The Selected Poetry

The Selected Poetry In Random House published The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers a volume that would remain in print for than fifty years For decades it drew enough poets students and general readers to keep

  • Title: The Selected Poetry
  • Author: Robinson Jeffers Tim Hunt
  • ISBN: 9780804741088
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Selected Poetry

    In 1938 Random House published The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers, a volume that would remain in print for than fifty years For decades it drew enough poets, students, and general readers to keep Jeffers in spite of the almost total academic neglect that followed his fame in the 1920s and 1930s a force in American poetry.Now scholars are at last beginning to recIn 1938 Random House published The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers, a volume that would remain in print for than fifty years For decades it drew enough poets, students, and general readers to keep Jeffers in spite of the almost total academic neglect that followed his fame in the 1920s and 1930s a force in American poetry.Now scholars are at last beginning to recognize that he created a significant alternative to the High Modernism of Pound, Eliot, and Stevens Similarly, contemporary poets who have returned to the narrative poem acknowledge Jeffers to be a major poet, while those exploring California and the American West as literary regions have found in him a foundational figure Moreover, Jeffers stands as a crucial precursor to contemporary attempts to rethink our practical, ethical, and spiritual obligations to the natural world and the environment.These developments underscore the need for a new selected edition that would, like the 1938 volume, include the long narratives that were to Jeffers his major work, along with the easily anthologized shorter poems This new selected edition differs from its predecessor in several ways When Jeffers shaped the 1938 Selected Poetry, he drew from his most productive period 1917 37 , but his career was not over yet In the quarter century that followed, four volumes of his poetry were published This new selected edition draws from these later volumes, and it includes a sampling of the poems Jeffers left unpublished, along with several prose pieces in which he reflects on his poetry and poetics.This edition also adopts the texts of the recently completed The Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers five volumes, Stanford, 1988 2000 When the poems were originally published, copy editors and typesetters adjusted Jeffers s punctuation, often obscuring the rhythm and pacing of what he actually wrote, and at points even obscuring meaning and nuance This new selected edition, then, is a much broader, accurate representation of Jeffers s career than the previous Selected Poetry.Reviews of volumes inThe Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers A masterful job of contemporary scholarly editing, this book begins an edition intended to clarify a Jeffers canon, establishing for times to come the verse legacy of a poet who looked on all things with the eyes of eternity San Francisco Chronicle This edition will be standard a tribute and justice to a poet whose independent strength has survived to challenge personal and public canons Virginia Quarterly Review Jeffers is the last of the major poets of his generation Frost, Stevens, Williams, Pound, Moore, Eliot to get his collected poems Now that the job is at hand, it is done very well Tim Hunt has been painstaking in his editorial preparation and judicious in his presentation A great poet is ready for his due Philadelphia Inquirer Few American poets are treated as well by publishers as Jeffers is by Stanford University Press These poems represent a distinctive voice in the American canon, and it is good to have them so wonderfully set forth Christian Century

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    One thought on “The Selected Poetry

    1. jeremy

      drunken charlie, part ivshe lay in the stern of the boat,and her body sang like a lark:i curse the war-makers i cursethose that run to the ends of the earthto exalt a system or savea foreign power or foreign trade boy was killed by a sea-lion,and that was cruel but it was cleanere are men plotting to killa million boys for a dead dream.oh my dear there are some thingsthat are well worth fighting forght to save a sea-gull's wings:that would be a sacred war.

    2. Ian

      Being such a comprehensive collection, the quality and type of content varies wildly. It mostly alternates between the long-form narrative verse and the brief meditative poems in a chronological order. The brief poems are generally quite interesting and thought-provoking, and definitely have a strong eastern influence--very reminiscent of Taoist and Zen philosophy. Although they do vary and some came be a bit esoteric and almost incoherent. You can really trace Jeffers' mental state as these evo [...]

    3. M. Sarki

      Certainly not my cup of tea and most likely another reason I could give for the general mass of humanity taught at all ages through their schooling experience to not like poetry either. I am sure there are some redeeming qualities of Jeffers' poetry to the historians among us, but that is something I am simply not interested in. Having cultural, civic, and worldly events chronicled through narrative poetry is a media that quickly puts me to sleep and I find no pleasantries in it. My body almost [...]

    4. Frederick Jackson

      Wonderful free verse narrative poems of a rural, littoral California long gone by (Depression era). I carried this tome around for quite a while. Many poems are like Greek tragedies. All the verse is strong, moving, gripping.

    5. Ted Morgan

      I suppose the complete poems would be a bit much for me but I treasure this selected version of fine poetry. Some of my very favorite poems of all time are in this collection

    6. Julie

      I was a bit disappointed. I expected his body of work to resemble my favorite poem of his, "Apology For Bad Dreams". I was not anticipating long slogs through what could have been short stories, but which lacked the fire and sting of his shorter pieces. I didn't care for any of the long works, and there are many of them. I have a morning ritual where I drink my coffee and tweet passages of poetry. The phrases that bring an inhalation of awe, the descriptions that ring clearly, and the thoughts w [...]

    7. Claxton

      One of my favorites. I picked this up a month ago when I ran out of books -- I've read it cover to cover once, and worked my way back through much of it again and again. If you 1) love nature, 2) are skeptical of human beings (especially when they congregate in cities, corporations, and [worst of all] Congresses), and 3) really like rocks, trees, waves, and sometimes oblique, sometimes brutal, sometimes gorgeous poetry, I recommend this. I'm planning a pilgrimage to Carmel-by-the-Sea, and then b [...]

