Cocky Prince

Cocky Prince He was born into wealth And he lords his power over this town He doesn t remember how he helped ruin Hayden s life Now she s returned with a degree and a backbone to take on her dream job at Blue Casi

  • Title: Cocky Prince
  • Author: Jules Barnard
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  • Page: 195
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  • Cocky Prince

    He was born into wealth.And he lords his power over this town.He doesn t remember how he helped ruin Hayden s life Now she s returned with a degree and a backbone to take on her dream job at Blue Casino She doesn t count on the dark secrets the casino hides Or that Adam has a hand in them If she wants to keep her job, Hayden will need to get close to Adam the man standHe was born into wealth.And he lords his power over this town.He doesn t remember how he helped ruin Hayden s life Now she s returned with a degree and a backbone to take on her dream job at Blue Casino She doesn t count on the dark secrets the casino hides Or that Adam has a hand in them If she wants to keep her job, Hayden will need to get close to Adam the man standing for everything she s fighting against You ll love this enemies to lovers story, because the sexual banter is thrilling and the meaty plot will keep your eyes glued to the page Grab it now Each book in the Men of Lake Tahoe Series is a standalone story that can be read in any order Hard Wood Book 1 JaegerMountain Man Book 2 LewisRebound Roommate Book 3 TylerHookup Master Book 4 ZachCocky Prince Book 5 Adam Click HERE to sign up for Jules s New Release Newsletter You ll be the first to learn of new releases and gain access to subscriber freebies, including FREE extra scenes.

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      195 Jules Barnard
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    1. Jules Barnard

      COCKY PRINCE is the 5th standalone contemporary romance in the Men of Lake Tahoe series!GRAB COCKY PRINCE NOW!: bit/2ksc78a UK: bit/2kZ5NI8iBooks: bit/2kUsICAB&N: bit/2k3NEd0Kobo: bit/2llhhHfGoogle Play: bit/2kOZ0RKFREE extra scene of Cali and Jaeger after HARD WOOD to all newsletter subscribers! Click here.More of the MEN OF LAKE TAHOE seriesOFF LIMITS:: bit/2kZbTZ0 UK: bit/2kUfPLciBooks: bit/2lCUmnyB&N: bit/2kOMO3EKobo: bit/2k4aM6xGoogle Play: bit/2k3YWJGMOUNTAIN MAN:: bit/2kyfXz1 UK: [...]

    2. ReadingisMyEscape

      3.5 - 3.75 starsI liked both characters and felt that instead of just he heroine falling over herself when the Hero is close the Hero did equal falling. Completely safe as it had been over a year for the Hero and close to that time physically (she had went out on a date about 6 months prior but nothing happened) for the heroine. No OW/OM drama. I did feel that I got a little too much info on the Hero's prior manwhore ways but there were no scenes just the info of his playing/distance keeping way [...]

    3. ✿

      ☆ I received an ARC via Indiesage PR in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆As majority of all know, you should always read book series in the order that they are written and released. But I didn't. In fact, I hadn't realized this was the fifth and last installment in this series until after I had already signed up for the release blitz and started reading. But, I don't regret it for one second. The synopsis was too darn intriguing to pass up.Hayden Tate has returned to her hometown o [...]

    4. Lady Heather

      New Release - March 28SynopsisThe survivor of a high school sabotage that made her flee her hometown at sixteen, Hayden Tate is no stranger to bullying. Now she has returned to Lake Tahoe to take on her dream job with a degree and a backbone. But her newfound strength is pushed to the limit as she fights to hold her own against the old boys club of Blue Casino. Adam Cade is the prince of Lake Tahoe, born into one of the wealthiest families in the area. He’s used to doing what he wants when he [...]

    5. Bette Hansen

      Very enjoyable book. This is the fifth and final book in the series but it did introduce several characters we will see in the spin off series. This one can easily be read standalone. The entire series, and this book is no exception, has great writing and characters as well as the exciting behind the scenes casino action that make it a fantastic readIn New Blue Hayden Tate is working hard in the male dominated Blue Casino and the one person she despises most just got a fantastic promotion. Of co [...]

    6. Cynthia Austin

      Adam Cade, the son of a wealthy casino owner struggles to break free from the family name and stand on his own two feet. He's left his father's casino to go work at Blue Casino, where he is swiftly moving up the chain, well on his way to becoming the next Blue Star; an Elite group of managers that work exclusively with the CEO.There's only one thing preventing him from Lake Tahoe domination.Hayden TateHayden is a girl with a past and interestingly enough, her past intertwines with Adam Cade. Oh [...]

