The Murder Stone

The Murder Stone A brilliant big old fashioned drawing room mystery with a denouement worthy of Agatha Christie from the international bestseller Wealthy cultured and respectable the Finney family is the epitome

  • Title: The Murder Stone
  • Author: Louise Penny
  • ISBN: 9780755341009
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Murder Stone

    A brilliant, big, old fashioned drawing room mystery with a denouement worthy of Agatha Christie, from the international bestseller.Wealthy, cultured and respectable, the Finney family is the epitome of gentility When Irene Finney and her four grown up children arrive at the Manoir Bellechasse in the heat of summer, the hotel s staff spring into action For the children hA brilliant, big, old fashioned drawing room mystery with a denouement worthy of Agatha Christie, from the international bestseller.Wealthy, cultured and respectable, the Finney family is the epitome of gentility When Irene Finney and her four grown up children arrive at the Manoir Bellechasse in the heat of summer, the hotel s staff spring into action For the children have come to this idyllic lakeside retreat for a special occasion a memorial has been organised to pay tribute to their late father But as the heat wave gathers strength, it is not just the statue of an old man that is unveiled Old secrets and bitter rivalries begin to surface, and the morning after the ceremony, a body is found The family has another member to mourn.A guest at the hotel, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache suddenly finds himself in the middle of a murder enquiry The hotel is full of possible suspects even the Manoir s staff have something to hide, and it s clear that the victim had many enemies With its remote location, the lodge is a place where visitors come to escape their pasts Until the past catches up with them

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    One thought on “The Murder Stone

    1. Erica

      Previously on , my review for book 3You know?These are really growing on me.Thanks, Mom!So, here's a stupid conversation I had with my mom last week while we were sitting in the waiting room between doctor's appointments.Me: "Oh, hey, I'm listening to the next Louise Penny book."Mom (perks up): "Which one?"Me: "It's either the fourth or the fifth. It's the one that takes place in the lodge out in the wilderness and there are snotty rich people there while Gamache and his wife, Rene Marie, are ce [...]

    2. Phrynne

      Number 4 in the series and I actually enjoyed it a little less than the first three. It may be because I listened to this one on audio and I found the narrator annoying - he had a lovely voice and a beautiful French accent but he read in a kind of staccato, the words jumping out instead of flowing. Or it may be because the book itself was a little weaker than the earlier ones.Armand Gamache was his usual charming self and this time his charming wife was very much in evidence too. It was a good t [...]

    3. Mona

      Another Enjoyable Chief Inspector Gamache MysteryBook Four of Louise Penny's Chief Inspector Gamache series, "A Rule Against Murder", unlike the previous books, is not set in the picturesque Quebecois village of Three Pines (although the protagonists do pay Three Pines a visit).Instead, most of the action occurs at the Manoir Bellechasse, a luxurious and remote Quebec Inn (patterned on the real Hovey Manor).Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the homicide division of the Montreal Surete and his wi [...]

    4. Anirudh

      I began reading this book with high expectations. It had received a lot of praise and high ratings. So naturally I was eager to unravel its mysteries. But unfortunately, it was a letdown. I am not sure whether the author was trying to write a crime thriller or a family drama. I would not call this a thriller, as there is no thrill. None what so ever. There were a few good points and a lot of bad points which made me give this book 2 stars. SPOILER ALERTS!!POSITIVE POINTS1. Setting. The protagoni [...]

    5. Richard Derus

      I'm mad at Louise Penny because of book #5 in the Three Pines/Chief Inspector Gamache mysteries, and I want to take it out on her now, but in fairness I just can't. I loved this book as much as I expected to. I thought that moving the action out of Three Pines would make me grumpy, but instead it made me feel, more than ever, that I want to live in Three Pines because Manoir Bellechasse is close for those times I need to get away from the hectic hustle and bustle of Three Pines (snort).The Gamac [...]

    6. Margitte

      Chief Inspector Gamache and his wife Reine-Marie, are celebrating their thirty-five-year wedding anniversary by staying at Manoir Bellechasse for a few days. The rich, cultured, respectable Finney family, an old- or no money family, living in a meritocracy, graces their presence in this remote auberge. One of the family's members desrcibes the family as “seven mad Morrows in a verchère”. The matriarch was now a Finney, but was actually still a Marrow in many ways. So much so, that she wante [...]

    7. Jim

      One of the wonderful things about a Louise Penny novel is that it is not just a whodunit. The reader needs to figure out how it was done as are Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his team. In A Fatal Grace the victim was electrocuted in the middle of a frozen lake, in front of the entire village. In The Cruelest Month the victim dies during a séance. The author delivers another murder most unusual in this story.Armand and Reine-Marie Gamache are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary at Ma [...]

