Angels in the Moonlight

Angels in the Moonlight For Detective Bunny McGarry life is complicated and it is about to get so It s and his hard won reputation amongst Dublin s criminal fraternity for being a massive pain the backside is unfort

  • Title: Angels in the Moonlight
  • Author: Caimh McDonnell
  • ISBN: 9780995507555
  • Page: 148
  • Format: ebook
  • Angels in the Moonlight

    For Detective Bunny McGarry, life is complicated, and it is about to get so.It s 1999 and his hard won reputation amongst Dublin s criminal fraternity, for being a massive pain the backside, is unfortunately shared by his bosses His partner has a career threatening gambling problem and, oh yeah, Bunny s finally been given a crack at the big time He s set the task ofFor Detective Bunny McGarry, life is complicated, and it is about to get so.It s 1999 and his hard won reputation amongst Dublin s criminal fraternity, for being a massive pain the backside, is unfortunately shared by his bosses His partner has a career threatening gambling problem and, oh yeah, Bunny s finally been given a crack at the big time He s set the task of bringing down the most skilled and ruthless armed robbery gang in Irish history So the last thing he needs in his life is yet another complication.Her name is Simone She is smart, funny, talented and, well, complicated When her shocking past turns up to threaten her and Bunny s chance at a future, things get very complicated indeed If the choice is upholding the law or protecting those he loves, which way will the big fella turn Angels in the Moonlight is a standalone prequel to Caimh McDonnell s critically acclaimed Dublin Trilogy, and it is complicated.

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    One thought on “Angels in the Moonlight

    1. Whispering Stories

      Reviewed by Abby on whisperingstoriesAngels in the Moonlight is Caimh McDonnell’s latest novel; a prequel to his hilarious ‘Dublin Trilogy’. The year is 1999. Location: Dublin. The world is fearing the advent of the new millennium and the Y2K bug. Bunny McGarry is fearing the accidental suicide of Rory Coyne, who is only at the top of a six-storey building to detract attention from his thieving girlfriend. And that’s just the first chapter.To those familiar with McDonnell’s ‘Dublin T [...]

    2. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

      The Day That Never Comes is one of the funniest books I have ever read! So, when I got the chance to read Caimh McDonnell next book (and prequel to the previous two books) did I do not hesitate for a second. Bunny had not a prominent role in the previous books (although he was important to the story) and I was curious to learn more about him as a younger man. Angels in the Moonlight felt less hysterical funny was The Day That Never Comes. Don't take me wrong, I still found this book to be good a [...]

    3. Sandy

      If you’ve read A Man With One of Those Faces or The Day That Never Comes, no doubt you remember Dublin Detective Bunny McGarry. His wayward glare & ever present hurling stick make him hard to forget. And at some point you probably wondered if he’d always been crazy. In this prequel to the Dublin trilogy, we get to find out.The story begins with a hilarious routine between Bunny & his partner Tim “Gringo” Spain as they try to talk a jumper off a ledge. They are truly chalk & c [...]

    4. Mairead Hearne (

      Look who’s back??Bunny McGarry…at crazy and lovable Cork rogue takes centre stage in Angels in The Moonlight, the third novel from Irish writer Caimh McDonnell. This is a stand-alone prequel to The Dublin Trilogy (which might I add I have thoroughly enjoyed so far), so it’s a great introduction to the man himself as he was in 1999.The opening pages of Angels in the Moonlight set the tone perfectly for the reader. Having previously read A Man with One of Those Faces and The Day That Never C [...]

    5. I read novels

      Oh my I did laugh at the lines in Angles In The Moonlight so much I had stomach ache. The story is set in 1999 in Dublin. For Detective Bunny McGarry, life is complicated, and it is about to get more so. I loved the name Bunny for a Detective, I thought it was very quirky and different. caimah McDonnell certainly pulls the punches with fabulous funny names and lines. One of my favourite laugh out loud lines maybe a bit cringing but however it waswould you like a sandwich? They're jam and cheese. [...]

    6. Cleo Bannister

      Caimh’s books are marketed as crime fiction combined with humour and this prequel to the first two books in the Dublin Trilogy is no different although I’d say that the humour element is targeted which suited the sadder elements of this book far better. Fear not though, I still laughed plenty of times at the brilliant scenarios and one-liners, even if a tear also managed to escape my beady eye once or twice.Back in 1999 that comparatively near past, life was different. There were mobile phon [...]

