Clam Jam

Clam Jam Clam Jam Definition the female equivalent of a cock block Example You re chatting with a guy you re interested in and your friend comes along and lays claim to him Maggie That s my life except it s wo

  • Title: Clam Jam
  • Author: R.C. Boldt
  • ISBN: 9781635760019
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Clam Jam

    Clam Jam Definition the female equivalent of a cock block Example You re chatting with a guy you re interested in and your friend comes along and lays claim to him Maggie That s my life except it s worse My friend who keeps jamming me is my gay roommate, and if that isn t a W.T.F moment, I m not sure what is Fact He went home with three yes, three of the guys IClam Jam Definition the female equivalent of a cock block Example You re chatting with a guy you re interested in and your friend comes along and lays claim to him Maggie That s my life except it s worse My friend who keeps jamming me is my gay roommate, and if that isn t a W.T.F moment, I m not sure what is Fact He went home with three yes, three of the guys I had been so sure were into me Fact He s really pissing me off I mean, hello I m trying to get back in the saddle, but I ll never manage to get a boyfriend before the age of fifty if he keeps this up Fact Secretly, I wonder what it would be like if he weren t gay Why do all the hot, sweet, tender hearted guys have to be gay Fact My gay dar needs a serious tune up Ry The day I interviewed for the room to rent, everything changed I knew I had met the girl, except there was one small problem she didn t want anything to do with men I recognized a top notch force field when I saw one She d been burned badly and didn t want to deal with a heterosexual guy as a roommate I could ve turned around and found another place to live, but I wanted to live there with her So I had to go undercover Fact I m in love with my roommate Fact I m a likely candidate for carpal tunnel surgery since all the action I ve had for the past year has been my hand Fact She s going to hate me if I come clean now Fact I m not giving up Which means I ll just have to continue to run defense until I figure out a way to get Maggie to see the real me The me that loves her The me that would never do her wrong Until then, I ll keep running off every guy who shows any interest Until then, I ll continue to Clam Jam.

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    One thought on “Clam Jam

    1. Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦

      3.75 Stars!!Having never read a R.C. Boldt book before, I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this. All I knew is after reading that blurb I couldn't not read it. The blurb sounded too delightful for me to pass this one and I’m glad I gave it a try since this l totally enjoyed it. 'Clam Jam' was most of all very entertaining. The author balanced perfectly the humor and sexiness, delivering a lovely read that sucked me in from the very beginning. If you are fallowing my reviews, you alrea [...]

    2. Olga therebelreader

      I have to confess I am not a fan of full on romantic chick flick books, but when comedy plays a big role in stories with romantic themes, I actually quite enjoy them. Clam Jam sucked me in from the first page. The author weaves a story that’s a masterful balance of laugh-out-loud funny and curl-your-toes-sexy. The heroine, Maggie tries so hard not to fall for her handsome, 'gay' roommate, but she just can’t help herself. And who can blame her? Ry is completely swoon-worthy. He is strong-will [...]

    3. KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛

      CLAM JAM: I tend to normally steer clear of the romantic comedy genre but the synopsis had me so intrigued that I couldn't help but sign up for this one. This will also be my first read by this author. CLAM JAM DEFINITION: the female equivalent of a cock block. EXAMPLE: You're chatting with a guy you're interested in and your friend comes along and lays claim to him.Who knew this is an actual term!! And OMG I googled this shit and it’s a real to life true term!! LOL!! Catching her fiancé in t [...]

    4. Natalie The Biblioholic

      I love when a Romantic Comedy book reads like a Romantic Comedy movie and CLAM JAM definitely did. The plot was refreshing, the characters were enjoyable, and there was plenty of steam, geekiness and cheese to make for a good time had by all.Maggie was absolutely adorable, but it was Ryland who stole the show. He was the one I adored the most. He was a sympathetic character (not to say Maggie wasn't because she was) and while his subterfuge was pretty idiotic, it made for some pretty hilarious t [...]

    5. SamJ ★Needs a HEA★

      Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest★Book Basics★ Genre: - Cont. Romance Series: - Stand AloneLove triangle? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Cheating? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]HEA? - (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Would I read more by this author/or in this series? - PossiblyRating - 2 stars★Review★I had has this book on my radar for awhile, and was really looking forward to it.Loved the idea, loved the title, loved the [...]

