Dancing Barefoot

Dancing Barefoot Wil Wheaton blogger geek and Star Trek The Next Generation s Wesley Crusher gives us five short but true tales of life in the so called Space Age in Dancing Barefoot With a true geek s unflinching h

  • Title: Dancing Barefoot
  • Author: Wil Wheaton Ben Claassen III
  • ISBN: 9780596006747
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dancing Barefoot

    Wil Wheaton blogger, geek, and Star Trek The Next Generation s Wesley Crusher gives us five short but true tales of life in the so called Space Age in Dancing Barefoot With a true geek s unflinching honesty, Wil examines life, love, the web, and the absurdities of Hollywood in these compelling autobiographical narratives Based on pieces first published in Wil s hugeWil Wheaton blogger, geek, and Star Trek The Next Generation s Wesley Crusher gives us five short but true tales of life in the so called Space Age in Dancing Barefoot With a true geek s unflinching honesty, Wil examines life, love, the web, and the absurdities of Hollywood in these compelling autobiographical narratives Based on pieces first published in Wil s hugely popular blog, wilwheaton, the stories in Dancing Barefoot is a vivid account of one man s version of that universal story, the search for self If you ve ever fallen in love, wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a Star Trek convention, or thought hard about the meaning of life, you ll find a kindred soul in the pages of Dancing Barefoot In the process of uncovering his true geeky self, Wil Wheaton speaks to the inner geek in all of us.

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    One thought on “Dancing Barefoot

    1. Jim

      This was fun. The first few stories were short, kind of sappy & OK. I was going to give this 3 stars. The last story was longer than the rest put together & was really good. Wheaton bares his soul & does all actors a service. Just how much the audience reaction matters is very well told. I also loved the look into the various Star Trek actors. I'm surprised that Shatner was a dick, but I generally try to remain ignorant of actor & author personal lives. I rarely like them any bet [...]

    2. ian

      I read this book just as I was preparing to leave Iraq. The stories inside are just great--heartwarming, funny, geeky and more. It provided some much-needed escapism from my then daily life of warfare.

    3. LittleMissBookworm

      "Dancing Barefoot" is a collection of five short stories, or rather memories, by actor Wil Wheaton.All of these recollections are rather nostalgic and honest. The first four are stories about Wil's family and really show how much they mean to him. The last and longest one is about a "Star Trek" convention that Wil Wheaton attended and how it affected him.Not being overly familiar with "Star Trek" or any other works of Wil Wheaton (aside from "The Big Bang Theory"), I didn't really expect that mu [...]

    4. Sarah

      i love wil wheaton. love him. like most people, i hated him as wesley crusher, but then i discovered his blog. he writes well, is funny, is a real person with a real life who just happens to be a celebrity. and i like his stories and the way he tells them. so, yeah. if you like his blog, you’ll like this book.

    5. Anna

      I've only ever read Wil's blog posts - and heard him read "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline - but had always planned to listen to his books. I might've started with the wrong one (it's hard to tell from the publishing date which book came out first and therefor which should be listened to first, especially since the stories in "Dancing Barefoot" are ones that simply didn't find their place in "Just A Geek"), but either way I'm really happy that I finally got around to it.There's something uniqu [...]

    6. Kate

      For a quick short read, this was wonderful. I finished reading it prior to reading Wil Wheaton's larger book "Just a Geek" since chronologically this was published first. As a lover of all fiction work, and usually a snob to anything else I am so glad I took a chance and read Dancing Barefoot. Though all the stories in this book I have already read, (courtesy of WWdn) being able to sit with a book in your hand and reading them by paper and not by computer makes the experience much for fulfilling [...]

    7. Stephanie Johanesen

      Entirely too short, is what I say. Who knew Wil Wheaton, the loved/hated character named Wesley on Start Trek the Next Generation was a good writer? Well he is. This is the first piece I've read by him, and it's a small compilation of short pieces he wrote for his website. The stories range from a very touching, heart-wrenching piece about the passing of a family member, to a lengthy missive about attending ST conventions, meeting William Shatner for the first time and more. You go from being m [...]

    8. August

      Wil Wheaton is one of my favorite celebrities, because he's honest about the fact that, you know what, there's no such thing as a celebrity -- everyone is just another person, some more well-known than others. He isn't afraid to display his nerdiness, his quirks, his awesome gigs and his adorable relationship with his wife. I'm not the hugest fan of his writing style, and frankly this book could have used at least two or three more pairs of sharp eyes for the punctuation, but Wil's got heart. I [...]

    9. Kristine

      I had to read this after I saw Wil Wheaton do a performance of "william fucking shatner" at DragonCon 2011. I really enjoy sci-fi tv/movies, but I'm not a fangirl, so when I read this, I was not approaching them as writing from a celebrity author (often mediorce), but as a window into a world I don't know. I really liked them. Sure, some of the essays pull on familiar themes, loss and grief for starters, but I loved the essay where he went to the Star Trek Experience in Vegas, and was overcome b [...]

    10. quinnster

      Wil Wheaton writes five short, but sweet and insightful stories about love, loss and growing up but remaining a kid at heart. While all the stories had their high points, the longest story The Saga of SpongeBob VegasPants was my favorite because it had a bit of everything. I think that the most endearing thing about Wil Wheaton is that he is still unsure of himself. He is confident when it comes down to it and he's in his element, but before he finds his bearings he's sort of just this normal gu [...]

