Mother's Milk: Poems in Search of Heavenly Mother

Mother s Milk Poems in Search of Heavenly Mother In this stunning new collection of poems Rachel Hunt Steenblik Mormon Feminism Essential Writings explores the deep human longing for a divine mother to complement the male God that has long dominat

  • Title: Mother's Milk: Poems in Search of Heavenly Mother
  • Author: Rachel Hunt Steenblik Ashley Mae Hoiland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mother's Milk: Poems in Search of Heavenly Mother

    In this stunning new collection of poems, Rachel Hunt Steenblik Mormon Feminism Essential Writings explores the deep, human longing for a divine mother to complement the male God that has long dominated our culture Lovingly illustrated by Ashley Mae Hoiland One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly Praise for Mother s Milk In these brief and moving poems, Rachel Hunt SteeIn this stunning new collection of poems, Rachel Hunt Steenblik Mormon Feminism Essential Writings explores the deep, human longing for a divine mother to complement the male God that has long dominated our culture Lovingly illustrated by Ashley Mae Hoiland One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly Praise for Mother s Milk In these brief and moving poems, Rachel Hunt Steenblik recalls and reimagines the relationship between the daughters of God and their hidden and distant mother Using her own experience and revelation as well as her wide research, Rachel recreates the Heavenly Mother many dream of knowing, a woman not unlike our own mothers, one who shares our own experience of motherhood Claudia L Bushman, author of Contemporary Mormonism The warm, delicious, delicate and strong poems in Mother s Milk moved and delighted me Without doubt this book is a major step toward filling the Mother sized hole in our hearts Boldly pulling back the curtain of patriarchy to show that God is not a boy s name and that we have never lived in a one parent family, Rachel reminds us that our Mother has never ceased to nourish and love us Carol Lynn Pearson, author of Mother Wove the Morning, and The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy Rachel Hunt Steenblik is Mormonism s most essential and necessary poet since Carol Lynn Pearson Out of her hunger for a mother God, she has made food for us all Out of her losses, she has made milk It s what women s bodies know how to do, of course But Rachel, oh honey, few of us do it so openly, so truthfully, so plainly, so well Come, come, everyone Mormon or not, brothers, sisters, kindred and take these words I am so proud that this book will teach the world what Mormon women know perhaps uniquely about God Joanna Brooks, author of Book of Mormon Girl.

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    One thought on “Mother's Milk: Poems in Search of Heavenly Mother

    1. Feisty Harriet

      There were several of these (*very*) short poems I really enjoyed, themes and ideas that very much resonated with me. However I think mothers of young children (infants and toddlers) will relate to this book much more than I did. I became a mother when my kids were 6 and 8, and adopted my own mother figures when I was in my twenties. I am not and will not be a biological mother, and have zero relationship with my own biological mother. Am I an outlier, yes. But am I completely unique in my "othe [...]

    2. Liz VanDerwerken

      This collection of poems is meditative, piercing, poignant, wonderful, lovely. I love poetry for its ability to say so much with so little—to act as a springboard or starting point for introspection and exploring one's own feelings. This book of "poems in search of Heavenly Mother" does just that with the merest of suggestions and musings, coming from Rachel's experiences and stories, and those of others around her. The reframing of familiar scriptural language, the imagery of mothers and moth [...]

    3. HolliRonquillo

      Such a lovely collection of tiny poems about searching for and connecting with a heavenly mother. Many of the poems resonated with me, though some felt very personal, making it harder to relate. I wish this book had been published and widely shared years ago, when I was still in search of a Mormon heavenly mother. This book would have been very healing and given me hope. At this point in my life, reading the book brought up feelings of sadness, loss, and anger. I'm very glad this book exists now [...]

    4. Lisa Guzman

      A friend passed a copy to me to read and share my thoughts, to be passed to another after me. I like sharing it with women who wonder, too.

    5. Stephanie

      My only criticism is that I'd like to see the artwork in color. In this book of poems I recognized my own aching to know the Mother in Heaven. I also found ways to discover her. I felt the power and truth of femininity and motherhood. I felt the Holy Ghost.

    6. Lindsay Merrill

      This is a beautiful collection of poems that represents well the Latter-day Saint belief in a Heavenly Mother, as well as the innately human yearning to be loved, nurtured, and mothered by the Divine. As with any collection of poems or art, I didn't love every single piece and some resonated with me much better than others. I had tears in my eyes many times and loved the experience of reading this book. I love that it exists.One last thought: I love Ashley Mae Hoiland's art and felt that her ill [...]

    7. Emily January

      These poems, though tiny, are powerful, amplifying the voices of so many women, named and unnamed, who remind me that I am not alone. This synthesis of theology about Heavenly Mother and yearnings to know more about her is the book I have spent time in my closet crying for, when I asked in prayer, "Where is my Mother?"

    8. Conor Hilton

      MOTHER'S MILKRachel Hunt Steenblik+Ashley Mae Hoiland A beautiful, poignant collection of poems. Frequently brought tears to my eyes with its longing and reaching for Heavenly Mother and the divine feminine. There's a personal and intimate connection with the divine present here that may not always be what my connection is or hopes to be, but is unabashedly Rachel's, modeling one path to strive towards the divine feminine. Ashmae's illustrations are a perfect accompaniment for Rachel's poetry— [...]

