She Did It

She Did It Work colleague Friend Killer From the million seller author comes a gripping psychological thriller A successful businesswoman Tamara enjoys her champagne lifestyle to the full At least that is the

  • Title: She Did It
  • Author: Mel Sherratt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She Did It

    Work colleague Friend Killer From the million seller author comes a gripping psychological thriller A successful businesswoman, Tamara enjoys her champagne lifestyle to the full At least, that is the front she displays to the world As well as being lonely, she s running out of money A promising new member of staff brings the injection of fresh blood needed to win thWork colleague Friend Killer From the million seller author comes a gripping psychological thriller A successful businesswoman, Tamara enjoys her champagne lifestyle to the full At least, that is the front she displays to the world As well as being lonely, she s running out of money A promising new member of staff brings the injection of fresh blood needed to win the contract that will turn things around.Working for Tamara is a perfect ruse for Esther But, along with fake references and qualifications, she also has a plan for revenge Sensing Tamara s vulnerability, Esther uses their acquaintance as a way of getting close to someone who hurt her in the past Tamara is keeping things secret Esther has a dark side she is trying to hide For both of them, lying is a habit But when mistakes begin to catch up with Esther, and people start dying, Tamara realises she s chosen the wrong person to trust as a friend.

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      266 Mel Sherratt
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    One thought on “She Did It

    1. Christine

      3.5 stars (rounded to 3)OK, it’s happened to me twice this month. I gave 3.5 stars to two of my very favorite authors. Both times I have been in the vast minority of reviewers, thankfully. I want my favorite authors to do well, as I want to keep reading their stuff till I die.So what happened here? My biggest issue is that I failed to connect with any of the characters in She Did It. That’s a deal breaker for me—having no one to passionately root for. Tamara was OK, and I basically cheered [...]

    2. ReadAlong With Sue

      This authors books has always been a fabulous read. Not once can I say I've not been entertained. With this latest release I can honestly say the same thing.I have learnt a new word too! Slalomed. I googled to see what this meant. A great word I'll be sure to use.The story is a great story with a strong plot full of revenge. But although that is the main aim of the story line the thick surrounding details and characters surrounding all of this makes you wonder about things.I couldn't help but sy [...]

    3. Louise Wilson

      This book centres round it's two main characters, Esther and Tamara. The women come from completely different backgrounds but as the story unfolds, we find they have more in common than we think. Tamara has just started a PR business and Esther is working for her on a trial basis. They are working together to promote and launch a novel for Dulston publishing.I loved this book and how it unfolded. The twists just kept coming. I was pulled into the storyline from the first few pages. Another fanta [...]

    4. Amy

      4.5/5I have to start by wishing Mel a very happy publication day!! Though she has written many books I’ve only read two, the books in the Eden Berrishford series and I’ve not read any of her psychological thrillers before, and boy have I been missing out! While her other books are more dark and gritty, this one was still dark, albeit in a different manner but there was still a very strong sinister vibe and twists and turns aplenty. The story focuses on two women, Tamara and Esther who at fir [...]

    5. The Book Review Café

      I’m a huge fan of Mel Sherratt’s and love her style of writing, She Did It is very much a psychological thriller and errs away from the “grit lit” I’m used to reading by this author, but OMG I’m not going to beat about the bush and it’s going to sound cliched but this is definitely her best book yet. She Did It has all the elements I look for in a psychological thriller, unreliable characters, a plot that messes with the head, and a constant sense of intrigue and malice that keeps [...]

    6. BookwormDH

      She Did It by Mel SherrattBlurbA successful businesswoman, Tamara enjoys her champagne lifestyle to the full. At least, that is the front she displays to the world. As well as being lonely, she’s running out of money. A promising new member of staff brings the injection of fresh blood needed to win the contract that will turn things around. Working for Tamara is a perfect ruse for Esther. But, along with fake references and qualifications, she also has a plan for revenge. Sensing Tamara’s vu [...]

    7. Caroline Mitchell

      Mel Sherratt has done it again. An absolutely riveting read which had me turning the pages long into the night. I loved Mel's last psychological thriller but this is her best yet. The relationship between Tamara and Esther is full of twists and turns and you feel like a voyeur as you watch it develop in the most unpredictable way. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a dark twisty turny read. You won't be able to put it down.

