The Practice

The Practice Do you think you deserve to have it all everything that you need right here in Catlett s Cove Thomas Randall has dreamed of taking over the veterinary practice of his mentor Dr Benton from the day D

  • Title: The Practice
  • Author: Grant C. Holland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Practice

    Do you think you deserve to have it all, everything that you need, right here in Catlett s Cove Thomas Randall has dreamed of taking over the veterinary practice of his mentor Dr Benton from the day Dr Benton saved his family s golden retriever after it was hit by a car when Thomas was only eight years old Now Dr Benton is retiring and Thomas has just earned his vete Do you think you deserve to have it all, everything that you need, right here in Catlett s Cove Thomas Randall has dreamed of taking over the veterinary practice of his mentor Dr Benton from the day Dr Benton saved his family s golden retriever after it was hit by a car when Thomas was only eight years old Now Dr Benton is retiring and Thomas has just earned his veterinary degree It seems like a perfect time to return home.Thomas only has one major concern Catlett s Cove is a small town, and he is skeptical about whether he can find a man to love Then he meets Hadley Rogers who brings in a pregnant dog injured on the road.Hadley Rogers loves to work with his hands, on houses, cars, and landscapes And he is supposed to be straight Until he meets Thomas He s been attracted to men since age fifteen, but he s never kissed one until now.Hadley cares for his great aunt Mae, the only close family he has left His family was always a proud one where the men were men and the women were women Now Hadley is worried that his attraction to Thomas will upset the careful balance of his life Not to mention disruptions caused by a rescued dog and her puppies.The Practice is a standalone first time gay novel It has no cliffhangers and has a happily ever after ending with steamy scenes.

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      161 Grant C. Holland
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    One thought on “The Practice

    1. Tammy

      Got from Hidden Gems Romance ARC Club, for a honest review.When turn the pages with a click of a mouse I am pulled into the world of Thomas character and shown what he does for a living. Then as I keep turning the pages I am shown Hadley's character's and what he does. Hadley takes a injured dog to the vet. When the two meet chemistry starts to bloom but doesn't take hold just yet. Takes a little kiss to start things off. Slowly they build a behind the scenes type relationship as the chemistry b [...]

    2. Charlene Harris

      There is no doubt such a thing as fate exists. A stray dog that is affectionately nicknamed Lucky brings Hadley and Thomas together after being rescued from a hit & run. Kind-hearted Hadley brings her to the local vet for emergency treatment, which happens to be Thomas. Even though there are immediate sparks, this is a kind of slow-burn romance between someone who is out and comfortable with himself and someone who's basically on his own road of self-discovery. This is a very sweet story of [...]

    3. Bo

      Everything Ticks AlongThese two MCs are perfectly drawn. Thomas (foreground on the cover, I guess) the returning openly gay veterinarian who wants to fulfill a dream of running his own practice in his hometown; Hadley the lifetime down-on-his-luck blue collar guy who's totally dedicated to his great aunt Mae and mot sure if he's str8, bi or gay, but is deeply closeted.Characters like this need a simple, plausible story to tell, and author Holland does it very neatly by leading them into a friend [...]

    4. Ruth Evans

      Really easy to read romance that will leave you feeling good. Thomas always dreamed of moving home and taking over the vets practice, and finally that comes true. Hadley rescues a dog that was hit by a car and meets Thomas in the clinic. Hadley can't pay for the treatment and makes arrangements to pay for it by working at the clinic. They get closer but Hadley has a hard time admitting his sexuality to himself and everyone else. Follow their romance it's well worth the read. I voluntarily review [...]

    5. Kathy

      This book was an enjoyable to read. This is the first book that I read from this author. What I liked about this book was the slow building of the relationship between Thomas and Hadley. Of course when you have a man/woman unsure of their sexuality it takes a bit of time. I thought the romance of the story was nice and that there wasn't any bashing going on. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book.

    6. Tina

      One of the few books I could not bring myself to finish. I felt like the writing was lacking and the story was very slow. I did not engage with the characters at all and was especially annoyed by the overuse of people's names - it is ok to say "he" instead of the person's name when you mentioned it in the previous sentence Sorry, this book was just not for me.