    9. Exponent II

      Rachel Hunt Steenblik has stepped into a great Mormon spiritual-theological gap and filled it with a gentle, yet thunderous, sound. The tiny poems of Mother’s Milk reach into the cosmos to deliver a message about the nature of our spiritual-developmental origins as children of a Heavenly Mother. These poems occupy a distinguished place as a uniquely Mormon book of wisdom literature, and as such they map a path for our spiritual seeking that contains the guiding hope of one day healing the woun [...]

    10. Kaitlyn Adams

      Poems to be treasured and meditated on one-by-one. They should be read aloud over cribs and from pulpits. So beautiful, so necessary.

    11. Michael

      Rachel's small poems are beautiful, weaving together her experience as a woman and a mother with scripture, song, and other sources to explore the presence and absence of Heavenly Mother in LDS and human experience. Heartfelt, grace-full, and touching.

    12. Jacob

      A thoughtful, touching, and often surprising collection of short poems exploring the idea of a Heavenly Mother and what it can mean (and feel like) in everyday life.

    13. Julia

      A beautiful book of poetry! I echo so many of the thoughts she shares in this book but still had my ideas pushed and gained a lot of new things to ponder as I read her words.It's a very quick read but I found it more enjoyable to break it up throughout the week so that I could take time to think about what I was reading.There are so many things I could talk about but I'll limit it to my two favorite take away insights. First, One of her poems relates our spiritual desire to find our Heavenly Mot [...]

    14. Erin

      "It is difficult to say nowif She was created inmy image, or I in Hers.What is easy to say now iswhen I look inside a mirror,I see God. "This was a brave and beautiful collection of poems, with lovely illustrations. Poetry was an excellent format for this exploration of the divine feminine. For me, poetry is less about certainty, and more a place of exploration, interesting questions, and emotional response. If I had been exposed to these ideas as a persuasive essay, I would have been constantly [...]

    15. Ruth

      Beautiful series of short poems. Be sure to read the references for each in the notes section. I don't know that I have shared the same yearnings for a divine mother figure as many, but this book brings that and so much more to the table: observations on female embodiment and sacrifice, a wide range of ideas and observations on the human and female (including but my limited to 'mother') divine. Personal, flowing, genuine and unassuming. Highly recommend.

    16. Tiffany

      This collection of poems about our search to understand our Heavenly Mother really spoke to me. I read straight through it and then returned to ponder my favorites.

    17. Austin

      Rachel's earnest search for a clearer connection with Heavenly Mother gives these poems great power. The realization of insights about the divine from lived personal experience is a sacred process that the reader is privileged to share with her.

    18. Ashley

      This is a beautiful book. These short, elegant poems stay with you. The author has managed to connect with and seek after Heavenly Mother in everyday experiences, especially in motherhood. I will definitely be reading these often!

    19. Alisha

      Poems about Heavenly Mother. The poems were very accessible (I actually wished they were more poem-y and less sentences with line breaks), and explored ideas I had never thought of about Heavenly Mother. They didn't all resonate with me, but many did--and just the existence of this is phenomenal. Definitely worth reading.

    20. Morgan Lewis

      I liked the book for the personal introspection that resulted from it. Though this is not my favorite style of poetry (reminded me a little of Rupi Kaur), Rachel has done a lot of research and was very honest in the parts of her journey she shared. These poems force me to reframe my own beliefs about God. She confronts the duality of God and the current lopsidedness of theology through simple, thoughtful, bite-sized poems that feel shocking and comfortable all at once.

    21. Julie Rowse

      For anyone who searches for the Divine Feminine, this is a must read. The poems are exemplary thought-stirrers, and I loved the list of inspiration source-texts at the end of the book. That list is an invitation to read more and ponder.

    22. Rachel Rueckert

      Mother's Milk is a powerful collection of poems. Each poem is a gem, but as a whole, they are haunting and thought provoking. The questions and the feelings of reverence, awe, longing, mourning, searching, and transcendent love manifest in every page. And when I finished, I was left with my own set of new questions and feelings I didn’t realize I had within me. I will definitely be reading this raw and captivating collection again.

    23. Katie

      The doctrine of Heavenly Mother is a beautiful part of Mormonism, but it lives in the shadows. Rachel Hunt Steenblik brings Heavenly Mother into the light with her poems that consider the multifaceted Goddess and Her relationship with Her children. I was deeply moved.

    24. Hediyeh

      What a beautiful collection of poems! Loved every word and can't wait to read and re-read this delightful book.

    25. Madi Bergevin

      This book is absolutely beautiful and has changed the way I interact with the divine. I can't thank Rachel enough for that.

    26. Rebecca

      I remember balking in my youth when, on the radio, some crazy-burn-your-bra feminist had the audacity to refer to God as "She." What kind of blasphemy was this? In all my learning, God was male. That's what I was taught. But what did I know?What did I know?What did I know?For Mormons, there was an Unspoken. If there is a Father, there is also a Mother Who Art in Heaven.And what of Her?Time and struggle, growth and progress found me wanting Her, wanting to fill that seeming void. Especially in th [...]

    27. Cassie

      Mother's Milk: Poems in Search of Heavenly Mother by Rachel Hunt SteenblikRating: 5 starStatus: Read in October 2017ReviewPOETRY/VERSE CATEGORYRachel Hunt Steenblik is a PhD student in philosophy of religion at Claremont Graduate University and has researched Heavenly Mother full-time for a BYU Studies article. After finishing her research she decided to write poems that show her experience hungering for, reaching towards, learning of, and being nourished by her Heavenly Mother. This collection [...]

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