    8. Carol

      Seems I've never wrote a review about the 4th in Penny's Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. Oh well, there's plenty of other reviews. I do remember liking it as Three Pines is like coming home.

    9. Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews

      A wedding anniversary celebration for Armand and Reine-Marie and a family reunion at Manoir Bellechasse for the Morrow family bring Louise Penny's familiar characters back to beautiful Three Pines and along with the characters comes a murder.The Morrow family is known to not have much love for each other. When a marble statue is brought into the pristine landscape, questions are raised about why it is there. A thunderstorm brings a tragic surprise to mar the statue's meaning.A RULE AGAINST MURDE [...]

    10. Maya

      Когато четох дебютната книга на Луиз ПениУбийството на художника, си признах, че в първата й третина се чудех защо си го причинявам и едва после я харесах достатъчно, за да продължа със серията. Оттогава, в следващите две книги от серията за инспектор Гамаш Пени ставаше все [...]

    11. Katie Ziegler (Life Between Words)

      I. Love. Armand. Gamache. And I loved the deepening of his character in this book, especially the longer glimpse we got into his marriage and his family history. He's just such a wonderful man and I love spending time with him. It's refreshing given the penchant for really tortured detectives you so often find. Armand isn't good at his job because he's coming from a place of turmoil and moral ambiguity, he's good at his job because he's compassionate and wise. I love that. The writing is beautif [...]

    12. Jeff Grosser

      I've been lucky enough to read these wonderful mysteries during the time of year when they take place. The descriptions are so warm & cozy that I feel like I am right there with Chief Inspector Gamache, and we are working to solve the murder together. The next book in the series, The Brutal Telling, appears to take place in the fall so I will read it then.I was also able to learn a couple of things in this book: 1) Count your blessings. 2) Never use the first stall in a public restroom.

    13. Ivonne Rovira

      I've been hooked on Louise Penny's Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series since I read her debut novel, Still Life. Yet, as great as the novels have been, A Rule Against Murder still somehow manages to top all of the previous ones.As ever, Penny plots out an interesting murder mystery that keeps you guessing until the end. However, what truly will delight the reader are the secrets revealed about Peter Morrow's well-to-do family and one about Armand Gamache himself. The theme of when to remember [...]

    14. Patti

      I just want to hang out with Armand Gamache. He is such a calm, practical person to be around, and you just know that he'll figure out who did what and why. In this entry into the series, Armand and his wife, Reine-Marie, are spending their anniversary at their favorite lodge, not far from Three Pines. While they there, a family reunion is going on also, with a family that seems such in name only--they are related to each other, but there is no affection displayed or even seemingly felt among th [...]

    15. Paula Kalin

      Louise Penny is a master in the murder mystery genre. A Rule Against Murder, the fourth in her Chief Inspector Gamache series, takes us places in the minds of her characters like no other writer out there. The setting for this book is different from her usual Three Pines. The Gamaches are at a resort in the wilderness celebrating their anniversary. Here we get to meet the Finneys for a family reunion, and an interesting one at that. We meet a family full of abuse and cruelty for themselves and e [...]

    16. Connie

      I have listened to this series and Inspector Gamache is the perfect companion for my commute. This one took the reader away from Three Pines and I enjoyed the many glimpses into Gamaches life and even his demons. Each one is getting just a bit better as these characters have become more familiar to me, almost like good, comfortable old friends. The murder in this one left me guessing right up until the reveald no guess was correct. Not the who or how. I love when the light bulb comes on and leav [...]

    17. Camie

      While Inspector Gamache and his wife Reine-Marie are celebrating their 35 th Anniversary at the spectacularly isolated Manoir Bellechase, the extended members of the eccentric and wealthy Morrow/Finney family show up for an ill fated family reunion. To honor their late father there is a grand statue unveiling and (because this is book #4 of Louise Penny's series) naturally a dead body is also discovered at the scene. As usual Gamache is dashing and wise as he and his team go about solving the ca [...]

    18. Linda

      A Rule Against Murder was an interesting change of pace for Armand Gamache. During the summertime, he and his wife shared a union in the deep woods of Quebec; Manoir Bellechase was a visit to their past. Armand and Reine-Marie celebrated a special time in June stretching back for more than thirty years. Every occasion was spent with moments of affection and tenderness.That is, until the Finneys intruded: an elderly mother, a stepfather and a very odd statue. An extremely dysfunctional group of a [...]