    8. ManifestTerror

      everything must be reconsidered after reading these poems. i also really liked the small selections of his prose, which were mostly introductions to his works. "the loving shepherdess" is the only one of the longer works which i liked, although all of the longer poems have parts of sheer brilliance. the beginning of "hungerfield" was deeply moving, as was the ending, but the middle was "typical" dense, obscure Jeffers; not unenjoyable, but not ecstatic. one way to describe him is as "a nature po [...]

    9. Jason

      Jeffers is a strange poet. I'm not sure whether to take it all seriously. Perhaps it is my Englishness, but I felt a bubbling need to chuckle at times: the blood, the power, the metaphors spilling guts all over the place.

    10. James

      Robinson Jeffers was born on January 10, 1887. In this, the definitive selection of Jeffers poetry, there is a broad selection that includes his best efforts. Ranging from Roan Stallion and Cawdor from the twenties to his last poems in the late fifties, the collection demonstrates that he belongs in the pantheon with the best poets of the ages. "Rock and Hawk" is both one of his greatest poems and one of my favorites; but I also relish the great thoughts found in some of the smallest poems: "I a [...]

    11. Jared

      Shine, Republic:The quality of these trees, green height; of the sky, shining; of water, a clear flow; of the rock, hardness. And reticence: each is noble in its quality. The love of freedom has been the quality of Western man. There is a stubborn torch that flames from Marathon to Concord, its dangerous beauty binding three ages. Into one time; the waves of barbarism and civilization have eclipsed but have never quenched it. For the Greeks the love of beauty, for Rome of ruling; for the present [...]

    12. Robert

      Robinson Jeffers is an interesting poet. When I was in high school, he was my introduction to the word "misanthrope." Nevertheless I have always like him, whenever I see his poems. I saw this book (almost 700 pages), and borrowed it from the library. I have read about 300 pages, selected poems from Jeffers first five books (Tamar, Roan Stallion, The Women at Point Sur, Cawdor). Jeffers lived in the Big Sur area, and has lots of nature poems (usually with storms and eagles and waves). He also lik [...]

    13. ATJG

      RearmamentThese grand and fatal movements toward death: the grandeur of the massMakes pity a fool, the tearing pityFor the atoms of the mass, the persons, the victims, makes it seem monstrousTo admire the tragic beauty they build.It is beautiful as a river flowing or a slowly gatheringGlacier on a high mountain rock-face,Bound to plow down a forest, or as frost in November,The gold and flaming death-dance for leaves,Or a girl in the night of her spent maidenhood, bleeding and kissing.I would bur [...]

    14. John

      If you are going to have one book of Jeffers, and if you are interested at all in 20th century American poetry you must have at least one, this is the one. Jeffers wrote a lot of beautiful shorter poems, but to really feel his passion it is necessary to become immersed in the longer narratives and this book gives some of them. It necessarily omits some of the long poems that are titles for sections of the book; Dear Judas, The women of Point Sur, Double Axe are three. Each of these narrative poe [...]

    15. Lanny

      Religions could and should be formed based out of this guy's point of view. I know it has informed the way I look at the world. Wait until those long winter nights, turn off the TV and open this book to just about any poem and just read. I find some of the longer form pieces which he's known for to be a little hard to follow and get through, so usually I'll just focus on one paragraph or sentence which really resonates. "I seem to have stood a long time and watched the stars pass."

    16. LemontreeLime

      I wanted so much to be the kind of person who likes Robinson Jeffers and his poetry, but I am just not. I've tried for years to read this book to no avail. He has a harsher eye, imagine if Carl Sandburg carried a grudge and wanted to keep things real, then you would have Jeffers. And I just don't like where his words take me.

    17. Monica

      Jeffers poetry is veryting. He covers a wide variety of topics from nature to scandal to religion. He also has a wide variety of writing styles from poetry to plays from lengthy stories to very short poems. His time frames vary from ancient times to WWII. A vast array is covered in this poetry with a little for everyone.

    18. Whitney

      Could not get into his style; even though I wanted to love the descriptions of nature, something would always sound a sour note. His poem I like the best an untitled piece starting with "The unformed volcanic earth, a female thing" was not in the edition available in my library

    19. Lee

      Jeffers gets 5 stars on GoodReads! I imagine this is because you either know and love him, or you don't know him. There is no natural poetry that captures the stoic, patient understanding of the world half so well.

    20. Matt

      violence, hawks, rocks, big sur, a healthy distaste for man meets a sharp reverence for classical lit. homer meets muir. jarring, uncomprimising, resounding, righteous poetry. Jeffers is underrated.

    21. Al Maki

      The praise of violence and the contempt for people seems to me to be very much in the vein of fascism. If you want to see what I mean, read the description of the flight of the soul of the dead eagle (I'm not making that up) toward the end of Cawdor. I'm troubled by a number of these poems.

    22. Abdul

      My favorite poet. Not for everyone, chock full of adult themes but very much an insight into the feral California male and his living off and in step with the untamed land.

    23. Christopher

      Skip the long poems (highly tedious) and revel in the compact, cranky little gems of this neglected "inhumanist" poet

    24. Mark Ramstead

      I am almost through this book completely. In many ways it is the only book I should ever need to read : )

    25. Brittany

      I wrote my senior thesis in high school on Jeffers. His poetry makes you want to move west and live off the earth

    26. Ty Richardson

      That I wish I could afford the collected works by Standford Press. I love Jeffers. Inhumanism is where it's at.

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