    8. Noelle

      Mel Sherratt is one of my favourite authors, I have read every single one of her books and I am a huge fan of her Estate series – so when she asked me if I wanted an ARC of SHE DID IT – OMFG, I was bouncing off the walls with excitement!The author leaves the comfort of Staffordshire/the Midlands and heads for the Big Smoke in this novel. Set in London, the reader is met with lies, deceit, revenge, secrets, manipulation, anger, fear, mistrust, and the child-like need for validation/approval. [...]

    9. Sarah

      Im a big fan of this authors books so was very excited when I saw she had a new stand alone novel coming out.Tamara we are lead to believe that she is one of those spoilt rich kids who always has mummy and daddy to fall back on if things don’t work out. As we go along though I really liked Tamara. She is determined to make something of herself without anyone’s help. Right from the go I wanted to tell her to keep clear of Esther. Even though Tamara has secrets of her own, my gut instinct was [...]

    10. Shell Baker

      I am a massive fan of Mel Sherratt especially the estate series. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out Mel was bringing out a standalone and it being a psychological thriller….happy days.First of all I have to say that I love the cover and the title it has buy me written all over it. She Did It tells a story about Tamara who is a successful business woman and Esther who lands herself a job working for her but they are both very different people. Which we learn has the story unfolds [...]

    11. Susan Hampson

      What a brilliant opening scene! My conclusion from the first couple of sentences were totally wrong and all I could think at the end of the first couple of pages  was well nothing else is getting done until I read the next couple of chapters and find out what the hell just happened. Anyway I missed lunch and all of a sudden was at the end of the book. I just couldn’t find that spot to put it down, well I didn’t want to really as I was well and truly in that zone!Everything you do these days [...]

    12. Joanne Robertson

      I’ve read pretty much all of Mel Sherratts books now! I love the way she captures those realistically gritty city settings and it was intriguing for me to find out that the city setting for She Did It moved from her usual Stoke on Trent to further down south in London. But thankfully it worked perfectly and although a standalone, there was still that darkly sinister and threatening criminal element to the plot that her fans have come to know and love.Watching Over You, Mel’s last standalone [...]

    13. Cleo Bannister

      Hello book lovers Mel Sherratt has delivered her latest book, She Did It, which is not only a brilliant psychological thriller but also is also set in the world of book publicity, and yes the trusty book blogger gets more than one mention!Tamara is the classic poor little rich girl. Despite on the surface having all the connections and the family money she feels a bit of a failure especially as her three siblings have done what was expected of them, settled down to a good career or motherhood. N [...]

    14. Jen

      There is some amount of comfort when you pick up the book of an author you already know and love. You know, if nothing else, that you are going to be served up a good story; well written with good, solid, rounded characters that you can get behind.With She Did It, Mel Sherratt serves up a stonkingly huge slice of comfort pie and tops it off with a whole dollop of cream. And sprinkles. From the very first page I was drawn into this book and I feasted on all it had to offer – unreliable narrator [...]

    15. Sharon

      #KillerHook opening alert! Right from the start, I knew that there was something very wrong and oh so very bad going to happen in #SheDidIt and OMG so much blood in that prologue was the killer hook opening for me!Tamara and Esther come together as Tamara seeks someone to give her failing business the boost that it needs, while Esther has clearly been seeking someone to help her in her quest for revenge. Two women – both with something to hide, both of them liars and together they provide a ch [...]

    16. Amber Myott

      I really enjoyed this book ! Many twists and it was easy to become engrossed with the dynamics of the 2 main female characters . An excellent study on how past experiences can and often do predict future behaviour ! The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars was because some of the sentences were a bit repetitive and could have done with a bit tighter editing .

    17. Helen (TBC)

      I was drawn in by the title and tag line (fabulous) and really loved that it was set in and around the world of a budding PR firm and gave us a glimpse into the world of publishing. I'm sure that I will be in the minority, as there are already lots of rave reviews around for 'She Did It' but the characters didn't fully engage me, I felt that some were perhaps a little cliched and others just a little too unbelievable and that the different timelines didn't quite flow for me as a reader. The pace [...]