    7. Cheney Stropus

      I think this book would have been much better if the first 25% was gone. The first half of the book was really pretty boring, but there has to be some build to the end, I suppose. These characters seemed very bland and boring. There was far too much inner-monologue going on to make me believe they even had a connection. There wasn't any talking between the two and I am supposed to believe in their "heated stares"? Umm, no. Around the 50% mark I did start believing though. The connection wasn't a [...]

    8. Bookbuster

      amazing book*ARC in exchange of honest review*Purchase : geni/newblueiBooks: apple/21qAxwrB&N: bit/1pFYIeQKobo: bit/1SLVVMtGoogle Play: bit/1QQxbAg

    9. Melyssa Winchester

      Title: New BlueAuthor: Jules BarnardGenre: Contemporary Romance, SuspenseSeries or Standalone: Standalone Series (Blue #5) Rating: ★★★★★ReviewStandalone series can be both a blessing and a curse. If you’ve been with them from the beginning, it’s like coming back home and hanging with familiar family. When like me, you jump in at the end of the series, you have the worry that what takes place in book five, will leave you lost considering that there has been 4 books before it. That d [...]

    10. Taylor

      When I first dove into this book, I had not yet read the first 4.5 books in the series.New Blue can be read as a standalone, but I love howJules Barnard truly pulled the series together inNew Blue. I would definitely recommend reading this series of standalones because each character involved in the Blue Series are completely lovable and intriguing. The survivor of a high school sabotage that made her flee her hometown at sixteen, Hayden is no stranger to bullying. Now she has returned to Lake T [...]

    11. Casey

      Find this review and more at Ramblings From This ChickNew Blue is the fifth and final book in the Blue series by Jules Barnard. Don't worry about jumping in here if you haven't read the previous books as they can easily be read out of order. I have enjoyed this series a lot, and New Blue was no exception. Even if I hadn't read previous books in this series, the blurb was one that would have convinced me to read it. If you haven't read this series yet, I would definitely recommend giving it a sho [...]

    12. Pamela Lilley

      The 5th and final instalment in the Blue Series and quite possibly my favourite book of all. This story follows Hayden and Adam, both managers at Blue Casino who, to put it simply, do not particularly like each other, pretty much, love hate. Hayden is set on bringing down the executives of Blue Casino, convinced they are involved in illegal activities. Adam is set on proving himself to his father and becoming an executive at Blue Casino. At some point during their feud, things start getting heat [...]

    13. Jenene

      I rather enjoyed listening to this book. The story between Adam and Hayden. They have physical attraction to each other from the first time he walks into her office. Unfortunately this is not the first time they have crossed paths and while Adam does not recognize the h, Hayden definitely remembers the H and holds some resentment towards him. I loved how the chemistry was instant between Adam and Hayden and loved how their relationship developed. So why only 4 stars instead of 5? Well these to f [...]

    14. Jaimed

      Wonderfully complicatedThis is fifth in the series, but you don't need to read the other books for it to make sense. I haven't read the other books yet and I had no problems faltering along since the author made sure to cover everyone's backstory.I liked this book. There is some overdoing it with the doubting of the male lead, but it all has to do with the female lead's past. I enjoyed the story and how the characters evolved in their thinking and learned to think about others and not just their [...]

    15. Amelia Autin

      I started reading COCKY PRINCE after reading HARD WOOD, wanting to see if the first book was just a fluke. I quickly learned it wasn't. It wasn't easy for Jules Barnard to pull it off, but somehow she did. I started off disliking Adam, but by the end I was rooting for him to find his HEA. I loved the way it all turned out, so sweet and romantic, and the engagement ring was the perfect touch. I was also thrilled to read the other proposal at the end (since I'd read HARD WOOD just before reading t [...]

    16. Pamela Lilley

      Book 5 in the Men of Lake Tahoe series and quite possibly my favourite, sadly it’s also the last in the series. All my favourite couples from the previous books share the glory with their friends Adam (oh so hot) Cade and the one woman he’s always had a thing for, Hayden Tate. Hayden and her crew are still suspicious of Blue Casino and the Blue Stars, it doesn’t help that Adam seems to be blocking her investigation at every point. Is he involved in the dodgy goings on? Is he lying to her? [...]