    7. Ellen

      My name is Ellen and I love Bunny McGarry. There I said it. There should probably be some kind of support group for #Bunnylovers – hang on that doesn’t quite sound right but you know what I mean! Having been firmly ensconced into my heart after reading A Man With One of Those Faces and The Day That Never Comes it was a delight to get to know young Bunny and his particular brand of policing. As always with Caimh’s book there is the perfect mix of crime and humour and I still can’t get ove [...]

    8. Jakky

      I received an advance reading copy (ARC) of this novel with the express request that I write an honest review. Well, here it is. I LOVED it! But that tells you nothing about the book, so let me see how I can put into words what I was thinking as I was reading….From the first chapter, I was laughing out loud. My husband wanted to know what was so bloody hilarious but I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to explain it to him. I made the connection to the Lethal Weapon series well before the au [...]

    9. Melanie Lewis

      This isn't the first time I've taken a Caimh McDonnell to bed, and it certainly won't be the last. I acquired a large number of "harumphs" from Mr Me when I interrupted his beauty sleep because I was laughing out loud. There are some brilliant, spine-tingling, laugh-out-loud moments in this book. The relationship between Bunny and Gringo is sublime. They would make the most divine dinner guests. The plot moves along at a cracking pace and the plots dreamt up to confound the police are painfully [...]

    10. Lindsay

      Bunny trying to do good!!This is the 3rd book I've read by Caimh and I love the humour and situations Bunny gets himself into. Its like he's a disaster magnet but at the same time a good man trying to tow the line between right and wrong. This book sets up the first as far as I'm concerned and we get a tiny snippet of Paul too.If you want to see what's brought Bunny so low in the first story you'll need to read this amazing gem.I was lucky to read this over a week ago as a reviewer and laughed a [...]

    11. Veracious Reads

      I have taken a hell lot of time finding the right words to justify my warring feelings for Angels in the Moonlight by Caimh McDonnell.Angels in the Moonlight burrowed into my soul because it was centered on Bunny McGarry.If you know people who'd scare you to death with one stare but will love you like their very own, then Bunny McGarry IS THE MAN. I'm still struggling to word out the exact feelings I have developed for Bunny. He is justBunny. You'll know what I mean if you just buy the book, rea [...]

    12. Kahn

      It's a matter of public record that the first two books in the Dublin Trilogy where among the best things I've read in years - tense, gripping, fast-paced and laugh-out-loud funny.So when the third was released, excited didn't begin to describe itRather than taking the story on, Angels In The Moonlight takes us back to the start - back to the events that make Bunny McGarry the Bunny we know and love. A cop in Dublin, Bunny has to deal with drugs, crime bosses, his colleagues, his team and fallin [...]

    13. Sharon

      3.5/5 This is a cop thriller set in Dublin in 1999.Detective Bunny McGarry has been given the task of bringing down a deadly crime gang. Unfortunately for him, he also finds himself enamoured with the beautiful Simone, who is hiding some very dark secrets. There's a third plot going here too, within the force. AND there's hurling. And nuns. I enjoyed this, I'd never usually pick something like this up of my own accord but it was a book club choice so I said I'd branch out. I liked Bunny, I thoug [...]

    14. Mary Lou

      Having read and loved both the first book of the trilogy ‘A Man with One of those Faces’ and the second, ’The Day That Never Comes’ I could hardly wait to get my hands on the third ‘Angels in the Moonlight. It hardly seems possible that this final book is even better than the others, but it is. This pacey, funny, action- packed crime novel is a dream. A prequel to the first two, it sets out successfully to partly explain why Detective Bunny McGarry has an unorthodox approach to his wor [...]

    15. Abbie

      Bunny is back! And I am bloomin’ glad he is! Angels in the Moonlight is the prequel to the brilliant Dublin Trilogy and it takes us back to 1999 when Bunny is still working as a detective. If you haven’t read the first two books in the trilogy Angels in the Moonlight is a great place to start (obviously it’s a prequel!) and it is equally great for those who are familiar with and, let’s face it, love Bunny.The first chapter is perfectly set. It incorporates drama and that all important ac [...]

    16. Mguhin

      Clever and FunnyI love everything about this author's work. His quirky characters, clever plots and laugh out loud moments. I'm only sorry that I've now read everything and there's no more to read until he writes something else.

