The Seafarer

The Seafarer Edition with contextual introduction notes glossary and bibliography of the poem from the Exeter Book

  • Title: The Seafarer
  • Author: Ida L. Gordon
  • ISBN: 9780859895071
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Seafarer

    Edition, with contextual introduction, notes, glossary and bibliography, of the poem from the Exeter Book.

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      348 Ida L. Gordon
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      Posted by:Ida L. Gordon
      Published :2018-07-27T06:43:01+00:00

    One thought on “The Seafarer

    1. Warwick

      This is one of my favourite Old English poems, full of that melancholy wanderlust that characterises so much of Anglo-Saxon art. Some of the lines in here have become part of who I am and give me shivers of pleasure whenever I read them:Monað modes lust mæla gehƿylceferð to feran, þæt ic feor heonanelþeodigra eard gesece…Which means roughlyMy heart's desires urge me time and againto travel forth, that I might seek outstrange lands far from here…This is one of those wonderful scholarly [...]

    2. Bob

      A short, powerful poem in Old English. Ida Gordon concentrated on the meaning of Old English itself; I read Ezra Pound's translation into Modern English. It helped, seeing the original version, to gain a better appreciation for this classic poem. This is a difficult poem to understand very well. It seems to cover the idea of life's meaning, from the standpoint of someone who has endured -- and survived, at least so far -- the harshness of the sea. From the experience on a boat that sailed the co [...]

    3. Nikki

      This is a good edition. The introduction is informative, there's excellent footnotes, and a good glossary. The Seafarer isn't my favourite Old English poem by far -- that dubious honour goes to Wulf and Eadwacer -- but this version is a good way to experience it, provided you have some grasp of Anglo-Saxon already.

    4. Othy

      Superb! With Gordon's insightful footnotes and introduction, this small book is perfect for reading this poem. Also, the glossary is JUST for the Seafarer itself, making searching for a word really easy.

    5. Tara Frye

      I really like this poem. It showed so much emotion of how it was like to be out at sea in the winter. It had such beautiful imagery in the poem. It's one of my favorite poems.

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