    6. Daiane

      I should learn not to buy a book for its cover. But seriously, LOOK AT THAT COLOR PALETTE!!!! Still, not only that but I actually liked the blurb. So I bought itI returned it

    7. Dilek VT

      It starts as great fun and although I didn't like the act, I can understand the logic behind what he did. But how long can you continue the act? For that many months? Oh, no! That is just frustrating. If you wanted to be somehow close to her while she is out of the dating scene, why don't you come clean when she is ready to start dating? Why do you keep clam jamming her, instead? And it is not for a week or two, it is for months, for God's sake!I am sorry, I cannot take it any more DNF

    8. Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦

      Release Date:January 10, 2017 Genre:Romantic ComedyYou know those romantic comedies that are so funny that the humor can sometimes take away from the romance? This is NOT one of them. GAH!!! I could cry out in glee- I loved this book so much! It’s filled with heart, humor, and fun! I literally sat down on my deck next to my pool and read it from beginning to end in one sitting. That my friends, is how much I adored it. I simply couldn’t get enough and I feel like I need more of RC Boldt! Now [...]

    9. Book-Bosomedblog

      3.5 StarsMaggie Finegan just caught her fiancé with another woman. Now she needs a new roommate, and a non-heterosexual man who is no temptation is just what she’s looking for. Good thing good-looking Ryland James tells her he’s gay. He’s the perfect roommate and becomes a trusted friend.Except he’s not gay. So can he be trusted? Told via Maggie and Ry’s alternating first person point of view, the premise—with Ry and his buddy, Jack, pretending to be a gay couple in an open relation [...]

    10. Sozie

      What a fun journey with Mags & Ry i laughed and smiled so much i'm sure my mouth will stay grinning for days What I didn't like about it is how creepy Ry's clam jamming sometimes tend to be really at some point i thought he might turn with a knife and say : mwahahaha I'm your stalker slash roommate who will kill you RNAnyway they were cute , the napkin thingi was so romantic I highlighted all their short letters just in case i found my Ry one day ;)

    11. A_Ryan

      3.5 'Wishlist on a napkin' Stars! What's it about?In order to share an apartment with a broken-hearted girl who wants nothing to do with men, Ryland pretends to be gay. Its the perfect solution. Except for the small fact that he is also completely and hopelessly in love with her. The best bits:This is hilarious. The narrative glides effortlessly across the pages and you feel like you're having a coffee with an old friend. It's thoroughly entertaining and sprinkled with the kind of self-depricati [...]

    12. Katerina

      From the reviews - I believe I'm in the minority. I was genuinely disappointed. Mostly, GR reviews loved it, and found it humorous, if not slightly long-winded. My expectations: High. Great romcom novel, funny MCs. Reality: Average. Not at all did it make me laugh, or chuckle - not once. I will review this through by page numbers, on iBooks /882, so you can empathise with how I was left reeling. p.148 - her manban has ended and she's ready to date. He's ready to watch her date. p.224 - The gay a [...]

    13. Mirjam

      I want a guy who will love me even when I have no makeup on and still tell me and believe that I’m beautiful.This was a funny read, that had me often laughing out loud.When Maggie Finnegan walks in on her finance having sex in their bed with a co-worker she throws him out of her apartment resulting into having to find a new roommate.Ryland James, pretending to be gay and in a relationship with best friend, Jack. Ryland desperately wants to become Maggie’s roommate. Hespotted Maggie in the St [...]

    14. Alexis

      To be quite honest, I was totally sold on this book just on the synopsis alone. I completely envisioned a romantic comedy that had me laughing and swooning the entire time. I have to say, I was really surprised that I ended up liking this one as much as I did.Maggie has just been dealt a low blow…she catches her fiancée with another woman. In her bed. Double yikes!! So now to help pay the rent, she is in desperate need of a roommate. After interviewing Ry she decides he’s going to be the pe [...]

    15. 1-Click Addict Support Group

      When I saw the blurb I knew I had to read this book. I hadn’t read a book from R.C. Boldt before, but now I’m ready for more book by this author.Maggie and Ry’s story was so fun and cute. Their friendship may have been built on a lie but it was still great. The trouble Ry has to go through to keep his feelings a secret was a bit crazy but very entertaining. This book made me laugh a lot. I really enjoyed this book, though I just wish that things would have come together for them quicker. B [...]

    16. Mandy

      4.5I really enjoyed this light and fun romance! There were a couple moments that had me laughing out loud. I loved Ry and Maggie, the supporting characters, the steamy scenes and the humor. I can't wait to check out more books by this author.

    17. Dali

      So never judge a book by its cover right? Quick confession this book totally ended up in my TBR because of the cover. I LOVE the colors!!

    18. Jay

      Spoilers ahead!Choo choo trainwreck.When I started this book it was a strong contender to get 5 stars and a spot on my "favourites" shelf:Maggie just broke up with her fiance after catching him with another woman. She needs a roommate to be able to afford her rent but she's never been able to live with other women, so she needs a guy. But a straight guy would lead to complications and she's not ready for that just yet. No, she needs a gay guy. Since she can't exactly put an ad out for that, she [...]