    18. CariAnne

      Eh. This book was really hard to follow at times because it jumped around chronologically so much. Usually, I can connect with a character on some level but I had difficulty connecting with Tamara or Esther. Both were victims; one set on revenge, the other with such a lack of confidence, it was almost eye-roll worthy at times. There was no "finding of oneself" with either of these women, which was quite depressing. The only strong female character in the book was DC Carly, and even she needed mo [...]

    19. Best Crime Books & More

      I am a big Mel Sherratt fan, especially her Allie Shenton series. When I received a copy of her newest release She Did It, I was looking forward to reading a standalone. Tamara and Esther are two very different characters, however they both have secrets they are hiding. When Esther turns up with fake references to work for Tamara, Tamara is grateful that she has finally found someone she can rely on. Esther in turn plays her part and on the surface looks to be supporting Tamara at a time when he [...]

    20. Claire

      I’ve not been disappointed by Mel Sherratt’s novels to date so when she announced she was writing a psychological thriller, I was rather excited. I love psychological thrillers; they’re my favourite kind of crime fiction. Has Mel Sherratt pulled off the side step from her usual gritty crime novels into psychological thrillers? Well I can tell you she has done it with bells on! I loved this book from the very start with the opening sequence capturing my attention and not letting it go to th [...]

    21. Sean Talbot

      What I have always loved about Mel Sherratt is her ability to get into the minds of her characters.  She has a superb talent with that.Esther is a character that no matter how much I wish to hate her I just can’t.   There is something that is just sad about her .Esther is a vengeful person which makes her hard to like or respect.  Though it does show just what can happen when circumstances dictate ones lives.Mel Sherratt writes some of the most tough characters who have lost some of the hum [...]

    22. Joann

      With" She Did It", Mel Sherratt still can deliver with the intriguing storyline and deep buried secrets. The story is told from both Esther and Tamara’s points of view, and it is clear neither woman is telling the whole truth. "She Did It", is not only a brilliant psychological thriller but also set in the world of book publicity. Both Esther and Tamara make for interesting characters but we know to watch out for Esther. You know that something is going to be a train wreck but I didn't have it [...]

    23. Steph Lawrence

      Firstly I feel privileged to be one of the first to read this book. Thank you Mel.Slightly different to her usual style, this being more of a psychological thriller. I loved her other book in this genre, Watching Over You, too.For me, one of the bonuses of this author’s writing is the way she makes me feel like I know everyone already. Like I’ve known them all my life. There’s no confusion about who’s who, no looking back and wondering where I’d seen the name before. I liked both the m [...]

    24. Emma Mitchell

      Full review on my blog: emmathelittlebookworm.wordpress Heading straight on to my #sleepstealer list, She Did It is a must read for any fans of true psychological thrillers - this will get inside your head and have you freaked out by the ending!

    25. Teresa Driscoll

      No wonder Mel Sherratt has sold a million books! SHE DID IT delivers clever plotting, complex characters and multiple twists and turns. This author's many fans are in for an absolute treat with this one!

    26. Geeta

      I enjoyed the book, it was easy to read but I kept being interrupted by work, life etc.Tamara unintentionally takes on and befriends a lady called Esther. Esther appears to be the perfect assistant, being able to support Tamara successfully break a deal. As their relationship develops Tamara discovers another side to Esther.

    27. Lynsey Farmer

      Shediditagain#shedidit is a brilliant read about two women. Been a fan of Mel's every since I can remember and she still has the ability to suck you into her book.Great story great characters the only thing now is waiting for Mel to release a new book.

    28. Lesley Davison

      I felt very honoured to be one of only 20 on Mel’s Mailing List to be given an early copy of this book in return for an honest review.I loved this book and would have been able to say, ‘I couldn’t put it down!’ if I didn’t live in Spain and have a stream of visitors throughout the summer. As it was, I still managed to read it in only a few days! Tamara runs a PR company from her London apartment. She comes from a ‘good’ background, a moneyed family but she has a skeleton or two in [...]

    29. Billy McLaughlin

      This is my introduction to Mel Sherratt and what an introduction it is. This is apparently her eleventh book. I didn’t know much of anything about her work. Why isn’t her name tripping off the tongue?Lies, deception and life changing revelations keep the reader intrigued as we delve into the psychology of a protagonist and a host of characters with self-serving motivations and a lack of affinity with the truth. I didn’t find the characters particularly likeable. However, I didn’t ever ge [...]

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