    11. Ian Coomber

      Mostly based on his blog entries, Dancing Barefoot was the first of his books to be published, but the third I have read. Although autobiographical, it is more anecdotal in tone, mainly about good times spent with his wife, stepchildren and Star Trek, but opening up on something of a more serious note. “Houses in Motion” is far from the most entertaining of chapters from any of his books, but then I’m very sure it was never meant to be. In this particular chapter, Wheaton tells us of his e [...]

    12. Casey Hampton

      Some say short and sweet.I say brief, but savory.If you're contemplating reading this book, chances are you're already aware of Wil Wheaton. These five stories provide a slivered glimpse into childhood, and adulthood. Wheaton writes in an authentic voice that transcends Hollywood personas. These stories are filled with insightful feeling, genuine introspection, and honesty. Whether Wheaton is relaying a chance encounter with a beautiful girl at the age of fifteen, or showing his wife Ann walking [...]

    13. Ryan Sestric

      Damn good read! I'm a fan of Wil Wheaton, and chase his stuff around the interwebs (in a non-creepy stalker way). I have to say that this book was a highly entertaining, well written, and a super easy read for those lazy days where you just need to be entertained. It's really short and digestible, so you can plop this book in when you are getting tired of the other books you are reading. If you've seen Wil on Tabletop or any panel discussions, this book is just the written form of his performanc [...]

    14. Sofia

      Posted on my book blog.After reading Wil Wheaton's memoir, Just a Geek, I figured why not go ahead and read his other works too? So I picked this one up.It's very similar in tone and subject matter to Just a Geek, even though most of the stories focus less on his relationship with Star Trek and more on his life and memories. Still, the last (and longest) story, The Saga of SpongeBob VegasPants, was a bit repetitive for me because there was already a shorter version of it in the other book.This a [...]

    15. Erik

      Fresh from having seen Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation) read several of his essays to the large crowd at last month's Emerald City Comic-Con, I eagerly picked up this second and shorter collection of his essays. (Most of which have appeared in one form or another on his frequently-hit website, by the way.) But I'm under-whelmed, I have to say. Maybe it's the tedious melancholy of a thirty-something ex-Star Trek actor that doesn't work for me anymore. Or maybe it's s [...]

    16. Marie

      I thought I would follow up the two volume Italian epic with something nice and short, and this is indeed short. A lunchtime read, it's mostly warm but full of expected nostalgia and very mainstream life. Well, except for the Star Trek bits. I am told, though I do not quite believe it, that there are people who don't know a thing about Star Trek and have never been to a convention or met a rabid Trekkie.Wil Wheaton claims to have met these people, but then, he moves in no doubt larger circles th [...]

    17. Geoff Young

      This memoir is a light, easy read that can be (and in my case was) consumed in a single afternoon. The first third consists of four vignettes that didn't connect with me and felt like fluff. The final two-thirds is a humorous and poignant account of the author's struggle to come to terms with his former identity as Star Trek's Wesley Crusher. This latter part, if expanded and perhaps combined with similarly themed stories, could lay the foundation for a book I'd read in a heartbeat.

    18. Jay

      I found this quite a nice listen on audio, with Wheaton doing the reading. I haven't read other Wheaton books and haven't kept up with his blog, and I guess that's important to know since I read that the stories appeared elsewhere first. I liked his short stories at the beginning of the book, but I thought he read them with too dramatic timing. The last longer story, about a Star Trek convention in Vegas, was great. I'll definitely read more.

    19. Salimbol

      Another of Wil Wheaton's collections of autobiographical anecdotes. Not as polished as some of his other work (they're bits and pieces that didn't make the final cut for his other earlier book, 'Just A Geek', and I think it shows with most of them), these were nevertheless highly readable - especially the centrepiece of the book, 'The Saga of Spongebob Vegas Pants, or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Star Trek', which is by turns funny, touching and illuminating.

    20. Meara

      I loved this book! At least one of the stories will make you cry, "who had a heart to love, and courage to make's love known." Have tissues at the ready. At least one other will make you fall in love, or perhaps fall back in love. All of them will make you think, and wonder, and remember, even when perhaps you'd rather not. This is a wonderful examination of the ways we grow up.

    21. Kacy

      Listened to book 5 last night: Dancing Barefoot by Wil Wheaton. It was a quick fun read. (There is some bad language, so be aware of that if it bothers you.) This book consists of several anecdotes from Wil Wheaton's life.

    22. Virginia

      The first several stories in this book felt a lot like they belonged in the "Lives" column of the New York Times (the one that appears on the last page of the Sunday magazine). The story about the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas was extremely touching. Book was too short.

    23. Jamie

      This is a companion to "Just a Geek" with five stories that didn't fit in the original book. I enjoyed this book quite a bit as they were a bit more personal. Much more emotional growth in these. I actually teared up reading the one about saying goodbye to his great aunt.

    24. Seawood

      Thrilled to get this for Christmas in hard copy. One day I will get it signed (please come to the UK :). I've read all of these tales before via Wil's blog but it's great to have the actual thing in my hands and to support a writer I really enjoy.

    25. Bob

      Short but bittersweet, these few outtakes from Just a Geek (released after this one) definitely warranted their own book.

    26. Kirk

      Another great collection of short stories written by and about Wil Wheaton. Like his other books, the stories are told in a conversational tone, which allows us to live each adventure with him.

    27. Eric

      A small collection of short stories that got cut from Wil's other book - they are tales that evoke the emotions he felt during various events from his life.

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