    7. Kerry

      I quite liked this quick read and the story itself was a sweet romance between a secure gay man and a man who is struggling with his own sexuality. Thomas is nice but forceful at times in how he sees the budding relationship developing and can come across as a bit arrogant and at times uncaring. Hadley is a kind and compassionate man who has a lot to deal with emotionally as well as in his day to day responsibilities. This story is a slow burn of a read and at times feels rushed in places that c [...]

    8. Evan

      Hard to readThe story is written like a high school English students first draft. The story is a standard gay romance. Just needs a better editor and writing.

    9. Moriah

      I really enjoyed this story. Thomas and Hadley are so sweet together and are both very loving, caring men. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

    10. Miriam

      I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.Rating: 3.5 starsThis is a book for someone who wants an easy to read relationship driven contemporary M/M romance. Thomas and Hadley are sweet together (and the sex was well written). I didn't find the relationship drama to be too over the top (or unbelievable given the characters). My only issue was I just wasn't drawn into the story. I remember it being a sweet read, but there wasn't anything that really stands out for as making me wa [...]

    11. Tiffany

      This is the first book I've read by this author and I thought it was good. It is a sweet m/m romance. Thomas was living his dream, moving back home to run a veterinarian clinic. Hadley has liked men since his teenage years but has never acted on those feelings, until now. I liked Thomas and Hadley. They seemed real and relatable.*I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. This is my honest review.*

    12. Simera

      Thomas moves back home to take over the veterinary clinic. Hadley saves a dog that was hit by a truck. He is overwhelmed knowing that he can't pay for the dogs treatment, taking care of his aunt and his feelings towards Thomas since he see himself as straight.Hadley and Thomas have chemistry however, Hadley isn't ready to come out and things get complicated. This is an enjoyable read with a HEA. I received a copy for an honest review.

    13. Linda

      The story of Thomas and Hadley and the dog that brings them together. Thomas is an out and proud gay man who moves back to his hometown to takeover the veterinarian practice from the man who saved hgis childhood dog and inspired him to become a vet. Hadley is a small town boy who was raised by a single aunt and never questioned who he was he works in the local factory and has always dated women because its what men do. Then he sees a dog hit by a another vehicle and left to die he stops and the [...]

    14. Michelle Mccranie

      I really like this book and definitely look forward to reading more by the author. I found this to be an easy read, sweet with a hint if spice and almost no angst. The love story was believable and thoroughly enjoyable.*** I'm leaving this review for an ARC. ***

    15. Angel

      I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. I enjoyed this sweet story about two men in a small town. Thomas moves back to his hometown to take over the veterinary practice when his mentor retired. He meets Hadley and they have an instant connection. The story starts off a little slow, but I loved the second half.

    16. Becky Baldridge

      If you like a low drama romance, this is the book for you. It is well-written and the characters are likable. Thomas and Hadley's tale held my interest and they were so sweet together. This one is an enjoyable read and perfect for settling in to just escape reality for a bit.

    17. P Leslie

      *I voluntarily read a review copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else's*This was a sweet yet read read and I really liked it. I liked Thomas; he was caring, understanding yet patient. Thomas was a man on a mission: he doesn't waste his time beating around the bush with Hadley. Thomas and Hadley had amazing chemistry and I liked the fact that they were so affectionate towards each other despite, Hadley wanting to keep things lo key. These two complemented each othe [...]

    18. Lieve

      Voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy .As usual I was drawn in by Grant C Holland 's writing style ; heartwarming ,comforting and realistic .He has a knack for creating plain and simple characters which become instantly very loveable .The Practice is a story that has all ; it's sweet , quirky, sexy as hell . A very well written M/M story . It was so easy from the beginning ,to get into sexy veterinarian Thomas and Hadley's relation . And if you love animals mixed with a sweet romantic lov [...]

    19. Anja

      Coming home after college to take over the practice of the former veterinarian, Thomas wants to have it all - an he wants to have it all at home. His bad, that the guy he set his eyes on doesn´t know about his feelings towards guys It´s a nice story told in a fluent way. Good story.

    20. TL Travis

      I love animal related storiesAnd this one exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed watching these two characters follow their hearts and recuse animals in need along the way.

    21. Lisa

      I really liked this book a very sweet story with very likable characters. A great start to a new series can't for the next book.

    22. Meggie

      The Practice is a fast developing, easy romance, between Thomas an veterinarian and Hadley younger man from Catlett Cove. This romance was well written and warm. I liked it!

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