    19. Alex ♈

      Well, the idea of the story was interesting, but the book itself was dragged on… I enjoyed it till approx. 38% and then it was just the same repeated over and over again.Both MCs were quite likable, but their actions were oft silly.Safety: (view spoiler)[Since the h thought that the H was gay, she dated other guys. There was 2 serious bfs (1 before and 1 after MC’s affair). No sex with both of them, but I assume (and hope for her since it’s only human) some petting *lol*. No sex-scenes wit [...]

    20. Briana

      DNF. 9% "So unfair they're gay, right? What a waste of two incredibly hot guys." Maggie, a guy being gay isn't a waste. If only Ry and Jack really were gay. Then I could read their story, while Maggie sulked in the background.Pass.

    21. Tiffany Readz

      Very Cute. Very Funny.Well, if truth be told, I only chose Clam Jam for review because of that title. I thought there was no way in hell a book with a title like that wouldn't be funny. And it was funny. Plus really sweet. A nice, solid romance with a little bit of a speed bump thrown in. I'm going to review a bit vague as to not spoil any of the storylines."Right now is perfect. Because I'm with the one I love. Now if only I can get her to love me back."Oh this guy had me hooked from the moment [...]

    22. Razan

      i have no idea why i kept reading and hoping something will actually happen !!!I probably should join the DNFing books clan

    23. EpicRomanceReviews

      “You’re the whole package.”Romance Lovers PSA: Looking for a cure for the post-holiday blues? Well, I have the most SCRUMPTIOUS book for you to snuggle up with!! CLAM JAM by the wickedly talented RC Boldt is pure, unadulterated BLISS! The moment I read the book blurb I knew I HAD to read this romcom and Omggggg did it live up to Every. Single. Expectation. And then some!!This hysterically funny, fun and flirty tale about two best friends who fall in love despite the fact that one of them i [...]

    24. The Book Bee

      REVIEW: 4.5 HILARIOUS STARS"I'm sorry, but did my panties just go poof? Up in smoke? Because the look in his eyes made my hoo-ha feel like it was on fire."I saw the synopsis for this book and immediately knew I wanted to read it. I mean, c'mon seriously can you read that and NOT laugh and wonder how it will work out?? From the get-go, this book had me giggling because of Maggie's humor, but also Ry's quick wit and comebacks. OMG freaking funny!! I'm a slow reader by nature since I like to absorb [...]

    25. Jamie C

      This was a really cute read and I loved it! The one thing I didn't love though was how the ex girlfriend who the H dated for 8 months, I think, was the one to tell the h that he wasn't gay. I felt it could've gone a couple different ways and it didn't have to be her. Overall though it was a really good story and I would recommend it!

    26. Janna ♥ I'm A Sweet And Sassy Book Whore ♥

      ***This and other reviews can be found at imasweetandsassybookwhore ****ARC*So sometimes I sign up to read a book based on the title alone. This is one of those instances. Clam Jam. Think cock block but for a woman. I will give you a moment to put it together. Figure it out yet? I hope you have because I am moving on.I haven’t laughed this hard in a while and to be honest I needed it. I love rom-coms and Clam Jam is one that I was surprised how much I loved. Maybe it is my type of humor but ju [...]

    27. Kristina at For The Love Of Books

      When I first saw the title Clam Jam I was like what's that about? Sadly I had never heard the term before and once I knew what it was I was was interested immediately. Clam Jam was not only hilarious but sweet and sexy too. I loved this book it was just what I was in the mood for. I had been in a book funk for some time asking my friends for a good Rom COM and Clam Jam was just that. I couldn't put it down. I loved the characters!!! All of them even Ry’s best friend Jack! I would love to read [...]

    28. blog~

      "Clam Jam" is by author R.C. Boldt.Published: January 10, 2017Read: January 24, 2017My Rating: 4.5Cover: 3.5Standalone Told in dual 1st person dual POVsHa, ha, ha, ha, and ha! That was me through most of this book. Every once in a while a true cheesy romance comes along that I love to pieces. Add humor to the storyI'm sold! R.C Boldt is a new author for me. That said, I really had a good time with Clam Jam. The dialogue was funny, witty and even silly at times. In addition, I love the secondary [...]

    29. Tahsin

      Unpopular opinion below.I recently watched Lovesick on Netflix, and the synopsis of this story reminded me a lot of that. I won't lie, I went in with really high expectations - but soon enough, all my hopes were dashed and drowned. I was expecting Dylan and Evie (from Lovesick) but I got Helen and Angus instead. My main problem with this story were the characters. I couldn't connect to either of them, and honestly, they alternatingly kept pissing me off. (This is what she does, she makes up new [...]

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