    19. Holly

      The mystery was perhaps not as interesting as in previous books in this series but that is completely overshadowed by getting to see the inner workings of Peter Morrow's family. I always thought he had some underlying issues with how jealous he could be of his wonderful wife Clara so this book explains a lot! Getting to learn more about Armand Gamache's family is a pleasant bonus. Love this series.

    20. H.A. Leuschel

      This was my first book by this author and I enjoyed her murder mystery set in Canada offering an interesting and very diverse group of characters, a plot that unfolded in a slow but entertaining way in a cozy and idyllic holiday 'manoir' by the lake. A relaxing read if that's what you are looking for!

    21. Mandy Radley

      The thing about returning to work after the holidays and then going away for the weekend seriously impacts on your reading time. However I have finally finished number 4 in the Armand Gamache series, thoroughly enjoyed it, and didn't guess whodunnit. Bring on number 5.

    22. Bettie☯

      Description: It is the height of summer, and Armand and Reine-Marie Gamache are celebrating their wedding anniversary at Manoir Bellechasse, an isolated, luxurious inn not far from the village of Three Pines. But they're not alone. The Finney family -- rich, cultured, and respectable -- has also arrived for a celebration of their own.The beautiful Manoir Bellechasse might be surrounded by nature, but there is something unnatural looming. As the heat rises and the humidity closes in, some surpris [...]

    23. Amy

      I just finished Book 4 of the Three Pines Mysteries, featuring the sublime Inspector Gamache. The narrator for these books, Ralph Cosham, is just excellent. He has the perfect manner, inflection and timber of voice for the characters and general narration, not to mention his excellent French, of which I don't speak a word! If I could get all of these audiobooks from my local library, I would listen to this entire series.It was refreshing for the murder investigation in this book to take place ou [...]

    24. Moira Fogarty

      See, the problem with setting this mystery at Manoir Bellechasse, a vacation resort in the wilderness, is that I go to Three Pines for a mental vacation already. Taking me on vacation from my vacation spot just annoys the heck out of me. I don't want a big house with a fancy chef and bugs, full of annoying guests! I want a cozy village with a B&B and regular townfolk. I wished I was at the Clogging Competition instead of hanging out with the totally irredeemably godawful Finney clan. I did n [...]

    25. Claire H

      Brilliant. I have finally found a replacement for P.D. James - someone who writes mysteries that are as rich and deep and literate, as gifted at viewing human character, and as high-calibre with building the whodunit, but without the thread of haunting despair that runs through all James novels, particularly her Dalgliesh mysteries. Both writers plunge the reader immediately into a richly layered world, and both explore the surprises, the dusty and ugly corners, the twisty labyrinth of the human [...]

    26. Mackey St

      I must admit that Louise Penny is quickly becoming one of my very favorite mystery writers. Her Armand Gamache series is one of the best I've read. In "A Rule Against Muder," Chief Inspector Gamache and his wife are celebrating their anniversary at a cozy, wooded inn. They are not alone, however, as a rather obnoxious family is also at the inn celebrating a family reunion. Before the week is out, one of the family members is murdered and Gamache goes from guest to Inspector.As with most of Penny [...]

    27. Patricia Fraser

      The second of Louise Penny's Gamache series I've readeach is a stand alone, but there may be merit in reading them in order as the character development is wonderful. Her writing is intelligent and frequently laugh-out-loud funny. I find her descriptions of small events make me appreciate simple things.Not all her sentences are lengthy, but the following quote is one I wish I'd been thoughtful enough to write. She's speaking of someone escaping from an argumentative, caustic crowd of relations i [...]

    28. Rita

      I did not like this one as much as the previous ones. It seemed much darker and it included a family that you love to hate. The Gamaches are staying at a beautiful lodge near Three Pines, of course, to celebrate their anniversary and, surprise, a murder takes place. It's a member of this rich, constantly bickering family. A couple from Three Pines show up, Clara and Peter Morrow, because Peter is a member of the awful dysfunctional family. Peter and the rest of his family are all suspects becaus [...]

    29. Mary Ellen

      I'd really like to give this book 2 1/2 stars. I ended up giving it 3 because I enjoyed the main character, Armand Gamache, very much, and his wife, Reine-Marie, almost as much. (I think I'd like her better if her name weren't Queen Mary) Gamache reminds me of a French-Canadian Guido Brunetti (for those who don't know him, check out Donna Leon). Or maybe Guido is a Venetian Armand Gamache. Anyway, they are both dedicated, experienced, prudent, happy at home, and eaters and lovers of lots of good [...]

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