    17. Sasha Says

      Earlier this year I was lucky enough to win my choice of audiobook from Jules Barnard's Men of Lake Tahoe series (previously called the Blue series) and since I am a HUGE Zachary Webber fan, I knew immediately I wanted a book he narrated- either book 3, 4 or 5. After reading the descriptions, I was drawn to Adam Cade from Cocky Prince the most. The author assured me that the books could be read in any order, and I definitely didn't feel lost starting with book 5. The writing was great and of cou [...]

    18. Tena Barnes

      This is a good book. Someone from the past that you cant forgetSomeone from your past you can't forget. But she doesn't know his you felt back then. Adam has had a thing for Hayden since high school. Hayden thinks that Adam is nothing but a rich guy that does what he wants and gets what he wants. Something happens to Hayden when she was 16 and they move away. Eleven years later Hayden moves back and gets a job at the casino. A week later Adam gets hired and he sees Hayden but don't that its the [...]

    19. janine

      Wonderful book!Really enjoyed the conflicts between the two main characters. Two very strong and stubborn people meet after 10 years of being a part. Hayden left Lake Tahoe after I misunderstanding in high school. She comes back 10 years later with vengeance on her mind. Adam seems to have always had an attraction to Hayden and while working together have phone in love. Lots of twists and turns throughout the book and Hayden's stubbornness and domineering almost causes them to lose their relatio [...]

    20. LindaJohnston

      ReviewsThis book is about Adam and Hayden. Years ago Adam and the entire town was mean to her . Her family left town because of it. She is back in town to proof that she isn't afraid anymore. Adam doesn't recognize her when he gets hired where she is working at Blue. She goes with her friends house with other friends. She let's him know that she isn't a push over like she was in school when he got her boyfriend to break up with her. She knows something is going bad at work and he knows and want [...]

    21. Amanda Vermaak

      Cocky muchI like Hayden and her girlfriends. They work in a casino where a lot of intrigue and suspense takes place. Shady deals and they all try to investigateHayden is now romantically involved with Adam who works in the richer, shadier side of the casino. Trouble in paradise?There is so much mistrust and drama between the lovers. Will they ever be able to sort it out?And the house of cards fell down. I love it when good overpowers evil. I'm so glad it all ends well, even with all the drama. H [...]

    22. giulia_argentini

      I didn't connect with the characters at all. I mean Adam is a rich kid that doesn't want his dad's money anymore , he want to make his own money and he honestly thinks that working at the a shady casinó is the answer? He knows from the very beginning that something is not right but who cares , right? The important thing is making his money so he can be his own person. Through the book he has an improvement but i still didn't like his decisions.And the love story? I didn't like the development u [...]

    23. Shannon

      This was a really great ending to the series and a detailed description as to how Adam and Hayden begin, end and begin again. It gave a great understanding into their past and present, but a glimpse into their future. The bliss ending and Blackwell's incarceration were great, but it didn't do justice for Blue and how it goes on or if is succeeds hope is something more of a closure for the gang and the casino itself as if was a major part of all entire series.

    24. Angie

      Adam doesn't realize who Hayden is right away since she goes by a different name than she did in high school. Hayden doesn't realize her new friends are dating and know the guys she went to high school with. Hayden is bent on proving that Blue casino, where she works, is into illegal stuff. Adam is trying to keep Hayden from the illegal side, but she won't listen to him. Enjoyed seeing all the couples again. Another really good book!

    25. Rose Baker

      Loved the storyLoved the story and the characters. This would have been a five star worthy book of not for it being so drawn out and wordy. The whole thing could have been told in twenty-five chapters instead of first-hand. A lot of it was so unnecessary, just ramblings of the characters in the authors mind. I will read about the next brother and give it a chance. Hopefully Levi's story won't be as bogged down.

    26. Becky

      Humor and suspense all rolled togetherHayden is a quirky character that I absolutely loved. I found myself laughing at her antics while admiring her integrity as a person. Adam is a hottie who holds his cards close to his chest. When these two clash surrounding their closely related jobs and a less than reputable boss and shady business pursuits you have a story that keeps you turning the pages.

    27. Deborah harvell

      This is a ARC copy review. I haven't had the chance to read any of the Men of Lake Tahoe series until this one. I loved it though and wish I had the money to read the others right now, but I'll have to wait. I love the characters in the book, Hayden's strong character for her beliefs,and Adam wanting to protect her. I recommend the book to any who may want to read a great series or to any wanting to just read a book.

    28. Kelly Palmer

      Loved itI loved Adam and Hayden. Hayden is such a strong character, this is a lovely second chances. I have to admit this is the first know I've read in this series so I'm going to read the rest from the beginning. I can't wait to read Levi's story and Adams other brothers stories.

    29. Black Butterfly


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