    17. Alex

      Bunny has to be my favourite character in the Dublin series. Always a sucker for a mad and dangerous character, especially when they can make me laugh, too. Seeing his backstory, some history and personal relationships, was such a fun, not to mention interesting. The story itself is well formed and keeps up the pace and intrigue throughout, with a cast of fantastic characters and villains. Everything came together in this book, with danger and betrayal and love, however surprising. Completely lo [...]

    18. Don Jimmy

      Murder, Mystery and HurlingA wonderful read giving us some more background in the life of Detctive Bunny. This story kept me guessing but had pleanty of laugh out loud moments. Not to be missed.

    19. Angie Boyter

      I probably should not have read this book for review, because I could see the trend in the writing in the previous two books in the series, and, even though Angels in the Moonlight is a prequel in Bunny's story, it is a continuation of the writing style that McDonnell was developing in the earlier books, a style he does well but is not to my taste. There is humor here but not much happiness, and the society he paints is not one I would want to visit. Anytime you read about crime and criminals yo [...]

    20. Matt Merritt

      If you've read Caimh McDonnell's excellent books you'll no doubt be wondering how did the brilliantly bullish Bunny McGarry become the hurley stick swinging hero modern Dublin deserves?This blast from the past helps answer the question while simultaneously being a brilliant (and brilliantly funny) crime caper in its own right!Caimh's usual witty dialogue and crank for painting Dublin as a character of its own are both very much present and the story is a mighty good one too, a crack gang of arme [...]

    21. Bill Hoyler

      Hilarious, poignant and flat out enjoyableIf you've read the first two books of the Dublin Trilogy then spending the big $3 for Angels in the Moonlight is a no brainer. Stop reading my review, get the book, sit back with a cold one and enjoy. If you're new to McDonnell here's a great story that has a heartbreaking love affair, rollicking laugh out loud comedy, shotgun toting nuns, dirty cops who eventually do the right thing, the Provos, gangsters and a couple of outstanding armed robberies. And [...]

    22. PatriciaOnLine

      Ah great thing, another book from Caimh McDonnel while I await the third in his trilogy. I loved A Man With One of Those Faces and The Day That Never Comes. Imagine my delight when I found out that the advanced reading copy I'd received was a prequel to those, starring no other than Detective Bunny McGarry. As always I really enjoyed the writing. Caimh's style let's me almost hear the Irish accent and the humour is dry and made me laugh out loud a few times. This is not a comedy, it's so much mo [...]

    23. Elizabeth Desole

      This prequel to “ A Man with One of Those Faces” focuses on the rogue detective Bunny McGarry. If I had read it first I might have been smitten but the book listed above set such a high bar for me. It was still a wonderful ride and a fun time with some emotional depth but didn’t make it to five stars with the high hilarity of the “sequel”. I’m still a big fan and will gobble up anything this writer puts out. Can’t wait to read the prequel focusing on the nuns!

    24. John

      He's done it again! An excellent book, with the right mixture of action/drama, emotion and of course humour.Unfortunately, he (once again) fails to have a warning on the cover or in a prologue that his book should not be read while eating, drinking a cuppa, or 'having a drag' of a cigarette. So, be prepared for moments of choking &/or coughing on your behalf - or looks of distaste as food comes shooting out of your mouth towards others.Highly recommend.

    25. Ruairí Gildernew

      Laugh out loudBrilliant laugh out loud funny book with a healthy dash of intrigue and suspense. I had already read one of the trilogy so my expectations were high but this didn't disappoint. Set in Dublin but other than for some of the dialogue it could be pretty much anywhere.Highly enjoyable and highly recommended.

    26. james moss

      Another cracking story.Funny fast paced crime caper, read this you won't be disappointed, a prequel to the Dublin trilogy starting bunny mcgarry, one of the best characters created, think colm meany from intermission , but armed with a hurling stick, a wonky eye, some serious banter and some very inventive use of sweary words.

    27. Anne Henn

      Third book in the series but prelude to the firstOf this trilogy, this book was maybe my least favorite but still an entertaining read with great characters. Also explains how the first story was set up.a good read, all in all

    28. constance silva

      Loved it.Enjoyed the humorous dialogue and situations. Found myself laughing aloud. Great characters. As is not often the case I was all in for the entirety(usually find myself skimming to the finish or not even bothering at all). Look forward to the next.

    29. Ted Quisenberry

      How can you not like Bunny McGarry? This story was captivating and made you want to jump into the next in the series. Too bad that won't be out til spring of 2018. Thankfully that'll be in only a few months.The Trilogy Series was well done and entertaining.

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