heroine leaving the castle, then coming back to the castle, then leaving the castle, etc, etc. Some of her dialogue also irritated me. But overall, entertaining.

    26. Heather

      I love it when I find a good romance where the heroine has a personality and a background and stuff instead of just being 'the woman.' (Good at all the typical womanly things, swoons way too much, and all of that other twentieth century romance novel stuff.) I admit the whole military/body guard thing had me skeptical because the majority of the time those heroines tend to be the kind who talks about being tough a whole bunch with no follow through, but Amelia (Tuck, of course) really kicks ass. [...]

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